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Should You Go for a Short Cut to Address the Gray Hair Problem?

b2dc9063c51c9c407aca8a861b8d52dcGoing gray is a scary process that most people just don’t know how to handle. Some of them get trapped in a vicious circle revolving around the usage of hair dyes, while others prefer to cut their hair really short to facilitate their transition from a dark and fabulous mane to a colorless and flat one. But the question is this: why do so many women over 50 choose to say goodbye to their fabulous long locks, while going in favor of a bold pixie that doesn’t always manage to accentuate their femininity? Moreover, could a pixie or a short bob be considered the best method to cope with the effects of premature graying?

Why Do Most Gray-Haired Women Actually Prefer Shorter Hairstyles?

Truth be told, there are many reasons why millions of women decide to flaunt a bold, somewhat edgy short hairstyle in their 40s, 50s and 60s. First of all, a short cut does a great job at masking the signs of the graying process. Just think about it: when you see someone with dramatically short hair, you focus on the shocking length of the gray hairs, instead of paying attention to the tone of the locks. Moreover, more than a few women choose to cut their hair to address a wider range of problems associated with aging, hormonal imbalances and several other causes. Hair thinning, brassiness and frizziness are only a few of the aesthetic issues worth mentioning here.

Is a Short Cut the Best Solution to Your Gray Hair Challenge?

Indeed, a shorter cut can help you go from dark to fifty shades of gray seamlessly. On the other hand, according to an article published by The Guardian, colored hair should be treated like the finest cashmere, and gray hair always requires special styling tricks and deep conditioning treatments to stay healthy and shiny. Therefore, even if you choose to chop off your tresses to make the signs of graying seem less apparent, you will still have to invest in a generous selection of hair care products to maintain the attractiveness of your silver strands. No matter how short they are, your grays demand a complex pampering routine to keep you pleased in the long run.

Could Catalase Supplements Help You Intensify Your Hair Color?

While a short cut may not be the most satisfying answer to your gray hair challenge, you could always test the effectiveness of new vitamin complexes to beautify your aging hair and fortify it from the inside out. The innovative line of supplements based on catalase could delay the hair oxidation process by decomposing excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the element that is responsible for your loss of hair pigment. If you’re interested in this type of vitamin complexes, find out how Getawaygrey could improve the looks and feel of your tresses. Visit www.getawaygrey.com, take a look at its premium active ingredients and discover how they could help you achieve healthier, more luscious and powerful strands in only a few weeks.

Should Gray Hair Be Interpreted as an Obstacle in Women’s Professional Lives

Happy Mature Woman With Glasses

We are often told that youth is wasted on the young.  At 40, you can truly relate to this statement.  You are educated, experienced, daring and ready to conquer the world.  But could your gray hairs constitute an obstacle standing in the way of your career goals?  There is no easy answer to this question.  According to the Denver Business Journal, many women choose to play the old-school dye game, in an attempt to preserve their youthful appearance.  Most of them complain about the fact that their attempts to go gray in style have already failed miserably for a number of reasons.  Many more have been frustrated by the lack of ways to reverse gray hair naturally.  Taking into consideration the fact that some of the boldest and most successful advocates of silver hair did not manage to terminate  their relationship  with hair coloring kits until they finally ditched their day job in favor of self-employment, should you be worried about the impact that colorless hair may have on your career?

Should You Rely on Artificial Pigments to Work on Your Appearance?

An article published by Forbes reveals the unpleasant truth: at our workplace, we are judged based on our appearance.  In a field where your image is more important than your actual competencies, you should definitely work twice as hard to maintain a pleasant, youthful appearance.  In this particular set of circumstances, you might be wondering: Are dyes the one and only solution to your gray hair problem?  Not exactly!  As a matter of fact, the best alternative to hair coloring kits was designed to tackle d  the root of your pressing aesthetic concern.

Catalase Supplements Represent the Best Alternative to Hair Dyes

Catalase supplements can actually disintegrate hydrogen peroxide buildups and interfere with the normal hair oxidation process.  By decomposing the culprit for gray hair into water and oxygen, these pills for gray hair based on the catalase enzyme can help you recover your natural hair pigment at any age.  This new generation of gray hair solutions is based on science and won’t make you wait forever for the first signs of improvement.  By taking Getawaygray on a regular basis, you could notice a subtle darkening effect  over  the course of the first 8-12 weeks.   For more information on how this revolutionary product actually works, visit GetawayGrey’s website and get ready to say go away grey and fall in love with your pigmented tresses once again.

