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3 Natural Solutions That Could Help You Treat Your Gray Hair

Smiling mature woman posing in red convertible on sunny dayJust like millions of other people, you are not intimidated by gray hair. You just don’t like it. In your eyes, a colorless mane is the equivalent of a noticeable lack of personality. This is how you feel about gray hair and nothing in this world could make you change your opinion. Nonetheless, you are fully aware of the fact that time doesn’t stop for anybody. At some point, you will go gray, whether you like it or not. So the truly important question is this: how can you pause the graying process? Here three anti gray hair tactics that may raise your interest.

Scalp Massages. Using your fingertips, gently massage your scalp in small circular movements. This simple process will stimulate blood circulation, facilitating nutrient transportation. You can enhance the effectiveness of your massage by adding a few drops of coconut oil. According to Organic Authority, coconut oil is used on a large scale in India to keep luscious locks from turning gray. The oil is massaged into the scalp for up to 15 minutes on a daily basis.

Gooseberries. Hate the oily aspect that your hair gains after the simple massage ritual described above? In this case, here’s the best alternative to a scalp massage: start by soaking a handful of fresh gooseberries in approximately 3 cups of water. Strain all the water, grind the soaked gooseberries and mix them with 4 tsp coffee and lemon juice, two or three raw eggs (depending on their size) and 2 tsp oil. Gradually add the water that you used to soak the gooseberries, until you obtain a thick paste. Apply the mix on your locks and let it rest for a couple of hours, then wash it off using plenty of warm water. According to Times of India, this easy process could help you witness a temporary hair darkening effect that you may appreciate while fighting premature graying.

Catalase Supplements. It’s always difficult to believe that a DIY rinse, mask or any other kind of hair care product that you prepare in a jar could restore your natural hair color and prevent the appearance of other grays. On the other hand, scalp massages are pleasant, but you seldom make time for this type of pampering experience. How can you find the best gray hair solution that actually matches your needs, goals and busy lifestyle? The key is to focus on innovative products designed to tackle the root of the graying problem. Getawaygrey contains 5,000 of catalase, the potent enzyme that transforms hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. By decomposing deposits of hydrogen peroxide, catalase could restore the balance in your body, interfering with the premature hair oxidation process. In this context, this type of catalase supplements could help you treat gray hair from the inside out and say no to white tresses while you still feel and look young.

Three Head-Scratching Gray Hair Facts That Deserve Your Attention

iStock_000028568214_SmallWhile you were still in your 20’s, you took your fabulous hair for granted. Now you’re in your late 30s and miss the strength, radiance and intense color of your strands. At this point, you’re stuck with a whole bunch of grays that are mixed with fully pigmented strands, leading to a somewhat dull salt and pepper look. In this context, you feel ready to dig a little deeper and find out more about premature graying and discolored hairs. What are the main factors that rob strands of their natural pigment? Could you actually delay the whole process without disrupting the normal balance of your body and without relying on hair dyes? To help you discover the simplest answers to these questions and more, we give you three head-scratching facts about gray hair.

Hair Is Initially White

When you think about the fact that there is a broad spectrum of natural hair colors, you find it difficult to believe that all hairs are initially white. As a matter of fact, this is the naked truth. Two kinds of melanin (phaeomelanin ensuring the blonde-reddish tones and eumelanin delivering the darker tones) influence our hair color. According to Mental Floss, a hypothesis developed to explain the natural graying process suggests that chronological aging stops human hairs from accessing melanin deposits; this is why men and women over 30 or 40 have to find the best solution to their fading color.

Hair Discoloration Is Linked to the Presence of Excessive Amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide

Another interesting hypothesis introduced and supported by esteemed researchers from different parts of the globe indicates that an elevated concentration of hydrogen peroxide in our organism could be the actual culprit from gray hair. As we grow older, our bodies start to produce less catalase. Insufficient amounts of this potent enzyme lead to hydrogen peroxide accumulations that bleach our hairs from the inside out.

