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Can Scalp Folliculitis Cause Gray Hair?

hair scalpMany wonder what caused their gray hair to occur. Some think stress plays a role, while others may be absorbing high amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which can contribute to gray hair. But what about your hot tub? The truth is, if you love to sit in your hot tub, but have noticed that your scalp has become itchy and sore, you may have Follilculitis.

Folliculitis is a medical term which means that the hair follicles have become inflamed and infected. When this happens, hair loss is the eventual result.

Causes of Scalp Folliculitis

This condition is caused by moisture-loving bacteria which most commonly can be found in humid places like hot tubs and saunas. Yeast and mites can also cause the condition to occur. Those with oily scalps tend to be more prone to the development of folliculitis. This is because in those with oily scalps, sebum production is higher. The more sebum that is produced, the higher the likelihood that bacterial infection will occur.

The bacteria usually responsible for the development of folliculitis are Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus aureus. There are other causes of folliculitis. These include lack of hygiene, exposure to chemicals, existing skin conditions and immune-system diseases like HIV.

Types of Folliculitis

Deep folliculitis occurs in the deeper layers of skin and can affect the entire hair follicle. Some symptoms include red and swollen pustules and inflammation and scarring of the scalp. Should large pustules harden, they can result in scarring and ultimately in the loss of hair.

Superficial folliculitis occurs higher up in the hair follicle. Symptoms of superficial folliculitis include reddened skin, blisters on the skin and small itchy bumps surrounding the hair follicle.

Managing Folliculitis

The management of folliculitis can be completed at home if the case is mild. Cleaning the scalp regularly with mild shampoo often works for mild cases. Those with oily scalps may wish to try a shampoo that is zinc-based, as this will help to control sebum production. Mild folliculitis can also be treated with the application of anti-fungal products, such as anti-dandruff shampoo.

Those with severe folliculitis may require the application of prescription medication as well as regular cleaning. Should topical medications not suffice, the consumption of oral antibiotics may be necessary.

Get Away Grey

While it has yet to be proven that folliculitis causes hair to turn gray, it’s important not to take chances. Eating right and improving blood circulation to the scalp are two ways to keep your scalp healthy. Another way is by using an all-natural product to rid yourself of unwanted gray hair before it gets out of control. Get Away Grey is 100% natural, and is getting rave reviews from many satisfied customers. And right now, you can get in on a 3 month, 3 bottle special that will net you big discounts.

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Reverse the Grey: Use the Best Shampoos for Gray Hair

We all know that those who choose to maintain those brilliant silver locks of hair need to take special care of it. There are many different issues that take place with grey hair that your naturally-colored hair doesn’t have. For this reason, choosing the perfect gray hair shampoo can be a bit of a mystery!

Brighten the Grey

Many shampoos out there give you the option of adding a silvery-blue enhancement in your hair. This specific tinting inclusion is meant to coat your dull tarnished color into the bright silver you’ve been striving for. With such great spokespersons as Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep, and the ever-seductive George Clooney, many individuals attempting to try a grey hairstyle may become frustrated with the dull color they seem to have. Try Biosilk’s Silver Lights Shampoo, and  reverse the grey, turning it into a vivid color!

Moisturize Those Wiry Strands

A shampoo that works for your hair will include a strong moisturizer to help you manage your hairstyle. Since grey hair is a coarser and much dryer hair type, you need to keep the nutrients coming with every shampoo. Don’t let the strands be devoid of color AND health! Many regular shampoos can give you this extra boost of moisture, but keep in mind this hair type is completely different than a normal dry strand of colored hair. Since the pigment is actually missing, there are protective nutrients missing as well, leaving your hair in a much more dire state than you might think. Check out Abba Pure Moisture Shampoo, and keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

Soothe the Fly-Aways

With drier hair comes a tendency for those fly-aways to ruin every picture, stick to every passing balloon and resist every smoothing hair care product. Try a shampoo with lavender or chamomile in the ingredients list; they will help smooth your tendrils naturally, giving you the joy of a hairstyle without the frizz. Rusk has created just such a product, named Bright Chamomile & Lavender brightening shampoo. Try it out for your smooth trip down perfect grey hairstyle lane.

Color for Your Color

Many shampoo options include a silver color toning. This not only helps with the dull look of grey hair, but also helps maintain a solid grey color without the dingy yellow look that sometimes occurs with longer locks of hair. Nexxus Simply Silver color toning shampoo is just your ticket.

Supplement with Supplements!

No matter how well you take care of those glorious bright locks of grey hair, you might still find yourself wishing for that grey hair cure. Grey hair shampoo is not the answer! GetAwayGrey has your solution, and it comes in the form of two vitamins a day. These supplements contain all the vitamins a body needs to stay healthy, and keep producing those color-producing cells. But, in addition to these, Catalase is added. Catalase is responsible for stimulating the production of the cells responsible for your hair color. With this stimulation, your cells will again start creating hair color, and literally reverse the grey! Check out how you can try GetAwayGrey risk free!

Grey Hair Dye – The Best Option?

Grey hair is a never-ending problem among men and women of increasing age, and occasionally of young people who suffer from premature graying. This problem has been explained by a myriad of issues, and despite conflicting stories, can be shown with scientific studies! Whether you believe your grey hair to be the result of a smoking habit, or a genetic fault, the problem still remains. Grey hair dye is a popular choice to cure this problem, and has its pros and cons.

The Pros –

  • Hair dye is a quick and easy way to fix the wiry strands of silver proof of our age. By coating them in chemicals that permanently change the color of hair strands, your grey disappears in 40 minutes flat!
  • Another good thing about hair dye is the cost. It ranges between $3 and $10 for the box versions, which makes this choice inexpensive. With only a few dollars in spending, this is definitely an affordable option for your grey hair cure.
  • Using hair dye to cover grey gives you the option of switching it up! Feeling like a red-head? Then box dye is your solution for grey hair coverage. With the vast array of colors available, you will never get bored.

