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3 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know about Gray Hair

Thinking womanMost people hate the idea of going gray while they still feel and look young. We all know that discolored strands can be quite unruly and virtually difficult to style. Moreover, gray hair requires radical changes related to your makeup style and outfit choices. At the end of the day, should discolored hair be considered a curse or a blessing? No matter how you feel about your white locks, you should manage to understand the factors that are behind the premature graying process and realize that there are ways in which you could control and simplify the transition from dark hairs to colorless ones. Here are three little-known facts about human hair that you should take into account before identifying and applying a certain gray hair solution.

All Hairs Are Initially White. Human hairs are initially white. They get their color from a pigment entitled melanin. The production of melanin starts way before your birth. Furthermore, the specific shade of your tresses depends on multiple factors, including the type, distribution and amount of melanin that is present on your cortex (the middle layer of your hair shafts). Human hair comprises two types of pigments: phaeomelanin (light) and eumelanin (dark), which are combined to generate a wide assortment of hair colors.

Hairs Go Gray at a Different Pace. People don’t just go gray overnight. The hair oxidation takes time and varies a great deal in duration from one person to another. According to the experts in cell biology from the University of Bradford, every single hair follicle comprises a “melanogenic clock” that basically controls the melanocyte activity. Hair goes gray mostly because of the natural aging process and genetics, but not all hairs change their color at the same time. The graying process takes place at a different pace in different hair follicles. This is precisely why some people go gray in a matter of a few years while others go from dark to completely white in a few months.

You Can Help Treat Gray Hair by Taking Catalase Supplements. By taking catalase supplements you can dissolve the hydrogen peroxide buildups and neutralize the agent that is responsible for your loss of pigment. Getawaygrey can help you preserve your natural hair color for a longer period of time in a completely safe and natural manner. For more info on how this natural pills for gray hair actually work visit Getawaygrey and find out how supplements based on catalase can give you the chance to keep those nasty shades of gray at a distance.


How the Aging Process Impacts You Hair

womanAre you worried that the clock is ticking and you are still very far away from discovering your very own fountain of youth? Don’t let this major concern get the best of you. We are all aging. Some of us have actually managed to embrace the first wrinkles and gray hairs and turn them into symbols of experience and wisdom.

You can also age gracefully, but in order to attain your goal, you have to know your body, understand its transformations and its ever-changing needs and address them accordingly. If you love your long, beautiful tresses, you may be wondering how the aging process could impact your locks. What kind of hair-related problems should aging men and women be prepared to handle and what are the best solutions that they should rely on, to preserve their youthful appearance for a very long period of time? Let’s find out.

Most Common Hair-Related Issues Associated with Old Age

Shifts in texture, color and thickness are the most common issues experienced by men and women over 40. If you are already impacted by premature graying, there are many things that you can do to minimize this inconvenience. You can dye your hair using permanent or semi-permanent coloring products; you can mask grays using so-called mascara-like magic wands or you can spend some time in the kitchen preparing homemade potions based on all-natural, widely available ingredients, like sage, coffee, black tea and amla powder, which are well-known for their important role played in the gray hair reversal process. Moreover, if you do not trust any kind of more or less artificial hair coloring products, you can put innovative catalase supplements to the test and try to reverse those grays in a rapid, risk-free manner.

Catalase supplements could be the very best alternative at hand, because they enable you to control the hair oxidation process. Unlike dyes that only mask the issue that you’re dealing with, catalase-based hair vitamins tackle the real root of the problem, by dissolving hydrogen peroxide buildups that are responsible for your silvery strands.

Unfortunately, gray hair is not the one and only problem associated with old age. Hair aging is a very complex process that is influenced by a wide range of interior and exterior factors, including hormonal or biochemical changes or environmental elements that affect the structure of your hairs.

