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3 Things That You Should Know Before Trying to Reverse Gray Hair

Mature doctor with megaphone and pillsYou’ve always loved your natural hair color. Now that you have finally noticed that you’re gradually losing it, you are desperately looking for a product that could help you reverse gray hair rapidly and safely. While dealing with this problem, there are a few things that you should consider before declaring war to premature graying and hydrogen peroxide-the element that is responsible for this intimidating process.

  1. You Can Fight Gray Hair from the Inside Out. Some people choose to rely on gray hair pills that allow them to stop gray hair and beautify their locks from the inside out. At the same time, others decide to go for local gray hair treatments based on plant extracts. What type of approach should you embrace? For excellent results, you may want to combine these two methods to reverse gray hair. You can interfere with the graying process from the inside by making sure that you are getting the ideal dosage of zinc, iron and copper on a daily basis. These minerals play an important part in hair pigmentation and also help you prevent potentially dangerous deficiencies that may affect your general state of health and wellbeing.
  2. Local Gray Hair Treatments Could Also Be Helpful. Simultaneously, you can speed up the gray hair reversal process by applying local treatments based on a series of natural ingredients, such as barley grass and wheat grass. According to com, these two ingredients are rich in catalase, the powerful enzyme that could restore your hair color by neutralizing hydrogen peroxide, the culprit for your grayish strands. Onion juice could serve the same purpose, as long as you apply it on your scalp as often as possible.
  3. The Simplest Way to Treat Gray Hair Is Based on Science. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to rub smelly onion juice into your scalp to address the graying problem naturally. If you wish to find the best solution to this issue, consider taking catalase supplements. These pills for gray hair contain a long list of active compounds (including catalase, barley grass and wheat grass), designed to bring back your natural pigment over a short period of time. Getawaygrey offers you the chance to treat gray hair by taking two pills each day. Order your first bottles here and discover the simplest, most convenient method to beautify and potentially rejuvenate your tresses from the inside out.

  3 Healthy Snacks That Can Help You Take Better Care of Your Gray Hair

iStock_000012686712_Small“You are what you eat.” You hear this annoying statement so often that you automatically ignore it and never bother to actually grasp its meaning. However, when you start to notice more than a few new wrinkles on your forehead and a plethora of new gray hairs, you can’t help but wonder: Am I doing something wrong? Are my dietary habits working against me?

If you’ve reached this stage, chances are that your daily diet is far from being one of your strongest weapons that you could use to fight premature graying and the signs of aging. Nonetheless, eating healthy and adopting a gray hair-friendly diet doesn’t actually mean that you should only drink juices and eat tasteless salads on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, some of the tastiest snacks that you could ever think of have what it takes to promote healthier, shinier gray hair growth; furthermore, a few great treats may also help you hold on to your natural color for a longer period of time. Here are three snack ideas that may just do wonders for your aging hair.

  1. Let’s be honest for a minute: who doesn’t like chocolate? This yummy treat is an excellent source of copper, a potent element that supports the production of melanin. In other words, a significant amount of copper could give you the chance to maintain your natural color for a longer while without any special efforts. You could always choose to add anywhere from ¼ to ½ bar of dark chocolate to your daily diet, but don’t overdo it; remember that an increased chocolate consumption could threaten your weight loss goals and trigger several other unpleasant consequences impacting your looks and health.
  2. Berries are rich in vitamin C and have proven antioxidant properties. These delicious fruits can help you prevent free radical damage and display a brighter complexion, while also promoting healthy hair growth.
  3. Almonds can facilitate your transition from a dark mane to a silvery white one by boosting the vigor of aging strands. According to Livestrong, almonds contain a high dosage of magnesium. Studies have shown that a magnesium deficiency can be linked to hair loss; on the other hand, magnesium is known as the essential mineral that contributes to the growth of stronger strands. Here’s the good news: ¼ cup of roasted almonds ensures 45% of the overall amount of magnesium that an adult should assimilate on a daily basis.

