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  Discover the Three Main Mane Phases and Find Out How You Could Treat Gray Hair

Pleased mature man using a laptop sitting on a bed in a bedroomThe aging process is not always as slow and predictable as we would like it to be. While there are certain changes that we can delay, some alterations can take you by surprise and make you reconsider your entire skin and hair care routine. For instance, one of these days you could look in the mirror and notice your first gray strands. How would you deal with this problem? Would you hide your grays under a hat forever, dye them repeatedly or rely on innovative vitamins for hair hoping to witness a rapid rejuvenation effect? Before focusing on the best ways to cope with white strands, you should pay attention to the particularities of human hairs, which change a great deal as we age. According to Democrat & Chronicle, there are three main mane phases that you should take into consideration when it comes to analyzing the modifications suffered by your hairs over the course of a few years or decades.

  • Teens to People in Their 20s. At this age, hair is as healthy, vigorous and attractive as it gets. Fading color is not a problem; the only issue that may make your life complicated at this point is represented by overactive sebaceous glands.
  • 30s to 40s. In this phase, most people start to witness the presence of the first gray hairs; also, people in their 30s and 40s now have fewer hair follicles (and an increased risk of displaying unaesthetic balding spots). Moreover, their hair shafts become smaller and numerous men and women start to complain about thinning hair.
  • 50s and over. People over 50 have all the reasons in the world to be dissatisfied with the natural color and texture of their hairs. Hormonal changes, UV rays damage and repeated coloring are only a few of the stressors that can affect the looks and overall health of your hairs around this age. By the time they reach 80, most people realize that around 30% of their hair follicles have stopped growing.

Ways to Face the Gray Hair Challenge

The three mane phases listed above allow you to take the necessary steps to improve your hair care ritual. If the grayish hue of your hair is your biggest concern at this time, note that there are several ways in which you can achieve and maintain a brighter, more uniform color. You could try to use a brightening shampoo to prevent brassiness and restore the glowing aspect of your mane. To take your hair maintenance plan a step up start taking catalase supplements on a regular basis. These pills for gray hair decompose hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. By neutralizing the chemical compound that is responsible for the premature graying process, Getawaygrey could help you treat your gray hair. Based on herbal and mineral elements and an ideal concentration of catalase, this product may help you refresh your hair color and take pride in a youthful appearance.

3 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know About Premature Graying

iStock_000040617732_SmallIf you were to notice the appearance of your first silvery strands in the near future, you would probably be tempted to blame your stressful job, unruly kids and hectic lifestyle for this unwanted change. But placing the blame on someone else’s shoulders won’t fix your problem. As a matter of fact, scientists are yet to find a clear correlation between elevated stress levels and premature graying. You may be wondering: what triggers this process in the first place and how could one delay or reverse its effects? To be able to identify the most efficient grey defenses you have to understand the transformations that your hair and scalp actually undergo while you go gray naturally. Here are 3 facts that you should know about premature graying.

  1. People Impacted By Premature Graying Don’t Die Sooner Than the Rest. While it’s fairly true that gray hair can make you look tired, pale and older than you really are, silvery strands aren’t a valid indicator of your age and general state of health. According to the chief of geriatrics from the Yale University School of Medicine cited by The New York Times, gray hair is linked to genetics and is only remotely connected to premature aging.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide Plays an Important Part in the Premature Graying Process. If you wish to investigate the real culprit for your first grays, choose to find out more about hydrogen peroxide, the agent that robs dark strands of their natural pigment, leaving them colorless and frizzy. Here’s the true story behind the premature graying process: every single cell produces a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). In time, H2O2 accumulations block the normal melanin synthesis. As it turns out, under these circumstances, human hair manages to bleach itself from the inside out.
  3. There Is a Safe, Natural Way to Dissolve H2O2 Deposits. According to Understanding Enzymes, catalase is the powerful enzyme that converts H2O2 molecules into oxygen and water, two harmless elements that have no impact on one’s hair color. This fact has enabled scientists to reach the following conclusion: we could put premature graying on hold by taking catalase supplements. Enriched with vitamins for gray hair and plant and mineral extracts, Getawaygrey is the advanced grey defense that you have been waiting for all along. These pills for gray hair based on catalase let you discover the safest and most rapid method to stop, prevent and even reverse premature graying and display a much more attractive look at any age.

3 Celebs Who Actually Display Very Flattering Gray Hair

roseanne_barrgrey_picnikIs gray hair a life-and-death matter or does it actually represent a handy element that lends gravity and power of seduction to several roles interpreted by first-class celebs? If you ask George Clooney, Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis, all of these famous celebrities will most likely agree upon the fact that grays can be gorgeous. Here are 3 other bold public figures who have actually decided to interpret the first signs of premature grayingas a real blessing.

