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Gray Hair 101: Best Ways to Deal with White Streaks While You’re in Your 30s

Blowing Out Small Candles On CakeAs you grow older, you realize that you are constantly being bombarded with intimidating, age-shaming messages introduced by the biggest brands operating in the beauty industry. Giant corporations make you feel the pressure of looking young and attractive by pointing out that gray hair, cellulite, creases and fine lines can impact the way in which other people interact with you in your personal and professional life. This explains why celebrities who are always into the spotlight feel compelled to undergo cosmetic surgery and become addicted to the services provided by their hairstylists and colorists. According to Daily Mail, even the Duchess of Cambridge was extremely upset by the recent pictures revealing her not-so-flattering gray strands and decided to have her roots covered right away. But is all-around color the best way to deal with the silver strands that have started to trouble you at an early age?

How Do Celebs Manage to Address the Premature Graying Problem?

According to some of the most reputable celebrity stylists, there are several other alternatives that men and women could try before deciding to apply a permanent coloring product on their aging hair. Vegetable dyes and color glosses appear to be the safest, most convenient methods that can be put to the test by all categories of consumers, including women who are expecting. Highlights and lowlights can become the best tricks that you could apply to mask regrowth when you feel the need to postpone your upcoming coloring appointment. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that all these styling tricks have a short lifespan. Even if you choose to get highlights to mask your grays, you would have to get them redone after a couple of months, to preserve the natural aspect of your hair.

Discover the Latest Gray Hair Treatment That You Should Try

If you’d much rather opt for a different kind of gray hair treatment offering more permanent results, what’s the best product that your money can buy? According to customer reviews, the new generation of vitamins for grey hair is arguably the best solution that you could count on to intensify the color of you aging hair and keep it radiant, silky and healthy. Customers who have already tried Getawaygrey, the promising grey hair pill based on catalase and a unique mix of herbal and mineral compounds, have witnessed positive changes after only a few weeks of utilization. This product is made of safe, natural ingredients and comes with a money-back guarantee, so you have all the reasons in the world to give it a try. To find out more about its list of active ingredients, usage and other tips on how to tame and beautify your gray hairs, go to www.getawaygrey.com and get informed.

3 Effective Ways to Lighten Graying Hair Naturally

herbal-hair-dyeWe all know that premature graying can be quite an alarming cosmetic concern impacting one’s looks and level of confidence. When people notice the first unwanted silver strands, their first impulse is to pick a DIY coloring kit and start experimenting with their aging tresses. Why use chemical-rich products when you can actually include all-natural ingredients in your hair care routine to lighten up your locks and conceal grays the easy way? In case you want to brighten up your mane and achieve a lighter, uniform color, opt for one of the 3 simple methods described below.

  1. Apply Raw Honey on Damp Hair. Raw honey can sweeten your tea, but it can also be used to lighten your hair. Prepare a mask by mixing honey with olive oil and apply in on your graying hair. Let it rest under a shower cap for a couple of hours; afterwards rinse your hair. For similar results, you could add honey to the conditioner that you’re currently utilizing.
  1. Rinse Your Tresses with Chamomile Tea. According to WikiHow, chamomile tea is an excellent choice if you are interested in obtaining a much more luminous color. Use dried flowers or tea bags to make a few cups of tea. Once it gets cold, you can either add ½ cup of tea to your regular shampoo or conditioner, or you could just utilize it to rinse your tresses. If possible, let your graying hair dry naturally and stay in direct sunlight for as long as you can. Sunlight will speed up the discoloration process and enable you to make your grays less visible.
  1. Use Lemon Juice. In case you want to take pride in radiant, lighter hair, pour some freshly squeezed lemon juice on your tresses. Lemon juice is known as one of the very best natural hair lighteners mostly due to its elevated concentration of citric acid that opens up hair cuticles and manages to strip pigment from hairs. Naturally, both chamomile teaand lemon juice act better and faster when they are correlated with extensive sun exposure. Lemon extract works well for all hair colors, including darker tones, and ensures a very subtle chromatic effect.

