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3 Key Ingredients Contained by Innovative Catalase Supplements

senior businessman leaning on office windowNot all gray hair solutions are created equally. The most common options are the ones that camouflage your white streaks and only tackle the effects of premature graying, without actually addressing the cause of this natural process. Another category of gray hair management techniques is based on a different approach promising beautiful darker strands without involving a single drop of dye. How does this work? In short, the new generation of catalase supplements can  help darken silvery locks from the inside out, by neutralizing the agent that triggers the discoloration process: hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Why Is Catalase Such an Important Find?

The ideal amount of catalase (5,000 iu) contained by Getawaygrey, a first-class vitamin complex for graying hair, succeeds in dissolving high concentrations of H2O2, enabling users to keep their natural pigment where it belongs: on their strands. Nonetheless, this formula isn’t based solely on catalase. Here are three of the many other ingredients comprised by Getawaygrey, which ensure multiple health and beauty benefits.

Discover 3 Top Ingredients Contained by Gray Hair Solution Based on Real Science

Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 contributes to a rapid hair growth, by stimulating the user’s metabolism. According to an article published by Livestrong, vitamin B-6 plays an important part in nail and hair regrowth by regulating hormones. At the same time, this extremely beneficial agent can prevent hair loss, while also supporting your immune system and favoring the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B-6 deficiencies may be linked to malabsorption, alcoholism or incorrect dietary choices; fortunately, you can avoid this health problem by taking catalase supplements that contain the right amount of vitamin B-6, the promoter of healthier nails and hair strands.

Biotin. Recent studies indicate that biotin can do wonders for your hair by acting on two different fronts. First of all, this compound does a great job at preventing hair thinning. Secondly, biotin can give you the chance to avoid or delay hair color loss. Getawaygrey contains 300 mcg of biotin and lets you explore the two major advantages that any person impacted by premature graying would like to witness.

Nettle Root Extract. Many people who complain about the grayish tone of their hairs are also bothered by balding spots and/or thinning strands. Vitamins for hair based on nettle root extract let you kill two birds with one stone, by stimulating hair regrowth while also battling the premature loss of hair pigment.

Getawaygrey comprises these three active ingredients and many other plant and mineral compounds. To discover the particularities of the formula that can put your pigment back into your strands, just visit and get ready to order a remarkable, scientifically tested gray hair solution.



3 Easy Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Appearance of the First Gray Hairs

Woman Receiving Gift From Man At HomeThose who think that gray hair is ugly and unflattering by definition are terribly wrong. On the other hand, it’s only fair to say that silvery strands require constant maintenance and a strong desire to defy beauty clichés and display a unique signature style. Let’s face it: unruly gray hair correlated with a pale complexion can make you look one or two decades older than you really are. While old age can be associated with wisdom and experience, you clearly wouldn’t want to look 60 when you’re barely in your 30s. So how could you welcome your first white hairs in style? The answer is simple: start by prepping your face for this transition. Here are some guidelines that should simplify this process.

  1. Make Your Eyes Pop Out. You should start by learning new makeup techniques. Consider the run-off-the-mill smokey eyes a thing of the past and apply linen-colored quality eyeshadow on your lids. Next, accentuate your lashline by using a premium black liner, curl your lashes and add at least two coats of mascara.
  2. Take Care of Sparse Brows. Spars brows can make you look older than you really are. Correlated with gray strands, they can become the main ingredients of an imminent disaster impacting your image after 40. Therefore, use an eyebrow pencil in a soft shade matching your complexion (tones ranging from medium to light taupe can be considered a safe choice at any age) and don’t hesitate to extend the fading tail of your brows, while creating a natural look that goes hand in hand with your haircut and makeup style. According to O Magazine, women who flaunt salt and pepper locks should highlight their brows using a gray-blue pencil that can complement the shade of their tresses without creating an unpleasant, artificial-looking contrast.
  3. Keep Your Lips Properly Lined. Here is another unpleasant fact that you will have to learn to accept: as we grow older, the natural contour of our lips will start to fade. Fortunately, you can correct this minor flaw by using a nude liner before applying your clear gloss and/or lipstick.

