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5 Warning Signs that Your Hair is Getting Older

man gray hairYou know how old you are, you embrace your age and you feel fabulous in your own skin.  But do you know how old your hair actually looks? Most people tend to neglect their tresses and focus mostly on their skin. They try to correct skin problems that may add years to their face by drinking plenty of water, performing facial massages and investing lots of money in creams and special beautification rituals designed to reduce or prevent winkles. Millions of men and women pay attention to the real needs and issues of their locks only when they become noticeable and can no longer be ignored.

Graying hair, balding spots and excessively dry, frizzy hair represent the main aesthetic problems that force them to take action sooner or later. Why wait when you can address these major inconveniences in a timely fashion? The key to beautiful, younger-looking hair is in your hands. If you want to be able to spot the first hair-related problems that may give you a hard time in the future, keep reading to discover the main signs that your hair is getting older at a fast pace.

1)      Extremely Dry Hair

At some point, you may notice that your hair has lost its gorgeous brilliance and has become virtually impossible to tame. Excessive dryness can develop into a very upsetting problem, especially if you can’t afford to go to the salon every couple of days. You may blame it on your conditioner or on the chlorine-rich water from the pool, but dryness could actually be the main indicator of the fact that your hair in aging. As we grow older, the scalp produces less natural oils that normally keep the hairs properly moisturized, softer, obedient and easier to comb.

Excessive breakage and frizziness are 2 other aspects that you should factor in. Let’s face it: in order to control dry hair that can really play with your nerves, you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience and tons of styling products, including delicate conditioners and natural masks ensuring a long-lasting anti-frizziness effect. Some women think that the flat iron is their best friend in this particular situation. It’s not. An intensive exposure to extreme heat would only amplify your problem, leading to split ends and an altered hair texture in the long run. So instead of relying on your heat appliances to style your mane, you may want to use an all-natural solution that feeds and moisturized your hair from the inside out to battle the impact of excessive dryness in a successful manner.

2)      A Dull Shade

According to Huffington Post, a tern hair color is another important warning sign that you should not ignore. Shrinking strands that produce a reduced amount of pigment are a real problem. No, your eyes are not playing a trick on you: if you are a young adult whose hair color has gone from fabulous to unremarkable, chances are that you will become the next victim of premature graying sooner than expected. Don’t try to camouflage this drawback by investing in more or less reliable coloring options.

Magic wands, semi-permanent, demi-permanent or permanent hair coloring products are clearly not the best alternative at hand. They might have been a few decades ago, but now people who are losing their natural hair pigment can count on an innovative solution to prevent premature graying. Catalase supplements represent a major breakthrough and the most reliable gray hair remedy based on real science discovered so far. Instead of masking the problem and sweeping the evil under the rug, vitamins for hair based on catalase eliminate the root of the problem and are considered one of the best methods to bring dull, older-looking hair back to life.

3)      Hair Thinning

Hair thinning can become your worst nightmare. One day, you will pull your hair back in a sleek, simple ponytail and ask yourself the following question: “Where did most of my hair go?” This is not a scene from a horror movie; it is actually a very plausible worst-case scenario that could become part of your reality when you least expect it. According to Natural News, hair thinning is a relatively common problem that may be caused or amplified by different factors, including hormonal imbalances, a poor nutrition, elevated stress levels and vitamin deficiencies. A well-balanced diet based on fresh healthy foods rich in zinc, copper and B-12 vitamin can help you prevent or minimize this unpleasant effect.

4)      Balding Spots

Believe it or not, hair thinning is not the most terrible thing that can happen to you. After a certain age, your scalp could become your worst enemy. Alopecia areata, also known as balding spots, represents a very unpleasant autoimmune condition that instantly lowers people’s self-esteem levels and makes them look for a rapid, effective solution to their problem. Basically, this condition makes the immune system attack hair follicles. As a result, hair starts to fall out, sometimes even in big clumps over a short period of time. This is how balding spots appear. The good news is that this condition is not dangerous and can actually be controlled by following a strict treatment plan.

