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Three Potentially Dangerous Lifestyle Changes That Could Accelerate Graying Hair

Choosing healthy lifeThe idea that you’re getting old at a fast pace is constantly tormenting you. When you look in the mirror, you spend more than a few minutes staring at your wrinkles and gray hairs. You would give just about anything to make them go away. The bad news is that the tangible version of the Fountain of Youth is yet to be found. The good news is that you can delay the appearance of the first wrinkles and white strands by making smarter lifestyle choices. Recent studies show that your daily choices are reflected by your appearance. Here are three negative lifestyle changes that could lead to a dull salt and pepper look in no time, robbing you of your youthful aspect.

  • You’ve Become a Regular Smoker. It’s no secret that smoking has a negative impact on one’s hair and skin. What you may not know is that smokers usually go gray sooner than their fellow nonsmokers. A Huffington Post article reveals that there is a solid connection between smoking and gray hair before 30.
  • You Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself. More than a few reputable scientists think that elevated stress levels could make you go gray faster. While there is no scientific evidence to confirm this hypothesis, one thing’s certain: most young adults undergo important hormonal changes correlated with a series of more or less stressful events (marriage/divorce, pregnancy and job-related concerns), which make them pay less attention to the aspect and the needs of their aging hair. Therefore, no matter how busy or stressed you think you are, make time for yourself and don’t let your mane go unattended for too long. Most of the natural gray hair solutions based on plant extracts and other organic compounds (gooseberries, coffee, black tea) may be somewhat effective when it comes to preventing gray hair, but they will never manage to restore your hair pigment once it’s gone. In this case, proper planning and a rigorous hair care ritual could help you hold on to your natural color for a longer period of time.
  • You Are on a Very Strict Diet. According to Times of India, poor dietary choices may also accelerate the graying process. Many people who would do just about anything to lose a few pounds end up making incorrect nutritional decisions. In this situation, crash dieting can be linked to several deficiencies (vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and magnesium) that could affect the color and texture of aging hairs and even lead to more serious concerns, such as hair loss.

Can a New Vitamin Complex Help You Get Closer to Your Natural Hair Color?

Now that you can identify the most common changes that affect the health and appearance of your hair, you can successfully avoid them. If you think that your mane needs a different type of TLC to look its best, start taking catalase supplements on a day-to-day basis. These vitamin complexes feed and protect your strands from the inside out and could also turn out to be an effective method to treat gray hair. Due to its advanced formula, Getawaygrey lets you discover a new approach to fighting colorless strands. Its concentration of catalase enables the product to dissolve hydrogen peroxide deposits and neutralize the element that makes your hairs bleach themselves from the inside out. For more info on product usage, list of ingredients and ordering methods visit www.getawaygrey.com and make the first step towards luscious, healthier-looking tresses.

3 Problems Only People with Gray Hair Can Relate to (and How to Solve Them)

portrait of  an exhausted manSome men love the idea of flaunting a few silvery hairs that could increase their attractiveness and level of self-confidence. But most women dread the idea of letting their grays show. Let’s face it: this double standard is one of the paradoxes that our modern society still fuels in 2015. Assuming that you are considering the idea of going gray, make sure you are actually prepared to face the challenges that this process might throw at you along the way. Here are three common gray hair problems that most silvery foxes are familiar with.

  1. You Are Tired of Brassy, Colorless Hair That Always Looks Unclean and Overly Distressed. Colorless hair is associated with a long list of aesthetic concerns. First of all, hair that grows white is coarser and drier than fully pigmented strands. This is why people with gray hair always complain about white hairs that are virtually impossible to manage. Secondly, colorless hair tends to borrow pigments from the environment; this is the simplest explanation for the yellowish tint that makes white hair look unclean and totally unappealing. Still want to go gray naturally and sport a gorgeous mane? In this case, you would have to carry around with you an anti-frizz agent, hairspray guaranteeing a strong hold and a high-shine spray, mousse, gel or pomade at all times.
  2. You Are Often Mistaken for Your Friends’ Mothers. Gray hair could easily become responsible for more than a few awkward moments. Can you imagine how embarrassing it must be to be mistaken for your friend’s mom, when you and your friend are practically the same age? While properly maintained gray hair can be a somewhat interesting accessory, it can also age you. On the other hand, a natural color achieved and preserved by taking the right hair vitamin complex can make you look younger, healthier and much more attractive.
  3. The Younger Colleagues Always Manage to Outshadow You at Work. Do you feel like your youngest coworkers get all the credit for all your hard work during presentations? The sad truth is that in today’s society we are still evaluated based on our looks in almost any environment. At your workplace, gray hair can become a real drawback, especially when you operate in the field where a faultless image is everything.