Catalase Supplements Could Help You Take Your Gray Hair to a New Level

The three snack ideas listed above can certainly help you improve the texture and feel of your hair. But to actually witness traceable signs of improvement, you would have to consume them regularly. You might ask: what else could I do for my gray hair, aside from adjusting my dietary habits? You could start to take Getawaygrey, a premium type of catalase supplements. Containing 5,000 iu of catalase, these pills battle the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that bleach your hair from the inside out. To discover the breakthroughs behind this new product, just go to www.getawaygrey and find out how this gray hair solution could help you treat your gray hairs.

Gray Hair 101: How Does Science Explain the Appearance of Isolated White Streaks?

Gorgeous woman playing with hairWhat is the secret weapon of seduction owned and used by iconic figures, including Rogue, the well-known fictional character, Johnny Depp and the infamous Cruella de Vil? Their white streaks contrast with their incredibly dark mane, highlighting their best features and enabling them to create and flaunt a signature style. But how does science actually explain the appearance of those isolated white streaks?

Explaining the Presence of Singular White Streaks

The condition responsible for the presence of individual colorless strands is called poliosis. This abnormality involves the appearance of one tuft of discolored hair that can be spotted on one’s scalp or body. Eyelashes, body and eyebrow hair can lose their pigment independently; in this particular situation, melanocytes, the structures whose purpose is to produce pigment (melanin) and ensure the color of your hair, simply shut down. In this situation, hair basically grows without any pigment and becomes snowy white. So what kind of factors should one blame for this sudden transformation? According to IO9, malignant or benign tumors and also topical medication may trigger a case of poliosis by making one’s melanocytes terminate their activity. Moreover, genetic conditions such as piebaldism can also be linked to poliosis. In most cases, the lack of hair pigment is correlated with colorless skin patches. In other words, the area surrounding the white streak is also colorless. Hair dyes can help people mask their white patches; although most men and women who are dealing with this particular condition perceive their depigmented hair strands as an iconic accessory contributing to their unique appearance.

What Is You Have More Than a Few White Strands?

More than a few grays could indicate that you have already been impacted by premature graying. Grays are not an indicator of your age and state of health. According to scientists, you can start to go gray even while you’re still in your 20s. The culprit for this change is the excessive amount of hydrogen peroxide that can no longer be neutralized by the reduced amount of catalase present in your body. To restore the balance you would just have to take the right kind of catalase supplements. Comprising catalase and a generous selection of plant extracts and hair-friendly vitamins, Getawaygrey is a promising gray hair solution that  can help you recover your pigment. In case you need more info on how this promising product actually works, check out its official website and find out how you could get your hands on color-saving pills for gray hair.

Best Essential Oils for Stronger, Healthier, More Beautiful Gray Hair

natural hairFor many years in a row, you have felt compelled to dye your aging locks. But at this point, you are tired of coloring processes that cost you a lot of money and require a strict maintenance routine. Does this mean that you should give up on your dream of having superb gray hair? Fortunately, this is not the case. If you are determined to love your locks as they are, you should know that Mother Nature lends you a helping hand, by giving you access to natural plant extracts that could do wonders even for the frizziest, most untamable grays. Some of the best natural aids that you could ever count on to upgrade your hair care regimen come in the form of essential oils. This category of safe, eco-friendly gray hair products is also inexpensive and highly effective, as long as you choose to use it on a regular basis. But what kind of formulas should you buy and apply on your tresses? It all depends on your specific beautification goals.

#1 Goal: Fighting the Dull, Fading Color

Essential oils can contribute to a much more youthful appearance, by accentuating the natural color of your tresses. According to Livestrong, a mix of castor oil, jojoba oil and mustard seed oil could help you reverse gray hair safely and absolutely naturally. You would just have to apply the mix at the roots of your grays and let it rest for a few hours. Unused portions can be kept in a dry, cool place for up to one month without losing their properties. To support this important goal, you may also want to rely on a natural herbal rinse based on parsley, black tea, catnip, sage and rosemary (for dark hair) and rosehips, turmeric, yellow broom, privet and red hibiscus (for lighter hair).

