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8 Keys to Gorgeous Gray Hair

Thinking WomanPeople who reach graying time are constantly struggling to find the best remedy for silvery hairs. They associate bleached locks with seniority and would do everything in their power to get their natural pigment back. The truth is that gray hair can be a real blessing once you figure out how to wear it right and how to protect it against a wide range of factors that could compromise its appeal.

Undoubtedly, gray is the new black for men and women who know how to age gracefully. Need a little bit of guidance when it comes to making peace with your depigmented hairs? In this case, start by reading and assimilated the eight keys to gorgeous gray hair listed below.

1)      Buy the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

The first thing that you should do is to buy and test a quality shampoo and conditioner especially formulated for gray hair. You need a special product designed to address the unique needs of your white strands for two reasons:

a)      Gray hair is usually excessively dry and difficult to tame

b)      Depigmented hair borrows colors from the environment; therefore yellowish conditioners and shampoos will make your hairs gain a very unpleasant yellow hue that you will definitely want to avoid.

Luckily, there are numerous shampoos and conditioners that could brighten up your grays, making them shiny, healthy-looking and completely manageable. Biosilk Silver Lights shampoo, Jhirmack Silver brightening shampoo and Biogenol violights shampoo are only a few options worth considering. Apart from the fact that they enhance the natural brilliance of graying hair and prevent or remove yellowish hues, they also make the scalp look and feel clean and add volume.

2)      Less Is More When It Comes to Styling Products

Gray hairs gradually lose their natural oils; therefore they become coarse and less obedient than fully pigmented strands. Obviously, they require more than a few styling products to stay in place. Here is where it gets tricky: when it comes to applying styling products on white hair, less is always more. Product buildup will inevitably make your hair look dull and flat; not to mention the fact that it will stop nutrients from reaching your hairs. Hair waxes and silicones found in most hair care products are two of the most important elements responsible for product buildup. Despite the fact that silicones-based products are excellent detangling agents, they are not soluble in water and can be removed only by using special cleaning agents, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. To eliminate this inconvenience, use basic hair care products mostly based on natural ingredients and opt for a simple haircut requiring very little maintenance.

3)      Purchase and Use Heat Protectants

If you blow dry your hair regularly or use a flat iron to obtain that perfect look on a daily basis, you should start using heat protectants. Otherwise, excessive heat exposure could compromise your hair structure. Heat protectants replenish moisture and lead to healthy, beautiful hair protected against frying. The good news is that you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on these products. Exceptional ones cost less than 20 dollars and are widely available. Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protecting Shine Spray for instance costs approximately 4 dollars and represents an excellent barrier against heat damage.

4)      Opt for an Ideal Cut

Graying hair requires special attention and a high dosage of creativity and inspiration to become a wonderful iconic accessory. Therefore, unleash your imagination and discover the best cut enabling you to look trendy and 5 to 10 years younger.

Avoid sharp, well-defined lines and go for a layered look that will accentuate your best features. Most men can rock the buzz cut without any difficulties. Women can preserve a medium length and still look flawless, as long as they take good care of their graying hair. If you think that now may be a good time for a change, opt for one of the most gorgeous pixie haircuts that are now back in fashion, thanks to more than a few Hollywood goddesses who took this style to a whole new level. Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron are only two of the insanely attractive first-class celebrities who have revolutionized this boyish, yet incredibly feminine cut.

5)      Rely on Homemade Masks

If you don’t want to reverse gray hair or rely on expensive salon treatments to mask its fading hues, you could try to prepare your own homemade masks designed to restore its brilliance, boost its strength and prevent frizziness. Common ingredients like bananas, sunflower oil, honey or avocado can be used to make coarse hair as soft and shiny as pure silk. At the same time, sage leaves, amla powder, black tea and coffee can be used as anti-gray hair solutions leading to a beautiful darker hue.

6)      Get Highlights

Don’t want to die your hair to camouflage the first signs of premature aging? In this case, would you be willing to get a few highlights? Highlights look great on a lighter color base and blend in with gray hair. They require very low maintenance, so they represent the perfect option at hand for budget-conscious people.

