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3 Celebrity Gray Hair Management Secrets You Should Keep in Mind

herbal-hair-dyeEvery single day, we strive to learn something new from the most fortunate ones. Since they are always accompanied by an army of makeup artists and hairstylists, celebs always know best. They manage to create trends and sometimes they are kind enough to share their wisdom with those in need. If you are desperately looking for professional advice to improve your hair care ritual why break the bank to pay for expensive salon treatments when you can just check out a list of working tips and tricks employed by the rich and famous to keep their tresses healthy and radiant? Keep reading to discover 3 of the most well-kept gray hair celebrity secrets enabling you to take better care of your mane.

1) Color Depositing Shampoos

As we grow older, our natural color fades away. This is the ugly truth that most men and women try to sweep under the rug. You can rely on permanent hair dyes to camouflage this major drawback. However, traditional, centuries-old remedies won’t reverse gray hair or let you intensify your natural hue for a long period of time. On the other hand, catalase supplements tackle the real root of the problem and give you more time to enjoy the natural brilliance of your hairs by putting premature graying on hold.

But if you don’t feel ready to test the new generation of catalase-based scientifically proven gray hair remedies, you could follow in the footsteps of first-class celebs who rely on color depositing shampoos that fight brassiness between hair coloring sessions. According to Allure Magazine, Drew Barrymore uses a combination of 2 ARTec shampoos (sunflower and walnut) to maintain her gorgeous, glossy color. The same secret is shared by Jenna Elfman who managed to go from blonde to a delightful red tone using the quality Strawberry Color Depositing Shampoo launched by the same brand.

Donatella Versace, who is worldwide famous for her long, brilliant platinum blonde uses a mix of Lemon Flower and White Violet to preserve the unique gloss of her locks. Minnie Driver doesn’t seem too intimidated by the effects of premature graying. Perhaps this is mostly because she knows how to add depth to her dark mane, by utilizing Cocobean. You may be wondering: why are all these celebs crazy about color depositing shampoos? These special shampoos and conditioners are especially designed to address the needs of dyed tresses. They contain protective sunscreens and contain active elements that hold the color molecules in place for the longest period of time. Therefore, if you want to mask graying hair by relying on commercially available permanent dye, make sure you use color depositing hair care products to preserve a brighter tone for many weeks in a row.

2) A Less Aggressive Styling Routine Is the Key to Healthy-Looking Tresses

Do you think that famous models, actresses and singers who are forced to try dozens of different hairstyles on a daily basis aren’t paying attention to the transformations that their tresses have to suffer? Their locks may go from extra straight to curly in a matter of a few minutes, but this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily impacted by an aggressive styling routine. Most celebs use ceramic irons like Sedu Flat Iron on their mane. Ceramic irons are much more effective and are less of a threat for extremely vulnerable aging hair. Moreover, celebrities who want to curl their hairs usually use steam, gel and Velcro rollers to get the job done in no time.

This type of rollers holds the curls for a longer period of time; therefore it is the perfect alterative to standard rollers. Furthermore, many women don’t want to cut their hair short because they love it too much. However, if you want to boost the appeal of your graying hair, you have to trim it every 2 or 3 months. According to eHow, this is the key to growing super long, extra healthy locks. Keep in mind that you’d have to cut anywhere from ¼ inch to 2/3 inches during every single trimming session to attain your objective. Aside from regular trimming, there are a few other simple tips that any good hairstylist will share with you:

  • Wash your tresses 2 or 3 times on a weekly (at most). Too frequent washing cycles could strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it in excellent condition. If you wash your mane too often you expose it to breakage and brittleness.
  • Avoid heat-powered appliances.
  • Avoid harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals that may be contained by commercially available hair care products and try to turn to natural substitutes that protect the scalp and brighten up the natural color of your locks.
  • Swim in fresh water. Avoid salted water. When possible, also try to stay far away from the chlorine-rich water from pools. If this is not an option, at least apply a good leave-in conditioner on your tresses before jumping in the pool. The conditioner will form a solid barrier against exterior factors (chlorine in this case) and make your hair become less vulnerable.
  • Eat healthy. Do you really think that gorgeous celebs with aging hair stuff themselves with junk food every single day? They don’t. We see them exercising at the gym, jogging in the park, eating mouthwatering healthy dishes in restaurants and doing their best to maintain a simple, lifestyle based on risk-free choices. If you want to strengthen your hairs and boost their development, it is imperative to minimize the amount of animal fats, sodium and sugar that you consume. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and try to eat fewer processed foods that are bad for your body.

3) The Shine Spray

Do you think that the real hair of A-list celebs shines brighter than a new penny at 6 in the morning? As a matter of fact, it doesn’t. All celebs have bad hair days; however, when they get ready for a red carpet event they don’t let tern or rebellious locks stand in their way. Flat hair can be upgraded by simply pulverizing a silicon-based high-shine spray. This is the well-kept secret that allows beautiful celebs to display glossy hair making most everyday people really envious.

All in all, you can take really good care of your hairs even if you can’t afford to pay a small fortune for professional salon products. Silicon shine sprays, color depositing shampoos and a gentle, minimalist styling routine involving as few heat-based appliances as possible represent the ingredients of the recipe for success shared by Hollywood celebs that we all know and love.

Restoring Your Natural Color from the Inside Out

Sometimes, you get tired of using dozens of products to keep your tresses in excellent condition. You’d just want to simplify your hair care routine and go back to your natural pigment fast and hassle-free. At this point, this is actually an attainable goal, due to the new generation of hair care vitamins based on catalase. Get Away Grey is a revolutionary catalase supplement representing the best treatment for fading color. Catalase dissolves excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, protecting the natural tones of your mane and keeping premature graying at a distance. The good news is that you can test this product on your own skin. Buy this verified gray defense with a few clicks to enjoy its remarkable long-term benefits.

How to Learn to Love Your Graying Hair in 5 Easy Steps

bigstock-middle-aged-woman-applying-mak-43458235Are you one of those people who can’t bear the thought of living with graying hair? If so, take the time you need to evaluate your options and find out why you are so intimidated by silvery strands in the first place. Do you hate your grays because you think that they make you feel old and unattractive? Do you believe that colorless locks make people question your fashion decisions? If all your answers are affirmative, note that some of the hottest celebs of the moment can prove you wrong.

Dozens of inspiring, well-known actresses, models and singers have decided to put their natural grays on full display, showing the whole world that there’s nothing wrong with a little loss of hair pigment. Moreover, this trend has been taken to a whole new level by another category of artists who are too young to be threatened by the inherent issues of old age. Fabulous celebs like Rihanna, Pink, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie don’t have a problem with fading color. All of these stylish fashion icons went gray willingly.

Some of them chose to rock gray highlights, while others went in favor of the silvery fox look, demonstrating once again that premature graying can’t and won’t impact your natural beauty and killer style unless you let it compromise your image. Truth be told, gray hair can be lovable. Despite its endless list of problems, it can become your most valuable accessory. With just a little bit of effort and consistency, you can convert silvery tresses into a unique characteristic of your impeccable style. Keep reading to find out how you could fall in love with your colorless locks in 5 easy steps.