#2 Goal: Keeping Your Grays Healthy

Scalp massages allow you to speed up the nutrient transportation. This means that gentle massaging techniques may lead to healthier, much more vigorous strands. To maximize the effect of this pampering treatment, consider adding a few drops of apricot kernel, sweet almond and olive oil. These base oils are great for your hair. Five to six drops of each will condition and fortify your tresses, generating visible signs of improvement after your first applications.

Don’t have much faith in the power of plants? In this case, note that you can achieve both of your beautification goals by taking the right vitamins for gray hair. Pills based on catalase let you restore your color gradually by interfering with the oxidation process. On top of that, they also keep your strands healthy and shiny.

5 Declared Enemies of Healthy Gray Hair and Best Ways to Address Them

long blond human hair close-upSometimes, we take the natural beauty of your tresses for granted, thinking that we deserve it just because we eat well, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Is this how it works? According to Examiner, human hair is incredibly strong and fairly resilient, meaning that it is capable of preserving its strength on its own. Even so, there are at least 5 gray hair enemies that could threaten the silky texture and unique glow of your aging locks.

  1. Heat. Heat makes hair become prone to breakage. This is precisely why you should hide your grays under a hat or an umbrella at the beach and use heat-based styling appliances less often. Heat makes cuticle scales open up, causing an endless list of problems, including split ends and frizziness.
  2. Physical Damage. Are you harming your own grays? To find out, just pay more attention to your everyday styling routine. Do you love tight ponytails and buns? Do you like to comb your hair as soon as you get out of the shower? These apparently harmless habits can damage your strands. Wet hair is up to 30% more vulnerable than dry hair, so try to style your graying hair only when it is 100% dry.
  3. Harsh Shampoos/an Incorrect Washing Routine. According to Women Fitness, harsh shampoos can and will irritate your scalp and force your grays to cope with an excessive dryness. On the other hand, shampoos and conditioners especially designed for aging hair condition and protect your strands and also fight the unpleasant yellow tint that often affects the look of silvery manes.
  4. Poor Nutrition and Lack of Exercise. A well-balanced diet based mostly on proteins will ensure a prominent source of minerals and vitamins that your body requires to keep your aging hair in excellent condition. You may be wondering: what does physical activity have to do with all this? Well, exercising will improve your metabolism and increase your blood flow. A normal blood circulation will influence your hair’s condition in a positive manner.
  5. Chemical Damage. All manmade changes in terms of color and texture cause minor damage. Therefore, you may want to think twice before straightening, perming or coloring your graying hair. Chemical processes break down the protein bonds in your hair, and then they alter and re-harden them. Sounds quite scary, doesn’t it? To avoid this gray hair enemy, just learn to love your locks in their natural form.

If you think that your grays deserve a little bit of TLC, start taking scientifically proven vitamins for hair based on catalase, to achieve a more intense color and a healthier aspect.

Interesting Myths, Stereotypes and Scientific Facts about Hair Color

long blond human hair close-upIs your mirror one of your best friends? According to a study cited by Daily Mail, women spend on average 3 hours and 19 minutes in front of the mirror on a weekly basis. They take the time to apply cosmetic products, brush their teeth and style their hair. Most of them do not actually pay too much attention to their hair color until they notice the first gray hairs.

This is the painful moment of revelation when both men and women realize that their youth is ephemeral. Unfortunately, even people under 30 can be impacted by premature graying, a process that is usually genetically determined, but also influenced by a wide range of factors, including tobacco use, elevated stress levels, a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet lacking proteins and minerals.

The good news is that there are various cures that you may want to consider, which could help you get rid of gray hair fast and go back to a wonderful color. Have you ever wondered what your hair color actually says about you? If you are curious to find out, just keep reading to discover shocking preconceived ideas and scientific facts about hair color.

How and Why Did Hair Dye Become So Insanely Popular?

Hair dye is one of the most popular products purchased by both genders online or in brick-and-mortar stores. Hair coloring products have evolved a great deal and have a long and very exciting history. In the year 3,400 BC the Egyptians relied on henna to mask their grays. In the year 100 A.D. a Roman scientist came up with the first complete recipe for black hair dye. In 2006, when researchers decided to recreate the formula, they had the opportunity to prove its effectiveness.