The Cons –

  • While quick and easy, consistent hair dye can cause permanent hair damage. And, since the problem is not actually being resolved, merely covered up, consistent damage will ensue.
  • Along with the consistent damage comes consistent cost. $3 isn’t much now, but how about 100 boxes from now? This isn’t going to be a long term grey hair cure, and could result in the destruction of your strands.
  • The problem will still exist. Your issue isn’t the color of the outside strands of hair; it starts much deeper – in the hair follicle. You certainly cannot dye your hair follicle!

A Cure is Needed

You may think grey hair dye is your only option for a gray hair cure, but you’re wrong. You need an option that will not destroy your hair, but strengthen it. Vitamins and minerals are your essential source for strengthening hair, and returning its color to a natural state. Start by taking B12, C and D vitamins. Your body requires a specific balance of nutrients, and you can maintain that balance with your diet. Choose foods high in vitamins. Avoid take-out or frozen dinners and stick to the fresh foods in your grocery store.

For those who already maintain a healthy diet, and find themselves needing more nutrient intake, GetAwayGrey has the solution! Our supplements contain a myriad of essential vitamins and minerals, and include nutrients such as Catalase. This specific ingredient is responsible for stimulating production of color cells. By stimulating the growth of these cells, you can effectively reverse your grey hair forever! Take these supplements twice a day, and see the results of your natural head of hair. No more unmanageable, drab grey, just strong, healthy colorful hair.

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Dying Gray Hair: What Are the Dangers and How to Choose Natural Alternatives

Men and women have been dying gray hair since time immemorial, either as a fashion statement or to cover grey hair. It is not the safest option, dying your hair can lead to severe health problems not to forget lifeless and damaged hair, which in itself loses the purpose of hair dying. However, the trend hasn’t diminished, as vanity conquers all. Looking beautiful is every human’s right, and having voluminous and vibrant hair play a huge part in making it possible. But before anything, you have to reconsider the dangers of dying gray hair.

Gray Hair Dye

Hair dyes is surprisingly a multi billion dollar industry, and it is surprising because it is already a known fact that hair dyes are harmful. Gray hair dyes have been related to diseases like bowel cancers, asthma, skin diseases and severe allergies to just name a few.

Then why do millions of people dye their hair every month? The reason is simple- lack of available options. People turned to harmful chemicals because there weren’t any natural alternatives for gray hair or safe options available. Although a healthy diet can stop gray hair, it is a slow process and will likely only work on premature graying hair.  However, based on scientific research and natural ingredients available to us by Mother Nature, safer options are now available to not merely tint your hair but to bring their natural color back.

How to Stop Graying Hair Naturally

Hair lose their color due to the lack of melanin which is the reason behind hair pigmentation. With proper intake of catalase supplements, one can retain the level of melanin and thus the natural color of hair. Thankfully, products like Get Away Grey, which are made from all natural products help not only in retaining the natural color of hair but also in reversing the grey hair back into their natural color. Catalase supplements are the easiest, safest and the most natural solution available to keep your natural locks just the way they are, regardless of age.

These supplements are not only safer but are far more affordable than the hefty amounts of money individuals pay to hair salons endlessly month after month. To conclude, gray hair dyes were a good option to keep men and women of all ages beautiful, the pros outweighed the cons by leaps and bounds. However, in today’s time and age, when there are safer and longer lasting solutions available, the need for gray hair dyes is diminishing, and is being replaced by catalase supplements like Get Away Grey.

Are Unnatural Hair Dyes Safe to Use? Use Natural Remedies for Grey Hair

Hair coloring dates back to pre-dated civilizations by using natural remedies for grey hair like birch bark, metallic compounds, walnut leaves, saffron, turmeric, henna etc. Today hair coloring is a trillion dollar industry with more than one-third of the women around the globe using hair dyes for either beautification purposes or for getting rid of grey hair. But are hair dyes safe to use? Do they propose any potential damage to your hair or your health in general?

Hair Damaging Chemicals

There have been many controversies surrounding unnatural hair dyes as well as natural hair colorants like henna. Most experts believe that any chemical applied to hair can damage it and generally more than 5,000 different chemicals are used in commercial preparations of grey hair products. And permanent hair dyes weaken the shaft and make hair dry and brittle. And regular use of hair colors (which become essential in order to touch up the growing grey hair every few weeks) can make hair lifeless and without shine.

 Health Issues

Hair dyes also propose a number of threats to the health of the applicant, including risks of cancer, arthritis,allergic reactions and can affect the kidneys, stomach and the bladder, according to a research conducted by the European Union watchdog. Following are some of the chemicals that are generally used in hair dyes and the threats they propose to the human health:


PPD is generally found in dark hair dyes, and is easily absorbed by the scalp and skin. Research shows that individuals who dye their hair every four to six weeks using dark hair dyes are twice as likely to have bladder cancer.


Natural hair dye like henna too proposes health threats according to the European Unions scientific committee’s research on cosmetic products. Henna consists of a chemical called Lawsone which even though is in small concentrations but is toxic and can affect the blood supply and kidneys.

Other Chemicals

Hair dyes also consist of other hard chemicals which can cause irritations or skin problems. Many individuals are allergic to specific chemicals which in turn can cause reactions. These chemicals include ammoniated mercury, peroxide, ammonium tholactate, stearic acid and metallic chemicals.

It is safe to say that hair dyes are not safe, neither for your hair nor for your health. However, looking beautiful is every human’s birth right, regardless of their age. And thanks to supplements like Get Away Grey, that use all-natural products to reverse grey hair process, it is easily attainable by all and that even without any risks.

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