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4 Reasons Why You May Need a New Gray Hair Treatment in Your Life

A mature couple laughingCelebrities of all ages constantly remind you just how important it really is to feel comfortable in your own skin. They tell the whole world that even gray hair can be seductive, as long as you take good care of it and do your best turn it into your iconic accessory. Truth be told, celebrities never have to worry about a bad hair day. They always count on the unconditional support of dozens of colorists, stylists and hairdressers. Things are very different for everyday people. If you feel the need to upgrade your dull gray hair, just do it. Give the latest gray hair treatment a try and discover the four most important reasons why you should actually follow a new approach to rediscovering the natural shade of your locks.

  1. Gray Hair Isn’t Your Type of Silver Metal. In an article published by Huffington Post, Cindy Joseph, a beautiful model who is in her 60s, tells us that we should actually embrace and celebrate our grays, while interpreting them as a proof of our uniqueness. In her case, going gray was a smart move that jumpstarted her modeling career. Due to her natural silvery locks, she got featured in ads for various prestigious brands, such as Olay, Dolce & Gabbana and Aveda. As tempting as it may be to just leave those grays be and ditch the services of your colorist, we have to admit that living with colorless strands is no easy task. Rebellious, dry and frizzy, whites can compromise your styling efforts in a split second; this is why you need a complete gray hair treatment designed to help you keep your colorless strands under control at all times.
  2. Natural DIY Anti Gray Hair Solutions Don’t Do the Trick for You. You’ve heard so much about masks, essential oils and rinses based on plant extracts. You’ve tried all these natural solutions based on amla, coffee, black tea, sage leaves and various other ingredients recommended as gray hair solutions. If these options have failed to provide the desirable results, consider turning to commercially available gray hair pills comprising the highest concentrations of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that can actually influence the pace of the graying process.
  3. You Are Tired of Dyeing Your Hair. Permanent hair dyes can affect the texture of your strands in the long run; not to mention the fact that the contrast between dyed hair and white roots can be quite appalling. If you are determined to forget everything about hair coloring kits, start implementing the best method to reverse gray hair, which is based on the administration of gray hair pills especially formulated to disintegrate the culprit for your loss of pigment: hydrogen peroxide.
  4. You Are Craving for a Change. Maybe you have nothing against hair dyes, but still wish to undergo a more natural and safe transformation that could restore your youthful aspect. By ensuring a subtle, gradual darkening effect, a modern gray hair treatment based on catalase could turn your wish into reality.

Regardless of the reasons why you want to part ways with your white streaks, note that Getawaygrey could help you accomplish this mission. Two pills taken daily could ensure a more intense color, while also potentially leading to improvements in terms of hair radiance and texture. For more details on product usage, ingredients and effectiveness, visit www.getawaygrey.com and discover the secrets of healthy, younger-looking hair at any age.


How Do Gray Hair Pills Actually Work?

Thoughtful senior man looks at his many pillsIf you are determined to banish those white strands once and for all, chances are that you are already contemplating the idea of testing the very best gray hair pills currently available on the market. But how could you possible make an informed purchase and select the most suitable product for your aging tresses? You can start by checking out the list of ingredients comprised by each product. Every single active ingredient serves a very specific purpose, potentially allowing you to notice a natural darkening effect by addressing the underlying causes of premature graying.

What Type of Formulas Should You Consider?

If goes without saying that no two types of commercially available gray hair treatments are alike. Even though they promise similar benefits, they incorporate different concentrations of active ingredients that combat the hair oxidation process, one way or another. So what kind of gray hair pills should you choose? First of all, focus on finding a gray hair solution based solely on safe, all-natural ingredients, taking into consideration the fact that you probably wouldn’t want to deal with potential side-effects associated with the administration of potent chemicals.