1) Go Gray Naturally. First of all, you need to realize that your decision to go gray shouldn’t be considered a ticket to low-maintenance, dull hair. Beautiful locks have nothing to do with age; you can display seductive, perfectly healthy tresses even if you’re over 50 and famous women like Oprah and Meryl Streep support this statement. Choose to go gray naturally to avoid expensive addictive salon hair coloring treatments. For starters, you can replace your permanent hair color with a semi-permanent one. If gray roots are giving you a hard time, you can use a mascara-like product to conceal them; the effects usually last for a few hours. Create and follow a customized gray hair management plan, elaborated with a little help from your stylist, to get ready for fabulous color-free days that are not too far away. Rely on semi-permanent coloring formulas to enable grays to gradually become more and more prominent; you could also get a few discrete lowlights to make your hair seem fuller and add glosses to increase its shine. All these simple, easy to follow tricks will support your gradual positive transformation and give you the change to create a tidy image.

2) Keep Your Tresses Healthy. We all know that gray hairs are not exactly obedient. On the contrary, they are difficult to style, dry and prone to breakage. Fortunately, it is in your power to control all these disadvantages. You don’t have to break the bank to schedule appointments at the hippest hair care center in your neighborhood to take really good care of your graying mane. On the contrary, some of the most sought-after products that should be a part of your gray hair emergency kit cost are priced under 20 dollars and are widely accessible. Whatever you do, make sure you rely on a premium anti-frizziness spray, like Spoil Me Defrizzer or the serum launched by GarnierFructis. Some of the best candidates for this job are easy to apply, protect and tame your grays and don’t leave sticky, gross residues on your hands.

Also, buy and use a good heat protector, especially if you utilize brow dryers, flat irons or curling irons to style your hair on a daily basis. Heat protectants coat your strands and allow you to prevent extensive deterioration and breakage. If you don’t want to apply chemical-rich formulas on your tresses, you can create your own natural heat protectants by mixing 4 natural oils: grape seed oil, argan oil, coconut oil and refined avocado oil.

3)Learn How to Accentuate the Brightness of Colorless Strands. Fading color is considered one of the most alarming symptoms associated with premature aging. Instead of mourning your loss of pigment, why not try to turn this change into a major opportunity to highlight your amazing sense of style? In order to attain your goal, you just have to select and use gray hair care products designed to boost the glow of your depigmented tresses. These elements are fairly inexpensive and can make silvery hair shine as bright as fresh snow.

Biosilk Silver Lights shampoo, Jhirmack Silver or Rusk Bright brightening shampooare great options for men and women who are already experiencing the first effects of premature graying. Jhirmack Silver contains pro-vitamin B5, a valuable component that will also condition your scalp and nurture your hairs from the inside out.

4)Discover Subtle Coloring Options for a Faux Natural Effect. If you hate your fading color more than anything in the world, you can cheat a little while going gray. Instead of embracing your silvery mane, you can create a faux natural look that will put everyone under a spell by simply adding a few discrete highlights. A slightly darker color will compliment your predominant grays and make you look younger. A combination of light brown, ash brown and silver strands looks good on anyone. Don’t play with powerful contrasts; a Cruella de Vil image is only suitable for cartoon characters.

5) Opt for Classy, Modern Haircuts. Last, but definitely not least, opt for a simple, low-maintenance haircut that is in perfect harmony with your style and your aging face. A medium-length cut is anything but boring, since it is currently rocked by some of the trendiest celebs including Katie Holmes and Emma Stone. You don’t have to cut your hair really short if you don’t want to; just make sure it looks healthy and allows you to maintain a tidy, modern image.

All in all, grays can be a real blessing. However, if you feel that silvery strands don’t go well with your look or your personality, feel free to make a change. Test the remarkable effectiveness of catalase supplements, which represent risk-free 21st century gray hair cures.

Get Away Grey is a scientifically-proven gray defense based on catalase. It can restore your natural pigment in a matter of a few weeks, without exposing you to any risks. By decomposing hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, it enables you to put the premature graying threat on hold for the longest period of time. Get Away Grey is your ticket to luscious, smooth, younger looking hair. Get your hands on this last-generation white hair treatment and go back to being your old self in record time. 

5 Catastrophic Gray Hair Management Mistakes to Avoid

grayhairAre you one of those people who take their best assets for granted? Your wonderful hair and skin are free gifts provided by Mother Nature. But make no mistake: their maintenance will cost you. If you want to turn heads with gorgeous locks and a beautiful complexion, you have to invest a great deal of time and energy in special, personalized beautification processes. But most of all, you have to understand the basic needs of your body and the inevitable transformations that it undergoes, as you are aging.

You cannot look 16 when you’re 45, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking good care of your skin and hair. Unfortunately, only a few men and women pay attention to this aspect. In case you feel the need to improve your nurturing self-care rituals, start by identifying and learning how to avoid a few major gray hair management mistakes. But first, let’s inventory the most common problems associated with depigmented tresses and see how they could be reduced or eliminated.

Something’s Terribly Wrong with My Silvery Locks

Gray hairs represent the first stage of a gradual transformation that scares people to death. It is only normal, since silvery strands are a constant reminder of the fact that we’re not getting any younger. But people who are already affected by premature graying know that lack of color is not the only issue linked to aging hair. Depigmented locks:

1)      Are extremely dry, frizzy and difficult to untangle, because graying strands lose their natural oils.

2)      Can make you look older and completely unattractive, especially if you are still going in favor of the outdated long hairstyle that was your trademark in high-school

3)      Are prone to breakage, so once you spot the first graying strands you might as well stop using heated styling appliances and tools (or at least try to use them less often). There are different other ways in which you could protect your aging tresses. For instance, you could cover your mane with a hat and apply a hair care lotion ensuring an effective UVA UVB protection for a few hours. You could also minimize the damage caused by excessive amounts of chlorine by wearing a swimming cap at the pool. It’s no secret that chlorine can rob you of your natural, intense hair color and leave your locks dry and extremely vulnerable.

All in all, fading color, frizziness and excessive dryness are the first warning signs that you should take into consideration. All these negative factors should determine you to implement a few beneficial changes and upgrade your weekly hair care routine. To correct your wrongdoings, you have to be able to spot and understand your mistakes. Here are 5 extremely counterproductive gray hair management tactics that should stay buried in the past.

1)      Plucking Grays

More and more experts let everyday people know that hair plucking comes with zero benefits. While it’s perfectly true that plucking one gray hair does not result in 2,5 or 10 million other vengeful grays, this doesn’t mean that you should feel encouraged to get rid of depigmented strands by using your tweezers. Plucking can hurt your hair follicle. Repeated trauma can even stop your follicles from producing another healthy hair. Individuals who are completely obsessed with hair plucking can deal with hairless patches sooner than expected. In this case, banding spots would represent an unpleasant consequence of their mishap.