These three easy tips will enable you to prep your skin for the appearance of your first grays. However, if you don’t feel ready to cope with premature graying and its endless list of changes, choose to give catalase supplements a try. Based on catalase and natural hair extracts, these pills for gray hair can interfere with the oxidation process undergone by your locks.

3 Ways to Keep Your Gray Hair Bright at All Times

Happy Senior WOman Man Couple On Tropical BeachHere’s one of the most annoying paradoxes of modernity that you are most likely familiar with: we have so many cosmetic products and so little time on our hands to use them. As this wouldn’t be enough, we are constantly bombarded with countless marketing messages revealing the more or less accurate attributes of sophisticated gray hair care solutions designed to beautify and protect silvery strands, which are unruly and fragile by definition. So how could you filter all these hair care alternatives and select the items that actually lead to smoother, shinier strands? Here are three foolproof ways to keep your tresses bright at all times.

  1. Use the Right Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner. Always go for premium clarifying shampoos and conditioners with blue or violet accents, which will fight the yellowish tint that white hair tends to display. According to Senior Citizen, these complementary pigments can easily neutralize unwanted hues (brassy gray or orange and yellowish shades), turning the dullest color into magnetic snowy white.
  2. Homemade Rinses and Masks. Before and after washing your gray hair, it wouldn’t hurt to explore the effectiveness of popular homemade potions created to restore the natural glow of graying hair and prevent brassiness. Vinegar rinses and DIY hair masks based on Hollyhock and Bethany flowers serve this purpose and let you get rid of unappealing shades of yellow, as long as you use them religiously. If you don’t have time to prepare do-it-yourself remedies for fading color and yellowish tints, have faith in different commercially available coloring agents, such as Shimmer Lights by Clairol or Aveda Malva Blue Shampoo. Featuring pigments that battle and remove yellow from gray hair, these products lead to the silvery tones that you have always wanted to contemplate in the mirror.
  3. Take Catalase Supplements Each Day. If you firmly believe that real beauty starts from within, choose to follow a different gray hair approach by including catalase supplements in your daily diet. Comprising an optimal dosage of catalase, the best vitamins stimulating a proper hair growth and the most effective plant extracts, Getawaygrey could be everything your aging locks need to recover their pigment and their unique glow naturally, rapidly and absolutely risk free. For additional details on benefits, action, ingredients and ordering methods visit and find how you could also flaunt gorgeous, fully pigmented hairs at any age.

Can Topical Pseudocatalase Actually Help You Reverse Gray Hair?

iStock_000007935452_SmallWouldn’t it be nice to be able to change your hair color at a touch of a button? Unfortunately, science hasn’t gotten that far yet. However, the latest technological breakthroughs give us more freedom of choice when it comes to dealing with the unpleasant effects of premature graying. Not too long ago, men and women over 30 who were intimidated by the first silvery strands turned to hair coloring kits representing their sole exit strategy and most effective way to look and feel young. Things appear to be very different at this point: the new generation of catalase supplements promises us rapid signs of improvement, coming in the form of darker, more vigorous locks. What more or less secret ingredients do these formulas actually contain and why are they considered the closest thing to the fountain of youth?

Catalase Supplements- The Best Gray Hair Solution for Those Who Don’t Have Time to Wait for a Miracle

Plant-based, homemade gray hair management tactics sound awesome, but have one obvious drawback: they’re not infallible. Based on the wisdom and experience of our ancestors, these so-called remedies are fairly messy and require commitment and perseverance. If you don’t really want to walk around the house with gross, oily locks and would much rather find a quick way to stop the hair oxidation process from the inside, choose to take catalase supplements. Catalase is the naturally abundant enzyme present in all creatures that require oxygen in order to survive. Low levels of catalase lead to the formation of hydrogen peroxide accumulations. In large quantities, hydrogen peroxide will trigger the premature graying process, forcing you to handle the presence of the first silvery locks much sooner than expected. According to the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) pseudocatalase contained by a new line of supplements can correct the loss of skin and hair color. Initially researched as a viable cure for vitiligo, catalase supplements have been recognized for their ability to stop, prevent and even reverse the first signs of premature graying. According to the same source, additional supplementation with certain minerals, such as selenium and zinc, may lead to faster, more satisfying results and give uses an extra helping hand when it comes to battling the hair oxidation process.

