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3 Signs Indicating That You’re Not Using the Right Conditioner for Your Gray Hair

portrait mature woman blonde holding her long hairAt the very beginning, your tense relationship with your gray hair will represent a complex trial and error process. You will most likely struggle to find the best hair care products tailored to the ever-changing needs of your strands, while constantly complaining about one or more aesthetic issues, such as excessive dryness, frizziness or damaged ends. Fortunately, you can ameliorate all these problems by simply choosing your gray hair conditioner wisely. Here are three signs indicating that your current formula is not suitable for your aging mane.

  1. You’re Not Using a Color-Protecting Product
    People who dye their hair regularly should protect their artificial pigment by going in favor of delicate conditioners especially formulated for color-treated hair. You can identify these items in a matter of a few seconds, by reading their labels carefully. The product description should include terms such as “sulfate-free”, “color extend” or color care”. By utilizing a gentle formula adapted to the particularities of dyed hair you can preserve the intensity of your colored locks for two more weeks before having to pay for a retouch.
  2. The Formula Doesn’t Match the Texture of Your Strands
    These days, you can find a wide range of conditioners matching the specific texture of your hair. In this context, you should take the time to research different alternatives and pick a product that can actually do wonders for your hair type. Do not use a formula for lifeless hair when you have curly strands and a mane with extra volume. In short, aside from coating and nourishing your strands, conditioners do one of these two things: they either make your graying hair look smaller or bigger. According to WebMD, this is why hair with plenty of volume needs an anti-frizz conditioner, while dull, flat hair demands a lightweight agent that won’t weigh down your delicate, fine hairs.
  3. You’ve Opted for the Most Expensive Hair Care Product
    The price tag of a certain hair care product is not a relevant indicator of its quality and effectiveness. Instead of going for the most expensive conditioners, choose the one that was especially designed to address the specific problems of your aging hairs. For instance, if you are dealing with extremely dry locks, don’t invest in a strengthening product. In this case, you should focus on finding moisturizing formulas that will coat and protect your strands, forming a barrier against excessive dryness.

Extra Tip: Perfect Your Hair Care Routine by Taking Catalase Supplements
Choosing the most suitable hair care products is only one part of the job. If you truly love your locks and want them to overcome the challenges posed by the natural aging process, consider giving them a helping hand by taking catalase supplements. These pills for gray hair help to feed and protect your grays from the inside out, while attempting to restore their original color by dissolving hydrogen peroxide deposits. Due to its ideal amount of catalase, Getawaygrey is the most advanced pigment-restoring vitamin complex for gray hair that can take your hairs from dull and colorless to fully-pigmented and fabulous over a relatively short period of time. Many GetAwayGrey users have gotten great results. Individual results do vary, though the science behind GetAwayGrey is still evolving.

3 Good Reasons Why Going Gray May Not Be Your Smartest Move

iStock_000020682690_SmallAbove anything else, going gray is a personal choice that will inevitably impact your image and your lifestyle. Should you color your first white strands or should you welcome them into your life with open arms?  This is something that you need to figure out on your own. Nonetheless, you should know that gray is a color that can be pretty difficult to wear with pride and confidence. Clearly, not everyone can pull off the chic grandma look. We give you three reasons why graying hair may not be the most inspired choice for you.

  1. Gray Hair Makes You Feel Uncomfortable. Gray hair can be associated with a long list of negative factors, including a reduced credibility at work (especially when you operate in a field where looks are everything!), a low level of self-esteem and reduced sex-appeal. If you have already reached the conclusion that gray hair can wait, choose to test catalase supplements representing the best alternative to coloring kits and other tricks that you may be inclined to use to get rid of your grays.
  2. Gray Hair Doesn’t Flatter Your Complexion. Gray hair goes hand in hand with fair skin and lightly colored eyes. As a matter of fact, blondes benefit from the smoothest transition from naturally pigmented hair to a grayish mane. On the other hand, people with olive skin and dark eyes may have a hard time trying to adjust their look to make their grays match their complexion. Gray hair doesn’t compliment dark eyes and darker skin tones; on the contrary, this contrast can make you look tired or excessively pale. If that’s the case, you may want to start looking for the very best gray hair reversal tactics serving your best interest.
  3. Now You Can Count on Natural and Effective Anti-Gray Hair Solution. After a certain age, many men and women feel that it’s their duty to embrace their grays and turn them into an indicator of their wisdom and experience. But perhaps you share a different opinion. Maybe you think that gray hair only works for people who are two or three decades older than you. Or perhaps you blame your silvery strands for contributing to that washed out look that you dislike so much. Either way, you should know that premature graying is no longer seen as an irreversible problem. Thanks to the new generation of gray hair solutions based on catalase, you can gain full control over your natural pigment. By using a natural formula based on catalase you can disrupt the hair oxidation process and flaunt gorgeous, fully-pigmented hair for the longest period of time. To find out more about the proven benefits of these revolutionary products, just check out the Getawaygrey official website and order the advanced grey defense that can actually keep depigmented strands at a distance.