The bad news is that not all individuals respond to this treatment. All in all, the fact that you are losing more hair than usual is not always a bad sign. Researchers have reached the conclusion that on average, we shed around 100 hairs on a daily basis. According to the team of experts from the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, increased hair loss, known as Telogen effluvium, can be caused by prolonged exposure to elevated stress levels. People who are dealing with this problem can shed up to 70% of their hairs in less than 2 weeks. Sky-high stress levels can easily push hairs into their resting phase sooner than expected. All in all, excessive hair loss can be liked to a stressful lifestyle, but also to powerful treatments (chemotherapy), imbalanced diets, vitamin deficiencies, childbirth and extreme shocks.

5)      Gray Hair

As we grow older, our hair gradually loses its natural pigment. Pigment-producing cells stop their activity and force us to cope with the first silvery strands. This is one of the most alarming signs that your hair is getting older. However, this doesn’t mean that only older people are dealing with this issue. Several factors, including genetic heritage, smoking and a poor diet are responsible for gray hair in men and women who are in their 20s or 30s. Fortunately, there is an anti-gray hair solution to this problem.

Catalase supplements prevent, stop and reverse gray hair in just a few weeks. We go gray because our bodies produce less catalase. This is the enzyme that fights hydrogen peroxide, the culprit for graying locks.2 pills taken on a daily basis can restore your color and keep new grays at a distance. Get Away Grey is a marvelous gray hair remedy based on catalase, introduced and tested by a world class team of scientists. Get your first bottles today, try this exceptional grey defense and tell the whole world that Get Away Grey is the secret behind your beautiful, fully pigmented, younger-looking tresses.

Does Stress Make Your Hair Go Gray?

Stressed Man Working On LaptopThe appearance of the first gray hairs is usually associated with genetic factors. If your parents or your grandparents discovered their first bleached hairs in their early 20s or 30s, you will most likely be forced to deal with the same problem at a similar age.

Nonetheless, respectable researchers have reached the conclusion that certain important elements, like lifestyle choices or stress can speed up the graying process. Can stress really be considered one of the main causes of premature graying? Should overly stressed people count on scientifically proven supplements to prevent, stop or restore grays? Let’s find out.

How Does Natural Pigment Land on Your Hairs?

The controversial story of premature gray hair starts in the scalp cavities called follicles. Every single follicle has its own small factory where hairs are grown. Epidermal cells, called keratinocytes “build” our hairs, while their neighbors, the melanocytes, produce the melanin, an essential pigment ensuring the natural color of our hairs. Melanin is delivered to the epidermal cells, in the form of melanosomes, which are basically small-scale structures looking like tiny packages.

Does Stress Accelerate the Hair Oxidation Process?

Hair with reduced amounts of melanin is gray and hair without pigment is completely white. Keratinocytes live longer than melanocytes. As a matter of fact, the depletion of melanocytes is the reason why millions of people are forced to live with gray hair. So the question is this: could stress actually affect the melanocytes population to some extent?

David Fisher, a respectable professor from the Harvard Medical School indicates that although scientists are yet to find a clear connection between premature graying and elevated stress levels, stress may have a considerable impact on the activity and the survival rate of melanocytes.

Numerous patients who are exposed to sky-high stress levels for 2 or 3 years in a row report an accelerated hair whitening process. This statement is backed by Tyler Cymet, the head of family medicine from the Baltimore-based Sinai Hospital. Cymet sheds some light on this matter, revealing that even if grays are genetically outlined, lifestyle choices and stress exposure can lead to notable variations ranging from 5 to 10 years.

Based on this affirmation, people who learn how to keep stress levels under control, while exercising regularly and eating clean have a better chance of preserving their natural pigment for a longer period of time. While stress is not the main cause of gray hair, it can definitely be considered a real threat by men and women who want to put their hair oxidation process on hold.

Recover Your Pigment with the Very Best Catalase Supplements

Worried that stress could make you go gray sooner than expected? If so, eliminate all your fears and concerns by relying on a remarkable gray hair cure based on science. Get Away Grey is a revolutionary catalase supplement, designed to stop the bleaching process and reverse gray hair in a timely fashion. Its natural ingredients also enhance the strength and the glow of your hairs, making them look healthier and younger from the inside out. Order this last-generation gray hair remedy today and restore your beautiful, pigmented locks in record time.

