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Gray Hair Trends: Rihanna Stuns as a Silver Fox in Hot Pictures for Tush Magazine

rihanna-tush-magazine-white-hair-pic-3Can you picture Rihanna as an old and boring lady? We will draw the line at old. Riri’s latest photo shoot has revealed a new side of the eccentric singer. The gorgeous yet unusual photos taken in the Nevada Desert let us discover a very relaxed Rihanna with sublime, almost surreal gray hair and grayish, thick eyebrows. And we’re not talking about the dull, predictable grandma look. Rihanna steals the show in a black leather ensemble and black over-the-knee-boots that match her fierce, iconic style.

Rihanna’s New Image Reflects the Mysterious Beauty of Silver Foxes

Would you really expect Rihanna to display the same problems that women affected by premature graying usually complain about? Well, in this case there’s no sign of split ends, coarse strands that are prone to breakage and a dry scalp that is sending SOS signals.

rihanna-tush-magazine-white-hair-pic-10Aside from the fact that her metallic toneis absolutely faultless, her gray hairs seem healthier and more luscious than ever. Rihanna is the perfect silvery fox, reminding us that graying hair shouldn’t be perceived as a major tragedy. Also, the end result of this unexpected photo shoot suggests that unconventional metallic accessories can also compliment graying hair and contribute to a personalized, edgy and sophisticated style that cannot be ignored.

Gray Hair Alert: What Should You Do with Your Eyebrows?

Last but not least, this extreme makeover addresses one more pressing problem: eyebrow color! Your graying hair won’t always match the tone of your eyebrows. So assuming that you want to replicate Meryl Streep’s signature cut and silver color from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, what exactly should you do with your eyebrows? Should you bleach them to avoid an upsetting contrast or should you just let them be? Instead of getting them tattooed, you may want to go for tints and professional shaping. According to Daily Mail, having your eyebrows tinted could lift years off your face.

However, a contrast between eyebrow color and hair tone could individualize your look. If you don’t believe us, just take a closer look at CaraDelevingne’s distinctive features. You’ll definitely notice her fair locks and considerably darker eyebrows that have contributed to her tremendous success in the fashion industry.

Are you too shy for bold, bright silvery hair? In this case, you may want to stick to semi or demi-permanent hair dyes ensuring a very subtle, natural-looking touch of color. Or better yet, you could ditch dyes and just take scientifically proven catalase supplements to rejuvenate your tresses and restore their natural beauty and brilliance from within.


Gray Hair Stories: Basic Dieting Rules That You Should Obey after Turning 40

Woman with a glass of milkAfter reaching 40, we get bothered by more than a few disruptive factors triggered by hormonal imbalances or incorrect lifestyle choices. Inevitably, wrinkles and graying hairare the first things that always seem to pop out when we look in the mirror. So how could you preserve a youthful appearance, stay healthy, achieve silkier, gorgeous hair and lose those unwanted pounds without starving yourself to death? Here are a few basic dieting rules that can guide your after 40 survival plan in the right direction.

1. Eat Oats. Oats are a fantastic source of beta-glucansand manage to lower bad cholesterol levels faster and better than most super foods. This statement is backed by solid evidence. According to an article published by Daily Mail, only 3 grams of oats consumed on a daily basis can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol by up to 10%. Doesn’t this info make you crave for a nice bowl of oats dipped in frozen fruity, low-fat yogurt?

2. A Large Bowl of Cherries Makes a Fine Breakfast. The unmistakable taste of cherries enables you to control your sweet tooth and avoid unhealthy, sugar-rich foods. On top of that, only 200 grams of cherries ate on an empty stomach may allow you to combat a wide range of diseases that could lower your quality of life after 40, including arthritis and gout.

3. Prevent Hair Loss and Thinning Hair by Relying on Sources of Omega 3-Fatty Acids. Thinning hair is linked to menopause and hormonal changes. According to aNew York Times article, you can protect and even increase the attractiveness of your aging tresses by including plenty of healthy sources of omega 3-fatty acids in your daily diet. Super foods like flaxseeds and salmon keep your locks healthy and strong and support a radiant mane year after year. Dark green veggies contain a high dosage of vitamins A and vitamins C, demanded by our scalp to produce the right amount of sebum, which represents the indispensable natural conditioner for our strands. The good news is that most of the vital ingredients required by our graying hairand provided by Mother Nature are incredibly accessible: poultry, beans and eggs are only a few basic options that could lead to endless tasty combinations. Great sources of protein should be a part of your daily diet.

If you feel that you can’t extract all the gray hair-friendly natural aids from the foods that you consume, choose to take vitamins for hair to prevent any deficiencies. Catalase supplements let your reverse gray hair and are also the key to obtaining stronger, more luscious tresses.

Foolproof Dating Tips for Ladies Over 50

Affectionate Couple In RestaurantAre you young at heart, but technically too old to be dating? In this case, we have some breaking news for you: you are never too old to find true love. Both men and women who have already reached 50 are experienced, mature and know exactly what they’re looking for. Most of them have a satisfying social life, a great carrier and a bright future ahead of them. So what’s stopping you from meeting Mr. Right? Here are 3 foolproof dating tips for bold ladies over 50 that will help you live your love story and spice up your life without taking any chances and wasting any more time.

1) Go Online. Should your graying hair and your prominent wrinkles make you feel insecure? Of course not! Real beauty is ageless and starts from within. Therefore, learn how to make peace with your small imperfections while accentuating your best features. Go online and test some of the most popular matchmaking services. Create a few profiles on different social media platforms and stay active. If you’re determined to find the right guy, take the time you need to optimize your online profile. According to eharmony.com, you should turn your profile into your calling card, rather than making it resemble awishlist. Focus on your strengths and talk less about what others may be able to do for you.

2) Undergo a Radical Transformation. Get a new cut, dye your hair to mask the effects of premature graying, or embrace your silvery accents. No matter what type of change you decide to approve, get ready to own it. While you’re in your 50s, you are wise enough to make anything work, including a grayish lavender hair tone or a long-distance relationship.According to Huffington Post, you can get closer to online dating success by simply establishing who you are, who you want to become and whom you would like to meet.

3) Do Everything Better to Feel Good in Your Own Skin. Do everything you have always wanted to do. Take yoga or cooking classes, go to the gym once or twice a week, join a book club and go on a long cruise. All these extraordinary leisure activities offer you the opportunity to meet someone special. Don’t limit your own freedom and plan every single second of spare time wisely. Love your body and all its special features, accept your minuses and decide to correct them, when acceptance is not an option.

By feeling great in your own skin you’ll manage to send a positive vibe to all the people whom you connect with. Invest in the most expensive anti-wrinkle solution that you may demand to look your best, reduce your stress levels at the spaas often as you get the chance and test last-generation white hair treatments based on catalase to discover a new type of grey defense. These are just a few basic suggestions that could help you cope with the first signs of aging. All in all, the key to success is to put the real you on full display, while being open and staying positive.