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5 Things that Grey Hair Says About You

Typical hair color descriptions — like redhead, brunette, and blonde — are really very broad classifications. But there’s no hair color that says as much about you upon first impression than grey.

There are definitely women and men who look stunning with white hair. A salt-and-pepper haired actor named George Clooney certainly hasn’t lost his appeal as his hair has greyed, and those with stunning white manes — like Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Emmylou Harris — are widely considered to be beautiful. And would Anderson Cooper’s eyes look as striking if he didn’t have white hair? Probably not.

But here’s the problem: not everyone ends up with the sort of sterling silver locks that stop people in their tracks. For most people, grey hair implies things about you that may not be true at all. Here are five common impressions of grey hair.

1. You are wise (but old).

If you’re being sworn in as a judge, it’s safe to say your grey hair probably hasn’t held you back career-wise.

A 40-year-old man or woman with brunette hair is perceived as lacking in gravitas, but generally being more vibrant and attractive than the same person with grey hair. On the other hand, 40-somethings with noticeable grey make people think of judges and politicians: people with wisdom to spare, but who probably don’t care quite as much about appearance.

2. You are career-focused and intelligent.

Remember Meryl Streep’s role as editor Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada? Of course, an actress of Streep’s caliber could convincingly play just about any role imaginable, but her white tresses in this particular movie only emphasize the character’s ruthless career orientation. Miranda is seen as someone who has it all together career-wise, but also as someone you don’t dare cross.

3. You lack vibrancy and energy.

True or not, grey hair usually gives an impression of someone who is not vibrant and full of life. Some people are lucky because their grey or white hair works well with their skin tone and eye color, but for most people grey hair makes the face look “washed out.” Some of this can be compensated for by judicious use of makeup, but most grey-haired men aren’t going to start wearing makeup.

4. You are pure and sweet (like grandma).

Grey or white hair is often associated with sweetness, particularly by those who have fond memories of grandparents. But what if you’re 30 with premature grey hair? You probably don’t want people to associate you with grandparents, particularly if you are single.

What’s sweeter than a white-haired grandma or grandpa? If you’re 30 with premature grey hair, however, that’s probably not the impression you want to give.

5. You are invisible.

This is probably the most unfortunate “impression” made by grey hair. A 2009 article by UK writer Linda Kelsey about going grey provoked many reader responses about grey hair making people — particularly women — “invisible.” One reader said, “[Y]ou become totally invisible — people even barge into you on the street. Doctors, dentists and opticians suddenly start saying ‘Well, dear, at your age.'”

Hair Color is Not Your Only Option

For many people, grey is not flattering, and many of these people assume they will have to dye their hair every six weeks indefinitely to look good. However, you do have another option for grey hair treatment. It’s called GetAwayGrey, and it’s a natural supplement that addresses underlying grey hair causes.

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If you’re not happy with your grey, you may not have to have a date with a bottle of dye every few weeks. GetAwayGrey deals with grey before it happens, helping people look younger and more vibrant naturally.

Photo Credits: Maryland GovPics, Taliesin