Does Coffee Jeopardize or Reward Your Efforts to Reverse Gray Hair?

photo-seniorcare2It’s no secret that our dietary preferences impact our looks, our productivity levels and even our mood. Some foods and drinks give us all the energy that we need to complete daily tasks, while others make us feel tired, sleepy and bloated. Moreover, foods with real antioxidant properties are our secret fountain of youth, while junk food adds years on our face and more than a few unwanted pounds on our bodies.

Lots of people love coffee. Those who worry about going grey in the first half of their life are probably trying to discover and understand the link between coffee and premature gray hair. Is coffee a friend or a foe?

To Love or Not to Love Coffee

Actually, coffee can be considered an ambivalent element. It can be good or bad, depending on the way in which you are planning to use it. Definitely, it cannot help anyone reverse gray hair. However, it is a pretty amazing ingredient utilized in not so secret recipes for all-natural DIY hair dyes.

On the other hand, a high coffee consumption can speed up the graying process and put the natural pigment of your hair on the line. Why? The answer is simple: coffee acts like a greedy leach, absorbing some of the most important nutrients from your body. Nutrients enable you to battle the premature aging process in a highly effective manner.

To look and feel younger and much healthier on a daily basis, reduce your coffee consumption, forget about those awful cigarettes and try to live without refined sugar, junk food and white flour. These are dangerous enemies that can jeopardize your anti-aging efforts.

If you need a stimulant to get out of bed in the morning, try green tea. It will boost your energy levels in a natural manner and help you stay young.

Turning Coffee into a Reliable Ally

You can use coffee to prepare your own homemade hair dyes. They are easy to make, all-natural and inexpensive. Furthermore, regular coffee rinses can gradually color your hair. For longer-lasting results, you can mix one cup of espresso with your conditioner and apply the product on your hair after every single washing cycle. The problem with coffee dyes is that they provide short-term results; plus they can stain your clothes if your hair gets wet.

Discover a Flawless Natural Gray Hair Cure

Looking for a trustworthy natural gray hair cure that actually comes with a money-back guarantee? In this case, try Get Away Grey, your number one grey defense based on catalase, that powerful enzyme that protects the natural pigment of your hair.

Forget about temporary solutions to your silvery hair problem and use this amazing product to reverse gray hair the easy way!


Smoking and Gray Hair: Are They Connected?

smokerThose who are in the habit of smoking may not associate their habit with gray hair. But cigarettes do play a role, and not only in the color of the hair as we get older. Hair loss, as well as damage to the follicles, roots and scalp can also occur as the result of smoking.

The Link between Smoking and the Hair

In fact, a study was recently conducted on the effects of smoking on hair with some surprising results. Not only was it found that smoking definitely accelerates graying; it was also found that the habit is responsible for hair that is more prone to breakage and loss.

The damage to hair as reported by the study included hair loss. The results showed that the hair follicle is directly impacted by the smoke from a cigarette. Considering the fact that cigarettes contain over four thousand chemicals, this comes as little surprise.

The chemicals in cigarettes rob the body of oxygen, a substance on which many of the body’s processes, including hair growth and health, rely. When an individual smokes, less oxygen and fewer nutrients are available in the blood. And when the body doesn’t get enough, or specifically the hair, the result is hair that is dry, brittle and easily broken. And of course, the deprivation of oxygen to the hair can cause premature graying.

Other Effects Smoking Has On Your Hair

An imbalance in hair oils can be caused by smoking, as it has been found that the tar in cigarettes can build up and block the channels through which oil is secreted and distributed. Smoking has also been shown to thin the skin on the scalp, which can leave follicles and roots with even less protection.

The synthesis of collagen, necessary for healthy hair, relies on Vitamins A and C. But smoking deprives the body of these two vitamins, which can leave hair looking lank and lifeless.

Although there are many negative side effects where it comes to smoking and the hair, the good news is that any damage done can be completely reversed when an individual quits.

Another Gray Hair Reversal Solution – Get Away Grey

Many wonder if there is a natural way to stop gray hair without having to dye it or quit a habit like smoking. Of course, quitting smoking is not easy, no matter how bad of a habit society thinks it is. So if you aren’t ready to quit, but want o try getting rid of your grays, you might be pleased to know that there is a natural solution: Get Away Grey. This product contains all of the nutrients your hair and body needs to reverse grays forever. And you can get a discount on a 3-month supply, so take advantage now!

