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3 Ways to Banish Grays Using Homemade Hair Packs

Smiling womanLet’s face it: only a few people actually see their first gray hairs as a flattering accessory that could reflect their wisdom, experience and personal charm. The rest of them are constantly looking for accessible gray hair solutions providing long-term positive results. If you have already been hit hard by premature graying, chances are that you have inventoried your best options, ranging from coloring kits to DIY potions and everything in between. Looking for quick and easy recipes for natural homemade hair packs that could put the dark pigment back on your aging tresses? We give you three convenient alternatives that are easy to prepare in any kitchen.

  1. Potato Peel or Black Tea Rinse. Both black tea and potato pill rinses act in a similar manner, by lending you the amount of natural pigment that you need to cover your grays. To get the best results, you would have to boil these ingredients for around 10 minutes and then let the liquid cool down. The tea/potato peel water should be applied on damp, clean hair and should not be mixed with other hair care solutions. At the end of the process, let your locks dry naturally.
  2. Lemon and Coconut. Lemon and coconut oil are two main ingredients comprised by a less usual combination which is just perfect for people who want to darken their mane. Mix 3 tsp. of lemon juice with anywhere from 6 to 9 tsp. of coconut oil (depending on the length of your hair), and let the mix rest on your graying hair for about one hour. Afterwards, gently remove the product using a mild shampoo and dry your locks.
  3. Henna Pack. For centuries in a row, henna has been used as a redoubtable grey defense by millions of men and women. To explore its most beneficial properties, grind a few henna leaves and mix them with a few tablespoons of amla powder and coffee powder. All three agents will ensure a natural darkening effect by getting your grays out of the picture for a few days or weeks, depending on the concentration of your homemade hair packs and the quality of their ingredients.

Hair backs based on plant extracts are inexpensive and easy to apply. On the other hand, their results tend to be ephemeral, as they don’t really tackle the cause of the premature graying problem. On the other hand, getawaygrey follows an innovative approach to hair care, by giving users the opportunity to dissolve the culprit of hair oxidation and keep their natural pigment on their strands in an entirely safe manner. For more details on how this revolutionary gray hair solution actually works, find out more about catalase and its other active ingredients by visiting www.GetAwayGrey.com and stay up-to-date with the expert info that could change your perspective on beauty and hair health.