1)      Texture and Thickness Modifications

Changes in texture and thickness are very common. Here’s what you need to know about your locks: every single hair lives approximately 5 years. Hair grows ½ inch (1 centimeter) every month. Once you do the math, you realize that tresses that are 30 cm long (12 inches) have been exposed to a wide range of negative factors, including UVA/UVB, heat damage, aggressive styling products and beautification rituals and chemical exposure via coloring, straightening or perming for approximately 3 years. Over this period of time, cuticle cells can suffer a major transformation and become softened. In this particular situation, hair is much more fragile and likely to break. Follicles can also produce tinier, thinner hairs. In some cases, they can also stop the hair production, forcing people to cope with a very upsetting aesthetical problem known as senescent alopecia.

To address this problem you can rely on styling products that add volume to your aging hair. Some conditioners seal cuticles and ensure an optimal level of protection against UVA/UVB. If you want to preserve the natural texture of your hair and prevent hair thinning, try to avoid the usage of hot tools (blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron) and opt for a low-maintenance cut.

2)      Graying

Can’t imagine life without your natural pigment? Unfortunately, graying hair is a part of the reality that most people over 40 live in. According to Ralph Trueb, a highly esteemed dermatology researcher and the author of a paper entitled The Aging of Hair, 50% of all people who are over 50 have 50% graying hairs, regardless of their gender and original color. One of the most popular theories of hair aging reflects the fact that oxidative stress could be the main culprit for grays. According to this theory, excessive amounts of free radicals damage cellular structures that create pigment.

Since the cells that deliver melanin are linked to the ones that provide keratin, this explains why depigmented hairs are also extremely coarse, fragile and very difficult to style. There are many options that you may want to consider, when it comes to addressing the graying problem. Temporary tints, permanent dyes and highlights are cost-effective ways to deal with rebellious grays, but they also have their fair share of disadvantages.

For instance, temporary dyes are not easily assimilated by cuticles. This basically means that their beneficial effects disappear after a few washing cycles. Permanent dyes stay on your hairs for a longer period of time, but they can also damage their structure and leave them dry, flat and unappealing.

3)      Baldness

Hair loss is perhaps one of the most dramatic, unwelcome transformations associated with seniority. Statistics show that 2/3 of all men over 60 are dealing with considerable hair loss representing the result of hormonal changes. Some women are also affected by this unaesthetic problem resulting in visible scalp and fragile, thinner hair. “Female-pattern” hair loss is triggered by one or more factors including genetic heritage, hormonal changes and also certain health problems and their aggressive treatments (like chemotherapy, for instance). Unfortunately, there is no valid cure for baldness. On the other hand, there are several products that may stimulate hair growth, including Finesteride and Minoxidil. Hair transplant may also be an alternative worth considering, but only if you count on a very big budget.

Baldness, graying and texture and thickness modifications are some of the most common problems experienced by both men and women over 40. Even though you may still feel very young, the first gray hair could be waiting for you just around the corner. While hair loss and hair thinning are 2 major treats that are difficult to control, dealing with gray hair is a completely different story that doesn’t necessarily involve the usage of chemical-rich hair dyes or expensive remedies.

Catalase supplements give you the chance to fight premature graying and turn back the clock rapidly and safely. If you don’t feel ready to go gray in style, all you have to do is order a scientifically proven gray hair cure based on catalase and use it daily to delay the hair oxidation process. An ideal concentration of catalase will decompose hydrogen peroxide accumulations and prevent hair whitening, without exposing you to any kind of risk. Gray hair is usually considered a major impediment standing in the way of your personal and professional success. Don’t let it stop you from enjoying the best things in life.

Get Away Grey is a premium hair vitamin complex comprising catalase and multiple mineral and herbal additives that promote the natural growth of healthy, pigmented, thick, radiant hair. If you want to profit from grey defense based on an active formula designed to address the most common hair aging problems, order your first bottles today and eliminate all your concerns related to silvery strands that could rob you of your success and beauty.

3 Great Reasons to Start Testing a Revolutionary Gray Hair Cure Today

gray hairYou can hear a lot of various tips about more or less conventional gray hair remedies from your friends, neighbors and hairdresser. The question is this: are they truly effective? In most cases, there is only one way to find out: you have to see for yourself.

