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5 Great Ways to Protect Your Gray Hair in Winter

iStock_000049197632_SmallDo you still think that your skin is the only part of your body requiring a little bit more care and attention during the cold winter months? If that’s the case, now would be a good time to reconsider. Your gray hair is just as vulnerable in winter. Discolored, stripped of its natural oils and constantly frizzy, your locks may gradually become a real eyesore forcing you to spend more time in the mirror trying to perfect your hairstyle. Things don’t have to get this messy. To better your relationship with your colorless strands during winter you just have to follow five easy tips.

Cover Your Mane. Use hats, infinity scarves or any other type of accessory to cover your head. Or better yet, you could wrap a silk scarf around your head. This type of classy embellishment will help you negate the static charge that impacts your tresses in winter, leading to fly-away strands and ruined coiffeurs.

Don’t Go Out with Wet Hair. Going outside with wet hair is definitely not a good idea, unless you’re seriously craving for the very best cold and flu meds. In addition, damp hair exposed to extremely low temperatures can easily freeze and get severely damaged. To prevent this worst-case scenario, choose to use a protein-rich shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing properties and dry your hair properly before going out.

Apply Static Control Strategies. Wool sweaters and most of the warm, comfy clothes that you wear during winter will interact with your hair, leading to a static building, which can be addressed by pulverizing a small amount of hairspray on your tresses. The static problem is also exacerbated by your clothing items; to eliminate this inconvenient you would just have to use a quality softener or a good anti-static spray.

Keep Your Gray Hair Properly Moisturized. You should also buy and utilize an anti-frizz styling aid (preferably a concentrated serum) and a leave-in conditioner to prevent moisture loss and boost the appeal of your graying hair.

Take the Best Catalase Supplements. During winter, hair becomes more frail and prone to breakage. If you are looking for a gray hair solution that will fortify your strands, why not test one that will also rejuvenate and beautify them? Catalase supplements can live up to this challenge. With a formula comprising catalase and various other natural ingredients, these products are the key to obtaining darker, more luscious hair in only a few weeks.

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