Starting 1860, women discovered the fact that hydrogen peroxide can bleach their hair and started using it to obtain beautiful blonde locks. In 1931, Jean Harlow, the Old Hollywood muse, turned platinum blonde into the most sought-after hair color. 1968 was the last year in which American citizens were obliged to list their natural hair color on their passports (since most men and women used to dye their hair very often, this information had very little value). At this point, hair dyes attract more and more customers who seem eager to stop gray hair from lowering their self-esteem. According to the Wall Street Journal, hair coloring product sales could reach a new record in 2016, when they are expected to hit $2.2 billion.

Which are the Most Desirable Hair Colors?

Any hair color is beautiful, as long as it is properly maintained and it complements the wearer’s complexion and facial features. In the early 30’s, women were crazy about very light tones, as platinum blonde was a massive hit. Obviously, rare colors that are difficult to obtain are very much appreciated. Only 9% of the U.S.-based female population has natural fair hair. At the same time, according to Regis Salons, blonde is currently the best-selling hair color. On a global scale, black is by far the most common hair color. Reddish tones are the rarest. Only 1% of the overall global population has red tresses. An infographic introduced by Daily Infographic clearly indicates that Scotland has the biggest number of redheads in the whole wide world (up to 13% of the entire Scottish population has reddish hair).

Does Hair Color actually Say Something about Someone’s Intellectual Capabilities?

There are numerous stereotypes related to hair color. A Clairol survey indicates that most people catalogue blondes as fun and flirty, brunettes as intelligent and redheads as powerful. Unfortunately, sometimes your hair color can stop you from getting or keeping the job of your dreams or a well-deserved promotion. According to an article published by allure magazine, 76% of the U.S.-based women think that America’s first female president will have dark hair.

Depigmented hair is another issue that should be taken into consideration by men and women. While in some fields of activity where old age and experience are considered a major advantage (accounting, consulting and so on) grays can be a powerful ally, in other sectors where looks are everything your silvery strands can disqualify you and make your boss think about hiring a younger substitute who is not affected by premature graying.

This may seem like a major injustice, but is actually a part of the reality that we live in. While some individuals choose to reverse gray hair to look younger and more attractive, others go down this road because they are worried that silvery locks could compromise their carriers.

How Does Hair Lose Its Natural Color?

Premature graying may be waiting for you just around the corner, even if you are still in your late 20s. Basically, it all depends on your body’s ability to delay the hair oxidation process. Catalase is the enzyme that manages to put hair graying on hold, by decomposing the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide. As we get older, our bodies produce less catalase. In this situation, hydrogen peroxide accumulations bleach our hairs from the inside out and force us to cope with grays sooner than expected.

What Options Do You Actually Have When Your Hair Starts Losing Its Natural Pigment?

Hair color is very important for so many reasons. First of all, hair with a beautiful hue is the best accessory that you could ever decide to wear. It enables you to create a tidy image and impress your friends, family members and coworkers with its healthy aspect and its brilliance. Secondly, a great hair color will make you feel good about yourself and boost your levels of self-esteem.

So what are the best options at hand, when it comes to banishing grays? If you would be willing to settle for temporary remedies, you could opt for hair dyes or homemade potions based on henna, amla powder, black tea or sage leaves. On the other hand, if you don’t want to dye your hair regularly and refuse to invest a fortune in salon treatments, you could test the effectiveness of catalase supplements.

According to USA Today, there are several companies that have been working on their unique gray hair cure formulas for many years and are currently behind last-generation catalase supplements that could help us win the fight with premature graying. Grey Defence, Go Away Grey and Get Away Grey are only a few of the most popular alternatives at hand. Catalase supplements promote the development of fully pigmented hair by stimulating the users’ bodies to dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations.