4 Things That People with Gray Hair Should Never Do

Portrait of Attractive Senior WomanDealing with gray hair is seldom an easy task. One day, you wake up and realize that your silvery strands are wiry and almost impossible to tame. A few days later, you notice that all the styling aids that you have relied on to make your grays become more obedient have actually turned against you, leaving your colorless tresses looking flat and boring. In this case, what’s the easiest way to cope with the multiple “personalities” of your depigmented hairs? The answer is simple: start by reevaluating your gray hair care routine. Here are 4 common gray hair handling mistakes that you should never repeat.

  1. Ignoring the Fact That Dietary Changes Contribute to Your Hair Health. Recent studies indicate that fresh sources of proteins and vitamins can boost the strength and appeal of your gray hair, making it more radiant, resistant and manageable. Healthy snacks such as nuts, natural yogurt and fruits can also curb your less healthy cravings and contribute to your beautification goal.
  1. Forgetting to Nourish Your Gray Hair. To be able to witness the most amazing changes in terms of hair health, you have to try to support your white mane from the inside (by eating clean and taking multivitamin complexes, if necessary) and also from the outside, by conditioning your strands regularly and/or opting for pre-wash treatments that you can apply at home.
  1. Refusing to Explore Different Coloring Options. You won’t be able to define your relationship with hair dyes until you try at least once coloring product. Not all formulas are identical. For starters, you may want to try non-permanent, ammonia-free ones whose pigment actually blends in smoothly with your white strands. In this case, according to a Huffington Post article, the color applied on your tresses will fade away gradually, so you will never have to deal with a visible demarcation line that would make your colorless roots even more obvious.
  1. Neglecting the Positive Effects of Gray Hair Solutions Based on Catalase. When it comes to selecting the best gray hair solutions, you have to keep your options open and go for the newest products based on real science, which ensure safer, more natural long-term effects. Catalase supplements fit this description. Designed to protect and feed your silvery strands from within, these pills for gray hair decompose hydrogen peroxide buildups, standing in the way of the hair oxidation process. The best part is that these gray hair treatments are widely available and accessible. To find out how these products could change your hair, look and ultimately your entire life, just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and get the details that you need to perfect your daily hair care routine.

3 Gray Hair Care Mistakes That Add Years to Your Face

Mature woman with smart phoneAt some point in your life, you may be wondering: how could I prevent the first graying hairs from impacting my image, as well as my personal and professional life? To identify and follow the simplest solution to this challenge, you just have to take a closer look at Hollywood’s most renowned silvery foxes. What do these aging celebs have in common, aside from their daring approach to embracing and styling their gray hair in a successful manner? Their hairstyles reflect an ideal balance between the ideal texture, color and cut. Here are 3 of the most common gray hair care mistakes that could destroy this equilibrium.

You Go for the Wrong Cut. Blunt lines require constant maintenance and do not always favor your facial features. On the other hand, a slightly shaggy cut may accentuate your modern, youthful appearance and distract the attention from your transitional hair.

You Refuse to Lighten up or Darken Your Locks. Gray hair is usually considered unappealing because of the powerful contrasts that it brings along. White streaks coupled with pitch-black strands can be quite a misfortunate combination, especially when you flaunt the same outdated cut that you used to sport in high school. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment with color. You don’t necessarily have to become addicted to expensive monthly coloring sessions to achieve your goal. By getting lighter or darker lowlights and highlights every 3 to 6 months you could wipe years off your face, redefine your cut and make your best features pop out. All in all, highlights and messy partings can help you require fewer touchups and grow out your grays in style with minimal effort.

You Ignore Natural Products Designed to Restore Your Natural Pigment. On the other side of the coin, assuming that you don’t want to apply any chemicals on your strands to boost their appeal, maybe you’re neglecting the fact that the newest generation of vitamins for gray hair has been especially designed to tackle the cause of premature graying, by dissolving hydrogen peroxide accumulations. Known as innovative gray hair solutions created and introduced to rejuvenate, fortify and beautify your tresses from the inside out, catalase supplements are the key to obtaining a celebrity-inspired mane that will define and upgrade your personal style for many more years to come.