Could the Cause of Your Gray Hair Could Be In Your Bathroom?

White Teeth Gray HairYou may not think that your gray hair was caused by anything other than stress or age. But it’s been scientifically proven that gray hair’s root cause – pardon the pun – is actually due to a surplus of hydrogen peroxide in the body. When too much H202 is present, the excess usually ends up accumulating in the hair follicles.

An accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles affects the store of catalase – the enzyme responsible for coloring the hair – by depleting it. Peroxide also affects the store of other enzymes which are key to hair color maintenance including MSRA and Tyrosinase. Following the depletion of these enzyme stores, the hair follicles are left unprotected, and the peroxide is free to bleach the hair follicles.

Your Toothpaste

If you use whitening toothpaste, it may be the culprit of your graying hair. Most people don’t understand how this can be, given that most whitening toothpastes contain very little peroxide. Surely such a small amount can’t be causing their gray hair! But the truth is that it only takes 0.04 grams of hydrogen peroxide to start the enzyme destruction process. When you consider that some products contain a whopping six percent concentration of peroxide, it’s no wonder many consumers are experiencing early grays!

Whitening Your Teeth

The same is true for those systems that can be purchased for whitening teeth at home. These may be especially harmful to hair enzymes, as they usually contain a very high amount of hydrogen peroxide. Some of the products that claim to provide fast whitening often contain the highest amounts.

Stress and Peroxide – A Dangerous Combination

Stress has been identified as a definite cause of gray hair. So those who are already leading high-stress lives are already dealing with high hydrogen peroxide levels in their systems. Adding whitening toothpaste or home tooth whitening systems to their personal routines can definitely spell disaster.

Despite this fact, teeth whitening, whether with toothpaste or home whitening continues its rise in popularity. These days, there are more whitening products on the market than ever. As well, recent studies revealed that many consumers spoke of whitening as something that was essential to a better quality of life.

Get Away Grey May Help the Problem

One can certainly improve their gray hair situation by limiting the amount of peroxide that enters the body via the use of teeth whitening products. But another way to reverse gray hair is Get Away Grey, a natural and safe product. Just a few months of use could see noticeable results that last for the long term. Their web site currently has a special that offers 3 bottles, or a 3-month supply at a discounted price, costing you less than you expected to try this breakthrough product.

Your Premature Grey Hair Cure Has Arrived!

Have you looked in the mirror recently and noticed an errant gray hair or two? There are many reasons these hairs could pop up earlier than anticipated. Though it seems that this problem is a mere inevitability, there are ways to combat this problem. Take a look at the classic reasons that premature grey occurs:


Life is stressful! Just ask our Presidents. Many articles have raised the question of stress in relation to the sudden appearance of grey hair in many of our fearless leaders. Studies have both confirmed and denied the idea that stress, in and of itself, can cause grey hair to present. Either way – it’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Reducing stress is certainly a good idea for overall hair health. It can also be an effective aid in allowing your body to utilize natural resources to contribute to the proper cell-production needed to maintain colored hair. Healthy bodies are able to adequately absorb vitamins and put them to good use.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Melanin and B-12

Scientists have confirmed that elevated levels of hydrogen peroxide in the body “bleach” hair follicles, resulting in the appearance of grey hair. This buildup of hydrogen peroxide is due to the decreased production of melanin. Since melanin is responsible for hair and skin color, this means that less color is being produced.

Vitamin B-12 is responsible for diffusing the massive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that would otherwise build up. This vitamin is generally available to the body in foods like fish, liver, fortified cereals and crustaceans. If an individual has a B-12 dificiency, however, these options will not be enough to adequately supply the body. The decrease in production of color-producing cells means your hair follicles are receiving less natural coloring, and more bleach! Gray hair from a vitamin deficiency? Yes, indeed; it is possible, but definitely an issue that can be resolved.


Studies have shown that genes predisposed to cease color-producing cell manufacturing exist. This can cause premature gray hair in the affected individual, displaying those disapproving strands of silver. Despite the idea that nothing can be done to fix this, there is a solution! While genetics can predispose a person to gray hair, the root problem can be cured just as any other genetic disease.