Catalase Supplements Represent the Solution to All These Problems

How do you solve all these pressing problems? As you may already know, hair dyes represent a very unreliable, temporary fix. On the other side of the coin, innovative catalase supplements based on real science manage to tackle the root of the graying issue. By blocking the hair oxidation process, this product lets you keep your pigment on your strands for the longest period of time. Getawaygrey is the revolutionary vitamin complex that actually prevents, stops and reverses silvery hairs safely and effectively. For more details on usage, benefits and ordering methods go to www.GetAwayGrey.com and say no to gray hair as soon as possible.

Audrina Patridge Opts for Gray Hair and Violet Highlight

drina-5-1421101276Over the past few years, gray hair has managed to raise the interest of A-listers who are trying to achieve a wild, chic and somewhat controversial look. After trying the entire color palette, Kelly Osborne decided to make a bold move by going gray with a little help from her hairdresser. The trend was rapidly taken to the next level by other celebs with a bold style, including Nicole Richie, Kylie Jenner and Adam Lambert. Now the gray movement has found a new supporter: Audrina Patridge has recently dyed her hair gray. The beautiful ex-brunette now takes pride in shiny gray hair accentuated by discrete dusty violet highlights, according to US Magazine.

The new color is called “champagne” gray and reflects Audrina’s efforts to try a new fun and fresh look for the New Year. Apparently this new tone is exactly what the A-lister needs to match the 2015 pastel/silver color trend in style. The transformation was achieved by Briana Cisneros, a famous colorist from a salon based in Santa Clarita, California. Cisneros took Aldridge from a dark level 6 brunette to a much lighter level 10 blonde before adding the cool violet highlights.

Should You Battle the Yellowish White Hair by Counting on Violet Accents?

Violet highlights may be the best thing for you if you’re having a hard time managing the yellowish shade of your white strands. In case you don’t want to dye your hair at all to mask those grays, note that you could easily prevent the yellow tint by washing your hair regularly with a shampoo especially formulated for colorless strands, which contains violet or bluish pigments.

Is There a Natural, Rapid and Safe Way to Banish Those Grays?

Assuming that you’ve had enough of cosmetic products that don’t always do a great job at camouflaging your gray strands, remember that there is a safer, more natural method to achieve a darker mane at any age. Catalase supplements are the key to a stress-free darkening process that takes place from the inside out. By dissolving the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that are bleaching your locks, these supplements for gray hair let you flaunt darker, rejuvenated and fortified tresses in only a few weeks. For additional info related to usage, ingredients and ordering method just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and give the green light to a natural hair makeover that will exceed your highest expectations.

5 Ways in Which You Are Hurting Your Gray Hair without Even Realizing It

iStock_000010002083_SmallYou love your gray hair and invest a considerable amount of money in shampoos, conditioners and styling aids designed to boost its power of seduction and enhance its vigor. But even in these conditions, you fail to witness any signs of improvement: your gray hair is still flat, lifeless, or even worse- frizzy and virtually uncontrollable. The good news is that there is always a solution to this problem. The bad news is that you may be directly responsible for the poor condition of your aging locks. Here are 5 hair care and styling mistakes that most people make without even realizing that their daily actions are affecting the color and texture of their strands.

