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5 Reasons Why Going Gray Wouldn’t Be a Bad Idea

woman grayAre you worried that your aging hair could go wild anytime now? Are you tired of using hats, hundreds of bobby pins and hairbands to mask your gray hair or keep it in place? If so, you should know that many other women are currently dealing with the same problem. Most of them are addicted to hair dyes and would do just about anything to avoid the grandma look. As a matter of fact, aCNN article points out that grays can be fun. If you are having a hard time believing this, just take a look at the 5 top reasons why going gray is not always amajor styling error.

1. You Are No Longer Slave to Your Hairstylist

By letting your hair go gray naturally, you say goodbye to regular coloring appointments. Of course, you would still visit your hairstylist every couple of months to upgrade your cut, but you wouldn’t have to spend a small fortune on various treatments designed to reduce the brassiness of your colored hair and maintain the artificial tone of your aging locks.

2. You Can Still Achieve Different Gorgeous Looks by Playing with Various Styling Aids

Mousse, finishing sprays, pomades and gels are only a few of the most common styling products that you can try to change your image every once in a while. A few large hair rollersand a multipurpose strong hold spray can turn a long bob into a classy and romantic hairstyle with loose curls.

3. You Can Create a Unique Signature Look

Highlights can minimize contrasts and facilitate your transition from dark to gray. If you don’t want to dye your locks, you can always use extensions to obtain the same effect. Either way, a modern, sharp cut plus a few face-framing highlights will guarantee a signature look that will make your friends envious.

4. You Save Time and Energy

Colored hair can be pretty demanding. It usually requires deep-conditioning treatments to stay gorgeous and healthy. Moreover, even those who invest a lot of money in salon treatments are sometimes forced to spend one hour in the mirror at home, trying to tame those rebellious, deteriorated strands. By cutting your aging hair a bit shorter, eliminating the usage of unnecessary styling aids leading to product buildup and by ditching artificial pigment you can simplify your daily beautification ritual and save a lot of time and energy in the process.

5. You Start a Journey of Self-Discovery

You shouldn’t let your grays intimidate you. After all, there are a proof of your knowledge, experience and amazing personal style. By going gray you basically reveal that you are ready to write a new chapter in your life and let go of the past.

Not all people over 40 are willing to forget about their long lost natural pigment. If you are one of them, remember that vitamins for gray hairare the best substitute for hair dyes. Unlike coloring products, catalase supplements restore the users’ pigment from the inside out and make every single strand stronger and more appealing.