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Gray Hair and Your Insecurities: The Secret Connection Between These Two Elements

Blowing Out Small Candles On CakeAs we grow older, we get better at so many things. We expand our general knowledge database, learn more about ourselves and manage to get our priorities straight. As a paradox, sometimes we spend a lot of time questioning our own progress, skills or appearance. The first wrinkles and unwanted silver strands are extremely controversial elements: some see them as an incontestable proof of their charm, wisdom and experience, while others label them as warning signs of age-related trouble. What’s your take on this matter? Is your gray hair connected to your most upsetting insecurities?

How Can Graying Hair Actually Change Who You Are and How You Feel about Yourself?

There are at least three ways in which graying hair can lower your quality of life.

1) By Making You Feel Less Attractive. When you are constantly comparing yourself to other people who are half your age and display a fully pigmented mane, chances are that you will end up questioning your own beauty, style and lifestyle choices. Don’t fall into this trap. Take better care of your aging hair and learn to appreciate its natural color.

2) By Impacting Your Carrier. According to a Huffington Post article, many Baby Boomers who have rushed to make a name for themselvesat the workplace are determined to rely on dyes to color their graying hairand look younger, more conservative or more energetic. The truth is that you are more likely to perform better at work (and in any other environment for that matter) as long as you feel fabulous in your own skin.

3) By Changing Your Perception of Yourself. You were THE girl with fantastic raven hair. What happened to her? If you look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself, this could mark the beginning of a low self-esteem problem. Upgrade your style and make sure it matches your age and your real perception of fashion. Change your wardrobe, opt for a new cut and become the best version of yourself.

Coping with the Aging Problem: Find the Gray Hair Cure That Works for You

Going gray is a very important personal choice. Maybe you think that gray hair is only right for pampered Hollywood starts who can actually afford to hire an army of stylists and image consultants. Or perhaps you have reached the conclusion that shades of gray don’t flatter your complexion and fail to represent your personal style.

If you are currently leading your own anti gray hair battle, choose to discover the risk-free aids that may favor your long-term victory.  From homemade shampoos or hair mask recipes based on gooseberries, amla powder, black tea and coffee to innovative catalase supplements and hair dyes, all these alternatives can be considered valid gray hair remedies that may bring you a few steps closer to a darker color, boost your self-esteem and help you overcome the inherent problems associated with the much-feared aging process.