  1. You Braid Your Hair or Pull It Back in a Ponytail on a Daily Basis. Yes, we all know that braids and ponytails are the most convenient option when we have no time to wash our hair. These natural-looking hairstyles may be casual and chic, but they put a tremendous pressure on your graying roots. Tightly pulled ponytails can lead to permanent hair damage resulting in balding spots.
  2. You Bleach Your Hair or Get Perms Regularly. You may be tempted to lighten up your tresses to help those grays blend in, but always think twice before bleaching your mane. Bleach is a very aggressive agent that robs your hair of its natural pigment. Once the pigment is gone, there is no way to get it back.
  3. You Over-Brush Your Hair. Nobody likes greasy, tangled hair. But this doesn’t mean that you should feel encouraged to brush your hair every half an hour. 100 strokes per day won’t keep your strands shiny and healthy-looking. According to WebMD, this is just a common myth that should be debunked once and for all. In reality, over-brushing leads to excessive breakage and split ends.
  4. You Use Heat-Based Appliances to Style Your Gray Hair. Try to give that flat iron a break and turn to less aggressive styling treatments. Heat triggers temporary changes undergone by the hydrogen bonds whose purpose is to keep your strands together. These alterations are temporary, but once you start flat ironing or blow drying your hair on a daily basis, they could become permanent, contributing to that dull, lifeless aspect that nobody likes to see in the mirror.
  5. You Are Reluctant to Take Vitamins for Gray Hair. Sometimes, your hair needs an extra dosage of TLC to look and feel its best. Catalase supplements represent the newest and most appreciated gray hair solution that reinvigorate, fortify and protect your strands from the inside out while neutralizing hydrogen peroxide, the culprit for premature graying. To find out more about these revolutionary pills for gray hair just go to GetAwayGrey.com and get more familiar with the special formula of the product that can tackle the real cause of your silvery strands.

3 Ways to Banish Grays Using Homemade Hair Packs

Smiling womanLet’s face it: only a few people actually see their first gray hairs as a flattering accessory that could reflect their wisdom, experience and personal charm. The rest of them are constantly looking for accessible gray hair solutions providing long-term positive results. If you have already been hit hard by premature graying, chances are that you have inventoried your best options, ranging from coloring kits to DIY potions and everything in between. Looking for quick and easy recipes for natural homemade hair packs that could put the dark pigment back on your aging tresses? We give you three convenient alternatives that are easy to prepare in any kitchen.

  1. Potato Peel or Black Tea Rinse. Both black tea and potato pill rinses act in a similar manner, by lending you the amount of natural pigment that you need to cover your grays. To get the best results, you would have to boil these ingredients for around 10 minutes and then let the liquid cool down. The tea/potato peel water should be applied on damp, clean hair and should not be mixed with other hair care solutions. At the end of the process, let your locks dry naturally.
  2. Lemon and Coconut. Lemon and coconut oil are two main ingredients comprised by a less usual combination which is just perfect for people who want to darken their mane. Mix 3 tsp. of lemon juice with anywhere from 6 to 9 tsp. of coconut oil (depending on the length of your hair), and let the mix rest on your graying hair for about one hour. Afterwards, gently remove the product using a mild shampoo and dry your locks.
  3. Henna Pack. For centuries in a row, henna has been used as a redoubtable grey defense by millions of men and women. To explore its most beneficial properties, grind a few henna leaves and mix them with a few tablespoons of amla powder and coffee powder. All three agents will ensure a natural darkening effect by getting your grays out of the picture for a few days or weeks, depending on the concentration of your homemade hair packs and the quality of their ingredients.

Hair backs based on plant extracts are inexpensive and easy to apply. On the other hand, their results tend to be ephemeral, as they don’t really tackle the cause of the premature graying problem. On the other hand, getawaygrey follows an innovative approach to hair care, by giving users the opportunity to dissolve the culprit of hair oxidation and keep their natural pigment on their strands in an entirely safe manner. For more details on how this revolutionary gray hair solution actually works, find out more about catalase and its other active ingredients by visiting www.GetAwayGrey.com and stay up-to-date with the expert info that could change your perspective on beauty and hair health.