Here’s another aspect that may capture your attention: according to information provided by the Institute for Traditional Medicine, cited by Livestrong, the functionality of the kidney and the liver influences the appearance of gray hairs. Deficiencies present in one’s kidneys and liver disorders, which could be identifying by doing blood tests, could be corrected by taking a certain type of gray hair pills, based on a mix of Chinese herbs. This is only one possible approach to treating gray hair.

Secondly, opt for a formula that is developed around a scientific breakthrough. For example, Getawaygrey contains catalase, the enzyme that interferes with the hair bleaching process by blasting hydrogen peroxide deposits and converting them into oxygen and water. Aside from its ideal concentration of catalase, Getawaygrey also incorporates important minerals and vitamins added to promote the health of the users’ aging locks. Ingredients such as nettle root extract, B6 vitamins, biotin, support the growth of thicker, more vigorous hair. If you want to make the most of the advantages delivered by high-quality gray hair pills designed to rejuvenate, protect and feed your strands from within, order your first bottles of Getawaygrey on its official website and discover the effectiveness of catalase, combined with the right type of all-natural hair-friendly plant extracts.

Types of Minerals and Gray Hair Vitamins That Can Beautify Your Aging Locks

18edae4b31a4caab0090ba75d6495883As we grow older, we tend to focus on natural remedies that could make us look and feel younger and more attractive. In an attempt to prevent potentially harmful deficiencies that could impact our hair health we choose to take eat cleaner and take daily multivitamins allowing us to fill the gaps present in our diets. Most vitamins comprise a series of important compounds, such as biotin, B-complex and zinc, which support the health of our aging strands. If you’re looking for the most suitable gray hair treatment based on all-natural and safe ingredients, it is highly recommended to rely on a complex formula incorporating the following essential nutrients:

  1. Many people who pursue ambitious weight loss goals do not eat red meat very often. This is one of the reasons why they may be dealing with an iron deficiency. Iron is an extremely important element that transports oxygen to your strands and promotes a rapid hair growth. In case you want to include more iron-rich foods into your daily diet, try to prepare delicious meals based on spinach, chicken, lentils and egg yolks.
  2. Zinc is commonly known as the hair growth mineral. Did you know that enthusiastic sweaters and exercisers usually lose considerable amounts of zinc during their workouts? To prevent a potential deficiency, you should get up to 30mg of zinc on a daily basis. If you don’t want to take gray hair vitamins to supplement your zinc concentration, at least add a few delicious zinc-rich ingredients to your daily meals. Chocolate, pumpkin seeds, turkey and lamb are only a few suggestions that you may want to consider.
  3. B-Complex Vitamins. According to an article published by Huffington Post, several B-complex vitamins, including niacin, biotin and cobalamin do a great job at restoring the thickness and natural glow of your strands. In order to explore these benefits, you should consume avocados, eggs, legumes and whole grains as often as possible.

Should You Trust Gray Hair Vitamins?

Getting all the essential minerals and gray hair vitamins that you need from your daily diet can be quite difficult. Is there a simpler and more convenient way to nourish and protect your grays from the inside out? Of course there is! Start taking Getawaygrey, the natural promising gray hair treatment based on catalase. These pills for gray hair could fortify, feed, protect and rejuvenate your aging tresses from the inside out in just a few weeks. By neutralizing the culprit for premature graying, this product could also lead to a natural darkening effect. For more info on the benefits of Getawaygrey, product usage and ordering methods just go to www.getawaygrey.com and find out everything you need to know about faultless hair care at any age.

Should Premature Graying Be Considered a Medical Problem?

iStock_000010002083_SmallAfter turning 30, most men and women start to get used to the idea that they will have to cope with gray hairs in the near future. Unfortunately, the graying process still manages to take some of the least fortunate ones by surprise while they’re still in their 20s. Are the young gray-haired adults less healthy than the ones who still take pride in a fully pigmented mane? Can silver hair actually indicate the fact that your body is trying to send you a message? Should depigmented locks be interpreted as an early sign of a potential health concern? Here are a few answers to all these questions and many others that may be on your mind at this point.