2)      Not Inventorying Your Realistic Gray Hair Coloring Options

There is life after grays. Living with gray hair can be difficult and even embarrassing, but only for those men and women who tend to think that their glass is always half empty. This doesn’t have to be your case. Schedule an appointment with a hair colorist and discuss your options with a real expert who could guide you towards the least expensive low-maintenance camouflaging alternatives for graying hairs. For instance, you could opt for a lighter base paired with subtle highlights and lowlights. You could lighten up your tresses and go for a natural color matching your complexion.

You could also try a new, modern layered cut that makes grays less visible and accentuates your best facial features. Bangs could hide those annoying wrinkles and make you look mysterious, seductive and much younger. A shorter length could also be very flattering. There are only a few suggestions that you may want to factor in before changing your appearance. There are many things that you could do, but keep in mind that the most impressive makeovers start with a trip to the nearest hair care salon. Even if you can’t afford to spend a fortune on professional treatments, you should let a specialist handle your transformation and offer you the guidance that you need to make a good call.

3)      Experimenting with Permanent Hair Dyes at Home

Permanent dyes are a great alternative, taking into account that they provide longer-lasting results and can withstand around 12 washing cycles. However, these durable end results can also work against you, especially if you don’t know much about at-home hair coloring. A misguided application can generate panic and chaos in less than 20 minutes. A too-dark color could make you look old and would require a significant amount of bleach to go away, while a too-light shade would look tacky and force you to repeat the coloring process to conceal the first disastrous results. Therefore, always think twice and read the product instructions multiple times before dyeing your hair at home.

4)      Acting Like Hair Conditioner Is Optional

If you already have more than a few graying hairs, you better get used to the fact that a good conditioner is mandatory. This essential element keeps your scalp moisturized and protects your aging tresses against interior and exterior risk factors. Apply a premium conditioner specially formulated for grays at least once a week and rinse your hair thoroughly. Leave-in products are also an excellent pick, especially since they help you save time…and water. A pre-shampooing treatment like Philip Kingsley Elasticizer will enhance the elasticity of your tresses and leave them smooth, silky and radiant.

5)      Thinking that Dietary Changes Are Not of the Essence

Cunnane Phillips, a respectable tricholgist from the Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre, explains that a well-balanced diet can delay the first signs of premature graying. People who are not able to make correct dietary choices can rely on multivitamins to cover their deficiencies. Moreover,according to the same source, a soy-based protein called Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair represents a great ally for men and women who want to keep gray at a distance by simply eating right.

Test a Scientifically Proven Gray Hair Remedy Today

The most amazing transformations take place on the inside and provide long-lasting effects. If you want to banish those annoying grays and restore your natural color fast and safely, use catalase supplements. Get Away Grey is a remarkable grey defensebased on catalase and numerous mineral and herbal extras that guarantee softer, stronger, glowing locks. Get your first bottles of Get Away Grey today and use this 100% verified anti gray hair solution to recover your pigment and rejuvenate your tresses from the inside out.

2014 Summer-Appropriate Extreme Makeover Ideas for Graying Hair

make-up-for-gray-hairAt some point, the following question may have crossed your mind: how come most men and women are investing thousands of dollars in facials and incredibly pricy skin care treatments to turn back the clock and minimize the effects of premature aging, but seldom remember to address the imminent problems of their graying hair? In most cases, a careless attitude is fueled by lack of information. In other words, many people tend to think that karma or their dissatisfying genetic heritage is responsible for their white strands. Once they find something or someone to blame for their misfortune, they refuse to take action, thinking that gray hairs cannot be avoided.

This is a very misleading preconceived idea. Nowadays, you can count on last-generation gray hair remedies like Get Away Grey to recover your natural pigment rapidly and safely. If you’re not ready to make this important step, start by taking a closer look at some of the most recommended extreme makeover ideas for dull, graying hair, provided by famous stylists who work for pampered celebrities.

The Pros and Cons of “Natural”-Looking Color: Don’t Use Your Roots As an Indicator for Your Next Hair Coloring Job

Want to go back to being your old self? Who doesn’t? Most men and women who are already dealing with graying hair probably take a stroll down memory lane, look at the pictures that they took in high-school and miss their long, natural tresses more than anything in the world.

What they don’t acknowledge is that some things should be kept as beautiful memories. There’s nothing creepier than raven hair on a tired, pale, wrinkly face. Be realistic. First of all, natural color is very difficult to obtain using hair dyes. Secondly, you shouldn’t choose your new shade based on the color of your roots. This is a major mistake made by many individuals who haven’t managed to make peace with their real age.

The key is to opt for a color that creates a perfect balance between the new hue of your mane and your skin tone. Powerful contrasts should be avoided at all costs. Moreover, in some cases identical shades could also lead to catastrophic results, making your entire face seem unremarkable and lifeless. Can you actually imagine how awful would platinum blonde look on someone who has an extremely light complexion? According to Eva Scrivo, a well-knownL’OréalProfessionnel Celebrity Colorist, yellow skin tones require warm hair shades, while reddish skin tones are instantly beautified by cooler hues.

Opt for Lighter Tones

You can actually win the first battles with premature graying by making a small compromise. This doesn’t mean that you have to lay down your weapons; it just means that you have to live with the idea that you can’t, won’t and shouldn’t try to go back to your dark mane. Instead, you could opt for a new hair color that is up to 2 tones lighter than your natural one.

White hairs will blend in with a lighter color base and you will no longer have to worry about unaesthetic contrasts. You can also go for numerous shades within your color palette. In this case, diversity is much-appreciated, as long as you don’t overdo it. For instance, chocolate and caramel tones are in sync with subtle shades of gold and represent the perfect choice for most women who are already forced to handle the consequences of premature graying. Moreover, this combination of colors is very flattering during spring and summer, because it is in perfect harmony with silky, tanned skin.

Mimic Mother Nature’s Perfection

When it comes to your aging tresses, go in favor of a subtle, natural-looking transformation. During summer, those long, happy days spend at the beach change our hair color sooner than expected. Before we know it, we are stuck with darker roots and a much lighter color towards the ends. This is not necessarily a bad thing! On the contrary, Mother Nature’s secret recipe for success has been replicated by numerous stylists who have tried to come up with their very own versions of the ombre trend. Even world class celebs like Mila Kunis or Jessica Biel love this faux natural, effortlessly chic look. You don’t have to use bleach to lighten up your end and create a very radical effect. Go a little bit lighter towards your ends and get natural-looking highlights. This is an even classier extreme makeover idea that is suitable for women who aren’t the biggest fans of the ombre style.

Finding a Reliable Cure for Gray Hair

Don’t want to use hair dye to change your appearance? In this case, embrace a different approach. Modern research shows us that premature graying is a 100% preventable evil. A team of researchers has introduced a redoubtable anti gray hair solution, in the form of catalase supplements. These super premium vitamins for hair tackle the real root of the problem and restore the user’s pigment from the inside out, due to an ideal concentration of catalase that manages to dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations. These buildups make the human hair go gray.

At this point in time, the catalase supplements are already well-known for their positive results. They have been tested and approved by a large community of scientists and have already helped numerous buyers convert their graying hairs into fully pigmented strands over the course of a few weeks.