Gray Hair Diary: How to Rescue Your Severely Deteriorated, Dyed Tresses

Thinking WomanOur aging hair is exposed to an endless list of hazards on a daily basis. Too much sun exposure, chlorine-rich water from pools, aggressive styling treatments and a misguided dieting plan are only a few of the most common elements that work against us, compromising the health and beauty of our graying hair. As all this wouldn’t be enough, we see the natural oxidation process as a calamity of astronomical proportions and rely on dyes to cover silvery strands. Artificial color coming from a tube will inevitably make grays even more rebellious; in addition, aggressive formulas can easily alter their texture and make them look very deteriorated, dull and lifeless. Is there a way to save vulnerable, excessively dry hair without cutting it? Actually, there are quite a few solutions designed to address this problem in an effective manner.

Natural Oils. Use natural, organic oils to regenerate your dry locks after every single washing cycle. Coconut oil and olive oil are two wonderful products that will nourish and protect your tresses, guaranteeing silkier, healthier-looking hair.

Deep-Conditioning Treatments. If you have very little time on your hands and would much rather let a pro be in charge of your transformation, opt for a deep-conditioning treatment provided by your favorite salon. In case you can’t afford to pay for professional services, you could try to deep condition your graying hair at home. You would basically have to wash your hair, rinse it thoroughly and apply your deep conditioning product from your roots to your ends. Cover your mane with a plastic cap and let the conditioning agent rest for a few hours. In some cases, heat is required to activate some of the key ingredients of the product that you’ve just applied. In this situation, you could use your blow dryer, as long as you make sure it doesn’t get extremely hot (exposed to high temperatures, your plastic cap could melt). After completing this last step described by WikiHow, you would just have to rinse your graying hairagain and let it dry naturally.

Catalase Supplements, as a Great Substitute for Hair Dyes. Remember what brought you in this sticky situation in the first place? Your gray hair phobia made you try every color in the catalog, in a desperate attempt to maintain a youthful look. Old habits die hard, but since hair dye is definitely not your best friend, you may want to put your coloring treatments on hold and try a different approach. Trim your deteriorated ends, get a nice cut and start taking catalase supplements. These pills work like magic and manage to restore the user’s natural pigment in a few weeks. Based on real science, this tested gray hair remedy is the best replacement for dyes and your key to healthier, softer, more appealing locks.

Most Flattering Tones and Cuts for Women with Gray Hair  

gray-hairInstead of fueling your obsession about ugly aging hair, you may want to see things from a different perspective: gray is not an enemy; it’s a color. As a matter of fact, according to celebrities and top-rated stylists, gray represents one of the trendiest shades at this point, so why do you let it get the best of you?

We know how tempting it is to grab a hair coloring kit from your nearest grocery store. Don’t. Dyes are just another indicator of the fact that you’re in denial. Sooner or later, gray roots will pop out of nowhere, compromising your uniform color coming from a tube. So what’s the best plan that you could apply to deal with graying hair in the most effective manner? Get a gorgeous cut, try to lighten or darken your aging tresses naturally to achieve a consistent color and flaunt your depigmented strands like a first-hand celeb.

Finding the Right Cut

Here are a few suggestions that may influence your upcoming makeover project:

  • Pixie cuts are for bold women with perfect facial features. If you don’t need to rely on your long tresses to camouflage certain minor flaws, go for it! Don’t forget to use a high-shine spray to get healthier-looking, glossy strands.
  • Shoulder-length cuts with loose curls are a safe bet, regardless of your facial particularities. They ensure a romantic, elegant look and are suitable for various occasions.
  • Straightened gray hair with bangs may be a good pick for women with gorgeous highlights and lowlights, like Diane Keaton. A word of advice: if you have thinning hair, don’t go for this hairstyle, as it would only make your grays look even more fragile. A messy parting is the key to making grays blend in and achieve a flawless image even in between coloring appointments.
  • Layered cuts are also a fabulous option, especially if you want to go for a modern hairstyle and avoid the old lady look.
  • Short cuts with lots of volume contribute to a sophisticated Queen Elizabeth II-inspired royal look.