Get Away Grey is a revolutionary gray hair cure comprising an optimal dosage of catalase (5,000 iu). It contains only 100% safe, highly beneficial ingredients and does not pose any safety risks. It represents the fastest, most convenient method to turn gray away and recover your natural pigment the easy way. If you love your hair color and can’t stand those awful white strands, consider testing this awesome gray defense today. Order it today and turn the effects of premature graying into a distant memory.

Interesting Facts about Human Hair and Premature Graying

640_Woman_in_mirrorHave you ever wondered what makes our hair silky and vigorous? Or why some people go gray earlier than expected, while they are still in their late 20s or early 30? Curious to find out how fast does hair really grow and which are the factor that could compromise its normal structure and its attractiveness?

One thing’s certain: long or short, gray, dyed or naturally pigmented, your hair is an extension of your beautiful personality. It reflects who you are and most importantly, who you want to become. It emphasizes your style, your taste and your personal preferences and it also reveals the impact of your most important lifestyle choices on your appearance. Healthy, luscious hairs can become your favorite statement accessory, enabling you to impress with a great cut and a fabulous color. To apply the best hair management tips, you have to be able to anticipate and address the unique needs of your locks.

In order to get the most accurate answers to all your questions and understand more about your very own tresses, just take a closer look at the interesting facts about hair and premature graying listed below.

First Fact: There’s Real Gold in Your Locks

Even though you may not have the musical talent of Sarah Louise Akwisombe (best known as GoldieLocks), the UK-based female rapper, her nickname suits you more than you could ever imagine, because you have real gold in your hair. We all do. According to an infographic introduced by Daily Infographic, every single human hair strand comprises no less than 14 elements, including small traces of gold.

Second Fact: We Lose Up to 150 Hairs per Day

Worried that you may lose too much hair on a daily basis? According to most researchers, it is perfectly normal for adult men and women to shed between 40 and 150 hairs every single day. Generally speaking, while old hairs are abandoning the scalp, perfectly healthy ones are getting ready to replace them, so normally you would have nothing to worry about. Obviously, there are more than a few factors that trigger excessive hair loss (also known as alopecia), including elevated stress levels, chemotherapy and countless other medical treatments and scalp infections. On average, every individual has approximately 100,000 hairs on his head. Another fun fact is that human hair follicles are formed when the fetus is only 5 months old.

Hair has its unique development cycle comprising 3 different phases: Anagen (active growth phase), Catagen (the transitional phase) and Telogen (the last phase in which hair growth is stopped and the fibers simply fall out). Up to 15% of your hair is going throw this phase at any given point in time. But since every end is a new beginning, once the Telogen comes to an end, Anagen begins once again. This repetitive cycle will follow the same trajectory until the end of our lives.

Third Fact: The Perception of Women Is Influenced by Their Hair Color

Most readers may be inclined to think that hair color has very little to do with one’s personality and that only superficial people judge a book by its cover. Even so, it seems that people’s perception of women is very much influenced by their hair color. A survey conducted by Clairol supports this hypothesis. The results of the Clairol surveyindicate that blondes are flirty and fun, brunettes are serious and smart while redheads are strong. Even if you think that these stereotypes are worthless, note that a solid, beautiful hair color will always be associated with a tidy image. This is one of the main reasons why people impacted by premature graying should learn how to go gray in style or how to mask or reverse silvery strands to take pride in a charming, consistent look.

Fourth Fact: In the 1950s, Only 7% of the American Female Population Relied on Hair Dyes

More than 6 decades ago, hair dyes were considered a taboo in most societies. Women felt encouraged to opt for a natural look and hair coloring products had nothing to do with it. Obviously, things have changed a great deal over the last few decades. If in the early 1950s only 7% of all American women used hair dyes to obtain a remarkable color and turn gray away, at this point more than 75% of the U.S.-based female population counts on color coming from a tube to camouflage depigmented strands.

Hair dyes have a long, enchanting history that often hides gross details that you’d prefer to remain secret. For instance, did you know that Roman beauties used to rely on pigeon dung to dye their locks blonde? In Venice, during the Renaissance period, horse urine served the same purpose. Obviously, hair dye formulas have been greatly improved to address the unique needs and demands of modern women who are always on the run.