Clearly, scientific breakthroughs work to our best advantage. After all, a risk-free pill designed to address both the effects and the cause of our aesthetic problem is much more effective and reliable than cosmetic solutions like mascara-like products or various types of hair dyes and homemade potions, which only mask the effects of hair depigmentation. All in all, modern gray hair remedies are widely accessible and affordable, so why not hurry up to test it on your own skin?

2 pills administered on a daily basis for a few weeks can bring you closer to your natural color. This would be a smooth, safe transition from dull, flat, lifeless graying hair to a shiny, silky, pigmented mane. Instead of taking on a big risk by relying on hair dye to obtain a natural color that may in fact add a few years to your face, choose the easiest, smartest anti gray hair strategy. Use a last-generation catalase supplement to prevent, stop or restore graying hair in no time. If you don’t like gray hair, nobody can or should try to convince you to live with it.

Due to its innovative formula based on natural ingredients, Get Away Grey forms a solid barrier between your hair and hydrogen peroxide. With the threats posed by premature graying out of the way, you can go back to the real you. Don’t waste money on cheap tricks that are risky and don’t really work. Recover your self-esteem, hair pigment and youthful appearance by simply buying and testing a scientifically proven white hair treatment that actually lives up to its promise.

Premature Graying into the Spotlight: 8 Young Celebs Who Decided to Go Gray Willingly

kate-moss-pink-gray-590Silvery strands are not as dreadful as they may seem at a first glance. On the contrary, a beautiful, bright white or silvery mane can become your most inspired accessory if you know how to wear it right. Still not convinced? In this case, you should know that depigmented tresses are extremely popular among young, fashion-forward celebrities who are considered role models by many generations.

Can you actually believe that more than a few famous men and women rely on hair dye to obtain that perfect shade of gray that manages to intimidate many people over 50? It’s really obvious: one man’s worst nightmare is another man’s dream come true. Here are some of the most well-known young celebs who have made asmooth transition from fully pigmented locks to gray hairabsolutely willingly.

1)      Kate Moss. Who can honestly say that Kate Moss has no style? Her rebellious image evokes powerful emotions and reflects a sky-high level of self-esteem. In terms of hairstyle, Moss has always been very unpredictable. However, she has always manifested her preference for ash blonde and light brown shades that fit her like a glove. Quite recently, she has been sporting a few gray strands that go extremely well with her light blonde base. Moss is a very good example illustrating that men and women reaching 40 shouldn’t feel intimidated by the effects of premature graying. There will always be plenty of options for young women who want to find the key to aging gracefully.

2)      Mary-Kate Olsen. The Olsen sisters are the most pampered twins in the fashion industry. Due to their great taste and impeccable style, whatever they decide to wear today becomes a must-have tomorrow. Mary-Kate has also decided to support the grandmother-inspired trend by displaying 100% gray roots that are very flattering, taking into account that her golden locks need a few silvery metallic accents to shine bright and contribute to a signature look. We don’t know what make Mary Kate opt for this change; perhaps she wanted to differentiate herself from her twin sister. Or maybe she just wanted to try something new. Either way, graying hair suits her and doesn’t make her look old or boring.

3)      Kelly Osbourne. Kelly Osbourne is one of those celebs who have tried it all, in terms of hair color. She has dyed her hair black, brown, blonde, purple, pink and gray. Somehow, the silvery fox look seems to be one of her most inspiring picks. She knows how to accentuate the charm of silver tresses, by adding the right accessories. Moreover, her young, fresh-looking skin compliments her hair color. Clearly, the Fashion Police star is on the right path, towards a well-balance, iconic, individualized style.gra

4)      Pink. You don’t have to be over 50 to decide that it may be time to make peace with your own grays. Some celebs choose to accept the fact that they are aging and don’t want to make a big deal of it. For instance, Pink rocks the rebellious, silver mane like no other. The grayish hue is just as flattering as the simple, buzz cut that we have been associating with Pink’s sporty, relaxed image for many years in a row. The daring singer is no stranger to graying hair, but instead of masking it, she tries to emphasize it in her own way.

5)      Lady Gaga. This singer sure knows how to keep her public in suspense. This young celebrity is worldwide famous for her eccentric style and bizarre fashion choices. One day she is blonde; the next day she tries to turn heads with long, fluid, silvery tresses or with pink or yellow hair. Silvery tones look good on her. Despite the fact that gray hairs can create an untidy image, this is clearly not the case. Her appearance represents the end result of countless hours of work; an army of stylists is always in her shadow, watching her every move. This is perhaps the main reason why Lady Gaga looks flawless with graying hair. While this is clearly not her most shocking transformation, it is one of her most flattering extreme makeover ideas.

6)      Rihanna. Young celebs love to play with silvery details. Rihanna is one of them. The singer and fashion icon has recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram. The picture was received with lots of enthusiasm by thousands of fans, mostly because Riri flaunted a few gray strands that created a lovely contrast with her dark hair. The trendy celeb warned us that “gray is the new black”. We don’t know if Rihanna is already dealing with the first signs of premature graying or if she has a crush on silvery accents, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. She can pull off the salt and pepper look like no other.

7)      Nicole Richie. There was a time when Nicole Richie somehow always managed to keep the front page with her radical transformations. We barely remember her natural hair color. She was blonde, dark and also fell in love with purple hair. At the Costume Institute Gala, a prestigious event organized in 2013, she flaunted a grey up-do that complimented her ivory embellished attire. Her graying effect was temporary; nonetheless her styling choice is memorable.

8)      Adam Lambert. The male singer is one of the very few young men who decide to embrace gray hair willingly. Lambert wowed his fans by displaying an all-gray mane. In his opinion, changes are much-needed every once in a while. Even beautiful, raven hair can become really boring and unappealing at some point, in which case a few grays can represent a valid option.

Going Gray Is a Matter of Choice

The grandmother-inspired trend is hotter than ever. More and more celebs are gradually going in favor of a slightly washed-out look, obtained by adding gray highlights or by displaying an all-silvery mane. But this doesn’t mean that gray looks equally gorgeous on everybody. If you’re tempted to give gray hair a try, you could get a few highlights to find out how lack of pigment works for you. This is an important step that you should make, before investing time, money, energy and hope in a more radical makeover.

Stop Grays with a Risk-Free Pill

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who want to hide their first signs of premature aging, you should start looking for a reliable gray hair cure that offers long-term benefits without posing any unwanted side effects. In this context, catalase supplements could become your most valuable ally. Catalase restores your pigment from the inside out, by dissolving hydrogen peroxide accumulations. A gray hair remedy based on catalase will bring you closer to fully pigmented tresses in only a few weeks. In case you are looking for a scientifically-proven gray hair cure, order your first bottles of Get Away Grey. Comprising an ideal concentration of catalase and countless herbal and mineral compounds, Get Away Grey is the key to obtaining smooth, pigmented locks that look and feel fabulous. Buy this revolutionary anti gray hair solution today, test it and teach your loved ones how to keep grays at a distance using this amazing product.