Getting the Right Tone

When it comes to changing your tones, you should know that gradual transformations do not necessarily require the usage of dyes. You can use freshly squeezed lemon juice to lighten your locks and a mix of coffee, black teaand sage leaves to darken your tresses. All in all, lavender gray, anthracite gray and pure white are only three of the most sough-after shades that you could pursue after turning 40.

If you hate the idea of going gray and would much rather turn the clock in your favor, start using catalase supplements to restore your pigment rapidly and risk-free.

How to Transition to Gray Hair in a 3 Easy Steps

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isolThere comes a time in your life when you redefine your priorities and ask yourself a lot of questions, like for instance: is it really necessary to fight the inevitable? Is it worth it? Should you pluck, dye or mask those first grays? Or should you just let them be? Only you can provide the best answers to these questions.

Gray is not a dull color and it definitely does not represent a last-resort option. It is a state of mind and can indicate that you are aging gracefully. Nonetheless, the transition from fully pigmented or dyed locks to gray hair can be quite challenging. Let’s face it: nobody likes to see white roots correlated with much darker ends, leading to an overall messy image. If you want to simplify the whole process, just check out the 3 steps that you should follow for a smooth, trouble-free, transformation that won’t make your eyes bleed.

First Step: Cut and Lighten Your Aging Locks. Geta shorter cut. This is a great method to part ways with a few layers of severely deteriorated, dyed hair. Moreover, a shorter length could make you look much more elegant and seem a few years younger. For starters, you could also choose to go a bit lighter, to reduce or eliminate the obvious demarcation between the normal regrowth and the new pigments that you wish to apply on your tresses.

Second Step: Get Appealing Lowlights for a Neat, Modern Look. You don’t have to dye your tresses to look trendy and younger than you really are, but you could always make a small compromise involving the usage of a good hair coloring product. You could get a few lowlights to make your grays blend in with your base color. By going down this path, you would no longer have to worry about regular touchups and you would also succeed in beautifying your grays and getting ready to adopt the all-white look one step at a time.

Third Step: Hide Those Roots without Dyeing Your Hair

According to Huffington Post, in order to obtain excellent results, you could temporarily mask your hair growth by using one of the many cosmetic products that are currently at your disposal. They come in the form of magic wands, markers, spray-on powders, foams and rinses. All of them serve the same purpose: they cover your contrasting roots for a short period of time ranging from a few hours to a couple of days. They may not help you take pride in long-term positive effects, but this is actually the whole point: to camouflage your hair growth until you can finally display a slightly uniform color.

All in all, these 3 easy steps should guide you in the right direction. If you think that you’re still too young for grays, note that scientists have managed to discover and introduce an innovative white hair treatment that can bring back your pigment in a few weeks.

Lifestyle Changes When You Reach Graying Time

Couple riding bikes in countrysideThe appearance of the first gray hair is in most cases an unexpected change that cannot be ignored. But does this mean that graying hair should stop you from reaching your goals? Should you feel intimidated by your silvery strands? Of course not! Obviously, gray hair will inevitably make you want to rethink your beautification rituals and all the other strategies that you have been implementing for such a long time to preserve your flawless image.

But this is far from being a tragedy! Instead of thinking that life will never be the same again without your natural hair pigment, you could focus on effective, simple and risk-free solutions designed to accentuate your beauty and help you stay (and look) younger, trendier and much more appealing than most of the people who are half your age. To fulfill your dream and learn how to cope with the effects of premature graying, just take a closer look at the most relevant lifestyle changes that you should adopt, to be able to take pride in longer, thicker, radiant hair that could be interpreted as a fabulous declaration of style.

Implement Dietary Changes

If your main goal is to wipe many years off your face and recover your strength and vitality the easy way, you could start by going in favor of highly beneficial dietary changes. This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your cravings and say yes to a ridiculously unrealistic weight loss challenge. It just means that you have to take better care of your body and understand its basic needs. It’s no secret that a poor diet can accelerate the hair whitening process.

