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How to Look Young with Gray Hair

42a401b9b134b55986fc463a11f74b9aYou may think that gray is the foundation of a horrendous look, but in fact it is just a color. As a matter of fact, according to many celebrity stylists, this hue is witnessing a major popularity increase. As all the coolest kids on your block are going gray, following in the footsteps of classy A-list celebs which are far from being threatened by premature graying, like Rihanna, Adam Lambert or Nicole Richie, we can’t help but wonder: how can you actually look young with gray hair? Here are a few essential pointers that will help you solve this puzzle and rock neat, fabulous grays in no time.

Get an Attractive Cut. Here’s a great words of advice that you shouldn’t ignore: keep it short &classy. Whether we’re talking about a rebellious Pink or Jamie Lee Curtis-inspired pixie or an elegant elongated bob, both options will emphasize your best facial features and distract people’s attention from your fading color. Use high-shine sprays or mousse-based products to keep those untamable grays in place and profit from the strongest hold without compromising the glossy image of your depigmented locks.

Style It Properly. Avoid heat-based styling tools and try to dry your hair naturally as often as you can. You can achieve one of the many sleep-friendly, no heat hairstyles based on loose, and bouncy curls by using rag or sock buns.

Condition Your Locks. Want to avoid frizziness that will make your locks resemble Albert Einstein’s’ distressed mane? Don’t forget to condition your grays regularly. Salon deep conditioning treatments are an inspired choice, as long as you can afford them. According to Ladies’ Home Journal, clarifying and moisturizing shampoosand conditioners are the best picks for both men and women struggling to enhance the beauty and general state of health of their graying hairs. Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo,Artec White Violet Color Shampoo and Phytargent Whitening Shampoo are three excellent alternatives for people interested in fighting brassiness and yellowish tints.

Love Your Natural Texture and Learn to Embrace It. Trends come and go, but the natural texture of your hair will stay in fashion forever. Don’t work against it. According to, aggressive styling tools and products will only leave your aging hair deteriorated, dull and lifeless. Going gray is not a styling error; it is a mature choice that will boost your confidence and your independence and help you save some cash in the process. If you think that you are not quite ready to embrace a silver metallic tone, opt for a gentle transformation. Use catalase supplements to darken your hairs gradually, from the inside out. Catalase will help your body dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations and stop the hair depigmentation.  Whichever option you choose, remember that dealing with aging hair shouldn’t be a hassle. Vitamins for hairand delicate hair care products will facilitate your transition and ensure the brilliance and health of your locks at any age.



Breaking News: Men Can Color Gray Hair and Still Achieve a Believable Look

hairstyles seniorsWomen seem to have a million aces up their sleeves when it comes to camouflaging their first graying hairs. On the other side of the coin, most men are having a hard time trying to cope with their silvery strands. Some ignore their grays, while others go to the opposite extreme and pluck them. Most of the adult men who want to preserve their youthful look decide to dye their locks. However, this approach can be extremely counterproductive for a number of reasons. Over-the-counter hair coloring products may ensure a full coverage, but they also provide peculiar, artificial-looking results. Dark hair coupled with an aging face is just not believable.

The Problem: Dark, Solid Pigments Coming from a Tube Lead to Odd, Unnatural-Looking Results

Powerful contrasts will inevitably make you look and feel ridiculous. Not to mention that they would also add years to your face and drive you far away from your initial beautification goals. According to Wall Street Journal, a uniform color is not always the best thing for you, especially if you are in your late 40s or early 50s. Be realistic and learn how to facilitate your transition from a natural fading color to the gorgeous salt and pepper look that made Clooney even more loveable, or the pale blonde shades that turned Brad Pitt into a stylish icon. Hair dyes can play an important part in your gradual transformation, as long as you use them wisely.

The Solution: Don’t Opt for 100% Coverage

A blanket effect achieved using commercially available dyes is anything but desirable. Luckily, you can avoid it by investing in what stylists call a “gray-blended” extreme makeover. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind and follow in the long run.

