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Best Ways to Boost Catalase Levels

elderly woman with red apple in hands on a light background in tAs we grow older, our bodies start to produce a lower amount of catalase. According to scientists, this is the main reason why we go gray and become exposed to age-related cellular damage. So the question is this: if we are familiar with the agent that is influencing the premature graying process, can we actually use it to our best advantage to keep our natural pigment on our locks and prevent free radical damage for a longer period of time? Researchers seem to believe that this hypothesis is quite plausible. In order to witness such improvements, you would have to boost your catalase production, by following at least one of the methods listed below.

Factor in the Most Potent Vegetal Sources of Catalase. Several fresh fruits and veggies that you have already included in your diet, including carrots, potatoes and cruciferous vegetables, are excellent sources of catalase and can constitute the main ingredients of your everyday healthy and delicious meals.

Don’t Neglect Animal Sources of Catalase. If you’re not a vegetarian, consider adding animal sources of catalase to your daily diet. Taking into consideration that the purpose of the liver is to break down a large category of harmful chemicals that get into your system, it shouldn’t surprise you that this organ contains high dosages of catalase. This is precisely why beef liver should be consumed by people who want to speed up the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by boosting their levels of catalase. Add broccoli or cabbage and carrots as a side dish and you’ll manage to prepare a quick, frugal meal that will fill your stomach while also supporting your battle with premature graying.

Take Catalase Supplements on a Daily Basis. Let’s face it: you can’t always plan your meals rigorously. During hectic working days, you could be forced to replace that healthy organic lunch with a few biscuits and a cup of coffee. If you feel that you cannot increase your catalase levels by implementing dietary changes, consider taking the right pills for gray hair to achieve your hair health goals. Get Away Grey is an innovative product that lets you say go away grey in a matter of a few weeks. Containing the ideal dosage of catalase and a number of plant and mineral components, this revolutionary formula is all you need to keep your natural hair pigment close.