Icons with Gray Hair Are Behind the Hottest Fashion Campaigns of 2015

rs_634x865-150108164349-634.joni-mitchell-saint-laurent-ad-010815It’s no secret that decades-old stereotypes have always influenced our perspective on beauty and style. Men with white hair are interesting and successful, while women with a discolored mane are plain ugly, boring and unattractive. Does this sound familiar to you? If this type of clichés make you raise an eyebrow, you will probably appreciate the fact that more and more first-class fashion brands have recently chosen to celebrate gray hair and a gracious, natural aging process in a completely different manner.

After stepping away from retouched photos and models who are barely in their 20s, gigantic powerhouses have realized that their success is guaranteed when they build their campaigns around a model that most consumers can actually relate to.

Discovering the Gray Shades of Ageless Beauty

According to Vogue, Joan Didion, 80, is the new inspiring face of Celine. Rocking crisp sunglasses and a cozy knit crewneck that is anything but ostentatious, Joan proves that beauty and style have very little to do with age. When styled properly, graying hair can become an iconic accessory that is just as powerful as your favorite piece of jewelry. Joni Mitchell, 71,(photo) is the icon that has inspired the new campaign introduced by Saint Laurent. Sporting a simple peasant blouse and a wide-brimmed hat, Joni manages to impress due to her striking figure and effortless elegance. Both ladies flaunt discolored locks, indicating that there’s nothing wrong with a few grays, especially when they are presented with maximum confidence.

What Happens When You Realize That Gray Hair Isn’t for You?

Men and women over 50 feel encouraged to learn to live without hair dyes. But what if you don’t want to follow this new beauty trend? What happens when you’re just not ready to say hello to your first silver hairs? In this case, you could either choose to camouflage those grays using coloring products, or you could delay the graying process using the right vitamin complex based on catalase.

Catalase: the Enzyme That Helps You Darken Your Mane without Dyeing It

Catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide, the agent that bleaches your locks, into oxygen and water. By eliminating the threat that impacts your hair color, catalase protects your natural pigment and lets you preserve your youthful appearance. As the best source of catalase, Getawaygrey allows you to say go away grey and make the most of an intense, delightful darkening effect safely and naturally, without relying on a single drop of hair dye.

3 Easy Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Appearance of the First Gray Hairs

Woman Receiving Gift From Man At HomeThose who think that gray hair is ugly and unflattering by definition are terribly wrong. On the other hand, it’s only fair to say that silvery strands require constant maintenance and a strong desire to defy beauty clichés and display a unique signature style. Let’s face it: unruly gray hair correlated with a pale complexion can make you look one or two decades older than you really are. While old age can be associated with wisdom and experience, you clearly wouldn’t want to look 60 when you’re barely in your 30s. So how could you welcome your first white hairs in style? The answer is simple: start by prepping your face for this transition. Here are some guidelines that should simplify this process.

  1. Make Your Eyes Pop Out. You should start by learning new makeup techniques. Consider the run-off-the-mill smokey eyes a thing of the past and apply linen-colored quality eyeshadow on your lids. Next, accentuate your lashline by using a premium black liner, curl your lashes and add at least two coats of mascara.
  2. Take Care of Sparse Brows. Spars brows can make you look older than you really are. Correlated with gray strands, they can become the main ingredients of an imminent disaster impacting your image after 40. Therefore, use an eyebrow pencil in a soft shade matching your complexion (tones ranging from medium to light taupe can be considered a safe choice at any age) and don’t hesitate to extend the fading tail of your brows, while creating a natural look that goes hand in hand with your haircut and makeup style. According to O Magazine, women who flaunt salt and pepper locks should highlight their brows using a gray-blue pencil that can complement the shade of their tresses without creating an unpleasant, artificial-looking contrast.
  3. Keep Your Lips Properly Lined. Here is another unpleasant fact that you will have to learn to accept: as we grow older, the natural contour of our lips will start to fade. Fortunately, you can correct this minor flaw by using a nude liner before applying your clear gloss and/or lipstick.

These three easy tips will enable you to prep your skin for the appearance of your first grays. However, if you don’t feel ready to cope with premature graying and its endless list of changes, choose to give catalase supplements a try. Based on catalase and natural hair extracts, these pills for gray hair can interfere with the oxidation process undergone by your locks.

3 Ways to Keep Your Gray Hair Bright at All Times

Happy Senior WOman Man Couple On Tropical BeachHere’s one of the most annoying paradoxes of modernity that you are most likely familiar with: we have so many cosmetic products and so little time on our hands to use them. As this wouldn’t be enough, we are constantly bombarded with countless marketing messages revealing the more or less accurate attributes of sophisticated gray hair care solutions designed to beautify and protect silvery strands, which are unruly and fragile by definition. So how could you filter all these hair care alternatives and select the items that actually lead to smoother, shinier strands? Here are three foolproof ways to keep your tresses bright at all times.