  • Don’t Cheat & Don’t Pluck. Plucking may damage your hair follicles and compromise the growth and development of new hairs. If going bald is not one of your secret fantasies, you may want to stop using your tweezers to get rid of gray hair.
  • Don’t Opt for a Uniform Color. Get highlights is you are determined to stick to your shoulder-length hairstyle.
  • Use Peroxide Lightly. This is an excellent trick that has been tested, approved and applied by top-rated stylists for quite some time now. During the coloring process, keep the peroxide low to stop color from being fully deposited on the mane. This way, you won’t obtain a matte coverage that would look unnatural. Instead, you will take pride in a gorgeous salt and pepper image that would complement your aging face without generating an upsetting contrast.

All in all, if you want to upgrade your fading color without actually using dyes, you can always take vitamins for gray hair based on catalase to restore the brilliance and the natural pigment of your locks.

Dress Styles That Complement Gray Hair

gerri_schuteDo you still think that your age is a powerful impediment that stops you from rocking beautiful, fashionable dresses and haute couture ensembles? In this case, you are the victim of your own misconceptions. Even if you have already turned 50 and you are currently dealing with lots of graying hair, this doesn’t mean that you have to doubt your sense of style or hide your curves under boring, flat textures and unremarkable designs. On the contrary, there are many elegant dress styles that could easily match your exquisite taste, flawless figure and alluring gray hair. Here are only a few suggestions that may do the trick for you:

1) The Neutral Office Dress. If you can still afford to wear pencil dresses, choose one made from premium materials that will subtly accentuate your curves and hide your small imperfections. According to Huffington Post, regardless of the tone that you decide to go for, you can always mark your perfect waistline by adding a thin metallic belt resonating with your gray hairs. Add a few silver or golden accessories and you’re ready to make a fashion statement!

2) The Long Evening Gown with Metallic Accents. In case you want to wow the audience at a gala or any other kind of evening event, you can always flaunt a long A-line floor-length bateau neckline dress in silver, gold, royal blue, bronze or vivid red. Stay away from mermaid style dresses and backless and strapless designs that aren’t exactly appropriate for your age. Metallic accents will guarantee your success, especially if you rock shiny, smooth and silky graying hair.

3) The A-line Flirty and Romantic Everyday Dress. Women who have already turned 50 and still take pride in a gorgeous figure shouldn’t hesitate to reveal their best assets in a very subtle manner. Floral prints are great for spring and summer and go particularly well with one-shoulder or V-neck A-line easy breezy dresses. This combo is perfect for lovely ladies who are looking for unpretentious yet modern and age-appropriate casual outfit ideas.

Extra Tip: Use Wool, Silk or Cashmere Cardigans in Neutral Colors to Camouflage Your Most Problematic Areas. Need to disguise your love handles or those chubby arms? This doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing your favorite sleeveless dresses. Learn how to layer your key piecesand you’ll avoid catastrophic fashion mishaps. Add a waist or knee-length soft cardigan on top of your favorite design and you’ll manage to camouflage your problematic area without making any compromises. All in all, there are many tips enabling you to rock almost any kind of dress at any age and premature graying, a few extra pounds or a temporary lack of self-confidence shouldn’t get in your way.

Bottom line: Toss or donate the stuff that you no longer need, re-tailor and re-style your most valuable key pieces, rejuvenate your hairs from the inside out using the best catalase supplementsand profit from a style boost in no time.

How to Keep Your Graying Hair Long and Healthy Looking after You Turn 50

0809p32-gray-mLots of aging Hollywood celebs look great with short locks. A beautiful, discolored mane has helped many famous faces get new gigs and become stylish icons. In this context, it is perfectly understandable why Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirrenare in love with their silvery strands. But how can everyday people keep their graying hairs in excellent condition without cutting them and without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips that could offer you the simplest solution to this challenge.

1) Consider Ditching Your Solid Color. According to Web MD, women who have already been affected by premature graying should stop trying to achieve a uniform, dark color using hair dyes. A full-blown shade may look artificial on an aging face; plus it requires regular maintenance and costly salon treatments. To avoid these drawbacks, you can get highlights and lowlights. These subtle elements will upgrade your hairstyle and help you cope with silvery strands in a more natural, cost-effective manner.

