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Gray Hair Diary: How to Rescue Your Severely Deteriorated, Dyed Tresses

Thinking WomanOur aging hair is exposed to an endless list of hazards on a daily basis. Too much sun exposure, chlorine-rich water from pools, aggressive styling treatments and a misguided dieting plan are only a few of the most common elements that work against us, compromising the health and beauty of our graying hair. As all this wouldn’t be enough, we see the natural oxidation process as a calamity of astronomical proportions and rely on dyes to cover silvery strands. Artificial color coming from a tube will inevitably make grays even more rebellious; in addition, aggressive formulas can easily alter their texture and make them look very deteriorated, dull and lifeless. Is there a way to save vulnerable, excessively dry hair without cutting it? Actually, there are quite a few solutions designed to address this problem in an effective manner.

Natural Oils. Use natural, organic oils to regenerate your dry locks after every single washing cycle. Coconut oil and olive oil are two wonderful products that will nourish and protect your tresses, guaranteeing silkier, healthier-looking hair.

Deep-Conditioning Treatments. If you have very little time on your hands and would much rather let a pro be in charge of your transformation, opt for a deep-conditioning treatment provided by your favorite salon. In case you can’t afford to pay for professional services, you could try to deep condition your graying hair at home. You would basically have to wash your hair, rinse it thoroughly and apply your deep conditioning product from your roots to your ends. Cover your mane with a plastic cap and let the conditioning agent rest for a few hours. In some cases, heat is required to activate some of the key ingredients of the product that you’ve just applied. In this situation, you could use your blow dryer, as long as you make sure it doesn’t get extremely hot (exposed to high temperatures, your plastic cap could melt). After completing this last step described by WikiHow, you would just have to rinse your graying hairagain and let it dry naturally.

Catalase Supplements, as a Great Substitute for Hair Dyes. Remember what brought you in this sticky situation in the first place? Your gray hair phobia made you try every color in the catalog, in a desperate attempt to maintain a youthful look. Old habits die hard, but since hair dye is definitely not your best friend, you may want to put your coloring treatments on hold and try a different approach. Trim your deteriorated ends, get a nice cut and start taking catalase supplements. These pills work like magic and manage to restore the user’s natural pigment in a few weeks. Based on real science, this tested gray hair remedy is the best replacement for dyes and your key to healthier, softer, more appealing locks.