Gray Hair Styling Tips from Oprah: The Key to Obtaining Healthy Silky Tresses

grey hairs Who can honestly say that graying hair is not scary, at least at a first glance?  Not too many people are thrilled to discover the first depigmented strands that gradually appear on their temples. You may be wondering: why is white hair so intimidating and what should I do to preserve my natural pigment for a longer while? There are quite a few effective gray hair reversalsolutions that you may want to consider, but first of all, let’s find out what lies behind the powerful white locks phobia that seem to be disrupting the balance of so many people these days. Is gray hair a friend or a foe?

Why Going Gray Is Not a Very Appealing Option for Most People

First of all, gray hair is a constant reminder of the fact that we are not immortal. We are just like flowers: we bloom, we display a great variety of colors and enchanting perfumes and we eventually lose our petals. Truth be told, this is the main reason why we dislike gray hair: it reminds us of old age and its endless list of problems. While we still look and feel young, we don’t want to feel threatened by the first signs of premature graying. This is how we end up spending a fortune on professional hair coloring treatments.

Moreover, gray hair can also affect our carrier and stop us from getting the raise or the promotion that we have been dreaming about for so long. If looks are an important selection criteria in your line of work, the impact of premature graying on your beautiful locks can convince your superiors to replace you with a younger candidate. The world is not a bed of roses. Forbes clearly revels that we are all judged based on our appearances. How we dress, style our hair and accessorize our outfits indicate who we really are and represent an indicator of our aspirations and capabilities.

This is not a very exciting perspective. After all, what can gray hair say about someone’s skills and competencies? Believe it or not, some executives tend to think that these elements are actually connected. In other words, looks definitely affect your pay, just like Huffington Post suggests. It seems that, when it comes to recruiting or promoting talents, factors like height, weight and hair color weigh a great deal. A study introduced in 2004 by a representative from the University of Florida clearly indicates that tall people make on average up to 789 dollars more than shorter staff members on a yearly basis.

A different study published by the Queensland University of Technology reveals that blonde female employees earn up to 7% more money than redheads or brunettes occupying a similar position. A study funded by several companies and institutions, including Boston University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Procter and Gamble, also supports the idea that looks represent a decisive factor. The study reflects that women who wear makeup on a daily basis at work get bonus points for trustworthiness and credibility.  Bottom line: we live in a world that is still governed by stereotypes and preconceived ideas. Factors that may seem irrelevant, like our hair color for instance, can influence our entire carrier and financial situation. This is why we have to address the nasty gray hair issue in a timely fashion.

Oprah provides a long list of gray hair management tips, allowing both men and women to upgrade their appearance and feel much more comfortable in their own skin. Some people may ask: Why on earth should I listen to what Oprah has to say on this matter? First of all, Oprah is no stranger to simple and effective beautification rituals. Secondly, she is also sporting the salt and pepper look in a classy manner, so she has probably tested all the tips and tricks that she offers on her own skin (or scalp, to be more specific). Here are 3 gray hair tips that will change your life forever.

1)      Get a Suitable Cut. If you have already been impacted by premature graying, this means that you should probably opt for a different cut. Medium-length and short hairstyles are ideal, taking into consideration the fact that grays are always difficult to tame and prone to extensive breakage. A low-maintenance cut with clean edges represents an awesome option at hand for both men and women. Buzz cuts work best for most men, while sleek bobs with or without bangs can do wonders for women who are trying to give a new meaning to their silvery strands.

2)      Get the Right Shampoo. There are 3 main reasons why you need to use a good shampoo and conditioner, especially formulated for graying hair:

a)      Gray hair is less obedient than fully pigmented locks, so it requires special hair care products with an anti-frizziness effect.

b)      Silvery hairs should be brightened up by a special formula; this is the simplest method to avoid that dreadful washed-out look.

c)      Colorless strands borrow pigment from different sources. This is how depigmented tresses gain that unpleasant yellowish tint. Shampoos with violet accents battle the yellow shades, protect the scalp’s natural buildups and enhance the natural beauty of your grays after each and every washing cycle.

3)      Opt for the Most Adequate Styling Regimen. Don’t forget to apply an anti-frizz lotion or cream on your damp locks. Try to avoid heat-styling. If you don’t feel ready to part ways with your flat iron, blow dryer or curling iron, at least try to minimize the damage by  using a quality heat protector. Use the type of brush that matches the texture of your hair. Last, but not least, visit a professional stylist and try to find out more about the best styling regimen for your grays meeting your needs, financial possibilities and expectations.

The Moment of Revelation: You’re NOT Stuck with Gray Hair

There comes a time when you realize that all your appearance-related concerns were not justified. If you hate gray hair, nobody can force you to accept it or embrace it. Perhaps a few decades ago this would have been your one and only option, but now this is no longer the case. Catalase supplements allow us to stop gray hair in a few weeks. The whole process takes place on the inside: catalase dissolves excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which represent the main cause of premature graying.

Now you can go back to your natural pigment the easy way. Get Away Grey is a remarkable catalase vitamin complex based on real scientific breakthroughs. It can be used to prevent, stop and reverse gray hair rapidly and safely. If you think that white doesn’t suit you, rely on super hair vitamins comprising ideal concentrations of catalase to darken your mane in a completely natural manner. Use this approved and verified gray hair remedy and find out how it could change your life for the best over a short period of time ranging from 8 to 12 weeks. 

5 Gorgeous Celebs Who Are Aging Gracefully

Meryl-StreepNo matter where you choose to hide, the first signs of aging will eventually find you. We all get old, so you can’t hold on to your fresh, younger-looking hair and skin forever. Or can you? Of course, when we are tormented by this kind of dilemmas, we try to get the best answers to our questions and concerns from stylish, gorgeous celebrities who prove that age is just a number.

Why Is Gray Hair So Inexplicably Hot?

More than a few sought-after men, including Brad Pitt, Sean Connery, Sean Penn, Richard Gere and George Clooney prove that they are just like wine: they get better in time. They don’t seem to be threatened by wrinkles, balding spots and graying hair. On the contrary, somehow they manage to turn all the signs that time has left on their face and tresses into powerful declarations of style and iconic accessories that they can’t part ways with. After all, what would George Clooney be without his signature salt and pepper look? Do you really think that Richard Gere is in a hurry to find the best white hair treatment?

Apparently, the answer is no. All these famous men feel very comfortable in their own skin and know how to use the effects of premature graying to their own advantage. So this gets us back to our initial question: why is graying hair so appealing in the eyes of women and fashion-forward men? Apparently, there are more than a few reasons why depigmented locks are considered very alluring. First of all, they are associated with knowledge, intelligence and a vast experience. And after all, who could resist the charm of a man who always has the right answers to any kind of questions and potential problems?

Moreover, there is apowerful connection between hair color and your personality, self-esteem levels and mood. You can definitely make gray hair work for you, by showing everyone that you have decided to embrace silvery strands and you are happy with your choice. If you really own the look, nobody will ever be able to question your move.