If you are not a big fan of hair dyes, you should know that there are other methods to turn back the clock and recover your youthful appearance, which do not involve the usage of potentially risky chemicals. Catalase supplements seem to be the best option at hand for men and women who wish to reverse gray hair. Catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide accumulations into oxygen and water, putting the hair oxidation process on hold. These anti premature graying solutions also include a complex of natural ingredients, designed to enhance the brilliance and the strength of the users’ hair strands from the inside out.

Fifth Fact: To Notice the Presence of the First Gray Hairs Triggered by Shock, Aging or Stress You’d Have to Wait 13 Days

We’ve all heard that a major shock could make you go gray overnight. Fortunately, this is just a scary myth. In reality, you’d have to wait at least 13 days to be able to spot the first gray hairs caused by stress, aging or shock.

These are only a few interesting fact about hair, proving that, whether you like it or not, the color and the overall aspect of your hair are very important elements that inevitably make or break your image. Nobody likes the ideas that premature graying is a common threat that may be waiting for them just around the corner. Fortunately, men and women who want to hold on to their natural pigment have the chance to buy and test revolutionary gray hair cures based on science. Get Away Grey is a magnificent option for people who feel too young to rock the silver fox look. 2 pills administered on a daily basis after a meal represent the key to flawless, shiny, fully pigmented locks.

Get Away Grey contains an ideal concentration of catalase (5,000iu)and various natural herbal and mineral components supporting the development of gorgeous, stronger, brighter hair. All in all, this revolutionary product is your best chance to prevent, stop and reverse the unwanted effects of premature graying for a longer period of time. To profit from all these benefits, just put this exceptional gray defense to the test and order your first bottles right away.

Why Do Silvery Heads Require Special Care to Look Their Best?

hairAge is just a number and sometimes it has very little to do with the appearance of the first gray hairs. According to a study introduced by Nature magazine, Caucasian men and women are forced to deal with depigmented hairs around the age of 34, while people with an African descent spot the first grayish strands at 43. Genetic factors, smoking, elevated stress levels, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are elements that can speed up the hair oxidation process, forcing us to handle the effects of premature graying sooner than expected.

This doesn’t mean that gray hair is a curse or a major impediment that could stop you from attaining your most ambitious goals in your personal and professional life. On the contrary, a silvery head can make you seem more experienced, mysterious and alluring. If you find it hard to believe that white hair can actually be considered attractive, just take a closer look at all those A-list celebrities who have demonstrated over and over again that the silvery fox or the salt and pepper look can be excellent choices.

Meryl Streep impressed a large audience with her outstanding performance in the movie entitled The Devil Wears Prada. She gave life to a fabulous character- Miranda Priestly, the influential editor of a fashion magazine. She was fierce, extremely confident in her own strength and very stylish. Most importantly, she rocked absolutely flawless all-white hair. Going gray can be an excellent option at hand, as long as you develop and implement a silvery hair management plan, tailored to your unique needs, possibilities, lifestyle choices and expectations.

Why Does Gray Hair Require Special Shampoos and Conditioners?

One thing’s certain: silvery heads demand special care to look amazing for a number of reasons, including the following:

1)      Gray hair is significantly drier than fully pigmented hairs because it gradually losses all its natural oils

2)      A beautiful all-white color is very difficult to maintain; depigmented hairs have the tendency to assimilate pigment from the environment. This is the reason why silvery locks end up displaying extremely unappealing yellowish strains

3)      Gray hair can and will make you look old if you don’t rely on the best styling products and a trendy cut to give it a new meaning

These are 3 of the most common gray hair problems that you should be able to prevent and manage. To minimize these inconveniences, you should start by discussing your options with your stylist. He will most likely advise you to use gentle shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hairs. These hair care products serve different purposes:

a)      They protect grays against UVA and UVB

b)      Keeps hairs moisturized and prevent excessive frizziness

c)      They help users avoid or eliminate that awful yellow or green cast acquired by silvery hairs exposed to colored hair care products and/or certain chemicals

Finding the Right Shampoos and Conditioners for Gray Hair

The good news is that most of your favorite brands have decided to address the specific needs or men and women with gray hair by launching a special line of shampoos and conditioners especially designed to help users cope with the impact of premature graying. Redken, Garnier, Pantene, Clairol and Matrix offer you amazing, cost-effective alternatives allowing you to go gray in style.