5 Tips on How to Identify and Use Natural Anti Gray Hair Solutions

Happy Senior WOman Man Couple On Tropical BeachGray hairs are not an accurate indicator of your age. As a matter of fact, you can start to go gray in your early 20s; in this case, those silvery strands are most likely a part of your genetic heritage and should not be interpreted as a sign that you are getting old. But truth be told, ugly, coarse, white hairs that pop out of your raven mane can impact your image and make you look and feel old. So what’s the best route that you should follow to restore your youthful appearance? Instead of relying on coloring kits and other artificial, chemical-rich products, stick to the natural anti gray hair solutions that real science has brought to you. Here are a few easy tips on how to rejuvenate and beautify your locks without using any potentially dangerous chemicals.

  1. Eat Fresh Foods That Are Rich in Catalase. Start by adjusting your eating habits. Include as many catalase-rich foods in your daily diet. Catalase is a powerful enzyme that puts the hair oxidation on hold by decomposing hydrogen peroxide molecules into oxygen and water. According to Livestrong, potatoes, beef liver, carrots and wheat sprouts are among the most popular ingredients representing excellent sources of catalase. Just imagine how many fantastic dinners you could prepare using these basic super foods.
  2. Rinse Your Hair with Homemade Potions Ensuring a Subtle Darkening Effect. After every single washing cycle, choose to rinse your gray hair with a homemade gray hair remedy based on boiled sage leaves, coffee, amla powder or black tea. All these compounds ensure a very subtle darkening effect that could last for days or weeks in a row.
  3. Apply Essential Oils on Your Graying Hair. According to eHow, a few drops of essential oils can allow you to protect, nourish and beautify your grays almost instantly. An instant gray hair remedy based on thyme and sage essential oils may bring you closer to darker, stronger hair.
  4. Choose the Best Catalase Supplements That Finally Let You Say Go Away Grey! Don’t have time to explore the gradual improvements brought to you by oils and homemade potions? Not to worry! There is a much more effective way to restore the original brilliance and intensity of your locks. This time, the changes will take place from the inside out. By taking scientifically-proven catalase supplements on a day to day basis you could succeed in making the gray go away in a matter of a few weeks. Aside from the fact that such supplements help you protect your natural pigment, they also fortify your strands due to their herbal and mineral ingredients.
  5. Include Vitamins for Hair in Your Daily Diet. At this point, you should know that there is no such thing as a miracle cure that could turn your hair from white to pitch-black overnight. Major changes take time and require consistency. Getawaygrey lets you go back to your youthful image by taking two pills on a daily basis. These pills are entirely safe and natural and prove that catalase is the key to achieving darker tresses without bombarding your body with all kinds of more or less risky chemicals. Land on the official Getawaygrey website for more info related to this product and find out how it could get you closer to ideal hair health and beauty.

Gray Hair Confessions: How Do Celebrities Actually Style Their Silvery Locks?

Grey  Hair Background You don’t have to be a beauty industry insider to realize that gray hair requires a lot of maintenance. This is one of the reasons why the natural process of going gray is interpreted as a tragedy by so many women worldwide. Gray hues are linked to old age and death. However, if you were to see this aspect from a much more optimistic perspective, you would realize that keeping your gray hair in excellent condition and loving it as is represents a wonderful challenge that you should get ready to face. Not all people know how to wear gray and style this color to perfection. This means that graying hair can become your iconic accessory designed to individualize your style.

Embrace your true color to see where it could get you. At the end of the day, you may decide to ditch root touchups and hair coloring appointments just to be able to enjoy the natural brilliance of your colorless tresses. Want to learn how to style your bright mane? We give you a few examples set up by world class celebs that inspire us on a daily basis.

The Rule Followed by Youngish Models: Keep it Shiny and Simple! Kate Moss is in her mid-thirties. However, her most recent look reveals that she may have already been hit by premature graying. Her approach is extremely natural and effective: the gorgeous supermodel has decided to add more than a few silver streaks to her usual, classic shoulder-length cut.

The Bold Sheared Look Could Also Work for You. What do pearls have in common with pixie cuts, biker jackets, boots and a rebellious attitude? Absolutely nothing, you may be tempted to say. Pink would beg to differ. The singer has been flaunting the same sheared look for many years in a row. The short cut requires minimal styling products. She just relies on high-shine gels and sprays to add gloss and dimension to her hairs. There is no simpler way to go gray in style!

Contrasts Can Accentuate Your Eccentric Style. Fancy a few white streaks on pitch-black hair? In case this dramatic look could match your personality and overall style, go for it. This less common effect has already been tested by world-class male and female celebs that are constantly into the spotlight, including Johnny Depp (in the 2007 production entitled Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), the legendary Cruela de Vil character and Stacy London, the beautiful stylist and co-host of the “What Not to Wear” show.