7)      Don’t Brush Your Hair Vigorously

You’ve probably heard this story a thousand times: if you brush your hair at least 100 times on a daily basis, this great habit will stimulate hair growth. This is only a myth that was promoted by our grandmothers decades ago. As a matter of fact, frequent aggressive brushing leads to breakage and cuticle damage. Philip Kingsley, a respectable trichologist (hair expert), indicates that vigorous brushing affects the scalp and tears out hairs, especially if they are really long. Graying hair can be very vulnerable, since it has already lost a great percentage of its natural oils. In this context, it is advisable to brush your gray strands less often, in a gentle manner, using a plastic brush with a malleable bristle.

8)      Use Catalase Supplements to Restore Your Natural Color

As we age, our bodies produce less catalase. Catalase is the enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide, the element responsible for premature graying, into oxygen and water. Increased amounts of hydrogen peroxide make people go gray. Luckily, scientists have found a way to reverse gray hair from the inside out. Catalase supplements represent the easiest, safest ways to win the battle with the hair oxidation process and turn back the clock.

Get Away Grey is a remarkable catalase-based vitamin complex guaranteeing smoother, healthier, younger-looking hair after only a few weeks. This product is the key to a youthful appearance. A few decades ago, the first gray hairs were considered an irreversible nightmare. At this point, gray hair reversal is a dream come true.

Men and women who want to restore their natural pigment use Get Away Grey with confidence to attain their anti-aging goals. Apart from the fact that it contains the ideal dosage of catalase, this gray hair cure also comprises several mineral and herbal ingredients, added to enhance the strength and the luster of the users’ hair. If you can’t live another minute with graying hair, just use Get away Grey to get your pigment back in no time.

Lifestyle Changes When You Reach Graying Time

Couple riding bikes in countrysideThe appearance of the first gray hair is in most cases an unexpected change that cannot be ignored. But does this mean that graying hair should stop you from reaching your goals? Should you feel intimidated by your silvery strands? Of course not! Obviously, gray hair will inevitably make you want to rethink your beautification rituals and all the other strategies that you have been implementing for such a long time to preserve your flawless image.

But this is far from being a tragedy! Instead of thinking that life will never be the same again without your natural hair pigment, you could focus on effective, simple and risk-free solutions designed to accentuate your beauty and help you stay (and look) younger, trendier and much more appealing than most of the people who are half your age. To fulfill your dream and learn how to cope with the effects of premature graying, just take a closer look at the most relevant lifestyle changes that you should adopt, to be able to take pride in longer, thicker, radiant hair that could be interpreted as a fabulous declaration of style.

Implement Dietary Changes

If your main goal is to wipe many years off your face and recover your strength and vitality the easy way, you could start by going in favor of highly beneficial dietary changes. This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your cravings and say yes to a ridiculously unrealistic weight loss challenge. It just means that you have to take better care of your body and understand its basic needs. It’s no secret that a poor diet can accelerate the hair whitening process.

To avoid this unpleasant consequence, stay far away from junk food and all those processed foods that are easy to cook and serve, but have a long list of drawbacks. It is highly recommended to consume fresh products representing an excellent source of catalase. Catalase is the enzyme that turns back the clock, by putting the hair bleaching process on hold. Wondering what’s the connection between catalase and hydrogen peroxide?

Researchers from the University of Bradford Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz have reached the conclusion that catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide, the agent responsible for premature graying, into 2 components that are 100% harmless: oxygen and water. This is precisely why catalase-rich foods, like beef liver, green leafy vegetables, Brussels sprouts, avocado, watermelon and pineapple should be included in your daily diet.

Woman with a glass of milkDrink Plenty of Water

Stay hydrated. This is the best way to delay the first signs of premature aging, which often come in the form of wrinkles and gray hair. Wondering how much water is too much? It seems that researches have everything figured out. They can indicate the ideal water intake, judging by essential factors such as age, weight or height. You can even rely on hydration calculators available online to determine the ideal number of glasses of water that you should drink on a daily basis.

Exercise as Often as You Can

If you have recently discovered your first gray hairs, this doesn’t mean that you should feel old, tired or unmotivated. On the contrary, you should realize that now would be a great time to say yes to new challenges that you have been delaying for quite a long time.