In many cases, this means that you have to apply tons of greasy, awfully smelling, weird-looking potions on your gray hairs at least a few times a week, hoping to spot the slightest signs of improvement over the course of a few months. Obviously, this trial-and-error process is time and energy-consuming and can trigger a lot of frustration in the long run, especially if you fail to notice any positive changes.

Fortunately, there is a much more convenient method to reverse gray hair from the inside out. Get Away Grey is a remarkable vitamin complex based on catalase, which could help you stop the premature graying process and keep your natural pigment on your hairs for the longest period of time.

Are you questioning the effectiveness of this breakthrough? In this case, check out 3 excellent reasons why you should start using Get Away Grey as soon as possible, to be able to take pride in healthier, thicker, naturally pigmented hair once again, and all this in a rapid and safe manner.

#1 Proved Effectiveness

The best part is that this innovative remedy is actually scientifically proved. Unlike your homemade oils and other anti gray hair elixirs, this product was designed, tested and improved by a team of experts who have the skills, the equipment and the expertise to calculate and mix the appropriate dosages of active ingredients, combined to come up with a well-balanced formula.

#2 Natural Ingredients

Unlike other commercially available products that contain a virtually endless list of chemicals and potentially dangerous components, Get Away Grey is only comprised of natural, risk-free ingredients, like Fo Ti, horsetail, catalase, vitamin B-6, folic acid, biotin, copper, zinc oxide and chlorophyll. All these items are well-known for their remarkable health benefits and do not pose any health risks.

#3 A Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Need another great reason to but this magnificent product based on science? If so, note that it comes with a money-back guarantee, involving no jokes, no hassle and no questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, you just have to ask for a refund and the manufacturing company will reimburse your money (excluding shipping expenses) within 90 days from your purchase.

Fight Gray Hair with a Remarkable Vitamin Complex

Want to discover the beneficial effects of a gray defense based on catalase? In this case, keep in mind that Get Away Grey is your ticket to healthy, shiny, naturally pigmented hairs. Order it today and profit from a truly unique gray hair cure that is actually worth your time and money.

Turn Gray Away: Hijiki Seaweed Could Help People Stop Graying Hair

bigstock-beautiful-young-woman-with-gre-16938191(1)We are what we eat. We hear this story all the time, especially when we get the chance to talk to a doctor or a nutritionist. You may be wondering: is this really true, or is it a clever tactic employed to convince people to eat clean?

It’s no secret that fresh, non-processed foods are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. When they are boiled or fried, even the most nutritious superfoods inevitably lose some of their most valuable properties.

On the other hand, raw food can help you take pride in younger-looking skin and hair and stop gray hair rapidly and with less effort. This doesn’t mean that raw delicacies included in your daily diet can convert gray hair into a distant memory in the blink of an eye. The whole process is lengthy, but very rewarding.

Seaweeds- The Secret of Beautiful, Younger-Looking Hair

Beauty starts on the inside. To reverse, stop or prevent gray hair, try to pay attention to what you eat. Start to consume hijiki seaweed to turn gray away. This popular ingredient utilized in the Chinese and Japanese cuisine is much-appreciated for its healing properties. Hijiki seaweed, black molasses, wheatgrass and nettles are excellent gray hair remedies and can enable you to preserve your fully pigmented hairs for the longest period of time. These superfoods strengthen the kidneys, the pancreas and the spleen, alkalinize blood and reduce tissue acidity.

On top of that, seaweed contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that promote the growth of healthy, thick, radiant hair. Zinc and iron prevent baldness; vitamins B and E lead to healthier, younger-looking locks, while vitamins A and C stimulate the sebum production. Sebum acts like a natural hair conditioner produced by our bodies.

Seaweeds also contain a high amount of detoxifying agents, which clean the body and eliminate heavy metals from the organism. Can hijiki seaweed help you reverse gray hair? To get the best answer to this question, you’ll have to test this natural gray hair remedy and see for yourself if it works or not.

One thing’s for sure: Japanese and Chinese people who eat large amounts of seaweeds on a regular basis go gray in their early 40s, while Caucasian men and women start to witness the first signs of hair oxidation in their early 30s.