All in all, these 3 easy methods to lighten up aging hair will enable you to cope with premature graying rapidly and cost-effectively. Those who don’t want to change their hair color can always count on catalase supplements to restore their natural pigment and put the oxidation process on hold.


Grey Defense: Could Traditional Chinese Medicine Help You Reverse Gray Hair?

bigstock-chinese-food-therapy-traditio-31099493Premature graying can be a never-ending source of frustration for both men and women who love the natural color of their hair. While most Caucasian people are forced to deal with this problem in their early 30s, the average Asian individual starts to go gray at 47. Is there a link between effective gray hair prevention methods and the well-kept secrets of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? Could TCM actually help you reverse gray hair fast and risk-free?

The Connection between Gray Hair, Kidneys and Blood Quality

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that there is a strong connection between gray hair, blood quality and kidney health. In other words, gray hair is a sign indicating that the blood quality should be improved and the kidneys should be strengthened.

A good diet plays an important part in this process. Certain recommended all-natural ingredients, like wheatgrass, black sesame seeds or Hijiki seaweed could help men and women control premature graying and preserve their youthful appearance for a longer period of time.

However, people who choose to eat excessive amounts of these so-called gray hair remedies often expose themselves to health risks. For instance, a high concentration of iodine derived from seaweed can generate serious thyroid problems in the long term.

Also, TCM practitioners tell people to reduce the consumption of salt, meat and excessive dairy products, as they believe that these foods could speed up the hair oxidation process.

TCM Cures for Gray Hair: Friend or Foe?

Most of the plants used to improve kidney health and enhance blood quality are utilized on a large scale to produce a natural gray hair cure. The question is this: are these remedies truly effective and entirely safe or do they come with a long list of side-effects?

He Shou Wu is a popular herb, used to fight premature graying. The problem is that He Shou Wu is not suitable for all men and women. In some cases, it can trigger emotional imbalances and lower the users’ quality of life. This is precisely why TCM practitioners advise people to consult their doctor before relying on He Shou Wu to stop gray hair.

Attain Your Anti- Aging Goal with a Gray Hair Pill

TCM could help you delay the first signs of premature aging. Nonetheless, foods and special ingredients recommended by practitioners should be administered with maximum care, under close medical supervision, especially if you are already dealing with severe health concerns.

Fortunately, there is a better way to reverse gray hair. Get Away Grey is a reliable gray hair cure based on catalase and different herbal and mineral additives. It is highly effective, accessible and it does not put your health on the line in any way. Buy this exceptional grey defense today, use it regularly and take pride in healthier, younger-looking hair in no time.


Could a Revolutionary Treatment Reverse Gray Hair and Cure Vitiligo?

grayFor centuries now, people have been looking for effective, convenient ways to reverse gray hair and boost their appeal in an entirely safe, natural manner. Unfortunately, most of the solutions discovered and tested so far, like hair dyes, mascara-like products and clever hairstyles designed to mask gray hairs, fail to address the real cause of the problem and only offer temporary positive effects.

Are Researchers Working on a Secret Cure for Vitiligo and Gray Hair?

However, things are about to change, as a team of researchers from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands plans to introduce a new remedy, expected to help men and women preserve their natural color or their hair.

Moreover, the secret formula could also cure vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that is currently affecting 1% of the global population. Vitiligo triggers severe skin depigmentation and is still considered incurable by most scientists. There are several potential causes associated with this medical condition, including oxidative stress.

This hypothesis is supported by the team of researchers who intend to launch a new cure for gray hair on the market. They think that premature gray hair is the result of massive oxidative stress. Furthermore, in their opinion, a compound activated by sunlight would put an end to this pressing problem, by preventing the inside-out bleaching process experienced the human hair. In addition, this innovative treatment would also provide more than satisfactory results for patients who suffer from vitiligo.