Test These Pills for Gray Hair on Your Own

Unlike abstract concepts that look good solely on paper, the innovative catalase supplements actually work and are widely available as we speak. To find out more about their action, formula and proven effectiveness just visit and find out how two pills administered daily can turn your hairs from gray and dull to dark and fabulous in only a few weeks.

3 Natural Formulas Designed to Help You Reverse Gray Hair

iStock_000011113235_SmallPeople cope with premature graying differently. Some learn to accept their silvery strands and don’t make a big fuss about this unexpected change, while others are desperately looking for effective ways to reverse gray hair naturally. If you can’t stand the idea of rocking grayish locks while you’re still in your 30s, you should know that natural gray hair solutions designed to restore your pigment are now widely available. Here are three all-natural, risk-free formulas that you should apply on your tresses to prevent further discoloration and hold on to your youthful appearance for many more years to come.

Onion Juice. Freshly cut onions may make you shed a few tears, but at the end of the day their juice could allow you win the first battle with the premature graying process. Here’s the story behind this somewhat odd gray hair management tactic: the decreased production of catalase leads to the formation of hydrogen peroxide buildups, which are responsible for the appearance of the first silver strands. According to Livestrong, onion juice applied locally increases the amount of catalase, preventing the formation of gray hair. While this solution is not strong enough to generate permanent improvements, it could represent a major first step towards a darker mane.

Mustard Seeds, Jojoba and Castor Oil. Natural oils are always a good idea when it comes to profiting from relaxing massage therapies. Moreover, a combination of jojoba oil, mustard seeds and castor oil could work to your best advance to keep those grays at a distance. According to “The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies” written by Vasant Lad, this mixture should be applied on wet locks and left there for approximately 20 minutes.

Catalase. Let’s face it: DIY gray hair solutions can be messy and difficult to apply. Truth be told, who has enough time to prepare a thick paste and let it rest for half an hour or so on damp locks? In the era of speed, we require simpler, less time-consuming ways to reverse gray hair. If you also share this opinion, start testing the new generation of pills for gray hair based on catalase right away. Enriched with a generous selection of herbal and mineral compounds, catalase supplements neutralize the culprit for hair oxidation, helping you stop, prevent and even reverse the first signs of premature graying. To get additional details related to the formula that can protect your natural hair pigment, simply visit, find out how these remarkable supplements can transform your aging locks and place your first order.


Reasons Why You’re Going Gray at 25 and the Best Solutions to This Problem

HiResLet’s talk openly about double standards: men who flaunt their first gray hairs are labeled as hot silvery foxes, while women who choose to follow the same approach are often criticized for their unpolished appearance. When you still look and feel very young, such stereotypes can affect your personal and professional life. If you’re going gray at 25, who or what should you blame for this unwanted and unexpected transformation?

What Makes Those Grays Pop Out So Soon?

While your job may be responsible for your crankiness and constant lack of enthusiasm, the elevated stress level that it implies has nothing to do with the appearance of your first grays. According to new studies cited by Daily Mail, the way in which you cope with daily stressors does not impact the color of your strands. The same goes for your lifestyle choices. In short, the premature onset of graying is genetically determined. However, trichologist Philip Kingsley reveals that low levels of vitamin B may be associated with the premature appearance of graying strands. According to Kingsley, the author of The Hair Bible, high dosages of vitamin B administered regularly could help men and women reverse the effects of premature graying.

What Can You Do About Your Premature Graying Problem?

A few years ago, young people with graying hair didn’t have too many options at hand. Those who wanted a quick change relied on hair dyes to mask their grays, while the rest had to make peace with their discolored locks. Today things are very different. New scientific breakthroughs have led to the development of modern solutions that tackle the real cause of hair oxidation. Supplements for gray hair based on catalase manage to neutralize the agent that oxidizes human hair, robbing it of its natural pigment. By decomposing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), catalase lets you keep your color on your strands for the longest period of time. You can dissolve H2O2 deposits by taking two pills of Getawaygrey on a daily basis, after a meal. These supplements are 100% safe and natural and also comprise vitamin B-6 and a wide assortment of mineral and herbal compounds, which promote the rapid development of fully pigmented hairs and maintain their vigor and beautiful glow. By visiting the official website of this revolutionary product you can place your first order and find out more about the simplest way to win the battle with premature graying.