Fight Gray Hair with a Pill

Why stuff yourself with foods that you don’t like, when you can embrace a much more convenient method to stop gray hair? Get Away Grey is your natural gray hair cure based on catalase. It stops, prevents and reverses the hair oxidation process, allowing you to go back to your natural hair color in no time.

Order Get Away Grey today and use it to turn gray away safely and rapidly.

Anti Gray Hair Solutions: Restore Your Natural Hair Color with the Sweetest Gray Hair Cure

bigstock-Beauty-Spring-Woman-with-Fresh-44698552(1)It’s no secret that men and women who are terrified of gray hair would do everything in their power to annihilate those silvery hairs once and for all. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to control the hair oxidation process. Nonetheless, real fighters never surrender. Many victims of premature graying refuse to raise the white flag and are constantly testing a generous selection of gray hair remedies.

Needless to say that some of them look pretty disgusting, smell awful, are incredibly expensive or are hard to find and difficult to prepare and apply at home. Are you ready to discover and embrace one of the most appealing anti gray hair alternatives of all times? If so, note that blackstrap molasses represents one of the healthiest, sweetest gray hair cures that you could ever hope to find.

Turn Gray Away In the Sweetest Manner

Yes, blackstrap molasses is the main ingredient that your grandmother used to make those mouthwatering cookies. Moreover, this element also represents an oral treatment for gray hair, enabling you to revive the natural color of your hair by stimulating the production of melanin (the precious hair and skin pigment that you’re struggling to preserve).

The best part is that this oral treatment is highly beneficial and very pleasant; after all, what’s not to like about a flavored, sweetened syrup representing an exceptional source of calcium, potassium and vitamin B6.

Discovering the Long List of Health Benefits Provided by Blackstrap Molasses

Need another great reason to turn gray away by including blackstrap molasses in your daily diet? If so, note that this powerful ingredient has marvelous antioxidant properties and can prevent cancer and remove harmful toxins from your colon.

On top of that, molasses also elevates your energy levels throughout the entire day, eliminates free radicals and regulates your brain functions. It is also used by women who want to reduce pain associated with menstrual cramps. Therefore, consider replacing sugar with blackstrap molasses to stop gray hair and profit from all the other remarkable health benefits listed above.

Fight Those Grays with a Pill

As you may already know, centuries-old natural gray hair cures don’t provide noticeable results overnight. To witness the first changes, you’d have to follow a certain treatment for a few months in a row. If you don’t want to wait that long, opt for a different gray hair cure. Get Away Grey puts those grays on hold in no time. This remarkable gray hair remedy based on science is the best alternative at hand for men and women who want to get rid of gray hair naturally in record time. Buy and use this anti gray hair solution and go back to your pigmented hair rapidly and safely.

Anti-Gray Hair Solutions: Could Ayurvedic Massage Help Men and Women Stop Graying?

bigstock-Senior-man-and-hair-loss-issue-51464209(1)Men and women who are struggling to kick those grays to the curb are always looking for some of the most sophisticated gray hair remedies to put an end to their pressing problem. In reality, the most effective, risk-free gray hair cures are right in front of their eyes and are extremely easy to use.

The misfortunate victims of premature graying are ready to embrace a long list of positive adjustments, to restore the natural color of their hair. They quit smoking, eat clean, train hard at the gym and implement their anti gray hair solutions religiously. Even so, only a few of them actually get to witness minor signs of improvement, simply because they disregard the fact that gray is not just a hair color; it represents a phase in your life triggering a long list of changes.

Ayurvedic Massage: the Key to a Healthier Mind and Body

In other words, you could stop and reverse gray hair by simply adopting a serene, relaxed attitude and enjoying wonderful massage therapy sessions on a regular basis. Yes, you’ve got that right: there is one type of massage, inspired by the influential Indian culture, which could help you stop gray hair and go back to vigorous, fully pigmented hairs.

Ayurvedic massage was utilized on a large scale hundreds of years ago, due to its long list of health benefits. It can protect your scalp, enhance blood flow, enable nutrients to reach your cells faster and contribute to the growth of thicker, healthier hair.