A New Hope for People with Depigmented Hair and Skin

Those affected by this condition could finally forget about the nightmare of having depigmented skin. They could easily control the effects of their disease by relying on the same solution: the sunlight-activated element designed to act like a “modified pseudocatalase,” a component leading to healthy, younger-looking hair and skin.

To test their product, researchers have recently conducted an experiment on 2.411 people diagnosed with vitiligo. Apparently, after being treated with the pseudocatalase activated by sunlight, the patients managed to recover the natural pigment of their skin, eyelashes and hairs. Nonetheless, the scientists behind this ambitious project are still far from making their solution widely available to the public.

Get to the Root of your Gray Hair Problem NOW

Why wait for a gray hair cure when you can recover your youth in record time? Get Away Grey is a highly beneficial, all-natural vitamin complex, based on catalase, the enzyme that battles hair oxidation. Due to its unique formula, this product can help you reverse gray hair easier and faster than ever before.

Since it comes with a money-back guarantee, those who order it have nothing to lose….except their unwanted, unappealing silvery hairs.

Get Away Grey may be the perfect solution to cure vitiligo. It will enable you to kick premature gray hair to the curb once and for all. Buy it, test it and forget all about dangerous dyes that damage your hair.

Can Hereditary Factors Compromise Our Efforts to Reverse Gray Hair?

grey_hairLet’s face it: only a limited number of people can actually rock the salt and pepper look. Men who could never become the more approachable version of George Clooney and women who could never replicate the casual, yet extremely glamorous silver coiffure worn with pride by Helen Mirren are still looking for the cheapest, safest, most convenient method to reverse gray hair.

But if your mom spotted her first gray hairs in her 20s and if your dad also suffered from premature graying, is there a way to preserve the beautiful color of your hair for the longest period of time and make it look more appealing? In other words, is it possible to control hereditary factors that could jeopardize your efforts to battle premature gray hair?

Are You a Proud Winner of the Genetic Lottery?

Researches are still having a hard time trying to understand why, and most importantly how, human hair ages. The factors that are responsible for premature graying don’t always depend on the age, the gender and the ethnicity of the subject. In most cases, heredity is the main reason why young people who are in their 20s or 30s are relying on hair dyes or other cosmetic treatments to camouflage their silvery hairs.

Scientists have determined that our unique genetic makeup is an important piece of the puzzle. Our genetic heritage ultimately determines how susceptible we are to premature graying. This expert opinion is shared by Dr. Karin U. Schallreuter, a reputable professor from the University of Bradford, who is specialized experimental dermatology.

Understanding the Crucial Importance of Catalase

Therefore, people can be divided into two main categories: the winners and the losers of the genetic lottery. Some of them are susceptible to premature graying, while others aren’t. Some take pride in their dark, glowing hair even in the latest period of their lives, while others are forced to dye their silvery hair or mask it by relying on clever hairstyles.

Researches also affirm that the absence of catalase, a highly important enzyme in our bodies, is enabling hydrogen peroxide to oxidize our hair and basically “bleach” it from the inside. Catalase has the power to neutralize hydrogen peroxide, by decomposing it into 2 totally harmless elements: water and oxygen. In this context, it seems obvious that those who want to reverse gray hair should try to find the best way to stimulate the production of catalase.

Getting the Best Cure for Gray Hair

If you are one of the misfortunate losers of the genetic lottery, you should know that not all is lost. You can still preserve your youth and your fabulous, all-natural hair for the longest period of time, by counting on an excellent source of catalase.

In this case, keep in mind that Get Away Grey is a remarkable vitamin complex, based on catalase, which represents the best cure for gray hair. Moreover, this product comes with a money-back guarantee.

Nothing should stop you from purchasing and testing the ultimate gray hair cure. Order it, use it and fall in love with its amazing results!