  1. Use the Right Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner. Always go for premium clarifying shampoos and conditioners with blue or violet accents, which will fight the yellowish tint that white hair tends to display. According to Senior Citizen, these complementary pigments can easily neutralize unwanted hues (brassy gray or orange and yellowish shades), turning the dullest color into magnetic snowy white.
  2. Homemade Rinses and Masks. Before and after washing your gray hair, it wouldn’t hurt to explore the effectiveness of popular homemade potions created to restore the natural glow of graying hair and prevent brassiness. Vinegar rinses and DIY hair masks based on Hollyhock and Bethany flowers serve this purpose and let you get rid of unappealing shades of yellow, as long as you use them religiously. If you don’t have time to prepare do-it-yourself remedies for fading color and yellowish tints, have faith in different commercially available coloring agents, such as Shimmer Lights by Clairol or Aveda Malva Blue Shampoo. Featuring pigments that battle and remove yellow from gray hair, these products lead to the silvery tones that you have always wanted to contemplate in the mirror.
  3. Take Catalase Supplements Each Day. If you firmly believe that real beauty starts from within, choose to follow a different gray hair approach by including catalase supplements in your daily diet. Comprising an optimal dosage of catalase, the best vitamins stimulating a proper hair growth and the most effective plant extracts, Getawaygrey could be everything your aging locks need to recover their pigment and their unique glow naturally, rapidly and absolutely risk free. For additional details on benefits, action, ingredients and ordering methods visit GetAwayGrey.com and find how you could also flaunt gorgeous, fully pigmented hairs at any age.

3 Ways to Get Seductive Transition Locks Using Accessible Gray Hair Solutions  

Portrait Of Beautiful Senior Woman SmilingGray hair is not always ugly and difficult to manage. There are dozens of gray-haired A-listers whom we all know and love; most of them succeed in turning their depigmented strands into a fashionable accessory. Do you know what their secret is? Aside from the fact that they shed thousands of dollars on salon treatments and stylists, they take pride in a uniform color. The unpleasant, odd-looking contrast between your white streaks and your raven strands is what makes your mane seem so bizarre. Fortunately, you can overcome this problem by following a few easy tips leading to sultry transition hair.

  1. Get a New Haircut Every Three Weeks. According to The Blade, in order to facilitate the transition from dull and grayish to bold, immaculate white and beautiful, you should get a new cut on a monthly basis, or every three weeks if possible. By experimenting with different styles you can find new ways to express your personality and accentuate your most flattering features. Most importantly, you would also manage to get rid of the split ends and the lower layers that still bare the traces of your old, not very inspired dye job.
  2. Try Bangs, Lowlights in the Front and Makeup Tricks. If you’d rather stick to a certain style that would definitely fit you like a glove and enhance your youthful appearance, get bangs and try a few silvery accents delivered in the form of lowlights distributed in the front. Silvery shades will help the grays blend it smoothly. Next, according to Schwarzkopf, you may also want to upgrade your makeup techniques to make them just a bit more gray hair-friendly. In this case, your goal would be to make your best features pop and counterbalance the washed out look that your grays may amplify. Perfectly defined eyebrows, red lipstick and a natural-looking cut should be a part of your arsenal.
  3. Try Catalase Supplements. If you don’t want to try any styling tricks to get flawless transition hair, start taking catalase supplements regularly, to witness a gradual darkening effect. By stopping excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide from oxidizing your strands, these pills let you say go away grey and bring back your natural pigment.

Getawaygrey is an innovative gray hair solution based on catalase and several herbal and mineral compounds that contribute to healthier, more luscious strands. For more info on how this product works, as well as its ingredients and ordering methods, just visit its official website and spread the word about its notable benefits.

What Kind of Natural TLC Does Your Gray Hair Actually Need?

portrait mature woman blonde holding her long hairYour gray hair is exposed to numerous stressors, including heat, chlorine-rich water and aggressive styling products and techniques, on a daily basis. No wonder your gray strands are coarse and very difficult to tame in the morning! Nonetheless, any reliable stylist will tell you that depigmented hairs can actually become very manageable, as long as you give them the right kind of TLC that they expect from you. To witness the best results, choose to beautify and fortify your strands from the inside out by taking catalase supplements, while also exploring a number of homemade topical treatments that could do wonders for your gray mane.