What Does Premature Graying Actually Mean?

Although grays are commonly associated with old age, recent studies indicate that white individuals start to display colorless strands in their mid 30s; African-Americans usually notice their first white hairs in their mid 40s, and Asians go gray naturally before reaching 40. This means that Caucasians under 30 and African Americans under 40 who already have more than a few gray strands have been impacted by premature graying. According to WebMD, although scientists are yet to identify the reason why some people go gray at a very early age, they know for a fact that genetics play a huge part in this process.

Are Your Grays Signaling a Potential Medical Concern?

Going gray should not be seen as a warning sign triggered by a medical problem. Recent research suggests that there is no connection between premature graying and elevated stress levels. Moreover, the appearance of the first whites could be caused by a severe vitamin B-12 deficiency or a thyroid gland problem; but in this case the signs of premature graying can be reversed by simply correcting the problem that has led to this imbalance in the first place.

How Can You Address the Premature Graying Problem?

If your white hair cannot be linked to the two causes listed above, you will have to find the best way to cope with your lack of hair pigment. In this case, you have a great variety of options at hand. You could either rely on cosmetic solutions, such as all-around color, highlights, lowlights or hair makeup, or you could choose get to the root of the problem using vitamin complexes. Getawaygrey is an innovative type of catalase supplements designed to help people treat gray hair. Catalase is the important enzyme that puts the hair oxidation on hold. This potent enzyme breaks hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen molecules, which do not have any effects on the color of your locks. As we grow older, our bodies start to produce a reduced amount of catalase. By supplementing the dosage of catalase that your body receives you may become more able to fight the signs of premature graying for a longer while. Try this unique approach to treating gray hair and profit from the money-back guarantee that accompanies this new anti-gray hair product. For more info go to www.getawaygrey.com and get all the details that you may want to know about the active ingredients comprised by this advanced formula, recommendations for utilization and ordering methods.

Gray Hair News: Beauty Expert Elsa McAlonan Advises Women to Go Back to Their Colorless Roots

Portrait of Attractive Senior WomanThe appearance of the first grays can trigger a panic attack and make both men and women reevaluate their entire existence. Where did the year go? What have I done with my life? Come to think about it, premature graying can force you to question some of the most important aspects of your personal and professional achievements and failures.

How to Terminate the Rocky Relationship with Hair Dyes

On the other hand, hair dyes enable you to avoid answering these questions. The bad news is that your smooth relationship with your hair coloring kits inevitably starts to face the first challenges after only a few weeks. While looking in the mirror, you can’t help but wonder: is there a simple and cost-efficient way to ditch regular touchups and still flaunt a flattering color?

According to columnist and beauty guru Elsa McAlonan, the key is to love your silver hairs and accept the fact that gray can be quite a favorable and surprising color. In her article published by Daily Mail, Elsa McAlonan provides a few tips contributing to a smoother transition from colored to natural, gray hair. According to this source, a less dramatic makeup based on lavender eye shadow and soft pale pink tones, a wardrobe makeover revolving around a bolder and more generous color palette and a few creamy highlights could help you turn those fifty shades of gray into a powerful fashion statement. When you don’t feel like getting a new cut or accentuating your color, you can always switch your parting and achieve a natural, modern and slightly messy look in 5 seconds or less.

How to Use Catalase to Recover Your Hair Pigment

Gray hair can be a lot of fun, as long as you have the time, energy and patience to test all the cosmetic products designed to maintain its radiance and improve its texture. What if this is not an option? If you dislike the idea of sporting colorless strands, keep in mind that there is a new line of pills for gray hair that can give you the chance to restore your pigment safely and completely naturally. Two pills of Getawaygrey will help you achieve this goal in only a few weeks. Containing the perfect dosage of catalase, this product stands in the way of the hair oxidation process and lets you admire the natural color of your locks for the longest period of time.