3 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know About Premature Graying

iStock_000040617732_SmallIf you were to notice the appearance of your first silvery strands in the near future, you would probably be tempted to blame your stressful job, unruly kids and hectic lifestyle for this unwanted change. But placing the blame on someone else’s shoulders won’t fix your problem. As a matter of fact, scientists are yet to find a clear correlation between elevated stress levels and premature graying. You may be wondering: what triggers this process in the first place and how could one delay or reverse its effects? To be able to identify the most efficient grey defenses you have to understand the transformations that your hair and scalp actually undergo while you go gray naturally. Here are 3 facts that you should know about premature graying.

  1. People Impacted By Premature Graying Don’t Die Sooner Than the Rest. While it’s fairly true that gray hair can make you look tired, pale and older than you really are, silvery strands aren’t a valid indicator of your age and general state of health. According to the chief of geriatrics from the Yale University School of Medicine cited by The New York Times, gray hair is linked to genetics and is only remotely connected to premature aging.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide Plays an Important Part in the Premature Graying Process. If you wish to investigate the real culprit for your first grays, choose to find out more about hydrogen peroxide, the agent that robs dark strands of their natural pigment, leaving them colorless and frizzy. Here’s the true story behind the premature graying process: every single cell produces a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). In time, H2O2 accumulations block the normal melanin synthesis. As it turns out, under these circumstances, human hair manages to bleach itself from the inside out.
  3. There Is a Safe, Natural Way to Dissolve H2O2 Deposits. According to Understanding Enzymes, catalase is the powerful enzyme that converts H2O2 molecules into oxygen and water, two harmless elements that have no impact on one’s hair color. This fact has enabled scientists to reach the following conclusion: we could put premature graying on hold by taking catalase supplements. Enriched with vitamins for gray hair and plant and mineral extracts, Getawaygrey is the advanced grey defense that you have been waiting for all along. These pills for gray hair based on catalase let you discover the safest and most rapid method to stop, prevent and even reverse premature graying and display a much more attractive look at any age.

3 Awesome Natural Gray Hair Solutions You Should Try Before Christmas

iStock_000051487642_SmallHow do you usually prep your hair for the holiday season? In most cases, you start by discussing your options with your hairdresser. Your specialist recommends easy updos and braided hairstyles that could easily camouflage your gray strands. If you’re tired of these old tricks and would much rather find a simpler way to address the root of your premature graying problem, keep reading to spot the most effective and inexpensive natural solutions that can rejuvenate and fortify your aging tresses from the inside out in only a few weeks.

Overnight treatments based on amla powder. You can improve your hair care ritual by simply applying natural oil based on grinded amla fruits before going to bed. To recreate this recipe in your own kitchen you would just have to mix amla powder with rose water and let this mixture rest for a week in a glass jar. Afterwards, you can filter the oil and apply it on your tresses in the evening, right before bedtime. You can wash your locks the next morning. After a few weeks, you will notice a very subtle darkening effect triggered solely by the unique properties of this fruit.

Curry leaves oil for gray hair. Curry leaves serve a similar purpose. Just like fresh amla fruits, these leaves will give you gorgeous dark hair in a matter of a few weeks or months. You can take a quick hair steam after applying the oil on your scalp and locks. This simple action will open your pores, allowing this natural gray hair solution to penetrate deeper and generate noticeable improvements sooner than expected.

Catalase supplements that can address the cause of your premature graying issue. The two plant-based gray hair management solutions sound wonderful, but they may not appeal to busy professionals who don’t have the time and energy to prepare their own homemade potions. If you are also displeased with the gray hair products listed above, choose to try something radically different. Getawaygrey is a natural, scientifically proven grey defense containing catalase, the agent that turns hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. According to International Business Times, by neutralizing the culprit for premature graying, formulas based on pseudo-catalase activated by sunlight may provide the permanent and most satisfying response to your gray hair problem. For more information on how this revolutionary product actually works, just visit and find out how catalase combined with natural plant extracts and the best vitamins for hair could beautify your aging mane from the inside out, one step at a time.