  1. Good Natural Shampoos and Conditioners. Instead of using gray hair products that come in a bottle, choose to wash and nourish your hair using natural, extremely accessible ingredients. For instance, according to eHow, you can prepare a DIY clarifying shampoo in your own kitchen by mixing a few tablespoons of baking soda, vinegar, honey and water. This paste should be applied on your scalp and left there for 5 minutes to eliminate product buildup and unpleasant yellowish tints.
  2. A Relaxing Massage. You massage your limbs when they feel numb, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your hair? By simulating your scalp with the tip of your fingers you stimulate blood circulation and keep your hair follicles active. This means that regular massage sessions can help you promote a natural hair growth.
  3. Essential Oils. Need a good mask that could coat every single strand, nourishing and protecting it for the longest period of time? Try different options that go well together, like thyme and sage oils for instance.
  4. A Better Diet. According to the Fat Free Kitchen, what you eat can also help you battle the effects of premature graying. A clean diet based mostly on iron-rich foods, vitamin B and A, and minerals may allow you to delay the appearance of other gray hairs.
  5. Catalase Supplements. Pills for hair based on catalase act on the inside, by tackling the real cause of premature graying: excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide. By neutralizing the agent that is responsible for your gray strands, these products may give you the chance to hold on to your natural pigment for a longer period of time. For more info on the action, ingredients and benefits of catalase supplements supported by real scientific breakthroughs, check out the getawaygrey website and find the details that could change your perspective on hair health and beauty once and for all.

Most Flattering Cuts for Women with Thinning Gray Hair

shortgreyhaircutsbobcurlyYou don’t have to flaunt long, voluminous tresses to get (and stay) in the center of everyone’s attention. Yes, we would all like to have Oprah’s graying hair. We can’t get enough of those glossy, healthy-looking locks with large curls, guaranteeing a polished romantic look that could never be considered outdated or inappropriate. Unfortunately, this perfect image could be blown away by your thinning hair problem. Hormonal imbalances associated with the natural aging process may result in thinner, frailer gray strands that limit your options in terms of styling. In some cases, banding spots could also be a part of your reality. In this context, how could you camouflage these drawbacks and recover your self-esteem? The answer is quite simple: update your cut and make it match the texture of your strands.

Getting the Right Cut

A recent study conducted on behalf of Viviscal indicates that approximately 76% of all UK-based women will be forced to deal with hair thinning or shedding at some point in time. Cheryl Baker is no stranger to this problem. She has been battling hair loss linked to menopause and its endless list of changes for more than one decade. Her signature hairstyle is her best ally when it comes to masking this aesthetic concern. Baker sports a swept-over updo. The fine, face-framing wisps that complete her look make the whole haircut seem fun, unpretentious and elegant at the same time. Aside from the optical illusion that she creates with her beehive-like coiffure, Baker also takes vitamins for hair ensuring the healthy growth of her locks.

Do you think that this option is a tad too dramatic for you taste? In this case, you may want to apply the styling tips provided by Sandra Bullock, a gorgeous woman with naturally fine hair. To uncover her secret you would just have to study her red carpet appearances. At a first glance, you will notice a waterfall of perfectly defined, yet incredibly natural-looking curls. Regardless of their size and level of perfection (remember that teased curls could actually look more glamorous than perfectly styles ones), curls will add volume to your gray hair and make it more seem much more appealing.

In case you’d rather stick to a less elaborated hairstyle, how about a medium-length cut? If you have fine straight hair, you can opt for a versatile half-down-half-up coiffure or a messy top knot. This is the alternative that Cameron Diaz often chooses to embrace, to recreate a classy, laid-back image in a matter of a few seconds.

Support Your Graying Hair from the Inside Out

While you’re looking for the best cuts and styling options for thinning hair, do remember that gray locks often need a little bit more attention. Make sure they are properly nourished and protected against a wide range of threats by taking catalase supplements. Catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide molecules and battles the hair oxidation process, helping you achieve an ideal shade and take pride in an impeccable image for many more years to come.

5 Gray Hair Rules That You Can Break from Now On

0809p32-gray-mRemember what you mother always tells you: always wash your hair and blow-dry it to perfection before leaving the house. But wait a minute! Should the wet look really be considered a styling error? Is it really recommended to shampoo your hair every single day? Perhaps some of the oldest hair care rules are just meant to be broken. Are you curious to find out what you may have been doing wrong for quite some time now? Here are a few examples showing you that beauty standards revolving around gray hair and its maintenance truly change periodically.