Gray is so much more than a color; it’s a state of mind. Nonetheless, if you can’t seem to be able to find any joy in the process of going gray, choose to maintain a lovely, uniform color by taking vitamins for hair based on catalase on a daily basis.

Going Gray Gracefully: Things That You Should Know about This Important Process

Blowing Out Small Candles On CakeYour mother has lost her battle with gray hair decades ago. She has been the slave to expensive coloring products for as long as you can remember. Unfortunately, her dyed locks look anything but natural; not to mention the fact that she is always complaining about the unaesthetic regrowth that always makes her schedule an appointment with the best colorist in town, hoping for a miracle. But the truth is that there is nothing miraculous about the pigment that comes from a tube. Sooner or later, its positive effects will fade away, leaving you with a bunch of dry, unruly grays. This doesn’t have to be your story. You can actually go gray in style and learn how to take care of your aging hair every single step of the way. Here are a few easy tips on how to become a stylish silver fox.

  1. Perfect Your Makeup Skills. Your skin should always be in perfect harmony with your gray hair. Keep in mind that, as we age, our skin also tends to become lighter. This is the main reason why the gray hair-pale face combo is often perceived as unflattering. However, you can change the rules of this game by perfecting your makeup style. Smokey eyes could be the central piece of your new signature look. If you’d rather accentuate your full lips, you may want to rely on matte trendy colors that will minimize the paleness of your face. For a wow effect, also choose to rely on a complementary blush with a subtle shimmery effect.
  2. Make Wiser Fashion Decisions. When your hair and skin look like a million dollars, you can pretty much wear whatever you like. However, when you’re dealing with a fading color, you can seldom afford the same luxury. According to an article published by the Telegraph, women who want to go gray in style should stick to the same family of colors and favor softer versions of their favorite tones. Love fuchsia? Well, in this case, couldn’t you settle for dusty pink or salmon pink? Softer colors are easier to wear and will also help you avoid the dull funeral look that may also add years to your face.
  3. Take Vitamins for Hair. Pills for hair based on catalase will enable you to take pride in a beautiful, natural color and also achieve stronger, healthier, more luscious hair in a matter of a few weeks. Catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide molecules, ensuring a more uniform, youthful hair tone.
  4. Remember That Sometimes No Plan Is the Best Plan. In some cases, you may want to delay your decision when it comes to getting a new cut or altering your color by adding highlights, lowlights or extensions. It’s OK to be indecisive. As a matter of fact, you may want to put your makeover project on hold until you notice the first two or three inches of gray hair. This will help you get used to your new “bleached” image and determine whether or not you should rely on any other tricks (extra layers, face-framing highlights and so on) to go gray in style. At the end of the day, remember that going gray is a personal decision that should only be influenced by your own perception of beauty.


3 Ways to Beautify Gray Hair with Cheap Ingredients That You Already Have in Your Home

Grey-HairAre you desperately looking for secret formulas that could wipe years off your hair and face in record time? Truth be told, scientists are yet to find an effective, risk-free skin or gray hair cure providing permanent results. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should consider your aging mane a lost cause. Even the simplest ingredients that you store in your fridge can help you beautify your tresses. By applying at-home DIY masks you can nourish and protect graying hair and prevent major aesthetic concerns, like frizziness and excessive dryness.

Lighten up Your Mane with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice and sunlight exposure represents a wonderful combination that could lighten up your discolored hairs and enable those grays to blend in easier. Rinse your hair with freshly squeezed lemon juice after every washing cycle and let your hair dry naturally in an outdoor area. In a couple of weeks you’ll witness a subtle change in color without relying on commercially available dyes.

Use Curry Leaves to Prepare Your Own Anti Gray Hair Oil

Would you rather prepare an anti-gray hair mask using only natural, entirely safe ingredients? Grab a handful of curry leaves and let them dry on your terrace until they become crisp and brownish. Next, grind them to perfection to obtain a fine powder. Mix 4 tsp. of powder with olive oil and coconut oil and boil the anti-gray hair solution. Afterwards, let it dry, stir it and apply it on your hair. Let it rest for a few hours before washing your locks. According to Style Craze, his mix will ensure a gradual darkening effect that will suit you like a glove.

Use Coconut Oil to Detangle and Feed Your Grays

We all know that excessive dryness can turn your graying hair into a real foe. If fading color is not one of your main concerns and you would much rather focus on a DIY conditioner recipe that could leave your aging tresses shiny and silky, choose to apply pure, organic coconut oil on your hairs after washing them with a specially formulated shampoo. Coconut oil smoothensaging strands and boosts their appeal.

