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Are You One of Those People Who Are Likely to Go Gray at an Early Age?

10980291Are your terrified of the first silvery strands that could appear on your temples anytime now? You shouldn’t be! These days, there are numerous ways in which you can protect your natural pigment, brighten up your original color and preserve your youthful appearance for many years in a row.

And we’re not talking about the ephemeral effects of semi-permanent, demipermanent or permanent hair coloring products. Science offers us the chance to look as young and attractive as we actually feel. Catalase supplementsrepresent a great method to reverse gray hair in a risk-free, timely fashion. But is premature graying a major threat that you should take into consideration? Are there any factors that could accelerate your hair oxidation process and force you to discover the first grays in front of the mirror sooner than expected? Let’s find out.

Factors That Speed Up the Hair Discoloration Process

You should know that there are numerous elements that could make you display the silver fox look that fits Meryl Streep like a glove while you’re still in your 30s. Contrary to popular beliefs, gray hair is not only a sign of old age or an indicator of a serious disease. Researchers have reached the conclusion that graying hair is genetically determined. If your parents or your grandparents were forced to deal with white tresses at a very early age, chances are that the same thing will also happen to you. Don’t worry though; super hair vitamins containing ideal dosages of catalase could actually turn the clock in your favor, allowing you to restore your pigment and strengthen and beautify your locks from the inside out.

  • Smoking Robs You of Your Natural Pigment

Lifestyle choices also weigh a great deal, when it comes to creating and implementing an anti gray hair set of strategies. If you are a heavy smoker, now would be a good time to quit. It seems that there is a solid connection between this cancer-causing bad habit and loss of pigment. Experts who have interpreted the results of an observational study conducted in 2010 reflected that 50.2% of the subjects (the so-called PHG group) had their very first appearance of colorless hair before reaching 30, while the remaining 49.8% were listed in the normal hair graying category. The numbers speak for themselves: smokers are more likely to go gray at an early age, compared to people who do not smoke.

  • A Poor Diet Increases Your Likelihood to Go Gray at an Early Age

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what exact manages to put premature graying on the run? This is actually a very interesting topic that is constantly brought into the attention of esteemed researchers and nutritionists. Some experts indicate that a diet based mostly on junk food, which does not include healthy proteins and minerals, could be considered the culprit for graying hair. According to SFGate, poor nutrition can accelerate the graying process. One thing’s certain: vitamin B-12, zinc and copper deficiencies impact the color and the strength of your tresses. Fortunately, this problem can be corrected rapidly and easily, by simply eating the right foods.

Eggs, shellfish, beef and fish represent excellent sources of B-12 vitamin. Moreover, beans, nuts, leafy greens, grapes, tomatoes and bananas are the most accessible copper-rich foods that should be included in your daily diet. Last but definitely not least, if you want to overcome or prevent a zinc deficiency, it is highly recommended to consume cooked oysters, nuts, chocolate and cocoa, cooked white mushrooms and pork and chicken as often as possible. Also, try to avoid processed foods and eat a lot of fresh, organic fruits and veggies, which offer you a highly beneficial, all-natural cocktail of vitamins that does wonders for your hair and skin.

  • Ethnicity and Race Also Influence Your Graying Timeframe

Did you really think that race and ethnicity have nothing to do with your very own graying timeline? In this case, you are terribly wrong! Studies show that Caucasian people are the first ones to go gray. They discover their first depigmented hairs around the age of 35. On average, African-American get to keep their pigment on their tresses for 5 more years. Several respectable researchers, including Jeffrey Benabio from San Diego, California, agree upon the fact that 50% of all people have 50% gray hair by the time they turn 50. Even so, the 50-50-50 standard is still far from being considered a norm. If you are the winner of the genetic lottery, you can still take pride in your raven hair while you’re 40. If premature graying runs in your family, you will most likely be forced to start looking for a suitable gray hair remedy before reaching 30. These numbers have very little value, since you can’t actually predict the appearance of the first grays. The fact that you not have a crystal globe that could tell you if and when you should be concerned about hair oxidation shouldn’t stop you from identifying and using the best gray hair cure tailored to your needs and demands.

Best Ways to Cope with Gray Hair

There are various ways in which you could address the gray hair problem. Some of the most common methods involve the usage of hair coloring products. But here is one delicate issue that nobody likes to talk about (not even your hairdresser): gray hair can be extremely difficult to dye, because of its unique composition. Even if somehow it always manages to gain a very unattractive yellowish hue, gray hair is not always easy to cover using hair coloring products.

Its coarser texture and also the fact that its lack of color enables it to reflect light won’t work to your advantage. Professional hair colorists recommend the usage of quality dyes, especially formulated for graying hair, like Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy Gray Solution priced at $8.99, for example. But then again, hair coloring can be quite expensive in the long run; not to mention that it is not the best solution for people who opt for low-maintenance hairstyles and want to preserve their basic, time-effective and stress-free beautification ritual for many more years to come without being forced to see a stylist every couple of weeks. If you are one of those individuals who can’t stand hair dyes, you should know that your aversion for hair coloring products can’t alwaysmake you lose the fight with premature graying.

Catalase supplements are effective, scientifically proven gray hair reversal solutions. To restore your pigment the easy way, all you have to do is take 2 pills on a daily basis, after a meal. This super vitamin complex can be administered for a long period of time, since it does not pose any alarming side effects. Get Away Grey is a catalase-based supplement that can bring your natural pigment back and help you keep it for a long period of time. Don’t go gray if you don’t want to! Buy this verified gray hair curetoday and say yes to radiant, soft, fully pigmented tresses once again.