There Could Be a Way to Boost the Amount of Catalase and Decompose Hydrogen Peroxide Buildups

If you are waiting for a simple and reliable gray hair solution that does not involve any chemicals and/or dyes, you should know that researchers have managed to deliver a vitamin complex based on catalase, designed to tackle and break the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide. By decomposing these molecules and turning them into oxygen and water, these supplements could be used to treat gray hair and prevent the fading color that most people over 40 do not perceive as flattering. For more information about this promising category of products visit www.getawaygrey.com and find out how you can get closer to younger-looking, more vigorous and radiant hair.

3 Reasons Why Vitamins for Hair Are Good for You  

Beauty Female Lips With PillYou eat half a dozen carrots, lots of apples, and a handful of spinach and try to consume mostly no-cook meals, thinking that your secret regimen will take you as close as possible to the fountain of youth. A daily diet based on fresh fruits and veggies is just what the doctor ordered, but how much does it actually contribute to your hair health? Unfortunately, not all the right substances that your organism extracts from nutrient-rich foods reach your body cells. The good news is that vitamins for hairare widely accessible these days and provide more than a few notable benefits, including the following ones:

1. Vitamins Fill Gaps Present in Our Daily Diets. According to a Huffington Post article, prenatal vitamins and multivitamin complexes fill holes in our everyday diet and prevent potentially dangerous deficiencies that act on the inside, leading to unwanted consequences that become visible on our hair and skin. For instance, vitamins for hairare usually rich in zinc, B-complex and biotin, a few essential elements that ensure healthier, luscious hair.

2. Vitamins Contain a Cocktail of Ingredients That Beautify Gray Hair from the Inside Out. You know what kind of pills to take when you’re battling an annoying migraine. You’ve also managed to discover the gym supplements that work best for your physique and help you develop your body muscles. But what about yourgraying hair? Do you know what kind of pills you should take to maximize its resistance and glow? As a matter of fact, today’s hair care formulas are incredibly complex and incorporate a real cocktail of nutrients. Why choose when you can have important compounds like iron, vitamin D, zinc, biotin and B-complex vitamins in just one pill? Let’s face it: you can’t eat lamb and turkey everyday just to boost your zinc intake. Spinach is yummy, but you probably won’t consume it every single day of the week. Vitamins let you beautify your grays without making any special efforts or altering your diet just to improve hair health.

3. Vitamin Complexes May Prevent Hair Loss. Wondering what’s the best cure for thinning hair and alopecia (hair loss)? According to Medicine Net, despite the fact that scientists are yet to find solid proof that vitamins could effectively prevent alopecia, a daily multivitamin comprising calcium, folate, zinc vitamin B would represent a “reasonable choice” for those who wish to flaunt a healthier-looking mane. Quality vitamins for hair contain verified ingredients and are a good ally for men and women seeking accessible methods to increase their appeal by improving the appearance of their tresses.

Gray Hair Chronicles: Demystifying 3 Common Myths Related to Aging

gray hair“Old people are incompetent.” “Men and women over 60 always suffer from extremely rigid thinking.”“Dementia represents an inevitable part of the aging process.” We hear such statements all the time and we can’t help but wonder: is there a grain of truth in these controversial affirmations? Can you actually influence the way in which you age or are your hands tied in this direction? It’s no secret that some elder people require special assistance to maintain a satisfying quality of life, but this fact shouldn’t leave much room for generalizations. Here are some of the most common stereotypes linked to the natural aging process.

1. As People Grow Older, They Inevitably Have to Cope with Dementia. A recent article published by Psychology Today shows that this is one of the biggest myths about aging. Recent studies indicate that dementia should be considered a modifiable health concern. If it occurs, it should be addressed as a medical condition, rather than being labeled as one of the main elements of the aging process. The fact that you become forgetful could be linked to a great variety of factors that have nothing to do with Alzheimer’s, including medication, a poor diet or existing modifiable medical problems.

2. If You Have Never Exercised before, It’s Too Late to Start in Your 60s. Wrong again! It is never too late to embrace an active lifestyle. According to a study cited by healthywomen.org, 50 women and men with ages below or above 87 exercised on a regular basis for 10 weeks, using weights. The result of this test were truly extraordinary: all participants managed to boost their muscle strength by 113%, proving that issues like premature grayingand old age have nothing in common with the ability to exercise and the desire to stay healthy and active.