Can You Actually Reverse Premature Gray Hair with a Vitamin Complex and Obtain Long-Term Results?

grey-hair-brushLet’s face it: we are all still pretty far from discovering the fountain of youth. This means that sooner or later, we have to start worrying about a large palette of factors that may end up threating our appeal. Of course, gray hair and wrinkles are on top of the list. So the question is this: can you actually stay far away from hair dyes and still manage to mask your gray hair in a completely safe, natural manner? Is this camouflage method good enough to help you look radiant, feel increasingly confident and take at least a decade off your face?

Are Mascara-Like Products an Option Worth Considering?

Millions of men and women are looking for the best anti gray hair vitamin complex. For some reason or another, some of them choose to go in favor of risk-free solutions with temporary results. Mascara-like products designed to mask gray hair get a few bonus point for their ease of use. They can be easily utilized at home by anyone, can be carried around in a purse, do not pose any risks and are ideal for high precision, regular touch-ups.

Do these magic wands have their fair share of disadvantages? Of course they do! First of all, they provide the best results on dark hair. Moreover, their beneficial effects last for only a few hours. After that, you’re forced to reapply the product or to come clean about your silvery hair.

Bring Out Your Inner Artist with the Magic Marker

You don’t have to be Picasso to get artful results at home with the magic marker. Only this time, your gray hair is the canvas. This precision tool can be utilized to camouflage your gray roots. Unlike the magic wand, this product is also suitable for people with lighter hair, as it is available in different shades. Moreover, it is actually pretty easy to use: you just have to doodle with this revolutionary marker and cover all your damp grays. Afterwards, remember to distribute the pigment evenly and seal it properly by blow-drying your hair.

Clever Hairstyles Worth Considering

If you want to mask your premature gray hair, but don’t want to rely on more or less aggressive dyes to attain your goal, count on a new approach. Opt for modern, classy hairstyles that make you look at least five years younger and conceal your gray hairs. In this case, trendy messy looks, based on zigzag partings, on layering and different textures are your best ally. Asymmetrical bangs can also help you disguise those annoying grays. The best part is that these simple hairstyles require very little maintenance: you can comb your hair with your fingers and use a bit of mousse to style it the easy way.

Looking for a More Permanent Solution to Your Problem?

Don’t want to spend the rest of your life stuffing your purse with magic markers and mascaras designed to camouflage grays? In this case, go for a longer-lasting solution. Get Away Gray is a phenomenal product, based on entirely safe, natural ingredients, that will help you reverse gray hair in record time. Users witness traceable improvements after the first six months of utilization.

Check out the website, place your order and put the remarkable gray hair vitamin complex to the test right away, to recover your youth and your confidence.

Reverse Premature Graying: Allergies and Your Gray Hair

Hair Dye

Hair dye only temporarily covers your greying hair.

Most people would never associate their gray hair with allergies. But that connection can be made glaringly apparent when dye is used to reverse gray hair. Although an allergic reaction is the result for only 5% of people who use permanent hair dye to go away gray, this doesn’t mean that you are necessarily immune. In some cases, a systemic reaction can occur when hair dye is used. If this happens, the entire body can be involved, including major organs. However, this is rare.

The Allergy Culprit – PPD

Almost 100% of all commercial hair dyes on the market today contain PPD. When you learn that its scientific name is 4-ParaPhenyleneDiamine, C6H8N2, the reason for the 3-letter acronym becomes clear. PPD also has other names, including Orsin, Ursol, Rodol and PPDA.

When dyeing the hair, peroxide is used in the beginning to strip the hair of color. What is actually happening at this stage is the breaking down of melanin. And the melanin is broken down by peroxide. The PPD is the ingredient used to replace the color that has been broken down.

But it is when the reaction occurs between PPD and peroxide that allergies can be triggered. This is because the PPD becomes partially oxidized when PPD reacts with the peroxide. But interestingly, an allergic reaction is not caused by the full oxidation of PPD.