You could choose to discover a new exciting calorie-consuming hobby or you could just stay in shape by opting for a simple exercise routine. Don’t set the bar too high and don’t go for extra soliciting physical exercises that are not suitable for people who have embraced a sedentary lifestyle for many years in a row. This is the most ineffective approach leading to muscle fever and disappointment.

You could find out more about Pilates or Yoga classes organized in your area. Apart from the fact that they put your muscles to work, these 2 types of recreational activities also enable you to attain a more than satisfactory interior balance. On top of that, according to experienced practitioners, certain yoga poses would also allow you to reverse gray hair and stimulate the production of natural pigment from the inside out.

Take the Right Supplements

As we age, our bodies are less able to extract all the nutrients that they need from the food that we consume on a daily basis. This is precisely why we should take the right supplements, designed to cover potential deficiencies and address the specific demands of our organism. Always remember to discuss your options with your doctor before purchasing and taking any kind of supplements currently available on the market.

Catalase supplements based on all natural ingredients are an exceptional choice at hand because they are entirely safe and accessible. Most importantly, they are scientifically proven and thus recommended by numerous respectable specialists who help men and women reach their anti-aging goals and get rid of gray hair naturally in record time.

Quit smoking

According to recent studies, people who quit smoking live up to 10 years more than those who can’t let go of this extremely dangerous habit. Apart from the fact that cigarettes shorten your lifespan and burn holes in your pockets, they also add years to your face. These all sound like pretty good reasons to give up smoking while you’re still young.

Reduce Stress Levels

Despite the fact that researches are yet to find a solid connection between stress levels and gray hair, the general assumption is that people who are constantly living under extreme pressure go gray faster than the rest. If you love your hair and want to preserve your pigment for the longest period of time, always remember to relax, take a deep breath, reorganize your priorities and don’t stress yourself too much over rather insignificant details or things that are not in your power to change or control.

Perfect Your Hair Care Rituals

Graying hair gradually losses its natural oils and becomes frizzy and less obedient. To minimize this inconvenient, use minimal styling products and go for delicate shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair, like the Jhirmack Silver brightening shampoo for instance, which will accentuate your silvery tone and help you avoid yellowish hues and damage caused by curling irons or hairdryers.

Count on a Revolutionary Gray Hair Cure to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

Can’t accept the fact that you’re displaying gray hair while you still feel young and attractive? In this case, choose to make gray hair go away by using a scientifically proven catalase supplement. Get Away Grey is a natural gray hair remedy based on a revolutionary formula that includes catalase and various herbal and mineral elements. These perfectly safe additives extracted from Mother Nature’s most valuable gifts will revitalize your hairs and strengthen then from the inside out. In case you wish to go back to your fully pigmented locks, just put this anti-gray hair solution to the test and spread the work about its magnificent benefits.

The Best Way to Cover Grays without Going to a Salon

Fragment Of Woman's Head ColoringGray hairs can be a real nightmare for men and women who want to look their best. Silvery locks are usually dry, extremely deteriorated and frizzy. Since grays are virtually impossible to tame, they can easily compromise even the most attractive hairstyle and make you use tons of cosmetic products to keep them in place. You clearly don’t need this in your life. Therefore, you could decide to start looking for a fantastic gray hair cure based on effective, risk-free ingredients, or you could try to dye your hairs to obtain a natural-looking color.

Interested in identifying the best hair color for gray hair? We all know that salon pampering treatments can be really expensive. To reduce costs, stop gray hair from ruining your image and get the most attractive color that you could ever dream about, take a closer look at the DIY hair coloring tips listed below.

1)      Mousse Hair Dyes Are Your Best Friend

Cosmetic products available in mousse form have a light texture, are extremely easy to apply and very gentle.  Mousse hair dyes make no exception. They guarantee a fast, trouble-free application and fascinating results. Say goodbye to nasty, stubborn stains and discover the most convenient type of hair dyes, suitable for at-home hair coloring attempts. If you can’t wait to put mousse hair dyes to the test, get your hands on Sublime Mousse launched by L’Oréal Paris. You just have to apply the mousse on your hair and massage your scalp. This product guarantees an excellent coverage and will enable you to save time and money, otherwise invested in salon hair care treatments.