3. The Basic Needs of Elder People Differ a Great Deal from the Ones Described by Younger People. As people grow older, their priorities change. But this doesn’t mean that they undergo a radical transformation overnight and become unrecognizable. According to Psychology Today, the basic human needs associated with men and women are the same at any age. We all require water, food, shelter, don’t we? Furthermore, most people over 40 who are already witnessing the first signs of the natural aging process (wrinkles, gray hair) are hell-bent on erasing them by using a powerful arsenal that usually includes anti-aging creams and serums and hair dyes or vitamins for gray hair. No matter how old they are, people want to feel attractive, loved and appreciated, and this does not change with age.


5 Catastrophic Gray Hair Management Mistakes to Avoid

grayhairAre you one of those people who take their best assets for granted? Your wonderful hair and skin are free gifts provided by Mother Nature. But make no mistake: their maintenance will cost you. If you want to turn heads with gorgeous locks and a beautiful complexion, you have to invest a great deal of time and energy in special, personalized beautification processes. But most of all, you have to understand the basic needs of your body and the inevitable transformations that it undergoes, as you are aging.

You cannot look 16 when you’re 45, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking good care of your skin and hair. Unfortunately, only a few men and women pay attention to this aspect. In case you feel the need to improve your nurturing self-care rituals, start by identifying and learning how to avoid a few major gray hair management mistakes. But first, let’s inventory the most common problems associated with depigmented tresses and see how they could be reduced or eliminated.

Something’s Terribly Wrong with My Silvery Locks

Gray hairs represent the first stage of a gradual transformation that scares people to death. It is only normal, since silvery strands are a constant reminder of the fact that we’re not getting any younger. But people who are already affected by premature graying know that lack of color is not the only issue linked to aging hair. Depigmented locks:

1)      Are extremely dry, frizzy and difficult to untangle, because graying strands lose their natural oils.

2)      Can make you look older and completely unattractive, especially if you are still going in favor of the outdated long hairstyle that was your trademark in high-school

3)      Are prone to breakage, so once you spot the first graying strands you might as well stop using heated styling appliances and tools (or at least try to use them less often). There are different other ways in which you could protect your aging tresses. For instance, you could cover your mane with a hat and apply a hair care lotion ensuring an effective UVA UVB protection for a few hours. You could also minimize the damage caused by excessive amounts of chlorine by wearing a swimming cap at the pool. It’s no secret that chlorine can rob you of your natural, intense hair color and leave your locks dry and extremely vulnerable.

All in all, fading color, frizziness and excessive dryness are the first warning signs that you should take into consideration. All these negative factors should determine you to implement a few beneficial changes and upgrade your weekly hair care routine. To correct your wrongdoings, you have to be able to spot and understand your mistakes. Here are 5 extremely counterproductive gray hair management tactics that should stay buried in the past.

1)      Plucking Grays

More and more experts let everyday people know that hair plucking comes with zero benefits. While it’s perfectly true that plucking one gray hair does not result in 2,5 or 10 million other vengeful grays, this doesn’t mean that you should feel encouraged to get rid of depigmented strands by using your tweezers. Plucking can hurt your hair follicle. Repeated trauma can even stop your follicles from producing another healthy hair. Individuals who are completely obsessed with hair plucking can deal with hairless patches sooner than expected. In this case, banding spots would represent an unpleasant consequence of their mishap.

2)      Not Inventorying Your Realistic Gray Hair Coloring Options

There is life after grays. Living with gray hair can be difficult and even embarrassing, but only for those men and women who tend to think that their glass is always half empty. This doesn’t have to be your case. Schedule an appointment with a hair colorist and discuss your options with a real expert who could guide you towards the least expensive low-maintenance camouflaging alternatives for graying hairs. For instance, you could opt for a lighter base paired with subtle highlights and lowlights. You could lighten up your tresses and go for a natural color matching your complexion.

You could also try a new, modern layered cut that makes grays less visible and accentuates your best facial features. Bangs could hide those annoying wrinkles and make you look mysterious, seductive and much younger. A shorter length could also be very flattering. There are only a few suggestions that you may want to factor in before changing your appearance. There are many things that you could do, but keep in mind that the most impressive makeovers start with a trip to the nearest hair care salon. Even if you can’t afford to spend a fortune on professional treatments, you should let a specialist handle your transformation and offer you the guidance that you need to make a good call.

