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Audrina Patridge Opts for Gray Hair and Violet Highlight

drina-5-1421101276Over the past few years, gray hair has managed to raise the interest of A-listers who are trying to achieve a wild, chic and somewhat controversial look. After trying the entire color palette, Kelly Osborne decided to make a bold move by going gray with a little help from her hairdresser. The trend was rapidly taken to the next level by other celebs with a bold style, including Nicole Richie, Kylie Jenner and Adam Lambert. Now the gray movement has found a new supporter: Audrina Patridge has recently dyed her hair gray. The beautiful ex-brunette now takes pride in shiny gray hair accentuated by discrete dusty violet highlights, according to US Magazine.

The new color is called “champagne” gray and reflects Audrina’s efforts to try a new fun and fresh look for the New Year. Apparently this new tone is exactly what the A-lister needs to match the 2015 pastel/silver color trend in style. The transformation was achieved by Briana Cisneros, a famous colorist from a salon based in Santa Clarita, California. Cisneros took Aldridge from a dark level 6 brunette to a much lighter level 10 blonde before adding the cool violet highlights.

Should You Battle the Yellowish White Hair by Counting on Violet Accents?

Violet highlights may be the best thing for you if you’re having a hard time managing the yellowish shade of your white strands. In case you don’t want to dye your hair at all to mask those grays, note that you could easily prevent the yellow tint by washing your hair regularly with a shampoo especially formulated for colorless strands, which contains violet or bluish pigments.

Is There a Natural, Rapid and Safe Way to Banish Those Grays?

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