As a matter of fact, according to, graying hair doesn’t necessarily make you look unattractive or much older than you really are. This is just an old misconception that shouldn’t influence your final call. The same source indicates that anyone can pull off the extremely classy white fox look with minimal effort. When it comes to obtaining beautiful, graying hair, your facial features and complexion are not very important, especially if great minimalist makeup tricks and a simple styling routine are the secret aces up your sleeve. When in doubt, remember that for every preconceived idea related to depigmented tresses there are at least two examples showing us that silvery strands can look absolutely spectacular. Here are 5 celebs who rock graying hairs and don’t plan to use a grey defense any time soon.

1)      Meryl Streep– This Hollywood goddess sure knows how to age gracefully. She is the ultimate symbol of refinement, proving that there is life after 50. Her fans love her movies, her stellar acting performances and also her amazing all-white silvery tresses. Her secret recipe for success is based on special hair care products designed to enhance the natural brilliance of grays. Also, she usually goes in favor of flattering hairstyles with lots of volume, which make her mane seem fuller and much more attractive.

2)      Steve Martin– The man who automatically puts a smile on our faces doesn’t give us something to laugh about when it comes to hairstyles. This is because he has managed to embrace his age, wrinkles and graying hair and give them a new meaning. Instead of opting for a ridiculous cut or for repeated hair coloring processes, Martin chose to make peace with Mother Nature and go gray. His simple, short cut fits him like a glove and we couldn’t imagine why he would be even remotely tempted to try something new in the near future.

Greatest.L.A.Premiere.3.25.10_0303)      Pierce Brosnan– Most women can still agree upon the fact that Pierce Brosnan was the most attractive 007 Agent of all times. Of course, he competes with Sean Connery for this position. Guess what these 2 men have in common: lots of white hair. Connery has been flaunting the silver fox look for many years now, while Brosnan keeps surprising us with an elegant, intriguing look based on more salt and considerably less pepper. At the end of the day, Brosnan doesn’t seem intimidated by the graying process, simply because he does not need any extra “condiments” to spice things up.  Unlike Alec Baldwin, he doesn’t feel pressured to go back to his natural color by investing thousands of dollars in expensive hair coloring treatments.

4)      Robert DeNiro– We’ve seen DeNiro’s black mane in “Taxi Driver” and we weren’t very impressed. The dark color and the buzz cut may have been appropriate for his age at that point, but now they wouldn’t do him any justice. The slightly messy white look is now DeNiro’sinconic feature that we all recognize and appreciate.

5)      Mick Jagger– Mick Jagger is no OzzyOsbourne. Unlike Osbourne, Jagger managed to preserve his signature look and his unmistakable charm without applying countless bottles of hair dye on his tresses. Yes, Jagger’s hair color is gradually fading, but he doesn’t seem very concerned about this fact. He still goes in favor of the same cut that made him famous decades ago, and nobody can contest his choice. His medium-length haircut looks absolutely amazing and doesn’t really need an upgrade.

3 Things That You Can Do to Perfect Your Own “Going Gray” Strategy

Celebrities should always inspire you and help you make smart choices, in terms of extreme makeovers, clothing items and accessory selection. You may not be supported by an army of stylists, but this doesn’t give you an excuse for an untidy image. If you are already display gray hair, here are 3 tips that could guide you towards a celebrity-approved look:

1)      A clean cut with well-defined edges (stop your stylist from using his razor on your locks; this styling technique will inevitably lead to split ends)

2)      Trim your hair every 8 weeks to prevent split ends that look much worse on graying hair

3)      Eliminate or prevent that unflattering yellow cast by using special shampoo designed to address the needs of silver hairs, like Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo. Its violet accents will battle the yellowish tint and make it disappear.

Stop Gray Hair with a Pill Based on Science

Why color your grays, when you can make them go away fast and risk-free? Catalase supplements offer you the chance to restore your natural pigment from the inside out, without taking any chances. If you feel that gray doesn’t suit you one bit, feel free to go back to your original color in no time. With 2 pills taken on a daily basis you can reverse the effects of premature grayingand turn the clock in your favor. Get Away Grey is a last-generation gray hair cure based on powerful active ingredients leading to smooth, shiny, obedient, fully pigmented hairs. Buy this remarkable grey defense and test it on your own tresses today.


5 Extremely Accessible Products Showing You How Gray Hair Is Supposed to Look Like

bigstock-Blooming-Celandine-with-medici-55699055Living with gray hair doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Of course, we all wish to display extremely long, fair hair like Rapunzel or very dark, healthy-looking locks like Snow White. But unfortunately in some cases many factors, including our genetic heritage, wrong lifestyle choices and several medical concerns can stop us from turning our dreams into reality.

The good news is that it is in our power to boost the appeal of our graying hair. Simple changes, like the implementation of a cohesive gray hair management plan, can help us enhance the natural brilliance of depigmented tresses and overcome the main issues associated with premature graying.  It is always difficult to fight against the unknown. If you want to take better care of your aging hair, you should start by identifying and analyzing its unique necessities, features and threats in a timely fashion.

Common Gray Hair Problems That Can Be Anticipated and Corrected Fast

Gray hair is prone to extensive breakage. Moreover, it is much more vulnerable than fully pigmented ones. As we age, our scalps produce a reduced amount of natural oils. This is precisely why white strands are coarser, extremely frizzy and virtually impossible to style. If you really want to keep your grays in excellent condition, you should start by protecting your hair and scalp against major risk factors that could make you lose your pigment faster than expected and deteriorate your tresses at the same time.

1)     Chlorine Found in Water

2)      Direct Sunlight

3)      Aggressive Styling Processes

In other words, if you have already been impacted by premature graying, you may want to wear a hat or stay under an umbrella while you’re at the beach. Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt to buy and wear a swim cap to protect your locks while you’re spending quality time with friends at the pool. According to eHow, large quantities of chlorine are generally used to kill a wide range of bacteria that may contaminate pool areas. Chlorine can easily bond to our strands, stripping them of the natural oils that are created and distributed to protect their structure and their color. Chlorine makes even the most obedient hair dry, dull and brittle. Also, there are other components that are added to prevent bacteria contamination, including iron and copper. These minerals are responsible for the green tint that many people identify on their mane after spending many hours in the pool.

Of course, depigmented hair is more likely to borrow this very unpleasant greenish hue, because it usually has the tendency to attract color molecules from any kind of environment. If you don’t want to wear a swim cap, you should know that there are other ways to protect your grays against these major threats. Before jumping in the pool, you can apply lots of conditioner on your hair and let it rest. The conditioner will form a solid barrier and stop exterior risk factors, like different minerals and chlorine, from robbing you of your oils and natural color.

Last, but definitely not least, you should know that an aggressive styling ritual based on heat-producing appliances can also hurt your depigmented tresses. In this case, it is advised to opt for a low-maintenance cut that doesn’t require lots of styling products and extensive curling or straightening to look its best throughout the entire day. If you don’t want to change your hairstyle or end your romance with your flat iron, at least make sure it runs at a very low temperature to prevent damage caused by extreme heat,  invest in vitamin-rich protective sprays that coat your strands and use a great conditioner especially formulated for graying hair on a weekly basis. The super sleek straight look won’t work against you as long as you follow these simple preventive measures.