3 Reasons Why “Antique” Gray Hair Went Mainstream

Senior Woman With Arms Crossed SmilingSome of the biggest, boldest and most memorable trends are always launched by A-listers who are well-known for the radical transformations that keep them into the spotlight. After making tattoos and piercings look cool, edgy celebs like Rihanna, Nicole Richie and Adam Lambert have decided to give gray hair a try. The same makeover idea has been reinterpreted by other style icons, such as Zosia Mamet and Kylie Jenner, who have turned “antique” gray into one of the hottest hair colors of the season.  Wondering why this somewhat odd and pretentious color keeps hitting the front page? Here are three plausible explanations for the recent gray mania that has taken us by surprise.

  1. All the Cool Kids Rock It. Fashionable celebs make controversial styling changes and their devoted fans follow in their footsteps. This is one of the reasons why antique gray is now seen as the predecessor of the platinum blonde, the trademark of popular female artists such as Gwen Stefani, Cristina Aguilera or Marilyn Monroe.
  2. It’s Different. Antique gray seems to be the perfect choice for teens who wish to individualize their style. It’s not purple (a trend that’s already been done to death in the past) and it’s not platinum blonde; therefore, it is 100% new, daring and original. In addition, light gray with violet accents is seen as a great pick for any cut of haircut, ranging from clean, slightly boyish pixie cuts to loose, romantic curls.
  3. Antique Gray Flatters Any Complexion. Antique gray is one of the very few colors that will look good on you regardless of your complexion. You can picture grayish locks on a pale, bronzed or ebony face; each combination is unique and strikingly beautiful in its own way.

Not a big fan of the trending “antique” gray hair color? Truth be told, there are plenty of reasons why you should avoid this bold hue. According to an article published by The Atlantic, in order to achieve this tone one must undergo a pre-bleaching routine that usually weakens hairs and robs them of their natural glow and vigor. Moreover, because of its lightness, this shade is also exposed to yellowish tints, so vigilance and toners should automatically become a part of your gray hair management strategy. In case you’d much rather recover your pigment the easy way and prevent those capricious fifty shades of gray hair, choose to take catalase supplements regularly. Two pills taken daily can help you prevent, stop and even reverse the signs of premature graying, by simply dissolving the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide present in your organism. For more info on this new generation of hair vitamins just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how the optimal dosage of catalase could lead to darker locks rapidly and absolutely naturally.

3 Reasons Why Gray Hair May Not Be the New Black after All

senior businessmanThese days, more and more people struggle to embrace their natural beauty and ditch decades-old beauty tips and tricks that cost time and money. “Barely there” makeup styles are promoted on a larger scale, while aging men and women worldwide are encouraged to leave those hair coloring kits behind and make the first steps towards a brighter, colorless mane. How could you actually determine whether or not going gray would be a smart move? You can always give this pretentious and fairly surprising hue a try, especially since the transition wouldn’t involve more than a few missed appointments with your favorite colorist. Nonetheless, before going down this road, you should start by factoring in the three main reasons why gray hair may not be the best option for you.

Gray Hair May Impact Your Social and Professional Life. A recent article posted by Forbes highlights the obvious: in their working environment, people are still judged based on their appearance. If you operate in a sector where your image is everything, you may feel compelled to conceal your grays until reaching full retirement age. Moreover, gray hair always seems to fuel the double standard injustice: while men with grays are often perceived as interesting and seductive silver foxes, women flaunting colorless hair are often labeled as older-looking and less attractive than the ones who still take pride in their natural pigment or the ones who go through the trouble of dyeing their white roots.

Gray Hair Doesn’t Give You Too Many Styling Options. In her book called Amazing Grays: A Woman’s Guide to Making the Next 50 the Best 50, Maggie Rosie Crane offers valuable advice to women who are struggling to cope with their transitional hair. Unfortunately, the styling alternatives that she mentions aren’t all that pretty. According to the author of this self-help book, you could mask regrowth by wearing a wig, shaving your head repeatedly, working closely with a colorist who would become responsible for your regular touchups or getting weekly trims to chop off artificially colored hair until you’re finally left with pure, snow white hairs.