There are hundreds of different massage techniques that also promote the usage of natural oils, created to fight hair oxidation. If you want to rejuvenate your hair and put the graying process on hold, mix equal amounts of coconut oil, shikakai oil, sesame oil and bhringaraj oil. Apply this product, massage your scalp with your fingertips from 15 minutes and let it rest overnight. In the morning, rinse your hair and wash it with a gentle herbal shampoo. Embrace this routine and you’ll notice the first changes after only a few weeks.

Even if it won’t help you reverse gray hair, Ayurvedic Massage will still enable you to balance your mind, body and spirit and profit from a few much-needed moments of relaxation on a daily basis.

Get Away Grey is Your Reliable Gray Defense

Want to opt for a gray hair cure offering you the chance to stop, prevent and reverse grays in no time, without exposing yourself to any risks? In this case, test the power of Get Away Grey, your natural gray hair remedy based on catalase. Order this revolutionary anti gray hair solution, put it to the test and spread the word about it.

Listen to Grandma’s Advice to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

bigstock-Beautiful-woman-with-a-hair-br-35482772You don’t need to be a scientist to reach the conclusion that gray hair could easily make you look older and less attractive. Only a few men and women have the personal charisma and the truly spectacular facial features required to rock the silvery fox or the salt and pepper hairstyle. The rest are continuously looking for effective, risk-free gray hair remedies that wouldn’t burn deep holes in their pockets.

If you have already tested all the anti gray hair solution and you still haven’t managed to kick those grays to the curb, now would be a great time to listen to your grandma’s advice on how to banish grays.

Have you ever wondered how incredibly beautiful and healthy grandmothers succeeded in displaying perfectly healthy, raven hairs in their 60s? In this case, perseverance, motivation, plus a long list of clever beauty rituals based on centuries-old wisdom, experience and natural ingredients represents the key to success.

So here are a few simple tips that could put those nasty grays on hold:

1)      Improve blood circulation by stroking your hair 100 times before going to bed

This is not a myth: men and women who stroke their hair 100 times every evening manage to enhance blood flow. This simple action would enable nutrients to reach the cells in record time. The result is predictable: stronger, perfectly nourished hair, which is obviously less exposed to premature graying.

2)      A batch of delicious molasses cookies a day will keep the gray hair away

This old trick will probably make more than a few people raise an eyebrow. After all, what could be the link between mouthwatering sweets and pesky gray hair? Well, apparently molasses cookies can stop gray hair in a highly effective manner.

Here’s the recipe, in case you plan to rely on your baking skills to turn gray away. 1 cup of brown sugar, ¾ cup of high-quality melted butter, one egg and ¼ cup of molasses, up to two cups of unbleached flour and one teaspoon of ginger, baking soda and cinnamon. Blackstrap molasses, that viscous syrup that you know and love, is a redoubtable grey defense.

One tablespoon of molasses has less than 16 calories. This product represents a valuable source of copper, iron, manganese, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Apart from being a first-class, risk-free sweetener, molasses also boosts melanin production, allowing you to preserve the natural pigment of your hair for the longest period of time.

3)      Massage your scalp after applying homemade oils on its entire surface

Some of the most effective anti gray hair oils can be obtained by mixing boiled curry leaves with coconut oil, olive oil and amla powder.

Reverse Grays with a Remarkable Pill

Are you interested in finding a last-generation gray hair cure with no side-effects? In this case, count on Get Away Grey, a fantastic hair vitamin cure based on catalase.

Order it, try it and get rid of gray hair naturally, rapidly and safely in the comfort of your own home!

Stop Gray Hair: Could You Actually Use Grey Highlights to Conceal Those Nasty Grays?

man gray hairGray hair is always associated with seniority and its virtually endless list of problems and inconveniences. It can easily lower your self-esteem, make you feel “outdated” and unappealing. Let’s face it: the appearance of the first gray hairs is usually a real shock that gets you out of your comfort zone in the blink of an eye.

