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Can U.S. Men Stop Gray Hair Without Dyeing It?

Gray hair is no longer seen as a characteristic of old men and women. On the contrary, hereditary factors, elevated stress levels, insufficient sleep, a poor diet, smoking and various other elements speed up the hair oxidation process, forcing younger individuals who are in their 20s or their 30s to cope with silvery hair.

FE_DA_GrayHair_082312425x283In the absence of catalase, an enzyme that keeps things under control and battles premature graying, the hair bleaches itself from the inside out and also loses its radiance and its original texture. This is a nightmare experienced by numerous American men. Recent studies indicate that more than 60% of all American men have to deal with white hairs before they reach 40.

While silvery hairs can look good on some of the classiest Hollywood actors, they may also fail to compliment your features and succeed only in helping you get that washed-out look that nobody appreciates. So how could you reverse gray hair in this case?

Why Hair Dyes May Not Be the Best Solution for You

According to Surveys, 11% of all American men with ages ranging from 50 to 64 choose to restore their natural color by relying on hair dyes. Could this be the best method to stop gray hair?

After testing it, you may reach the conclusion that hair dye is not your best friend. Firstly, it provides short-term results. Secondly: it is hard, if not impossible, to go back to your natural shade using hair coloring products. Thirdly, repetitive coloring cycles are expensive; not to mention that they could affect your hair structure and leave you with less hairs.

The DIY Approach: Natural Oils That Can Replace Hair Dyes

If you don’t want to dye your hair, you could choose to mask those grays in a completely natural manner, by applying home-made oils and creams based on widely accessible ingredients. Did you know that special DIY formulas based on herbs are available for each hair color?

For red hair, boil a mix of Calendula flowers, hibiscus petals and water; for blonde hair use calendula tea, chamomile tea and natural lemon juice and for brown or black hair use brewed black tea and black walnut powder to darken your hair gradually.

The Expert Approach: Stop Graying Hair with a Pill

Don’t have much faith in natural remedies? Feel the need to rely on a tested product created by a team of respectable researchers? If so, don’t hesitate to purchase and test Get Away Grey, your fastest, strongest gray hair cure based on catalase. It prevents the premature graying process and also helps you get rid of gray hair naturally, in no time. Buy it, love it and spread the word about your number one cure for gray hair