1. Roseanne Barr. Bar is a comedian who doesn’t take grays very seriously. On the contrary, the formidable women who is now in her 60s feels very comfortable in her own skin and wouldn’t change a think about her image. Her dark brown hair has gradually changed its color and displays steel gray tones at this point. She couldn’t be happier with this change, especially since it matches her oval glasses the chunky metallic hoop earrings that she loves to wear.

emmylou-harris-gray-hg-lgn2. Emmylou Harris. You can’t think about perfect silver manes without mentioning Emmylou Harris and John Slattery. Harris thinks that all women should try to find the most effective way to deal with aging. She went gray while she was still in her 20s and decided to ditch dye 3 decades ago. Naturally, she has made a smart choice, considering that she can outshine an entire silverware set with the gorgeous, natural metallic reflections of her white hair.

3. Matt LeBlanc. Remember Joey Tribbiani from Friends, the iconic TV series of the 90s? We bet that you don’t know his secret. Matt LeBlanc, the charismatic actor who gave life to the popular Tribbiani character dyed his hair for this role. Until 2006, when the spinoff of the show came to an end, he was actually forced to display a raven mane that had very little to do with his real image. 2006 brought a positive change for LeBlanc: at that point he was ready to go back to his natural salt and pepper look. He still maintains this iconic style that would make even George Clooney feel a little bit of envy. The whole look is complemented by a matching beard that contributes a great deal to LeBlanc’s ever-growing level of popularity among the ladies.uZdzlTvRrE7l

A layered cut, a regular grooming ritual and a big smile on your face are the main elements that can make the difference between a failed attempt to go gray and a successful makeover. This is the lesson that all these 3 celebs have thought us. If you don’t feel the need to embrace your silvery strands anytime soon, start looking for the best gray hair cure matching your needs. Those who are digging deep for a revolutionary grey defense based on real science should try catalase supplements for a gradual darkening effect. By dissolving hydrogen peroxide accumulations, catalase restores the users’ natural pigment in a few weeks.

How to Eat Naturally and Protect Your Hair and Skin

Woman takes bell pepper from the opened refrigerator full of vegBeauty starts from within. This is not a cliché; it is actually a scientifically proven fact. The foods that we eat on a regular basis influence the structure and the brilliance of our hairs and skin. This is exactly why we should read the labels twice when it comes to buying groceries, especially if we are already dealing with one or more cosmetic problems like acne or thinning or graying hair.

According to LisaDrayer, a well-known New York-based nutritionist, the internal processes and the cells that support the development of vibrant, perfectly healthy hairs depend a great deal on a well-balanced diet.

The nutrients that we assimilate every single day fortify our hair follicles and lead to a positive chain reaction: healthier follicles contribute to a healthier scalp that ensures the proper growth of healthier hair strands.

Top Foods That You Should Include in Your Daily Diet

So the question is this: what are the main ingredients that could allow us to prepare delicious meals that “feed” our hair follicles and skin and also satisfy all our cravings in a completely healthy, risk-free manner? According to researchers, salmon is a great pick, mostly because it represents an excellent source of proteins and vitamin D. Walnuts are the perfect snacks because they contain an elevated dosage of omega-3 fatty acids. Oysters combat hair loss, due to their high concentration of zinc. If you don’t really like oysters, you can replace them with eggs, beef or nuts.

Remember that hairs are approximately 97% protein. According to BBC Good Food, in the end, regardless of your likes and dislikes, it is imperative to make sure your body gets enough proteins every single day; otherwise your hair would become brittle and vulnerable. Sweet potatoes, spinach and lentils are also good alternatives that you may want to consider, if you are truly determined to change your eating habits and stick to askin and hair-friendly diet.

Miracles Won’t Happen Overnight

Drink plenty of water to facilitate the delivery of nutrients, eat clean and fresh and most importantly, don’t expect to witness any kind of miracles overnight. It takes at least a couple of months for yourhair strands to display the first results of a radical dietary change. In the same context, skin can show signs of improvement after only 1 week.

If you’re striving to prevent premature graying or simply wish to restore the lost brilliance of your locks, make sure your meals are prepared using fresh, organic products and stay far away from processed foods. In case you feel that your body isn’t getting all the mineral and herbal compounds that it needs to feed your strands properly, you could always test scientifically-proven catalase supplements containing all the active elements that graying hair requires to stay healthy and beautiful.

The Eternal Graying Problem: 5 Celebrities Who Didn’t Manage to Age Well

nicole-kidman-keith-urban-gday-usa-gala-2013-07Do you think that celebrities always sleep on a bed of roses? As a matter of fact, their lives are often as dramatic as the movies that they play in. Some celebs abuse drugs to cope with the pressure. Others put their lives on hold and turn their carriers a top priority. Most importantly, some of them fail to age well. They are impacted by premature grayingat an early age and think that hair dye represents the best solution to their problem. Catastrophic hair coloring results and wrinkles are a part of their daily lives. Here are 5 such examples, illustrating that celebs are only human and commit lots of mistakes when it comes to taking care of their aging skin and hair.