All these DIY treatments are fairly accessible and you can personalize them based on the unique needs of your hair. For a wow effect, don’t forget to take scientifically proven vitamins for gray hair that rejuvenate and beautify your tresses from within.

3 Super Foods That Keep Your Gray Hair Healthy

Large health food selection in white porcelain bowls and dishesYou most likely spend a fortune on cosmetic products designed to tame your gray hair. Are you pleased with the results? If you still think that your grays could use some kind of extra stimulant to preserve their natural texture, color and ageless beauty, you should know that some of the most accessible foods that you put on the dinner table contribute to the healthiness of your aging tresses. Don’t know what to eat to beautify and fortify your graying hair? Here are a few suggestions that you may want to factor in.

1. Salmon. According to WebMD, fatty acids represent up to 3% of your hair shafts.Salmon is one of the best sources of protein, omega 3s and vitamin D. Vitamin D makes your grays stronger, while fatty acids stimulate the hair growth process. On top of that, salmon with broccoli cooked in butter is a heavenly delicacy that will curb your unhealthy cravings, fill your stomach and keep you satisfied for at least a few hours. If you don’t really like salmon, but would love to boost your intake of fatty acids, choose to consume fish like sardines, trout or herring.

2. Walnuts. Apart from the fact that walnuts represent a healthy, delicious snack that you could enjoy in between meals, they also are a fantastic source of vitamin E and biotin. Reduced amounts of biotin in your body may lead to hair loss, a major cosmetic problem that is experienced by lots of men and women over 40. Moreover, walnuts also contain copper, an indispensable mineral that keeps your hair lustrous and also maintains a rich, gorgeous color on your aging tresses.

3. Oysters. Love seafood? In this case, you will be thrilled to find out that oysters are some of the best natural sources of zinc that you could ever count on to keep your gray hair in excellent condition. A zinc deficiency could be responsible for uncontrolled hair loss and an excessively dry scalp. Want to fight these two upsetting problems rapidly and effectively? Eat oysters!

The list of super foods that guarantee a healthier scalp and hairs is virtually endless. Nonetheless, for some reason or another you may not be able to include all these elements in your daily diet. In this case, prevent potentially dangerous deficiencies and nourish and protect your locks from the inside out by taking catalase supplements on a daily basis. These pills for gray hair restore your pigment and keep your strands healthy and shiny.

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Coloring Your Gray Hair

Fragment Of Woman's Head ColoringWe all know that most grays aren’t very flattering. What about yours? Are they the exception that proves the rule? Do you love your graying hair or would you try just about any trick in the styling book to get rid of your dispigmented strands? Truth be told, even if your silver hairs are driving you crazy, applying a thick coat of coloring product on your mane may not be the best solution to your problem. Why? First of all, dyes offer short-term improvements. Second, hair coloring kits may lead to disastrous results and even deteriorate your aging tresses. If you are getting ready to prep the field for a color-free future, here are 5 reasons why this could be a smart move.

1. Hair Coloring Experiments Aren’t Always a Blast. A DIY coloring treatment may not always manage to camouflage all your grays and lead to a uniform color. Styling disasters revolving around a ridiculous cut or color are not uncommon, so put those scissors down, ditch the coloring kit and let a professional hairstylist be in charge of your transformation.

2. No Amount of Coloring Products Will Help You Look 18 When You’re Actually 45. A recent article published by Huffington Post reveals the ugly truth: dye will never manage to change the fact that you’re getting older, so you might as well start aging gracefully. Opt for a color matching your complexion, or let those grays be and stop darkening your mane in a horrendously artificial manner just to prove a point.

3. Salon Coloring Treatments Aren’t Getting Any Cheaper. According to recent studies, women spend more than 50,000 dollars on salon hair care treatments during their lifetime. So ask yourself this: couldn’t you live without hair dye? Call us cheap or overly budget-conscious, but with this kind of money you could probably buy a couple of extravagant cars, send your kids to school or go on an all-inclusive vacation at least once a year with your soul mate.

4. Gray Can Be Beautiful. Grays are not that bad. With the right cut, regular trims and the best styling aids available as we speak you could rock more than a few graying hairs virtually effortlessly!

5. There’s a Safer, Cheaper, More Natural Way to Darken Your Gray Hair. Don’t let the powerful players in the cosmetic industry fool you. At this point, scientists have managed to introduce a reliable gray hair cure that restores the user’s pigment in only a few weeks. Use catalase supplements based on real science to darken your graying hair gradually and witness the positive effects of a natural, risk-free transformation that starts on the inside.