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3 Common Graying Hair Styling Mistakes That Add Years to Your Face

0809p32-gray-mThe appearance of the first gray hairs shouldn’t be considered a tragic event. On the contrary, bleached hairs can be a real blessing, once you learn how to boost their attractiveness and how to go gray in style. Unfortunately, most men and women aren’t fully aware of the fact that an old-fashioned cut or the usage of certain styling products can make them look older and less interesting. Below you will find a list of some of the most common graying hair styling mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

#1 Opting for a One-Length Cut

We can’t remember that last time when one-length cuts were considered popular. Apart from the fact that they are outdated, they also accentuate the lines of your face in an unflattering manner. Can you even imagine how the horrible bowl cut could compromise the image of a graying man? On the other hand, layers add warmth to your facial features. A trendy layered haircut can do wonders for men and women who are already impacted by premature graying. Not to mention the fact that layers add volume and make your hairs look thicker.

#2 Using Too Many Styling Products

Here’s some shocking news: tons of styling products utilized simultaneously to obtain smooth, healthy-looking, obedient hairs that shine brighter than the sun will actually work against you. Why? The answer is quite predictable: despite the fact that styling products like gel or mousse can keep your hairs in an ideal position and make any kind of hairstyle look awesome for a short period of time, they can also lead to an aging combination.

After a few hours, hairs covered in more or less aggressive chemical-rich products will inevitably become dull, frizzy and stiff. To avoid this worst case scenario, use only a little bit of silicon serum to enhance the luster of your grays and a tiny drop of high-quality lightweight mousse to come up with a gorgeous, natural-looking hairstyle.

#3 You Still Take Pride in the Lightest Shade of Blonde

Your fair locks made you insanely popular in high school. They were considered your best accessory, because they always managed to attract compliments like a magnet. But all of these things happened decades ago. Truth be told, the brightest shades of blonde do not complement an aging face. This is because as we age, our complexion loses its natural color. Light blond hair drains what’s left of the delicate, warm tones of our face. This doesn’t mean that you have to dye your hair black. On the contrary, radical changes should be avoided.

If you have more than a few gray hairs, you should enable them to blend in with your natural color, by adding a few discrete highlights. Opt for intense shades of blonde, like butter or honey, which will not lead to that dreadful washed-out look.

Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

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