2) Find the Best Solution for Thinning Hair. After 50, hormonal imbalances lead to thinning hair, which represents a major turn-off. If you are unable to solve this problem from the inside out at least try to mask its effects by using the right hair volumizing products. In case you are dreaming about fuller hair, you can always decide to get natural-looking extensions at your salon.

3) Keep Your Locks Fresh. Opt for a minimal amount of styling aids and ditch the rest. Product buildup will only dry your hairs and make them look dull and lifeless.

4) Upgrade Your Hair Washing Cycle. Women over 50 with a normal scalp condition and overall healthy hairs should wash their long tresses every 2 or 3 days with a special shampoo with violet or bluish accents, designed to combat the unappealing yellowish cast. If your ends are dry, don’t shampoo them. Just apply conditioner on them and wait a few minutes; then rinse them well and dry them gently using a cotton towel.

5) Use Dyes Smartly to Add Dimension. According to CBS New York, over-the-counter dyes that come in one box will inevitably make your hair look flat and artificial. Professional colorists use different tones to achieve those gorgeous, glossy shades that make aging celebs look posh and so much younger. Want to get caramel tones like the ones displayed by Cindy Crawford? Talk to your colorist and start implementing your plan. It’s as simple as that.

6)Cut Wisely&Restore Your Hair’s Lost Brilliance from the Inside Out. Trim your ends on a monthly basis. Get a layered cut with highlights to maintain a youthful appearance. If you don’t want to compromise the length of your locks, but still want to keep them soft, glossy and healthy, you can always choose to buy and use a revolutionary gray hair treatment based on catalase, introduced on the market to solve the most common problems associated with aging tresses.


How to Eat Naturally and Protect Your Hair and Skin

Woman takes bell pepper from the opened refrigerator full of vegBeauty starts from within. This is not a cliché; it is actually a scientifically proven fact. The foods that we eat on a regular basis influence the structure and the brilliance of our hairs and skin. This is exactly why we should read the labels twice when it comes to buying groceries, especially if we are already dealing with one or more cosmetic problems like acne or thinning or graying hair.

According to LisaDrayer, a well-known New York-based nutritionist, the internal processes and the cells that support the development of vibrant, perfectly healthy hairs depend a great deal on a well-balanced diet.

The nutrients that we assimilate every single day fortify our hair follicles and lead to a positive chain reaction: healthier follicles contribute to a healthier scalp that ensures the proper growth of healthier hair strands.

Top Foods That You Should Include in Your Daily Diet

So the question is this: what are the main ingredients that could allow us to prepare delicious meals that “feed” our hair follicles and skin and also satisfy all our cravings in a completely healthy, risk-free manner? According to researchers, salmon is a great pick, mostly because it represents an excellent source of proteins and vitamin D. Walnuts are the perfect snacks because they contain an elevated dosage of omega-3 fatty acids. Oysters combat hair loss, due to their high concentration of zinc. If you don’t really like oysters, you can replace them with eggs, beef or nuts.

Remember that hairs are approximately 97% protein. According to BBC Good Food, in the end, regardless of your likes and dislikes, it is imperative to make sure your body gets enough proteins every single day; otherwise your hair would become brittle and vulnerable. Sweet potatoes, spinach and lentils are also good alternatives that you may want to consider, if you are truly determined to change your eating habits and stick to askin and hair-friendly diet.

Miracles Won’t Happen Overnight

Drink plenty of water to facilitate the delivery of nutrients, eat clean and fresh and most importantly, don’t expect to witness any kind of miracles overnight. It takes at least a couple of months for yourhair strands to display the first results of a radical dietary change. In the same context, skin can show signs of improvement after only 1 week.

If you’re striving to prevent premature graying or simply wish to restore the lost brilliance of your locks, make sure your meals are prepared using fresh, organic products and stay far away from processed foods. In case you feel that your body isn’t getting all the mineral and herbal compounds that it needs to feed your strands properly, you could always test scientifically-proven catalase supplements containing all the active elements that graying hair requires to stay healthy and beautiful.