3)      Experimenting with Permanent Hair Dyes at Home

Permanent dyes are a great alternative, taking into account that they provide longer-lasting results and can withstand around 12 washing cycles. However, these durable end results can also work against you, especially if you don’t know much about at-home hair coloring. A misguided application can generate panic and chaos in less than 20 minutes. A too-dark color could make you look old and would require a significant amount of bleach to go away, while a too-light shade would look tacky and force you to repeat the coloring process to conceal the first disastrous results. Therefore, always think twice and read the product instructions multiple times before dyeing your hair at home.

4)      Acting Like Hair Conditioner Is Optional

If you already have more than a few graying hairs, you better get used to the fact that a good conditioner is mandatory. This essential element keeps your scalp moisturized and protects your aging tresses against interior and exterior risk factors. Apply a premium conditioner specially formulated for grays at least once a week and rinse your hair thoroughly. Leave-in products are also an excellent pick, especially since they help you save time…and water. A pre-shampooing treatment like Philip Kingsley Elasticizer will enhance the elasticity of your tresses and leave them smooth, silky and radiant.

5)      Thinking that Dietary Changes Are Not of the Essence

Cunnane Phillips, a respectable tricholgist from the Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre, explains that a well-balanced diet can delay the first signs of premature graying. People who are not able to make correct dietary choices can rely on multivitamins to cover their deficiencies. Moreover,according to the same source, a soy-based protein called Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair represents a great ally for men and women who want to keep gray at a distance by simply eating right.

Test a Scientifically Proven Gray Hair Remedy Today

The most amazing transformations take place on the inside and provide long-lasting effects. If you want to banish those annoying grays and restore your natural color fast and safely, use catalase supplements. Get Away Grey is a remarkable grey defensebased on catalase and numerous mineral and herbal extras that guarantee softer, stronger, glowing locks. Get your first bottles of Get Away Grey today and use this 100% verified anti gray hair solution to recover your pigment and rejuvenate your tresses from the inside out.

5 Factors that Affect Your Hair Color and How to Address Them

man gray hairHair color is very important for a number of reasons. Bright hues allow you to highlight your beautiful complexion and help you turn heads effortlessly. After all, who could resist the subtle charm of gold locks or ignore the mysterious magnetism of dark hair? What would Rapunzel be without her incredibly long, blonde tresses? Would Snow White still manage to impress us with her unmatched beauty without her raven hair?

Why Do We Have Different Hair Colors?

According to Wikipedia, hair color represents the pigmentation of human hair follicles, as a result of the presence of 2 kinds of melanin:  pheomelanin and eumelanin. Higher amounts of eumelanin lead to a darker color, while an inferior amount leads to a fair color. Furthermore, melanin levels can vary a great deal, triggering hair color changes.

Achromotrichia represents hair color alterations that we witness as we age. It depends mostly on genetic factors. Studies show that 60% of all Americans are forced to cope with the first signs of premature graying before reaching 40.

One thing’s certain: men and women both strive to preserve their natural color for the longest period of time. In most cases, this means that they have to find a way to reverse gray hair and accentuate the glow of their strands from the inside out. It may come as a shock to you, but the color of your hair reflects the quality of your lifestyle choices. In other words, it is in your power to manage some of the most common elements that make your color fade away. Keep reading to discover 5 incredibly common, entirely manageable factors that impact your hair color and find out how you could address them in a timely fashion.

1)      Extensive Sun Exposure

You should always keep in mind that those long hours spend at the beach in direct sunlight aren’t doing your hair any favors. Unless your goal is to lighten up your tresses without relying on hair dye, make sure you wear a hat or stay under an umbrella. Sunrays lead to depigmentedhairs and could also affect your hair structure. To avoid this major inconvenience, stylists advise us to start using quality hair care products offering a superior UVA and UVB protection.