Since the shampoos and conditioners launched by all these brands are widely available and very affordable you can test most of them at home to see which ones work best for you. Gray hair has a different texture and is prone to staining; these are the 2 main reasons why your old hair cleaning and hair styling products that you used to count on before spotting your first grays may no longer be a good option.

Cheri McMaster, a Procter & Gamble senior scientist reveals that a gentle conditioning shampoo could be the best solution for men and women who don’t want to dye their depigmented tresses. This kind of product is the best ally of dry, deteriorated hair, because it deposits essential ingredients on each and every strand to repair them. Locks are flattened out and their natural brilliance is enhanced after every single washing cycle. Deep-conditioning hair treatments should be used on a regular basis to provide the desirable results. Leave-in or rinse-out conditioners should be applied religiously every time you wash your hair.

Moreover, clarifying shampoos could be the key to a healthy scalp and stronger, luscious hairs. Most formulas based on highly beneficial ingredients, like fenugreek, sage extract or zinc breakdown oils and leave the hair smooth, radiant and clean. On top of that, clarifying shampoos also protect the scalp tissue.  They should be used on a weekly basis, or every 2 or 3 days, depending on how often you usually wash your hair.

Worried that even the most delicate commercially available products could affect the structure of your rebellious grays? In this case, you could choose to replace those chemical-rich shampoos and conditioners with 100% safe homemade substitutes, which are easier to prepare and apply than you may be inclined to think. Here’s a simple, convenient DIY shampoo recipe: mix coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil with Neem oil (extracted from Neem- a plant that grows in India). Apply the mix on your scalp and massage with your fingertips. Rinse with a mix of water and apple cider vinegar and let the hair dry naturally. Bi-weekly applications will lead to a healthier scalp and smoother, cleaner hair. Moreover, this amazing DIY shampoo recipe will enable you to profit from a tested, incredibly effective hair restoration tip and avoid potentially dangerous petrochemicals and abrasive cleaning agents typically found in shampoos.

What Other Elements Can Boost the Attractiveness of Your Graying Hair?

Apart from shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair, your silvery head could also use a new trendy layered cut and a less aggressive styling regimen. This means that you should learn to style your hair without relying on your blow drier and/or flat iron. When it comes to spending a lot of time in outdoor areas, make sure you wear a hat or use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to benefit from a superior protection against UVA and UVB that could affect your depigmented locks.

Moreover, if you are tired of trying to find the best way to camouflage silvery strands, note that there is a simple, effective, risk-free gray hair reversal method that you should try as soon as possible. Get Away Grey is a natural gray hair cure based on catalase. This revolutionary catalase supplement enables users to prevent, stop and reverse grays in only a few weeks. To get your natural pigment back, all you have to do is take 2 pills on a daily basis after a meal. It’s as easy as it gets. Since it is made from 100% natural ingredients, Get Away Grey does not pose any dangerous side-effects. Buy the first bottles right now with a few clicks and use this last-generation grey defense to go back to your natural color in record time, without relying on dyes and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Can a Source of Vitamin B-12 Help You Stop Gray Hair?

vitamin-hair1Most people who are in their 30s finally understand that gray hairs are not necessarily a sign that they’re getting old. In this case, grays can be the indicator of an undesirable genetic heritage or of a less healthy lifestyle. Smoking, elevated stress levels, a poor diet and lack of exercise can speed up the hair oxidation process and make even the youngest men resemble Santa in record time. At the same time, a vitamin B-12 deficiency can also be the considered the worst enemy of both men and women who struggle to reverse gray hair.

How Can Vitamin B-12 Help You Stop Gray Hairs?

