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Gray Hair 101: How Does Science Explain the Appearance of Isolated White Streaks?

Gorgeous woman playing with hairWhat is the secret weapon of seduction owned and used by iconic figures, including Rogue, the well-known fictional character, Johnny Depp and the infamous Cruella de Vil? Their white streaks contrast with their incredibly dark mane, highlighting their best features and enabling them to create and flaunt a signature style. But how does science actually explain the appearance of those isolated white streaks?

Explaining the Presence of Singular White Streaks

The condition responsible for the presence of individual colorless strands is called poliosis. This abnormality involves the appearance of one tuft of discolored hair that can be spotted on one’s scalp or body. Eyelashes, body and eyebrow hair can lose their pigment independently; in this particular situation, melanocytes, the structures whose purpose is to produce pigment (melanin) and ensure the color of your hair, simply shut down. In this situation, hair basically grows without any pigment and becomes snowy white. So what kind of factors should one blame for this sudden transformation? According to IO9, malignant or benign tumors and also topical medication may trigger a case of poliosis by making one’s melanocytes terminate their activity. Moreover, genetic conditions such as piebaldism can also be linked to poliosis. In most cases, the lack of hair pigment is correlated with colorless skin patches. In other words, the area surrounding the white streak is also colorless. Hair dyes can help people mask their white patches; although most men and women who are dealing with this particular condition perceive their depigmented hair strands as an iconic accessory contributing to their unique appearance.

What Is You Have More Than a Few White Strands?

More than a few grays could indicate that you have already been impacted by premature graying. Grays are not an indicator of your age and state of health. According to scientists, you can start to go gray even while you’re still in your 20s. The culprit for this change is the excessive amount of hydrogen peroxide that can no longer be neutralized by the reduced amount of catalase present in your body. To restore the balance you would just have to take the right kind of catalase supplements. Comprising catalase and a generous selection of plant extracts and hair-friendly vitamins, Getawaygrey is a promising gray hair solution that  can help you recover your pigment. In case you need more info on how this promising product actually works, check out its official website and find out how you could get your hands on color-saving pills for gray hair.