Other Sources of PPD and Related Substances

In addition to being found in most commercial hair dyes, PPD can also be found in fur coats that have been dyed with the substance. As well, PPD is also present in many cosmetics which are dark in color, as well as in temporary tattoos.

Substances related to PPD can also cause allergic reactions, and many of them are contained in hair dye. Some of these are Isatin and 6-hydroxyindole.  However, they can be found in other items such as ballpoint pen ink, coloring agents used in food, anesthetics and sun block creams.

Types of Hair Dye Allergies

If one reacts to hair dye in minutes to an hour after being exposed to it, contact urticaria may be the diagnosis. Symptoms of contact urticaria include skin redness, red patches all over the body, and difficulty breathing and swallowing.

For those who color their hair often, a reaction occurring from 6 to 72 hours following exposure to hair dye may mean that allergic contact dermatitis, or ACD has occurred. The chances of developing an immunologic reaction like ACD actually increase with the frequency of hair coloring instances. However, this is usually the case with individuals who are genetically pre-disposed to developing ACD. Itching and burning in many areas of the body, including ears, neck and hairline are among the symptoms of ACD.

Get Away Gray Eliminates PPD Danger

Saying goodbye to grays is much easier with Get Away Gray. This 100% natural solution is taken orally and contains no harmful ingredients. And right now, you can get in on a great deal that gives you a discount on three months’ worth of the product.

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One Theory About Premature Gray Hair

Vitamin B12 And Sunshine for Gray Hair ReversalThere have been many theories floating around about what causes gray hair. But today, technology is helping researchers to find more definite causes of premature gray hair. Their discoveries are showing not only how gray hair happens, but how people can completely reverse the process.

Melanin A Definite Culprit

Although researchers have identified several culprits in the fight against gray hair, one consistent one has been melanin. This is an amino acid which provides pigment to our skin and hair. It also acts as a transformer for UVA rays, absorbing them and then changing them into energy, which lowers our risk of developing many types of cancer and other skin diseases.

When a body is deficient in melanin, many diseases can manifest themselves, including Parkinson’s and albinism, which is the absence of pigment in places like the hair and skin. Melanin deficiency though, can also result in gray hair.

Researchers wondered: if less melanin production causes gray hair, then can higher production of melanin result in a complete reversal of the condition? An experiment yielded surprising results.

Folic Acid and Vitamin B12

It was discovered that when 100 vitiligo patients were given folic acid and vitamin B12 as well as sun exposure, they were able to increase their melanin production. The discovery was made in Sweden after two years of research. It took from 3 to 6 months for the results to manifest themselves in the research subjects, but all told, 64% of subjects realized re-pigmentation. Of that 64%, six subjects experienced a complete reversal of their pigmentation issue.

Results Supported By Additional Study

What makes the results even more remarkable is the fact that the results of another study support the Swedish results completely. Researchers from the University of Alabama’s Department of Dermatology found that those with vitiligo also had low folic acid levels in their blood. Simple oral supplementation of folic acid resulted in these patients being able to realize re-pigmentation without any side effects.

Reversing Gray Hair Is Not Impossible

The results of the above studies reveal that gray hair is not something that many of us are ‘doomed’ to live with for the rest of our lives. All it takes is a simple adjustment in the amount of folic acid and vitamin B12 we take, and melanin production can be successfully boosted.

Get Away Grey is an all-natural product that has helped many people to reverse their gray hair without any dangerous side-effects. This product has helped many who had tried other products for getting rid of gray without success. Currently, a 3 month, 3 bottles special is being offered on the website that can help you get back the hair you love.

So why wait? Get rid of premature gray hair now and start enjoying an all natural, healthy life!

Get Rid of Gray Naturally: What Is Fo-Ti, and Can It Cure Graying?

Although most people think that the best way to get away grey is to cover it up, there is actually another way: gray hair reversal. There is one natural cure, it’s a gray hair vitamin if you will that has been used in China since time immemorial. This natural substance is called Fo-Ti.

What Is Fo-Ti?