How to Have Smooth and Shiny Hair After 40

gray hairAfter reaching 40, you gaze in your mirror more often and start thinking that your reflection screams old and boring. In this case, you should know that you are probably dissatisfied with your graying hair. As we age, our hair inevitably becomes duller, drier and much more prone to breakage. It gradually losses its moisture and natural color and starts to look lifeless and less shiny. Fortunately, even though you may not be able to afford expensive salon cosmetic treatments, there are several simple tips that you can apply at home to get shiny, smooth hair in the blink of an eye.

1) Moisturize Your Graying Hair

Deep-conditioning treatments are the simplest, most rapid method to get glossy hair with minimal effort. Nonetheless, if you are a fervent do-it-yourselfer and would much rather enhance the brilliance of your tresses in your own home, you could use one Alberto VO 5 hot oil, one of the favorite cosmetic aids recommended by top hairstylists worldwide.

2) Clean & Purify Your Locks. According to Huffington Post, grays are often ugly because they gain an awful yellowish tint. To prevent this problem, you can use a good clarifying shampoo at least once a week. Some of the best products of this kind are actually affordable and come from Neutrogenaand Aveda Detoxifier.

3) Blow-Dry Smartly. The way in which you dry your hair counts a lot, and we’re not talking only about the heat settings. Make sure the heated air is directed down your hair shaft, and not the other way around. You should blow-dry your gray hair from root to ends. Otherwise, if you dry your tresses from the tip up, you create frizzinessand reduce shine.

4) Refresh Your Color. Natural dark hair has much more shine than lighter locks. If you’re a gorgeous brunette who is currently dealing with an ugly, fading color, you could darken your mane using at-home, green dyeing products based on henna, black tea, coffee, sage or amla powder. If you can’t stand the smell or the gooey consistency of DIY gray hair remedies, note that you could always refresh your natural color by using the best pills for gray hair, based on catalase. They are affordable, widely available and most importantly, safe, approved by scientists and remarkably effective.

5) Use the Right Tools and Styling Products

To maximize shine, you could choose to use a round, ceramic brush while blow-drying your hairs. If you can’t overcome your flat iron addiction, you can at least protect your aging tresses by applying a heat-protecting lotion before the styling treatment. When it comes to shampooing your hair, remember that the more you wash it, the more you strip it of its natural oils and make your scalp dry.

Wash your hair once or twice a week. If you still aren’t pleased with the aesthetics of your aging locks, try to use a high-shine or smoothening hair care element. Don’t forget that moderation is required: if you spray too much product on your thinning graying hair, you will end up losing volume.

How to Transition to Gray Hair in a 3 Easy Steps

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isolThere comes a time in your life when you redefine your priorities and ask yourself a lot of questions, like for instance: is it really necessary to fight the inevitable? Is it worth it? Should you pluck, dye or mask those first grays? Or should you just let them be? Only you can provide the best answers to these questions.

Gray is not a dull color and it definitely does not represent a last-resort option. It is a state of mind and can indicate that you are aging gracefully. Nonetheless, the transition from fully pigmented or dyed locks to gray hair can be quite challenging. Let’s face it: nobody likes to see white roots correlated with much darker ends, leading to an overall messy image. If you want to simplify the whole process, just check out the 3 steps that you should follow for a smooth, trouble-free, transformation that won’t make your eyes bleed.

First Step: Cut and Lighten Your Aging Locks. Geta shorter cut. This is a great method to part ways with a few layers of severely deteriorated, dyed hair. Moreover, a shorter length could make you look much more elegant and seem a few years younger. For starters, you could also choose to go a bit lighter, to reduce or eliminate the obvious demarcation between the normal regrowth and the new pigments that you wish to apply on your tresses.

Second Step: Get Appealing Lowlights for a Neat, Modern Look. You don’t have to dye your tresses to look trendy and younger than you really are, but you could always make a small compromise involving the usage of a good hair coloring product. You could get a few lowlights to make your grays blend in with your base color. By going down this path, you would no longer have to worry about regular touchups and you would also succeed in beautifying your grays and getting ready to adopt the all-white look one step at a time.

