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Can Hereditary Factors Compromise Our Efforts to Reverse Gray Hair?

grey_hairLet’s face it: only a limited number of people can actually rock the salt and pepper look. Men who could never become the more approachable version of George Clooney and women who could never replicate the casual, yet extremely glamorous silver coiffure worn with pride by Helen Mirren are still looking for the cheapest, safest, most convenient method to reverse gray hair.

But if your mom spotted her first gray hairs in her 20s and if your dad also suffered from premature graying, is there a way to preserve the beautiful color of your hair for the longest period of time and make it look more appealing? In other words, is it possible to control hereditary factors that could jeopardize your efforts to battle premature gray hair?

Are You a Proud Winner of the Genetic Lottery?

Researches are still having a hard time trying to understand why, and most importantly how, human hair ages. The factors that are responsible for premature graying don’t always depend on the age, the gender and the ethnicity of the subject. In most cases, heredity is the main reason why young people who are in their 20s or 30s are relying on hair dyes or other cosmetic treatments to camouflage their silvery hairs.

Scientists have determined that our unique genetic makeup is an important piece of the puzzle. Our genetic heritage ultimately determines how susceptible we are to premature graying. This expert opinion is shared by Dr. Karin U. Schallreuter, a reputable professor from the University of Bradford, who is specialized experimental dermatology.

Understanding the Crucial Importance of Catalase

Therefore, people can be divided into two main categories: the winners and the losers of the genetic lottery. Some of them are susceptible to premature graying, while others aren’t. Some take pride in their dark, glowing hair even in the latest period of their lives, while others are forced to dye their silvery hair or mask it by relying on clever hairstyles.

Researches also affirm that the absence of catalase, a highly important enzyme in our bodies, is enabling hydrogen peroxide to oxidize our hair and basically “bleach” it from the inside. Catalase has the power to neutralize hydrogen peroxide, by decomposing it into 2 totally harmless elements: water and oxygen. In this context, it seems obvious that those who want to reverse gray hair should try to find the best way to stimulate the production of catalase.

Getting the Best Cure for Gray Hair

If you are one of the misfortunate losers of the genetic lottery, you should know that not all is lost. You can still preserve your youth and your fabulous, all-natural hair for the longest period of time, by counting on an excellent source of catalase.

In this case, keep in mind that Get Away Grey is a remarkable vitamin complex, based on catalase, which represents the best cure for gray hair. Moreover, this product comes with a money-back guarantee.

Nothing should stop you from purchasing and testing the ultimate gray hair cure. Order it, use it and fall in love with its amazing results!