5 Things That You Need to Breathe New Life into Your Old Depigmented Mane

It’s no secret that gray hair requires special attention. You cannot expect to take pride in a beautiful, timelessly elegant hairstyle like the one displayed by Meryl Streep if you don’t do whatever it takes to address the pressing needs of your aging hair and scalp. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to pay for daily salon treatments or expensive hair care products that you could use at home. It simply means that you have to buy and use 5 essential, affordable items that you will need to hold on to for the rest of your life.

1)      A Good Shampoo and Conditioner. We all know how difficult it really is to live with gray hairs. Grays always manage to absorb color from our environment. If you have used a colored shampoo and conditioner for a long period of time, now would be a good time to ditch this combo. You actually need hair care products that won’t stain your colorless locks. Moreover, several formulas launched by Clairol succeeded in brightening up even the dullest tresses and prevent the appearance of a yellowish hue that we all know and hate.

2)      A Wide Tooth Comb. Gray hair is usually rebellious and very difficult to tame. Don’t comb your strands while they are still wet. When your hair is finally 100% dry, take your time to untangle it using a wide tooth comb, to prevent breakage.

3)      A Brush Suitable for the Natural Texture of Your Hairs. Whatever you do, stay far away from brushes with metallic bristles that could damage your locks and increase breakage risks. Static-prone locks demand a quality brush with plastic bristles, like the super effective Braun Satin Hair Brush, priced at 75 dollars. Flat paddled brushed are perfect for detangling extremely thick hair. Furthermore, did you know that copper is a natural fungicide? This is the reason why brushes with copper-coated bristles are a safe bet for people who want to get rid of dandruff once and for all.

4)      Fabulous Hair Masks. You should also rely on hair masks (DIY or commercially available products) that feed your hair from the inside out and keep it moisturized. If you want to buy one instead of making your own, read the label carefully and opt for elements that contain very few artificial ingredients.

5)      Catalase Supplements. In case you are tired of flat, lifeless, colorless hair, note that there is a fast, risk-free, simple method to boost its appeal and perverse your natural pigment in the long run. Catalase supplements represent the easiest, most effective way to reverse gray hair. Vitamin complexes based on catalase dissolve the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide and put premature graying on hold. Get Away Grey is a spectacular grey defense based on real science. The ideal dosages of catalase comprised by Get Away Grey enables users to part ways with discolored tresses and restore their natural pigment in a few weeks. Don’t just stand there are see how premature graying is impacting your appearance and your self-esteem level. Buy this magnificent gray hair cure and start using it today to keep your pigment on your strands for many more years to come.

5 Celeb Men Who Rock Gray Locks

1359645232_george-clooney-articleStill think that gray hair stands in the way of you success? In this case, now would be a good time to reconsider. Gray locks can become your most amazing iconic accessory, as long as you take really good care of them. Yes, it’s perfectly true that living with grays is not easy. Silvery strands tend to be very coarse, extremely dry and difficult to style. Even so, as long as you invest time and energy in a special beautification ritual, they will reward your efforts. After all, who could resist the charm of a mysterious man who displays a wonderful silvery fox or salt and pepper look?

Gray locks help many men upgrade their image, boost their power of seduction and age gracefully at the same time. Let’s face it: older men who decide to preserve their youth by dyeing their tresses seldom obtain the desirable results.There’s something very wrong about a very intense color on a pale, wrinkled face. This powerful contrast accentuates every single imperfection and makes men look even older and a bit ridiculously.

Alec Baldwin and Mickey Rourke are only 2 great examples illustrating that hair dye is definitely not your best friend when it comes to concealing grays and hiding your real age. Fear of ridiculousness is perhaps the most important factor that stops many men from coloring their hairs. Even so, this doesn’t mean that living with grays is a nightmare. Numerous celebrities manage to rock grays locks virtually effortlessly. Here are only a few of the most popular celeb men who nail the silver fox or the partially white look.

1)      John Slattery Proves That There’s Something Special about Silver-Domed Men

We all know John Slattery,aka Roger Sterling, the influential and extremely charming advertising executive from Mad Men. He doesn’t need to reverse gray hair because he displays a 100% white mane that couldn’t look better on someone else. Of course, white hairs contribute a great deal to his unmistakable, absolutely flawless look that we all know and love. In this case, depigmented strands are the ultimate symbol of power, prestige, superior social status and success. John Slattery’s sex appeal cannot be ignored or contested. He is a real ladies’ man and proves that gray hairs can be a real blessing. His nice, clean cut maintained with minimal styling products is his most powerful ally. He can wear a fancy suit, a button down shirt or a fire fighter uniform- either way, due to his fascinating white hair he looks handsome and effortlessly cool.

2)      Who Isn’t Crazy About George Clooney?

You can’t talk about gray hair without mentioning the one and only George Clooney, who constantly lets us know that there’s nothing wrong with a little gray hair. We are all aging; sooner or later we will all display a few depigmented strands, so what’s will all the fuss about premature graying? Clooney’s relaxed attitude makes us think that grays are a safe bet. After all, the reputable actor is like a bottle of wine: he just gets better with age.

Since he isn’t threatened by balding spots or other common unaesthetic problems that force many men to rely on odd hairstyles to mask their imperfections, Clooney feels free to flaunt a very flattering buzz cut. Short graying hair fits him like a glove. His gorgeous personal style encourages millions of men worldwide to embrace the fact that they are aging, ditch the hair dye, accept their defeat in the battle with premature graying and just move on. After all, who would ever blame Clooney for not wanting to use a white hair treatment?

3)      Harrison Ford Looks His Best “Au Naturel”

We’ve seen him in his “Cowboys and Aliens” movie and now we couldn’t get enough of his gray hairs. Yes, we are talking about the very handsome Harrison Ford who doesn’t feel threatened by old age, gray strands and the endless list of aesthetic problems that seem to intimidate most men over 50. Yes, it’s clear that Harrison has undergone a radical transformation. His gray locks have nothing in common with the exquisite dark locks that Harrison displayed in Star Wars in 1977. Times change, people change. Anyway, Harrison gets bonus points for the fact that he loves his hair as is and unlike many other A-list actors he doesn’t rely on cheap, ineffective tricks and tips to look a few years younger.

tumblr_mt8yr1neml1rnfvefo1_12804)      Richard Gere Manages to Awaken the Pretty Woman in All of Us

We all agree that Richard Gere is one of those men who can never pass unnoticed. His impeccable style, pretty face and incontestable elegance turn him into the star of the night wherever he may go (unless he is sitting next to George Clooney, in which case we would have a hard time trying to split the prize for the most alluring celebrity between these 2 influential icons). There’s something really interesting about Gere’s evolution. He started to display gray hair in the 1990s, in “Pretty Woman”, one of his best-known movies. We didn’t have a problem with his depigmented tresses then and we certainly don’t have one now. At this point, Gere already flaunts a jaw-dropping all-white look.

