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  3 Healthy Snacks That Can Help You Take Better Care of Your Gray Hair

iStock_000012686712_Small“You are what you eat.” You hear this annoying statement so often that you automatically ignore it and never bother to actually grasp its meaning. However, when you start to notice more than a few new wrinkles on your forehead and a plethora of new gray hairs, you can’t help but wonder: Am I doing something wrong? Are my dietary habits working against me?

If you’ve reached this stage, chances are that your daily diet is far from being one of your strongest weapons that you could use to fight premature graying and the signs of aging. Nonetheless, eating healthy and adopting a gray hair-friendly diet doesn’t actually mean that you should only drink juices and eat tasteless salads on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, some of the tastiest snacks that you could ever think of have what it takes to promote healthier, shinier gray hair growth; furthermore, a few great treats may also help you hold on to your natural color for a longer period of time. Here are three snack ideas that may just do wonders for your aging hair.

  1. Let’s be honest for a minute: who doesn’t like chocolate? This yummy treat is an excellent source of copper, a potent element that supports the production of melanin. In other words, a significant amount of copper could give you the chance to maintain your natural color for a longer while without any special efforts. You could always choose to add anywhere from ¼ to ½ bar of dark chocolate to your daily diet, but don’t overdo it; remember that an increased chocolate consumption could threaten your weight loss goals and trigger several other unpleasant consequences impacting your looks and health.
  2. Berries are rich in vitamin C and have proven antioxidant properties. These delicious fruits can help you prevent free radical damage and display a brighter complexion, while also promoting healthy hair growth.
  3. Almonds can facilitate your transition from a dark mane to a silvery white one by boosting the vigor of aging strands. According to Livestrong, almonds contain a high dosage of magnesium. Studies have shown that a magnesium deficiency can be linked to hair loss; on the other hand, magnesium is known as the essential mineral that contributes to the growth of stronger strands. Here’s the good news: ¼ cup of roasted almonds ensures 45% of the overall amount of magnesium that an adult should assimilate on a daily basis.

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