  1. Grays Need to Be Hidden. This is one of the most common stereotypes that you can safely ignore from now on. After all, if first-class celebs of all ages like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adam Lambert, Meryl Streep and George Clooney have decided to say yes to graying hair and look amazing with silvery locks, chances are that the semi-washed out image could do wonders for you too.
  2. Bangs Should Never Be Wavy. Getting wavy bags is a faux pas in 2014? We’re not so sure about that. You just have to check out Beyonce’s most recent music videos and analyze Britney’s new bob with sleek bangs to realize that this hairstyling change can contribute to an elegant and romantic look.
  3. Turning Down The Heat Is the Key to Healthier Strands. This is perhaps one of the most shocking myth busters that you would never expect to read or hear about. Well, apparently turning down the heat isn’t the best idea when it comes to utilizing a flatiron to style your graying hair. According to Instyle, people manage to weaken the exterior protective layer of their strands exactly when they choose to drag the flatiron on the same portion of hair over and over again.
  4. Wet Hair Is 100% Inappropriate. As a matter of fact, hairstylists will tell you that the versatile wet look is actually gorgeous and suitable for various occasions. Sure, you shouldn’t appear at the office leaving the impression that you’ve just got out of the shower (unless you work for a fashion magazine and your job is to be glamorous 24/7). However, wet hair looks shiny, healthy and requires minimal styling products to stay in place and attract compliments, so it may become an option worth considering under certain circumstances.
  5. Frizzy Hair Is a Horrible Nightmare! You tell everybody that you hate your grays because they’re so frizzy. But instead of struggling to eliminate this drawback, couldn’t you just try to see it from a different angle? In the 1930’s celebrities used to brush out their beautiful curls to make their locks become frizzy and fabulous. A simple wide-tooth comb can enable you to add volume and definition to your curls and recreate a wild, seductive look that will not pass unnoticed.

At the end of the day, there is one gray hair rule that will always remain valid: beautiful grays are the ones that are being fed and protected from the inside out. To improve the color, glow and texture of your hairs, just start taking catalase supplements on a daily basis.

Gray Hair Diary: Simple Ways to Avoid Weight Gain after the Age of 40

Gym & FitnessLife is very simple when you’re 20. You can wear different types of clothes without looking ridiculous, try various makeup styles without getting judged and eat all your favorite foods without gaining a lot of weight. However, middle age brings a great variety of changes that may catch you by surprise. For instance, you may notice your first wrinkles and gray hairs. On top of that, you may realize that you are constantly getting fatter and fatter, even though your dietary habits have remained the same. According to a Daily Mail article, middle aged people who eat as much as they did when they were 40 gain on average 30lb on an annual basis. This is no joke: we are talking here about almost 14 kilograms that will modify your appearance and your self-perception. So how could you stay in shape and prevent the accumulation of unnecessary pounds after 40? Here are a few pointers that you should factor in.

Make Healthier Dietary Choices. In most cases, it’s not about how much you eat. What you eat and how often you have a meal are two other elements that you should analyze. Maybe you just have a black coffee in the morning on your way to work, skip lunch and replace it with a few chocolate muffins that you gobble inside the office. By 6PM, you start to fantasize about unhealthy but oh-so-yummy fast food and since you don’t actually have time to prepare your own dinner, you agree to make a last compromise before kickstarting a new diet and decide to feast on burgers and fries. If you want to control your weight, you have to include as many fresh ingredients in your daily diet. Protein-packed meals that are easy to prepare and enjoy anytime, anywhere, are your best friend simply because they won’t threaten your waistline and will also ensure smoother, silkier graying hair and skin. If you choose to include meat in your diet, go for healthier options that are pesticide and hormone-free. Drink plenty of water, stay away from processed foods and eat only when you are really hungry.

Stay Active. Eating fresh and clean is only a first mandatory step in the right direction.  A great regimen also involves constant physical activity tailored to your age, goals and preferred activities. Fitness is an excellent option for both men and women over 40. According to WebMD, as we age, our connective tissue becomes more rigid. This is why middle aged people more exposed to joint injuries. If you used to swim, run or attend aerobics classes in your 20s or 30s, you may want to give swimming, walking or low-impact exercises a chance while you’re in your 40s. Yoga, Pilates and dance classes are only three other cool options that will keep your body slim while also revitalizing your social life.  In the end, what you need to remember is that sustained physical exercise will help your body cope with the natural aging process and allow you to take pride in more beautiful skin and gray hair.

Dietary changes and physical activity are two key components that could improve your appearance at any age. If you want to feed and protect your strands while controlling the hair oxidation process, then you may want to take scientifically proven catalase supplements, leading to more vigorous and luscious locks.