5 Celebs Who Don’t Know How to Age Gracefully

Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler makes the younger generation realize that drugs and rock-and-roll isn’t exactly the best combo, and can’t be labeled as healthy lifestyle choices. All those years of non-stop partying have left deep traces on Tyler’s skin and hear, making him look really old. He may manage to mask his grays by opting for silvery and blonde highlights that make his long, light brown tresses stand out, by his unwrinkled face looks unnatural. He is clearly depending on Botox injections to look a few years younger; unfortunately, this radical rejuvenation treatment has only succeeded in spoiling his appearance and altering his facial expression. Tyler who is in his early 60s is almost unrecognizable, mostly because of his smooth, odd-looking skin that does not match his graying hair.

Mel Gibson. Not too long ago, Mel Gibson was adored by millions of women worldwide. He was considered a role model by many men who admired his good looks, style and magnetic charm. However, at this point, Gibson is very far away from his sex symbol status. He has deep wrinkles on his forehead. Unlike Steven Tyler, he doesn’t seem to trust Botox and this may be a good thing. Nonetheless, nobody could actually affirm that Gibson is aging gracefully, taking into consideration that his forehead displays giant, deep wrinkles. Moreover, his hair is thinner and his grays seem to become more and more prominent by the minute. Depigmented strands can be complimented by a neat and clean buzz cut, but Gibson probably ignores this fact and holds on to his wavy hair that made him famous decades ago. Times chance, hair color changes, so now may be a good time for Gibson to ditch his ancient hairstyle to look a few years younger and much more attractive.

Mickey Rourke. Rourke is also addicted to Botox injections that make his entire face look stretched and unnatural, but this is only one of his aesthetic problems associated with aging. In an attempt to go back to his initial color and mask the graying process, Rourke has also developed an addiction for hair dyes. Clearly, color coming from a box doesn’t do him any favors. Somehow, he always opts for darker tons that look as artificial as it gets. Rourke and many other male celebs over 50 just don’t understand that raven hair associated with a pale, wrinkled face (or an unwrinkled one, representing the result of plastic surgery) just isn’t a good idea. A lighter color would suit him better; or better yet, since he opts for messy spiked short hairstyles, he could always choose to embrace grays and stop trying to hide his real age, as his cosmetic tricks aren’t really working.

Nicole Kidman. Over the past 2 years, Kidman has been criticized for the fact that she has been abusing Botox. While many other first-class celebs put their Botox addictions out in the open, Kidman doesn’t really have any legitimate reasons to be proud of her anti-aging solution. Because of her repeated Botox injections, her face looks swollen and her frozen forehead turns her into an expressionless china doll. Moreover, Nicole is one of those Hollywood divas who prefer to use hair dye to conceal the first graying strands. She has gone from red to blonde in only a few months. Lighter shades compliment her light complexion, but also accentuate the fact that most of her face now appears to be rigid and motionless.

Jack Nicholson. If you get the chance to compare two photos of Jack Nicholson- a recent one and another one that was taken 3 decades ago- you will notice that he still likes to wear the same type of sunglasses. Other than that, you won’t identify many other similarities. Unfortunately, Nicholson didn’t manage to win the battle with premature grayingand, unlike Clooney, he doesn’t have what it takes to turn his depigmented stands into a powerful declaration of style. Moreover, his hair is thinning and doesn’t really look very healthy. While grays can certainly make a man look experienced, mysterious and interesting, this is certainly not the case. Because of his messy, discolored mane, Nicholson just looks old and tired, to say the least.

Why Is Aging Hair Downright Ugly and What Can You Do About It?

As we age, our bodies produce less catalase. Catalase is the important enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. As the production of catalase is put on hold, excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide start to rob us of our natural pigment. Colorless strands are immediately associated with old age, even if young men and women who are under 30 can also deal with this relatively common problem. On top of that, aging hair is also frizzy. Since graying strands gradually lose their natural oils, they become coarse and prone to severe deterioration. As this wouldn’t be enough, hairs get thinner and more than a few representatives of both genders are forced to cope with balding spots. All in all, these are the main reasons why aging hair is so problematic. Which brings us to the next question: what can we do about it?

Tackling the Real Root of the Graying Problem with a Scientifically Tested Pill

Since every single successful, long-term beautification process starts from the inside out, it is highly recommended to strengthen your old tresses by making correct lifestyle choices. Eat fresh, exercise regularly, quit smoking and drink plenty of water. If you are looking for the best aid to rejuvenate your locks, test the remarkable effectiveness of catalase supplements. With just 2 pills taken every single day during a few weeks, you can actually turn your grays into fully pigmented strands. Get Away Grey is an innovative gray hair cure, based on natural ingredients and the ideal concentration of catalase.

This remedy has been developed, tested and introduced on the market by a respectable team of scientists. It doesn’t expose you to any side-effects and it is extremely affordable, so it represents the best alternative at hand for both men and women who want to reverse gray hair the easy way. You don’t have to live with gray hair if you don’t want to. Get Away Grey lets you age gracefully, by going back to your natural color that could never create an unpleasant contrast with your face. Order this revolutionary white hair treatment today, test it and profit from a smooth natural transformation that will boost your confidence and your power of seduction.