Third Step: Hide Those Roots without Dyeing Your Hair

According to Huffington Post, in order to obtain excellent results, you could temporarily mask your hair growth by using one of the many cosmetic products that are currently at your disposal. They come in the form of magic wands, markers, spray-on powders, foams and rinses. All of them serve the same purpose: they cover your contrasting roots for a short period of time ranging from a few hours to a couple of days. They may not help you take pride in long-term positive effects, but this is actually the whole point: to camouflage your hair growth until you can finally display a slightly uniform color.

All in all, these 3 easy steps should guide you in the right direction. If you think that you’re still too young for grays, note that scientists have managed to discover and introduce an innovative white hair treatment that can bring back your pigment in a few weeks.

Demi Lovato and Raven-Symoné Go Gray and Flaunt Multicolored Effect

demi-lovato-pastel-hairMost men and women who are over 40 decide to go gray when they’re out of options. They are tired of swimming against the current and don’t want to use hair dyes to darken their mane. Nonetheless, some of the hottest young celebs have decided to launch a new trend and prove that graying hair has very little to do with the frightening old lady image.

Trend Alert: Violet Gray Is the New Hit of the Season

Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne and Adam Lambert are only a few of the bold public figures who decided to ditch their natural look in favor of more than 50 shades of gray. This time, we’re not talking about the worldwide famous bestseller. We are actually referring to a striking hair color that is intriguing and pretty uncommon, to say the least.

A week ago, Demi Lovato has decided to support this new trend by making a fashion statement. The 21-year oldfashion-forward singer revealed her silver/lavender ombre hair by posting a picture on Twitter, accompanied by the hashtag#reallydontcare. Apparently, she does care about her image, taking into account the fact that she opted for a trendy shade that is very popular among celebrities. According to, Raven-Symoné followed in her footsteps, by dyeing her hair in a rainbow of colors a few days ago. The multicolored effect may give you the perfect opportunity to mask your first graying hairs and turn heads with a nice and clean cut that puts the chromatic diversity on full display.

Get the Look

What’s hot and edgy this season? All the cool kids are pointing towards purple-gray hair. According to The Gloss, you can also flaunt this slightly eccentric look without looking like Dame Edna. To make this color work for you, you would have to:

  • Invest in a simple cut. A bob would probably be the most inspired choice, due to the fact that it is an ageless, low-maintenance style suitable for most face shapes.
  • Invest in Regular Upkeep. Pastel colors like lavender, violet and silver lose their intensity after only 2 or 3 washing cycles. They require regular maintenance and should be refreshed once a week, to keep the shade attractive and pure.
  • Upgrade Your Styling Routine. Silver hair is beautifully complemented by large, loose curls. So why not give them a try? Also, to own this rebellious color, you could also opt for different personalized accessories, like bandanas, hair bows and headbands decorated with gems.

All in all, if you want to stay cool and follow the most recent trends, you could decide to get violet gray hair. If you can’t stand any shade of gray and would much rather go back to fully pigmented locks, do some research on catalase supplements and find out how these vitamins for gray hair work and why they are considered the best methods to restore your natural color.

Most Spectacular Shades of Gray that Will Complement Your Look

long blond human hair close-upJust like millions of other women, you are probably intimidated by gray hair that is coarse, difficult to style and plain ugly. If premature graying is one of your main concerns, you should understand that the loss of hair pigment is inevitable and sooner or later will impact your image. You can fight this unwanted change, or you can embrace it.

Is Going Gray a Last-Resort Option?

RitaHazan, the owner of a New York-based eponymous hair care salon reveals that graying hair can’t make you look old, as long as you take good care of your face and body. After all, even if you have already reached 40, you can still exercise, dress fashionably and eat clean to stay in shape and preserve a youthful appearance. Moreover, do you remember Meryl Streep’s performance in the movie called “The Devil Wears Prada?”

Can you actually associate her character with a boring old lady or a typical grandmother? Of course not! Due to her fierce attitude, cool clothes and trendy, sharp cut, she is fabulous and gets to become a role model for many women who are half her age. She proves that going gray can be a wise choice, as long as you own your color and let it say something meaningful about your status and your personality.