Now You Can Actually Use Catalase to  Help Treat Gray Hair. Why would you be tempted to dye your hair or shave your head to achieve a colorless mane when you can take catalase supplements on a daily basis that could help restore your natural color? The promising gray hair management technique that seemed impossible a few decades ago is now available and widely accessible. Getawaygrey represents an advanced gray hair supplement based on catalase, the enzyme that turns the culprit for graying hair into oxygen and water, two compounds that do not threaten your pigment in any way. Get all the details related to this new product, its features and ordering methods by visiting www.GetAwayGrey.com and get one step closer to gorgeous, darker hairs safely and rapidly.

What Should a Premium Supplement for Gray Hair Actually Contain?

iStock_000020371903_SmallIt’s not always easy to adjust your daily diet based on the needs and demands of your body. Most days you have to settle for greasy takeout simply because you don’t have enough time on your hands to prepare a decent well-balanced meal at home. We’ve all been in this situation. The problem is that your dietary habits inevitably influence the condition of your hair and skin. Gray hair is particularly demanding, taking into consideration that its loss of pigment and natural oils leads to an accentuated frizziness and increased vulnerability. So the question is this: can you perfect your hair from the inside out and prevent potential deficiencies by taking pills especially formulated for your aging mane? If so, what kind of compounds should the ideal formula actually contain?

Folic Acid. Folic acid or vitamin B9 represents a prominent ingredient that is essential for your organism, simply because it keeps your tresses strong and shiny. According to recent studies cited by Livestrong, a folic acid deficiency could be responsible for the premature appearance of your gray strands. Moreover, vitamin B9 serves other important purposes: it boosts cellular function and supports normal tissue growth.

Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 is water-soluble and offers your aging hair the nutrients that it requires to preserve its pigment for a longer while. Known as an important ally in the battle with premature graying, vitamin B-6 can be found in a wide range of foods, including brown rice and chicken.

Antioxidant Agents. A complete formula designed to enhance the beauty of gray hair while also protecting it against internal and external risk factors should also contain some of the most effective antioxidant agents. Antioxidant vitamins protect your locks against damage caused by free radicals. You should know that free radicals could impact the looks and feel of your strands, by making them become thinner and considerable drier. Vitamin C and E are recognized for their amazing antioxidant properties and can do wonders for hair that is dry, lifeless and prone to breakage.

Catalase. Last but definitely not least, some of the best pills for gray hair contain catalase. This agent is a powerful enzyme that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide molecules, by turning them into oxygen and water. By decomposing hydrogen peroxide, an ideal concentration of catalase could help you recover your hair pigment and prevent the appearance of other grayish strands. Getawaygrey is a promising gray hair solution based on catalase. Based on a complex formula including various plant extracts and minerals, this product  may give your grays all they require to stay healthy and achieve a subtle, 100% natural darkening effect in less than 12 weeks.

3 Ways in Which Dietary Changes Can Help You Prevent Gray Hair

Simply IrresistableDo you still think that the premature graying problem can be addressed by using hair dyes? Truth be told, coloring products are a mere drop in the ocean. They can provide satisfactory results for a couple of weeks; afterwards, the grayish roots will inevitably burst out, forcing you to see your colorist again and ask for a retouch. The good news is that there is a simpler way to restore your natural color from the inside out – and the secret is within reach. Basic dietary changes can transform your locks in a radical manner, by delaying the graying process. Here are three dietary adjustments that may lend you a helping hand in the battle with your first silvery strands.