The Ugly Truth about Premature Gray Hair

Nonetheless, you may have a wrong opinion about gray hair. Silvery hairs often take by surprise individuals who are in their late 20s or early 30s. Does this mean that they are getting old at a fast pace? Of course not! It just means that they are witnessing the first signs of premature graying.

They probably smoke a lot, have bad dietary habits, embrace a sedentary lifestyle and let stress get the best of them. Also, some of them may be the big losers of the genetic lottery. There are multiple causes associated with premature graying. The question is this: how can you actually stop gray hair from shattering your confidence and robbing you of your youthful appearance?

Grey Highlights: Friend or Foe?

Of course, the easiest way to banish gray hair is to sweep it under the rug. Millions of men and women choose to dye their grays over and over again. Unfortunately, even the most delicate hair coloring formula has a negative impact on your hairs and scalp in the long run. The results are easy to anticipate: frizzy hairs that are impossible to tame and even a severely deteriorated hair structure, which will force you to cut your hair really short. Looking for a different anti gray hair solution?

There is another option worth considering: you could get gray highlights once or twice on an annual basis. They blend very well with the rest of your hair, regardless of your original hair color and make you look incredibly classy and fashion –forward. They require very little maintenance and compliment your best facial features. You can keep the silvery hue for the longest period of time by simply utilizing violet shampoo especially designed for white hairs.

Nonetheless, if you think that gray highlights will make you twice as intimidating as Cruella de Vil, opt for a different approach. Reverse gray hair with a pill that comes with a money-back guarantee.

Get Your Pigmented Hairs Back with a 100% Effective Gray Hair Cure

Why dye your silvery hairs, when you can make them go away fast and effortlessly? Get away Grey is a scientifically proven vitamin complex based on catalase, which will help you recover your youthful look and banish those grays on no time.  Order it today and stop gray hair naturally, without exposing yourself to any risks.

Could Amla Be the Perfect Gray Hair Cure for You?

grayhairMany men and women who are in their early 30s are shocked to discover the first gray hairs on their temples. Those who do not appreciate the silver fox look are interested in finding the perfect gray hair cure, which should be scientifically proven, accessible, affordable, entirely risk-free and preferably based only on natural ingredients.  Are there any valid grey hair reversal alternatives matching this description? Could their results stand the test of time?

Turning to the Alternative Medicine for the Right Answers

When modern medicine lets us down and fails to provide effective solutions to our problems, we are tempted to rediscover the enormous potential of the alternative medicine. We explore the well-kept secrets of the Indian and Chinese culture and we find new ways to stop, prevent or control a long list of health concerns and disorders. So why wouldn’t we follow the same path, when it comes to reversing those grays?

Indian practitioners tell us that Amla, also known as Indian gooseberries, represent an exceptional option at hand for those who want to stop gray hair. To delay the hair oxidation process and preserve the natural color of your hairs for the longest period of time, include Amla in your daily diet.

Also, combine Amla with coffee powder, henna powder, lemon juice and a little bit of water, to obtain an all-natural paste that could easily help you turn grey away. The prepared mix should be kept overnight in an iron bowl and it should be used regularly, to deliver the desirable results. Alma won’t do wonders, but it will allow you to take pride in glowing, vigorous, fully pigmented hair for a certain period of time.

The best part is that this wonderful ingredient doesn’t come with a long list of side-effects. Moreover, Indian gooseberries are famous for their remarkable antioxidant properties and they are used on a large scale by people who want to prevent cancer, lower their cholesterol levels and win the battle with diabetes.

Opt for a Scientifically Proven Gray Hair Cure

The alternative medicine teaches us a valuable lesson: the foods that we eat on a daily basis could become our most effective medicine. This hypothesis was also supported by Hippocrates, and could definitely help many men and women understand how it would be possible for them to delay the first signs of premature aging.

Worried that an herbal grey hair reversal solution may not work for you? Opt for a different approach. Get Away Grey is a powerful, all-natural vitamin complex, based on catalase and numerous other highly beneficial active ingredients. It can stop, reverse and prevent gray hair the easy way. Order this gray hair cure today, put it to the test and go back to your beloved hair color in no time.