To avoid this unpleasant consequence, stay far away from junk food and all those processed foods that are easy to cook and serve, but have a long list of drawbacks. It is highly recommended to consume fresh products representing an excellent source of catalase. Catalase is the enzyme that turns back the clock, by putting the hair bleaching process on hold. Wondering what’s the connection between catalase and hydrogen peroxide?

Researchers from the University of Bradford Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz have reached the conclusion that catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide, the agent responsible for premature graying, into 2 components that are 100% harmless: oxygen and water. This is precisely why catalase-rich foods, like beef liver, green leafy vegetables, Brussels sprouts, avocado, watermelon and pineapple should be included in your daily diet.

Woman with a glass of milkDrink Plenty of Water

Stay hydrated. This is the best way to delay the first signs of premature aging, which often come in the form of wrinkles and gray hair. Wondering how much water is too much? It seems that researches have everything figured out. They can indicate the ideal water intake, judging by essential factors such as age, weight or height. You can even rely on hydration calculators available online to determine the ideal number of glasses of water that you should drink on a daily basis.

Exercise as Often as You Can

If you have recently discovered your first gray hairs, this doesn’t mean that you should feel old, tired or unmotivated. On the contrary, you should realize that now would be a great time to say yes to new challenges that you have been delaying for quite a long time.

You could choose to discover a new exciting calorie-consuming hobby or you could just stay in shape by opting for a simple exercise routine. Don’t set the bar too high and don’t go for extra soliciting physical exercises that are not suitable for people who have embraced a sedentary lifestyle for many years in a row. This is the most ineffective approach leading to muscle fever and disappointment.

You could find out more about Pilates or Yoga classes organized in your area. Apart from the fact that they put your muscles to work, these 2 types of recreational activities also enable you to attain a more than satisfactory interior balance. On top of that, according to experienced practitioners, certain yoga poses would also allow you to reverse gray hair and stimulate the production of natural pigment from the inside out.

Take the Right Supplements

As we age, our bodies are less able to extract all the nutrients that they need from the food that we consume on a daily basis. This is precisely why we should take the right supplements, designed to cover potential deficiencies and address the specific demands of our organism. Always remember to discuss your options with your doctor before purchasing and taking any kind of supplements currently available on the market.

Catalase supplements based on all natural ingredients are an exceptional choice at hand because they are entirely safe and accessible. Most importantly, they are scientifically proven and thus recommended by numerous respectable specialists who help men and women reach their anti-aging goals and get rid of gray hair naturally in record time.

Quit smoking

According to recent studies, people who quit smoking live up to 10 years more than those who can’t let go of this extremely dangerous habit. Apart from the fact that cigarettes shorten your lifespan and burn holes in your pockets, they also add years to your face. These all sound like pretty good reasons to give up smoking while you’re still young.

Reduce Stress Levels

Despite the fact that researches are yet to find a solid connection between stress levels and gray hair, the general assumption is that people who are constantly living under extreme pressure go gray faster than the rest. If you love your hair and want to preserve your pigment for the longest period of time, always remember to relax, take a deep breath, reorganize your priorities and don’t stress yourself too much over rather insignificant details or things that are not in your power to change or control.

Perfect Your Hair Care Rituals

Graying hair gradually losses its natural oils and becomes frizzy and less obedient. To minimize this inconvenient, use minimal styling products and go for delicate shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair, like the Jhirmack Silver brightening shampoo for instance, which will accentuate your silvery tone and help you avoid yellowish hues and damage caused by curling irons or hairdryers.

Count on a Revolutionary Gray Hair Cure to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

Can’t accept the fact that you’re displaying gray hair while you still feel young and attractive? In this case, choose to make gray hair go away by using a scientifically proven catalase supplement. Get Away Grey is a natural gray hair remedy based on a revolutionary formula that includes catalase and various herbal and mineral elements. These perfectly safe additives extracted from Mother Nature’s most valuable gifts will revitalize your hairs and strengthen then from the inside out. In case you wish to go back to your fully pigmented locks, just put this anti-gray hair solution to the test and spread the work about its magnificent benefits.