Fo-Ti is actually an herb. Also known as He shou wu, this herb can be found on the list of ingredients of most of the pills being sold for gray hair today. However, it can also be found in many health food stores as an herbal supplement.

Many gray hair reversal products contain Vitamin B as an active ingredient. This is because Vitamin B deficiency is a major cause of gray hair. However, since many people are far from being Vitamin B deficient, this ingredient alone may not be enough to reverse gray in those who take an anti-gray hair pill. The addition of Fo-Ti allows the chances for gray hair reversal to be higher.

The Fo-Ti Story 

Like many natural remedies, Fo-Ti  was first used as a medicine in ancient China, where the plant grows naturally.

Legend has it that about 10 centuries ago, an old Chinese villager by the name of Mr. He used the Fo-Ti plant to get rid of his gray hair. Mr. He had no children and was around 60 years of age when he tried the Fo-Ti remedy. But once he tried it, not only was he able to get rid of his gray hair, he actually went on to father children, as well as live to be 130 years old.

Perhaps the reason that Mr. He was able to father children was because of the fertility properties of Fo-Ti. This substance is well-known as a tonic for longevity. It’s also helpful for treating infectious disease and angina. Additionally, it restores strength and energy, and has even been reported to cure balding.

The Science behind Fo-Ti

Modern physicians have found that Fo-Tii can prevent premature hair loss, reverse loss of hair color and prevent hair from thinning. It can also help the prevention of disease-associated hair loss. Finally, the herb is capable of restoring damaged, dry and brittle hair to its natural luster and shine.

Get Away Grey – An Additional Gray Hair Solution

One way to go if the goal is to get rid of gray naturally is to try Get Away Grey. This natural solution has helped many, not only to restore their color, but to regain the shine and condition their hair once had.

Right now, you can get 3 bottles for 3 months. Why wait to find a graying solution until it is too late? Find out more by visiting GetAwayGrey.

Can Onion Juice Cure Gray Hair Forever?

You may hear things from time to time that make you wonder if they are a joke or not. One such thing may have been an announcement by European researchers that a breakthrough gray hair cure had been discovered: onion juice. Not only that, but this natural cure was also purported to cure thinning hair as well.

This big announcement about onion juice came as no surprise though, to a lot of people who already knew of its properties. Onion juice has actually been used as a natural cure for many years to help people get away grey.  In fact, an herbalist sang the praises of onion juice in his notes back in the 15th century, saying that the application of the juice restored the hair’s thickness and color rapidly.

What Onion Juice Has That Other Remedies Don’t

Perhaps the most interesting part of the announcement was that researchers were able to pinpoint the exact properties that onion juice has to help people get rid of their gray hair. Not only was it discovered that onion juice is a great follicle and scalp cleaner, but it also encourages the production of catalase, the enzyme of which, an insufficiency causes gray hair in the first place. Further to this, it was also discovered that onion juice has another benefit, in that it increases the thickness of hair follicles, which is good news for anyone who may be struggling with both gray and thinning hair.

Internal Benefits of Onion Juice

Many of those interested in natural remedies already know that the ingestion of onion juice can prevent infection. This is because onions are well-known for containing anti-bacterial agents. They also have additional benefits such as being anti-inflammatory. Many naturopaths believe that inflammation is at the basis of all of the diseases we suffer from today.

Other Gray Hair Remedies

Among the many cures for gray hair are some interesting suggestions. One of these is pine needle tea. It is said that plucking the needles from a pine tree and steeping them in hot water, and then drinking the liquid can allow one to get away grey forever.

Another suggested remedy is blackstrap molasses, which is said to restore one’s gray hair to its natural color. However, this remedy has been reported to take some time to take effect.

Get Away Gray May Help

One natural solution that has helped many is Get Away Grey. This 100% natural product not only restores gray hair to your natural color, but may also increase hair’s fullness. Plus, there is a great 3 month, 3 bottle deal on right now.


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