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Grey Defence vs. GetAwayGrey: Which Is a Better Investment?

As the American population ages, increasing numbers of people who want to remain youthful have become interested in combating grey hair through natural means, rather than repeated use of chemical dyes on the hair.

Research in the UK in 2009 showed that circulating hydrogen peroxide levels increase with age due to a decrease in production of an enzyme called Catalase, and that the resulting increase in circulating hydrogen peroxide is what causes grey hair. GetAwayGrey is a natural supplement that replaces Catalase and addresses grey hair literally at the root. A competing product, Grey Defence, offers similar claims of grey hair reversal.

Product Features

Grey Defence has built many of its marketing claims on the assertion that higher levels of Catalase in its supplement produce better results. However, beyond a certain amount of Catalase, the human body naturally flushes the excess out, and there is no documented proof that Catalase intake beyond what the human body can use yields better results.

The competitor also asserts that the lack of enteric coating on GetAwayGrey is a drawback. However, the researchers who developed the GetAwayGrey formula did not see any advantage to enteric coating when the product is taken as directed after a meal. Enteric coating is a barrier that allows a product to only dissolve once it reaches the small intestine. However, with Catalase, there is no evidence that enteric coating adds any benefit whatsoever.


The cost of adding enteric coating, and the assertions that the competitor’s product is “better” than GetAwayGrey due to unnecessarily higher levels of Catalase, result in a product that costs significantly more: $69.95 versus $29.95 for GetAwayGrey. Unlike the competitor, GetAwayGrey is made in the United States in an FDA-regulated laboratory. Furthermore, GetAwayGrey’s return policy is simple and straightforward, and customer support lines are open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week, unlike the competitor’s.

Customer Reviews

The competitor alleges that they are somehow “above” using customer testimonials in advertisements, implying that the lack of Hollywood production values in GetAwayGrey’s customer testimonials somehow lessens their value to potential customers. However, GetAwayGrey is pleased to allow happy customers to tell their stories, despite lack of training in production values. GetAwayGrey wants potential customers to learn about the product and customer experiences directly from those who have tried it.

GetAwayGrey, like any product that improves hair color and quality before it emerges from the scalp, takes time to produce results. Hair grows at a rate of around half an inch per month, so results are not instantaneous. Customer reviewers are forthright about the results they have experienced in the hair on their heads and in facial hair, and they are allowed to tell their own stories, without scripting. Customer testimonials may not look like professionally produced commercials, but they allow real customers to tell real stories about their results, in their own words.

GetAwayGrey does not subscribe to the “more is better” approach of adding excess Catalase or enteric coating to their product when there is no proven benefit. And GetAwayGrey doesn’t mind that satisfied customers tell their stories realistically, without rehearsal or “polishing” their pitch. The fact is, GetAwayGrey offers a product that real people use to naturally reverse grey hair, and the company is happy to share the uncoated truth with potential customers.
Here’s the bottom line: GetAwayGrey is superior to its competitor based on ingredients, price, and customer satisfaction.