Your Cure For Premature Grey

The frustration of premature graying is a problem no longer. GetAwayGrey has perfected their innovative formula with ingredients like folic acid, biotin and catalase. These ingredients are the keys to younger and more healthy looking hair. Don’t waste your time and money on chemical dyes or simple vitamins. Take the grey hair vitamin that really works! With testimonials from around the world, it is clear that GetAwayGrey has got it right.

Deficiencies, hydrogen peroxide and genetics are no match for the powerful formula contained in 2 gray hair vitamins a day.

Your grey hair cure awaits; act now to save $20 on your first 3 months!

What Causes Grey Hair? The Real Truth!

There are too many “experts” on the Internet and television these days. How is one supposed to know the accuracy of anything? GetAwayGrey is here to tell you the truth about grey hair. We will define what is and isn’t the cause of grey hair – and how to fix it!

It’s Not Work


Stress alone cannot be the cause of your grey hair.

What causes grey hair has nothing to do with your stress levels. While certain chemical reactions take place in your body as a result of stress, causing the occasional health issue, it cannot possibly be the lone cause of grey hair. The chemicals affected by stress are not responsible for color production. If your job is stressing you out, certainly consider another career path! But, don’t attribute it to the cause of your grey hair.

It’s Not the Air

While smog and smoke might seem a logical conclusion, there is no way that these elements can “dye” your hair grey. Why? Hair grows out from the inside, deep down in a follicle. Smoke and smog cannot reach the beginning point of hair growth. And, because grey hair is produced from the inside out, these factors are clearly not relevant. Moving away from the well-known smog of Los Angeles may be a smart move for your breathing ability, but has no bearing on the color of your hair.

It Could Be Food

Vitamin B-12

Consuming more foods rich in Vitamin B-12 can help you combat gray hair.

Because food is meant as the body’s fuel, what you put in is what you’ll get out! If the diet you choose is not high in vitamins and minerals, the body will reduce its production of necessary nutrients! One of the nutrients your body needs is melanin. Responsible for skin color, freckles, and hair color, this nutrient is produced in large amounts. However, as we age, this nutrient naturally decreases, and hair color is the victim! Choose foods that are rich in B-12 to start with. This vitamin specifically helps in the production of Melanin, and is a smart choice for overall health, not just an attempt at getting rid of grey hair.

It Could Be Your Choice

Grey hair, caused by a decrease in melanin production, is a choice that you can make. If you love your new silvery locks, then rock them! But, if you find yourself a bit wistful about your new hair care requirements, choose to reverse the grey and end the hassle. GetAwayGrey is your solution for what causes gray hair. These supplements, taken daily, will increase production of color-producing cells, transforming your hair from the inside out.

Take advantage of our gray hair solution now! Start living a healthy, all natural life!

Grey Hair Causes and Natural Solutions to Help Stop Premature Graying

With time, all of us will end up getting grey hair one day but for now, grey hair is a worry for a lot of people. What causes gray hair, you might ask? Well there are a lot of reasons. Some of the most important ones will be discussed here. Gray hair causes are mostly down to our own doing. We are very careless and do not maintain our health which tends to affect hair. Let’s shed some light on this issue.

Hair Care Products

Hair care products are advertised in a manner that they seem irresistible. A lot of youngsters are easily convinced to spend money on hair care products. They don’t consider the downside of using such products.  Hydrogen peroxide isn’t just found in teeth-whitening products but is also present in your hair care products. Bleaches, dyes, conditioners and shampoos can damage your hair and are among the primary gray hair causes.


A polluted environment is harmful to the health of plants, animals and humans. It is also what causes gray hair. Pollutants can attach to healthy cells and sap them of valuable electrons. It causes cellular damage that can affect our melanin production. This is one of the key gray hair causes.

Bad Diet

A bad diet is also what causes gray hair. These days junk food is the preferred choice of most consumers. Not only can such food be detrimental to our health, it is also among the top gray hair causes. Experts recommend eating healthy so that you avoid getting grey hair.

From One Generation to Another

Experts believe that heredity is what causes gray hair. It is among the chief reasons. If someone in your family has grey hair, then chances are that you are likely to get premature grey hair as well. This mostly occurs at a young age to teens or people in their twenties.