Meryl-Streep4 Shades of Gray That May Work for You

1) Bright Silver: Bright silver is a fantastic tone that will draw attention to your facial features and lighten up your complexion. John Slattery, Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren are only 3 of the most stylish celebs who manage to rock the silvery fox look. Need an extra reason to undergo this radical transformation? An article published by Huffington Post presents a collection of gorgeous photos taken by Vicki Topaz, a famous photographer. Vicki’s beautiful pictures have captured the public’s attention during her exquisite exhibit entitled “Silver: a State of Mind”.

2) Dark Gray: Dark gray is the perfect choice for indecisive men and women who would still like to hold on to their natural color for a longest period of time.  The best thing about this shade is that is gives you more freedom of action: you can either stick to it, darken it naturally with home-made hair dyes based on amla powder, henna or sage leaves, go back to your natural color by taking the right catalase supplements or accelerate the graying process by getting lighter highlights and spending a lot of time in direct sunlight.

3) Gray with Violet Accents. Violet tones are hotter than ever, taking into consideration that more than a few first-class celebs, including Lady Gaga, Pink and Adam Lambert have decided to give them a try. As a matter of fact, grayish hair with violet accents looks fun and flirty and is much easier to maintain than that utterly pretentious pristine white.

4) The Salt and Pepper Look. The salt and pepper look is incredibly versatile and suits both men and women, regardless of their skin tone and eye color. Just think about it: this style is flaunted by President Obama, Oprah and George Clooney. What do all these 3 public figures have in common? Their amazing grays combined with fully pigmented hairs. In some cases, you would have to consult a colorist before sporting this look. According to, sometimes the contrast between your depigmented strands and your darker ones can be too powerful. In this situation, your hairdresser could help you obtain gorgeous highlights added to make those white hairs blend in with the rest.

Look on the bright side: gray hair is 100% reversible. If you dislike all 4 options, you can always turn to extremely effective gray hair cures based on catalase to solve your cosmetic problem.



Eco-Friendly Substitutes for Your Usual Cosmetic Hair Products

Fragment Of Woman's Head ColoringAre you striving to minimize your carbon footprint as we speak? If you are serious about lowering your negative impact on the planet and embracing an eco-conscious attitude in the long run, it is extremely important to start with small changes.

Implement Changes One Step at a Time

Rethink your daily routines. If you have already been affected by premature graying, chances are that you use a plentitude of products to tame and beautify your depigmented locks. How many of those are actually entirely safe and eco-friendly? Fortunately, at this point you can count on numerous greener substitutes for your beloved hair care elements. Most of these alternatives can be prepared in the comfort of your home and cost less than what you would normally spend on a bottle of regular conditioner for graying hair. Here are a few helpful suggestions enabling you to take better care of your grays, while also protecting the environment.

Shampoos and Conditioners. Sometimes, in order to reanalyze and readapt your strategy, you just need to digest some pieces of advice coming from an eco-conscious celeb. On her personal blog, Alicia Silverstone talks about the usage of organic shampoos and conditioners. In order to select the best formula, you have to read the label and make sure the product that you want to buy doesn’t contain any potentially harmful chemicals.

If you’re determined to avoid all kinds of commercially available products, you can always rely on a good DIY shampoo for graying hair, made from all-natural ingredients. Some of the best recipes that work equally well for oily and dry hair are based on coconut oil, essential oils and vitamin E oil. People with dry hair can also add a teaspoon of olive oil or almond oil to perfect their mix. Unlike other ingredients like vinegar for instance, which can leave your tresses flat and tangled, coconut oil keeps your grays moisturized and shiny.

Best Green Method to Get Blonde Highlights and Mask Gray Hair. You can ditch potentially harmful, chemical-rich dyes and still get gorgeous blonde highlights that will blend in well with your grays: According to John Masters, one of the most popular celebrity hairstylists, you just have to mix chamomile tea made by infusing organic buds, rhubarb root and freshly squeezed lemon juice. To enhance this effect, you should apply this mix on your strands during the day and profit from a long sunbath. Extensive sun exposure favors the gradual lightening action and helps you get beautiful blonde highlights sooner than expected.

If you don’t want to use dyes and don’t have the time and energy it takes to prepare at-home dyeing solutions, you can always darken your hairs with scientifically-proven vitamins for hair based on catalase, which ensure a natural transition from graying tresses to a fully pigmented mane.