2)      Your Favorite Foods

Breaking news: the foods that you eat on a regular basis could actually change your hair color. Who would have thought that certain ingredients are powerful enough to alter our natural shade? This is actually good news, as long as you know how to enhance the tones of your hair by eating the right stuff. This is not a myth; it is actually a scientifically proven fact, supported by well-known experts, including Professor Klondike Von Shaffenburg, a respectable nutritionist and the author of “The Hair Colour Diet: How Being in Tune with Your Pigmentation Can Change Your Life”. Specialists encourage us to test the so-called “hair color diet”.

Shaffenburg advices men and women to stick to the foods that match their original hair color. For instance, redheads like Julianne Moore Gillian Anderson should eat plenty of raw red meat, carrots, tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries. On the other hand, people with fair hair, like Pamela Anderson for instance, should include yellowish foods in their daily diet, including lemons, yellow peppers, egg yolks and bananas.

Shaffenburg explains that this approach would enable users to enhance metabolic synergies, promote optimal health and allow people to take pride in an intense, extremely beautiful color while minimizing their need for expensive, chemical-rich cosmetic products designed to amplify the luster and the color of their locks.

Shaffenburg, who is a 40 something albino,came up with this revolutionary diet in 1998. Since that point in time, he has been consuming only coconut, refined sugar, egg whites and milk to preserve his natural white hair color.

Shaffenburg’stheory can easily be put into practice and doesn’t pose any side effects, as long as you adjust it to your own needs. It is certainly not recommended to abandon your well-balanced diet and eat only 3 or 4 types of foods to enhance your natural hair tones. Butif you want to preserve and accentuate your color with minimal effort, you could include as many red, yellow or dark brown ingredients (based on your color) in your daily diet and see if thistactic actually offers you the desirable results.

3)      Stress

Several anecdotes suggest the fact that there is a solid connection between premature graying and stress. This supposition is not clearly supported by science, but it makes perfect sense, if we compare before and after photos of people affected by dramatic events or impacted by sky-high stress levels for a significant amount of time. Bill Clinton and Harold Bride, the Titanic survivor are only 2 excellent examples reflecting that there may be a link between stress exposure and graying hair. If you want to eliminate this potential cause, you know what you have to do: apply personalized stress management techniques and take the time you need to unwind. If you truly love your natural hair color, don’t let stress get the best of you.

4)      Medical Conditions

Vitiligo is not the one and only medical condition that could lead to depigmented hair. According to scientists, anemia and malnutrition are 2 other major threats stopping you from preserving your natural pigment. Pernicious anemia (also known as the Werner Syndrome) is known as one of the causes of premature graying.

People suffering from malnutrition have brittle, thinner and lighter hair. Men and women with dark hair who are affected by this problem could end up displaying blonde or even reddish hair. This happens because malnutrition impacts the melanin production. Fortunately, these unpleasant effects are reversible; proper nutrition can eliminate these negative consequences and allow patients to attain a normal balance.

5)      Artificial Factors

In some cases, bad habits can also stop us from preserving our original color. A study published by a team of UK-based researchers in the British Medical Journal in 1996 clearly indicates that smokers are up to 4 times more likely to spot the first gray hairs sooner than nonsmokers. There are various other factors that could alter your natural hues, like chemotherapy for instance.

Can You Actually Hold On To Your Natural Color for a Longer Period of Time?

Numerous menand women who are concerned about their appearance want to know if they could actually preserve their natural pigment for a long period of time without exposing themselves to considerable risks. Fortunately, researchers have found a way to put premature graying on hold and enable people to obtain excellent results, in the form of shiny, healthier, fully pigmented locks rapidly and safely.

Catalase supplements are the key to a youthful appearance. If you don’t want to lose the fight with hair oxidation, rely on a premium super vitamin complex based on catalase to turn back the clock. Get Away Grey is a last-generation scientifically proven gray hair remedy comprising catalase and also various mineral and herbal additives. If you don’t want to live with white hair while you still look and feel very young, order your favorite gray hair cure today and spread the word about its noticeable benefits. 

The Anti-Graying Solution: Three Benefits Offered by a Vitamin Complex Created to Reverse Gray Hair

young_man_with_grey_hairAn average Caucasian individual starts to witness the first signs of the graying process at 34, much sooner than Asian and African people, who go through the same experience at 47. This means that Caucasian men and women who are terrified by the idea of displaying the silver fox look in their 30s should start to evaluate their options early.