But unlike Slattery and Clooney, he didn’t go for a very short cut. He opted for slightly longer locks with lots of volume. Instead of creating a powerful contrast by adding color to his mane, Gere scored bonus points by rocking his white hairs that really compliment his aging face. Since he does not have a pale complexion, white strands don’t lead to that dreadful washed out look that can make a man look like a corpse. Probably Gere counts on expert advice provided by an army of stylists. What’s certain is that his tresses are as white as snow and don’t seem to be threatened by those extremely upsetting yellowish hues that we see so often on Michael Douglas and various other aging celebs who don’t really acknowledge the fact that white hair requires special care to look its best. All in all, we understand why Gere is not eager to find a good gray hair cure anytime soon and we totally respect his decision to go gray.

Kevin Costner5)      Kevin Costner Knows How to Age Gracefully

Whitney Houston’s former “Bodyguard” knows more than a thing or two about beautiful graying hair. His blonde mane now displays amazing silvery accents that make most women sigh. Costner doesn’t need hair dye simply because he has style and class and this seems to be enough to impress the masses.

Do you still think that gray hair is not your cup of tea? In this case, nothing can force you to replicate George Clooney’s image. Get your pigment back by utilizing catalase supplements. These products stimulate the human body to dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations. Hydrogen peroxide is the main element that triggers the appearance of the first gray strands; this is precisely why vitamins for hair based on catalase are the most effective weapon in the battle with premature graying.

Get Away Grey is a magnificent gray hair remedy that contains an ideal catalase concentration. Moreover, this vitamin complex is based on a scientifically proven formula that also comprises numerous herbal and mineral additives that strengthen and brighten up locks from the inside out. There are only a few reasons why you should put Get Away Grey to the test. This last-generation product turns the gray hair reversal process into a child’s play and wipes many years off your face. Try this amazing grey defense today and you’ll thank us later. 

5 Warning Signs that Your Hair is Getting Older

man gray hairYou know how old you are, you embrace your age and you feel fabulous in your own skin.  But do you know how old your hair actually looks? Most people tend to neglect their tresses and focus mostly on their skin. They try to correct skin problems that may add years to their face by drinking plenty of water, performing facial massages and investing lots of money in creams and special beautification rituals designed to reduce or prevent winkles. Millions of men and women pay attention to the real needs and issues of their locks only when they become noticeable and can no longer be ignored.

Graying hair, balding spots and excessively dry, frizzy hair represent the main aesthetic problems that force them to take action sooner or later. Why wait when you can address these major inconveniences in a timely fashion? The key to beautiful, younger-looking hair is in your hands. If you want to be able to spot the first hair-related problems that may give you a hard time in the future, keep reading to discover the main signs that your hair is getting older at a fast pace.

1)      Extremely Dry Hair

At some point, you may notice that your hair has lost its gorgeous brilliance and has become virtually impossible to tame. Excessive dryness can develop into a very upsetting problem, especially if you can’t afford to go to the salon every couple of days. You may blame it on your conditioner or on the chlorine-rich water from the pool, but dryness could actually be the main indicator of the fact that your hair in aging. As we grow older, the scalp produces less natural oils that normally keep the hairs properly moisturized, softer, obedient and easier to comb.

Excessive breakage and frizziness are 2 other aspects that you should factor in. Let’s face it: in order to control dry hair that can really play with your nerves, you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience and tons of styling products, including delicate conditioners and natural masks ensuring a long-lasting anti-frizziness effect. Some women think that the flat iron is their best friend in this particular situation. It’s not. An intensive exposure to extreme heat would only amplify your problem, leading to split ends and an altered hair texture in the long run. So instead of relying on your heat appliances to style your mane, you may want to use an all-natural solution that feeds and moisturized your hair from the inside out to battle the impact of excessive dryness in a successful manner.

2)      A Dull Shade

According to Huffington Post, a tern hair color is another important warning sign that you should not ignore. Shrinking strands that produce a reduced amount of pigment are a real problem. No, your eyes are not playing a trick on you: if you are a young adult whose hair color has gone from fabulous to unremarkable, chances are that you will become the next victim of premature graying sooner than expected. Don’t try to camouflage this drawback by investing in more or less reliable coloring options.

Magic wands, semi-permanent, demi-permanent or permanent hair coloring products are clearly not the best alternative at hand. They might have been a few decades ago, but now people who are losing their natural hair pigment can count on an innovative solution to prevent premature graying. Catalase supplements represent a major breakthrough and the most reliable gray hair remedy based on real science discovered so far. Instead of masking the problem and sweeping the evil under the rug, vitamins for hair based on catalase eliminate the root of the problem and are considered one of the best methods to bring dull, older-looking hair back to life.

3)      Hair Thinning

Hair thinning can become your worst nightmare. One day, you will pull your hair back in a sleek, simple ponytail and ask yourself the following question: “Where did most of my hair go?” This is not a scene from a horror movie; it is actually a very plausible worst-case scenario that could become part of your reality when you least expect it. According to Natural News, hair thinning is a relatively common problem that may be caused or amplified by different factors, including hormonal imbalances, a poor nutrition, elevated stress levels and vitamin deficiencies. A well-balanced diet based on fresh healthy foods rich in zinc, copper and B-12 vitamin can help you prevent or minimize this unpleasant effect.

4)      Balding Spots

Believe it or not, hair thinning is not the most terrible thing that can happen to you. After a certain age, your scalp could become your worst enemy. Alopecia areata, also known as balding spots, represents a very unpleasant autoimmune condition that instantly lowers people’s self-esteem levels and makes them look for a rapid, effective solution to their problem. Basically, this condition makes the immune system attack hair follicles. As a result, hair starts to fall out, sometimes even in big clumps over a short period of time. This is how balding spots appear. The good news is that this condition is not dangerous and can actually be controlled by following a strict treatment plan.

The bad news is that not all individuals respond to this treatment. All in all, the fact that you are losing more hair than usual is not always a bad sign. Researchers have reached the conclusion that on average, we shed around 100 hairs on a daily basis. According to the team of experts from the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, increased hair loss, known as Telogen effluvium, can be caused by prolonged exposure to elevated stress levels. People who are dealing with this problem can shed up to 70% of their hairs in less than 2 weeks. Sky-high stress levels can easily push hairs into their resting phase sooner than expected. All in all, excessive hair loss can be liked to a stressful lifestyle, but also to powerful treatments (chemotherapy), imbalanced diets, vitamin deficiencies, childbirth and extreme shocks.

5)      Gray Hair

As we grow older, our hair gradually loses its natural pigment. Pigment-producing cells stop their activity and force us to cope with the first silvery strands. This is one of the most alarming signs that your hair is getting older. However, this doesn’t mean that only older people are dealing with this issue. Several factors, including genetic heritage, smoking and a poor diet are responsible for gray hair in men and women who are in their 20s or 30s. Fortunately, there is an anti-gray hair solution to this problem.

Catalase supplements prevent, stop and reverse gray hair in just a few weeks. We go gray because our bodies produce less catalase. This is the enzyme that fights hydrogen peroxide, the culprit for graying locks.2 pills taken on a daily basis can restore your color and keep new grays at a distance. Get Away Grey is a marvelous gray hair remedy based on catalase, introduced and tested by a world class team of scientists. Get your first bottles today, try this exceptional grey defense and tell the whole world that Get Away Grey is the secret behind your beautiful, fully pigmented, younger-looking tresses.