3 Good Reasons Why Going Gray May Not Be Your Smartest Move

iStock_000020682690_SmallAbove anything else, going gray is a personal choice that will inevitably impact your image and your lifestyle. Should you color your first white strands or should you welcome them into your life with open arms?  This is something that you need to figure out on your own. Nonetheless, you should know that gray is a color that can be pretty difficult to wear with pride and confidence. Clearly, not everyone can pull off the chic grandma look. We give you three reasons why graying hair may not be the most inspired choice for you.

  1. Gray Hair Makes You Feel Uncomfortable. Gray hair can be associated with a long list of negative factors, including a reduced credibility at work (especially when you operate in a field where looks are everything!), a low level of self-esteem and reduced sex-appeal. If you have already reached the conclusion that gray hair can wait, choose to test catalase supplements representing the best alternative to coloring kits and other tricks that you may be inclined to use to get rid of your grays.
  2. Gray Hair Doesn’t Flatter Your Complexion. Gray hair goes hand in hand with fair skin and lightly colored eyes. As a matter of fact, blondes benefit from the smoothest transition from naturally pigmented hair to a grayish mane. On the other hand, people with olive skin and dark eyes may have a hard time trying to adjust their look to make their grays match their complexion. Gray hair doesn’t compliment dark eyes and darker skin tones; on the contrary, this contrast can make you look tired or excessively pale. If that’s the case, you may want to start looking for the very best gray hair reversal tactics serving your best interest.
  3. Now You Can Count on Natural and Effective Anti-Gray Hair Solution. After a certain age, many men and women feel that it’s their duty to embrace their grays and turn them into an indicator of their wisdom and experience. But perhaps you share a different opinion. Maybe you think that gray hair only works for people who are two or three decades older than you. Or perhaps you blame your silvery strands for contributing to that washed out look that you dislike so much. Either way, you should know that premature graying is no longer seen as an irreversible problem. Thanks to the new generation of gray hair solutions based on catalase, you can gain full control over your natural pigment. By using a natural formula based on catalase you can disrupt the hair oxidation process and flaunt gorgeous, fully-pigmented hair for the longest period of time. To find out more about the proven benefits of these revolutionary products, just check out the Getawaygrey official website and order the advanced grey defense that can actually keep depigmented strands at a distance.


3 Reasons Why Gray Hair Plucking Is a Wrong Tactic

Mature woman stares on grizzled hairCertain gray hair management tactics help you look and feel younger, while others are a mere drop in the ocean and only manage to trigger your frustration and disappointment in the long term. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that hair plucking fits in the latter category. Wondering why this fairly simple action won’t get you very far? We give you three good reasons why you should put the tweezers down and focus on identifying and selecting other types of gray hair solutions that actually support the healthy development of new pigmented strands.

  1. A Plucked Gray Hair Will Soon Be Replaced by Another. Here’s the good news: a plucked gray hair will never be replaced by ten, twenty or one hundred other white ones. This belief is fueled by a centuries-old myth, which has already been debunked by researchers. As a matter of fact, some people who choose to pluck a gray might get a little lucky: in some cases, the grayish hair could be replaced by a considerably darker one. This happens for a very logical reason: melanogenesis (in short, the process during which follicles produce the pigment that defines your hair color) is not exactly consistent from one human hair to another. On the other side of the coin, plucking will never provide a smart, definitive answer to your gray hair dilemma in the long run.
  2. Excessive Plucking May Lead to Balding Sp You know what’s scarier than gray hair? No hair at all! Aggressive and constant hair plucking may affect your follicles in an irreversible manner, stopping the development of new hairs.
  3. New Gray Hair Solutions Based on Catalase Make Gray Hair Plucking Seem Like a Primitive Tactic. Why would you even consider plucking your grays when you can put an end to your aesthetic concerns by simply taking the best catalase supplements? These vitamins feed and protect your strands, while also blocking the hair oxidation process.

At the end of the day, it is important to spot and test the most advanced gray hair solutions revolving around solid scientific principles. Getawaygrey represents an innovative grey defense based on catalase, the agent that decomposes hydrogen peroxide molecules, turning them into harmless compounds (oxygen gas and water) with zero impact on your hair color. For more information on the beneficial action of this product just visit and find out how and why this revolutionary anti gray hair formula can help you maintain or restore your youthful appearance in a matter of a few weeks.