Of course, the first impulse is to camouflage those nasty grays and sweep the evil under the carpet. However, this anti gray hair solution is far from being entirely satisfactory. Gray hair always finds a way to come back and take you by surprise, wirier than ever.

In this particular set of circumstances, it becomes obvious that a risk-free gray hair treatment delivering longer lasting results is a real necessity. Now you can purchase, test and fall in love with an all-natural vitamin complex that offers you three absolutely amazing benefits, described below.

1)      The Chance to Take Pride in the Natural Color of Your Hair Once Again

While it may be easy to mask grays by relying on different cosmetic alternatives, including dyes, sprays, hair mascara and hair makeup, not many products actually give you the chance to stop, prevent and even reverse gray hair. Once you get the first gray hairs, you’re pretty much stuck with them.

There is one exception worth mentioning. An all-natural hair vitamin complex based on catalase fights and prevents the hair oxidation process, enabling you to protect and restore the natural color of your hair in no time, without exposing yourself to any risks. Zero toxic chemicals means zero dangerous side-effects.

2)      Radiant, Glowing Hair

A well-balanced diet gets you one step closer to a beautiful, resistant hair. Nonetheless, vigorous, healthy hair requires high concentrations of certain elements that you just can’t absorb from all those fruits and veggies that you are struggling to include in your daily diet. Bottom line, a vitamin complex based on catalase, copper, zinc oxide, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B6 and various other highly beneficial compounds is a real blessing for your hair, ensuring an unmatched glow and a healthy aspect.

3)      A Youthful Appearance and an Elevated Level of Self-Esteem

What to look at least a decade younger and much more attractive? Who doesn’t! Gray hair is commonly associated with seniority; therefore many men and women impacted by premature graying are forced to cope with rejection, frustration and their own low self-esteem, which stand in the way of their success. Put an end to this sad story by following the right gray hair treatment.

Get away grey is a fantastic, all-natural hair vitamin complex. This product will help you stop, prevent and even reverse gray hair in no time.

Buy this scientifically proven gray hair cure, try it and recommend it to the people who are also striving to ward off those unappealing grays.

Premature Gray Hair in Children: Why Does It Happen?

When you think about premature gray, the thought of your kid’s hair may not even cross your mind. After all, their diet may be healthy. But what if their hair becomes gray? This can often be a shocking and frightening experience for both the parent and the child to endure. However, there is good news about this condition: it can be helped by diet, as there are many foods that are considered to be hair vitamins.

Why Does Hair Go Gray In Kids?

Premature gray hair in children can be due to a genetic disorder. The most common cause, genetic disorder cannot be cured, unfortunately. However, another common cause of this condition is depleted melanocytes, which provide the hair with color. In this case, premature graying can be reversed by adding certain foods to the diet; specifically, those that contain vitamin B12.

Oftentimes, thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism can cause gray hair to develop in kids. Vitiligo, while most widely known as a skin condition can also cause gray hair in both adults and kids.

Solutions for Premature Gray in Kids and Adults

Improving the care of hair is the first step to helping solve the problem of graying hair. Consider a hot oil scalp massage using olive or coconut oil twice weekly. Following the massage, wrap the head in a hot towel, which will increase circulation.

Another potential solution is to apply nutrients topically. One way is to use eggs. Take one egg and mix with water until a paste has formed. Then, apply the mixture to completely cover the hair from root to tip. Leave on for twenty minutes, and then wash using a mild shampoo.

Curry leaf can also be a good solution for graying hair on heads of all ages. Eating curry leaf daily, as well as boiling leaves in coconut oil and then applying to the hair can help reverse gray hair.

The above solutions can be used by both adults and children if gray hair is premature and is, as a result, unwanted.

Get Away Gray – the Solution for Gray Hair in Adults

While you may find the solution for premature gray hair in your child is easy to find, you may have discovered that some of the solutions mentioned above didn’t work for you. If this is the case, then you may want to consider another solution for ridding yourself of gray hair: Get Away Grey. This product offers a safe, all-natural way to reverse your gray hair.