According to Dr. Alan Green, a reputable professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, a nutritional B-12 deficiency can be the main cause of premature graying, a common problem that can also affect children. To prevent this issue from lowering your self-esteem and impacting your looks, you can include vitamin B12-rich foods in your daily diet and you could also rely on fantastic supplements. This would be the best method to stop gray hair in a risk-free manner.

The ideal dosage of vitamin B-12 that should be administered on a daily basis is 2.4 mg, according to The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI). This amount is recommended for males and females over 14. You should also know that beef liver, cooked clams, crustaceans, fortified soy products, low fat dairy products, red meat and eggs are excellent sources of vitamin B12, which are extremely accessible and absolutely delicious.

Yes, a well-balanced diet based on all these fabulous ingredients can help you attain your anti-aging goals. Nonetheless, in some cases you may need more than a few dietary changes to get rid of gray hair naturally. In this situation, vitamin B-12 supplements come in handy.

Get Rid of Gray Hair with a Revolutionary Vitamin Complex

Don’t settle for the first vitamin B-12 complex that you find on the shelf. Opt for a complex product that offers you more than a few benefits and guides you towards fully pigmented hairs that look and feel wonderful.  Get Away Grey is a remarkable grey defense based on catalase, a powerful enzyme that delays the premature graying process.

People who already use this revolutionary gray hair cure have all the reasons in the world to be completely satisfied with their choice: they are now able to contemplate their natural hair color and are no longer constrained to use dyes and homemade elixirs to mask their unappealing white roots.

Get Away Grey is a remarkable source of vitamin B-12 and it also contains various herbal and mineral additives designed to ensure a smooth transition from the salt and pepper look to a youthful appearance ensured by a rich, beautiful hair color. Just buy Get Away Grey, put it to the test and learn how to stop gray hair with a pill.

Find a Solution for Gray Hair: Are Physical Exercises and Superfoods the Best Treatments?

857969393_1373891429These days, most people want to discover all-natural, accessible, entirely safe white hair treatments. They are tired of testing tons of unreliable cosmetic products that offer short-term benefits and cost a fortune.

Men and women who are currently looking for the best solution for gray hair wish to delay the aging process without exposing themselves to unwanted side effects. So the question is this: could a healthier lifestyle, based on a well-balanced diet and on regular workouts enable individuals to finally kick the silvery hair to the curb?

Delaying the First Signs of Premature Graying

If you want to witness radical improvements, you have to start implementing radical changes. In other words, if you want to get rid of grey hair naturally, you have to forget all about those guilty pleasures that make your hair and your skin look so much older. Quit smoking, stop eating junk food and stop drinking alcohol. These bad habits add many years to your face.

Eat Clean and Exercise on a Regular Basis

Instead, opt for fresh foods that are great sources of vitamin E and B (bananas, cereals, eggs, green veggies and meat).

Drink plenty of water. This will help you reduce wrinkles and delay premature graying. Why? The answer is simple: By ensuring an ideal hydration, you will also enable important nutrients to get to your hair follicles. Hair that doesn’t receive the right nutrients is prone to premature graying, so remember: an extra glass of water a day keeps that awful gray hair away.

Want to do everything in your power to find and implement a reliable long-term gray defense? If so, note that physical exercises play an important part in this equation: they improve your blood circulation and allow nutrients to reach your hair follicles. So spend a few more hours at the gym. Your hair will appreciate the effort! Also, if you want to enhance blood flow in the region of the scalp, gently massage your skin with the tips of your fingers.

Opt for a Reliable Gray Hair Cure

Undoubtedly, a well-balanced diet based on fresh, vitamin-rich ingredients, correlated with a workout routine, will help you delay premature graying. But you may need more than that to preserve your youth. In this case, count on the very best gray defense invented so far. Forget about white hair treatments that only provide satisfactory results for a limited period of time.

Get Away Grey is a powerful vitamin complex that will reverse gray hair and show you that it is actually possibly to turn back the clock and wipe years off your precious hair. Order Get Away Grey today and experience its spectacular results!