Some of these causes of grey hair are under our control so it is imperative that we take care and do not damage our hair by our own hand. Using a natural solution for graying hair will work. Try using get away grey. It is a scientifically proven formula. It actually changes the chemical makeup of the hair follicle so that it reverts to its natural color.

Does Stress Cause Grey Hair?

The process of graying depends on a number of reason, and varies from person to person. Just like each individual reacts to different emotions, scenarios and life on a whole differently, so do their bodies. Grey hair due to stress is as yet a debatable subject, with researchers claiming that it can play a minor factor in some cases, but cannot be taken as a generalized diagnosis in every case.

Does Stress Lead to Grey Hair?

In order to understand the effects stress has on our hair follicles or pigmentation, we first need to understand how different individuals react to stress. Not everyone reacts to stress the same way, some may start loosing weight when under a lot of stress whereas others tend to eat more in such cases. Similarly, researchers do believe that taking a lot of stress can have an affect on our hair too, where some may suffer from hair loss others might end up getting premature grey hair.

Stress and Grey Hair

Increased level of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol during stress cause unstable molecules to start attacking and damaging the body. So when and if these unstable molecules or free radicals attack melanin, the hair starts to lose its color. However unlike what some believe, hair does not lose color overnight or within a week. Continuous stress for a period of two to three years can result in premature grey hair. Stress also causes imbalances in our body, so if an individual under stress starts eating unhealthily or does not follow a proper diet, then it will invariably decrease the level of zinc, vitamin and catalase in our body, which can affect hair follicles and reduce melanin levels.

The fact that most presidents start going grey only after a year or two in office is proof enough that stress does cause grey hair. According to Michael Roizen of Cleveland Clinic, Presidents age two years for each year in the office, so keeping that in mind it can be hypothesized that although grey due to prolonged stress cannot be generalized due to stress, but it can and does play a factor in premature graying.

Can the Grey Hair Process be Reversed?

People generally opt for natural or manufactured hair dyes in order to cover grey hair, but the process can be reversed with the help of vitamin supplements like Get Away Grey. These supplements contain high levels of catalase which are instrumental in reversing the process of grey hair.

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4 Myths about Premature Grey Hairs You Should Ignore

Getting premature grey hairs is becoming quite a common phenomenon nowadays and as the number of people with premature grey hairs increases, so does the endless myths associated with their causes, effects, and remedies. Some attribute it to genetics while others hold lifestyle choices the culprit. Between all this, there are several myths about grey hairs that are not completely accurate, but are so common through the ages that they are now considered as true. Here are some of these myths which you should not pay heed to at all:

Stress and Smoking are Harmless

While many people keep emphasizing on the point that grey hairs at early age are by no means a consequence of lifestyle choices, this is not absolutely true. Smoking and stress, to some extent, do cause graying of hairs. Stress causes your body to release hydrogen peroxide in excess which grey your hairs faster. Similarly, it is found that people who smoke have four times higher chances of having grey hairs at early age than those who don’t.

Plucking One Grey Hair Will Cause Two More

This old wives’ tale is the most ludicrous yet the most widely believed one. It is your hair, not the mythological creature Hydra whose heads keep popping out. If you pluck one grey hair from your head, you will not grow two more grey hairs at its place. There might be a chance that you will notice more grey hairs because your hair graying process has progressed, but not because you plucked one and others are back to take revenge!

You Can Become Grey-Haired Overnight

While it might be true that stress and trauma occasionally fuels up the graying process of hairs, they cannot cause you to become ‘white’ overnight. Hairs that are already grown cannot change color, no matter how stressed you are. However, some conditions, such as severe trauma or stress can result in you losing your darker hairs faster, leaving behind the grey and white ones. Due to the loss of dark hairs, these light ones become more prominent making you think you are growing more grey hairs.

You Cannot Reverse Grey Hair

While not all products advertised for reversing hair graying process are genuine, there are still ways to naturally reverse your hair color back to original. Premature grey hairs are usually caused due to excess production of hydrogen peroxide, which can be prevented by Catalase, an enzyme produced by our body. In order to increases the amount of Catalase in your body, you can use Get Away Grey, which is a formula that  provides natural solutions to reverse grey hair back to original your original color. You can visit GetAwayGrey.com to get this formula with a complete money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.