Containing ingredients specially formulated to increase the amount of catalase in the body, Get Away Grey also contains minerals, vitamins and plant extracts that, when combined work together to give you the healthy and beautiful hair you’ve always wanted. All it takes is two tablets daily to start reversing your gray hair today.

And right now, you can get 3 bottles for three months with this great special! So don’t wait another day to get rid of your gray!

Grey Hair Supplements: What’s the Big Deal?

Vitamin B-12

Consuming more Vitamin B-12 can help you combat gray hair.

There have been many studies on the possibility of curing grey hair with a simple pill, but is it true? Could there be one simple solution to the natural graying process? With all of the research done in the last few years, we can conclusively say, yes!  Supplements are a great way to integrate a natural grey hair reversal, but only if you have the right ingredients. Let’s look at a few different adaptations of the grey hair supplement.


Many of the more recent supplements on the market have channeled a melanin-triggering element in their ingredient list. Supplements such as Melancor tout melanin producing components that work to revitalize grey hair. With ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, let alone know the function of, this supplement would seem to be an all-encompassing vitamin with natural elements as well as manufactured ones. While these manufactured elements may indeed trigger the production of melanin, one might wonder just what all those ingredients are meant to do. After all, it takes quite a few links to even find this list of ingredients.


This element is newer to the supplement industry, and is a proven component that stimulates the growth of melanin-producing cells. Though this may sound the same as the paragraph above, it is quite different. By stimulating the production of cells, you can be certain that reversal of your grey hair is eminent. Instead of promising an encouragement of melanin itself, this supplement works to encourage cell growth. These cells are responsible for producing melanin, and allowing your hair color to return to its natural luster.

Your Cure – and Yes, It’s a Supplement!

Not only do these supplements contain Catalase, but also Biotin, Chlorophyll and Plant Sterols. This means you are getting natural ingredients from the earth’s environment to help you maintain your natural color. The extracts and vitamins included in this supplement allow your body to naturally maintain an environment that will produce your body’s physical process of hair and skin color.

GetAwayGrey is this solution for anti-grey pills. Daily doses of this supplement allow your body to obtain the stimulation it needs to begin producing melanin for your skin and hair. Grey hair can be directly reversed with this daily use. No dyes. No harsh chemicals. And best of all – no new hairstyles! Just simple and easy grey hair reversal to give you your life back.

Contact us today to partake in our risk-free solution, use our gray hair supplements and start changing your life!

How to Prevent Getting Grey Hair

Grey hair has tormented adults and youths alike in recent times. A lot of people switch to home remedies for preventing grey hair while others just can’t seem to stop gray hair. In order to counter the process of graying hair you need to take certain measures. Listed below are some helpful tips for preventing grey hair.


Food has essential nutrients that help keep our body healthy. Copper is one such nutrient that our body needs to stop gray hair. According to research, people with copper deficiencies are known to have more chance of getting gray hair. Foods that contain copper include chocolates, beef liver, seeds, oysters, mushrooms, almonds and peanut butter.


Vitamins play a very important role in the development and growth of our body. These vitamins also stop gray hair. Vitamin B-2 assists in hormone production and balance systems that affect grey hair. Foods rich in vitamin B include dairy products, cereal, pastas, meat and eggs.

Another way of preventing grey hair is to maintain a diet rich in antioxidants. Vitamin A, C and E are considered as strong antioxidants. Vegetables, dairy products and fruits are full of these vitamins.


Selenium plays an active role in the development of hormones in your body which in turn stop gray hair.  According to reports, selenium is frequently used to battle the problem of grey hair. It is also believed to slow down the ageing process. Foods that contain selenium include tuna, salmon, walnuts, mackerel and raisins.

Kill Stress

Stress is a major reason for hair turning grey. Experts believe that the solution is to turn to spiritual exercise such as yoga and meditation. You must stay calm under pressure and learn to relax.


Scalp massages are known for preventing grey hair. A massage can increase blood flow and thus improve your overall health. Use coconut oil and massage daily for 10-15 minutes. This will keep your cells healthy and reduce the risk of grey hair.


A natural solution for preventing grey hair is get away grey. It works stop early grey hair from the inside out with healthy vitamins, herbs, and extracts, so your natural hair grows back through your roots.