  1. Add as Many Sources of Vitamin B-12 as Possible. A vitamin B-12 deficiency is linked to pernicious anemia, a rather common health concern. On top of that, lack of vitamin B-12 is also associated with early graying. The recommended intake is 2.4 micrograms (for adult men and women). As we grow older, our bodies are less able to absorb this element; this is precisely why people over 50 should consume more fresh foods that are rich in vitamin B-12. B-12- fortified cereals, eggs, shellfish and liver are only a few tasty options that you should consider and combine when it comes to preparing your daily meals.
  2. Consume Foods that Are Rich in Iron and Copper. Citing a 2012 study, Livestrong reveals that an iron or copper deficiency may create the appropriate conditions for the appearance of your first grays. Recent research has underlined the fact that there is a solid connection between early graying and low levels of iron and copper. According to the same source, adults over 50 should take up to 900 micrograms of copper and 8 milligrams of iron on a daily basis. For a well-balanced diet that gives you the ideal amount of copper and iron, choose to eat as many clams, beef, lentils, spinach and oysters as possible.
  3. Start Taking Supplements for Gray Hair Based on Catalase. Should you really care about what you eat or should you just follow your instincts and satisfy your daily cravings? According to an article published by SF Gate on healthy eating, a poor diet can actually affect the melanin production in your body, inevitably contributing to the formation of the first gray hairs. If you don’t want to adjust your diet in any way to prevent premature graying, choose a much more practical and simple alternative: start taking catalase supplements. Rich in copper, vitamin B-6, biotin, folic acid and various other key ingredients that promote healthier, darker and thicker hair, these pills could be everything you need to keep those grays and bay.

To gain more insight into this matter, don’t forget to visit www.GetAwayGrey.com to get more familiar with the proven benefits of this revolutionary supplement for aging hair.

3 Key Ingredients Contained by Innovative Catalase Supplements

senior businessman leaning on office windowNot all gray hair solutions are created equally. The most common options are the ones that camouflage your white streaks and only tackle the effects of premature graying, without actually addressing the cause of this natural process. Another category of gray hair management techniques is based on a different approach promising beautiful darker strands without involving a single drop of dye. How does this work? In short, the new generation of catalase supplements can  help darken silvery locks from the inside out, by neutralizing the agent that triggers the discoloration process: hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Why Is Catalase Such an Important Find?

The ideal amount of catalase (5,000 iu) contained by Getawaygrey, a first-class vitamin complex for graying hair, succeeds in dissolving high concentrations of H2O2, enabling users to keep their natural pigment where it belongs: on their strands. Nonetheless, this formula isn’t based solely on catalase. Here are three of the many other ingredients comprised by Getawaygrey, which ensure multiple health and beauty benefits.

Discover 3 Top Ingredients Contained by Gray Hair Solution Based on Real Science

Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 contributes to a rapid hair growth, by stimulating the user’s metabolism. According to an article published by Livestrong, vitamin B-6 plays an important part in nail and hair regrowth by regulating hormones. At the same time, this extremely beneficial agent can prevent hair loss, while also supporting your immune system and favoring the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B-6 deficiencies may be linked to malabsorption, alcoholism or incorrect dietary choices; fortunately, you can avoid this health problem by taking catalase supplements that contain the right amount of vitamin B-6, the promoter of healthier nails and hair strands.

Biotin. Recent studies indicate that biotin can do wonders for your hair by acting on two different fronts. First of all, this compound does a great job at preventing hair thinning. Secondly, biotin can give you the chance to avoid or delay hair color loss. Getawaygrey contains 300 mcg of biotin and lets you explore the two major advantages that any person impacted by premature graying would like to witness.

Nettle Root Extract. Many people who complain about the grayish tone of their hairs are also bothered by balding spots and/or thinning strands. Vitamins for hair based on nettle root extract let you kill two birds with one stone, by stimulating hair regrowth while also battling the premature loss of hair pigment.

Getawaygrey comprises these three active ingredients and many other plant and mineral compounds. To discover the particularities of the formula that can put your pigment back into your strands, just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and get ready to order a remarkable, scientifically tested gray hair solution.