2)      Highlighter Pens Are the Ace Up Your Sleeve

If you don’t want to dye your hair, but can’t stand those awful white roots, you could decide to mask them using a highlighter pen or a color marker, also known as “magic wands”. They can help you visit your hairstylist less often. These products get bonus points for their easy, time-effective application. You get can pretty decent results in less than 10 minutes. Also, mistakes are easy to correct; you would just have to wash your hair, blow dry it and use bobby pins to restyle it and cover those nasty bleached roots. Or you could pull your hair back into a nice ponytail.

3)      Cover Only Your Gray Strands

If you are not afraid to experiment, purchase a hair dye kit and try to create beautiful highlights. Opt for a shade resembling your natural color. Read the instructions carefully; prepare the mix and apply it with an old toothbrush only on your gray strands. This way, even if the hue that you will obtain won’t match the one displayed by your fully pigmented hairs, the end results won’t be disappointing. In the end, you will most likely obtain a very subtle contrast that won’t make your eyes bleed.

Discover a Revolutionary Catalase-Based Gray Hair Cure

Craving for a change? In this case, why don’t you go back to your fully pigmented hairs? You can actually attain this ambitious goal, as long as you rely on a magnificent gray hair cure based on catalase, the powerful enzyme that banishes the effects of premature graying. Get Away Grey is a scientifically proven gray hair remedy and the key to an alluring, youthful appearance. Get your first bottles today and forget all about gray hair management tips and smelly, potentially dangerous hair dyes.

What Does Your Gray Hair Say about You?

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isolMany men and women are having a hard time trying to find the best methods to embrace their grays without adding years to their face or compromising their otherwise exquisite personal style.

They all want to learn how to go gray in style. Unfortunately, this is often a complicated life lesson. The good news is that long-term improvements represent the result of a trial-and-error process, so young people impacted by premature graying should think twice before laying down their weapons.  After all, there are several effective gray hair cures that you may want to consider, and also a plenitude of salon and DIY treatments that you could rely on, to turn your bleached hair into a bold fashion statement. The question is this: can you actually address the specific needs of your depigmented hair? In other words, what does your gray hair say about you?

An Unaltered Salt and Pepper Look Is for People Who Know How to Age Gracefully

Numerous first-class celebrities have expressed their passion for the gorgeous salt and pepper look. George Clooney and Oprah are only a few examples worth mentioning. Basic, non-aggressive styling products and a clean, short cut are the key to success in this case. These are the elements that enable men to age gracefully and maintain their classy image. Oprah rocks her superb graying hair by opting for voluminous hairstyles and delicate curls and by using styling products that ensure an amazing glossy effect.

Dry, Deteriorated Hair Creates an Untidy Image

Nothing can compromise your image faster than dry, extremely deteriorated hair. If you don’t want to shock your friends by displaying appalling split ends, choose to use shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair, designed to combat coarseness and leave your strands moisturized, nourished, soft and younger-looking. You could also prepare homemade masks based on maple syrup, bananas, avocado or sunflower oil and apply them regularly on your wet hair to reduce frizziness and boost the appeal of your otherwise seductive shades of gray.

Yellow Hues Tell You That You Should Schedule an Appointment with a Hair Stylist As Soon As Possible

Yellow hues impacting the brightness of gray hair look horrifying. This is a common problem encountered even by some of the greatest Hollywood actors. Michael Douglas is the living, breathing proof that yellow shades and graying hair are not a match made in heaven. There is a logical explanation for these unattractive yellowish tones: bleached hair borrows pigments from shampoos and colors. Sunlight, scalp oils and chemicals, such as chlorine, can amplify the effect. To avoid this unpleasant issue, limit your sun exposure, install a water filter in your home and use a shampoo and conditioner for gray hair, like Clairol’s Shimmer Lights shampoo and conditioner for instance.

Say Goodbye to Ugly, Unattractive Grays by Testing a Scientifically Proven Remedy

Worried that you may not have what it takes to apply the best gray hair management tips? In this case, who go gray when you can restore your natural pigment fast and safely? Use Get Away Grey to prevent, stop and even reverse gray hair from the inside out. Order your first bottles today and tell your friends and family members that gray hair can wait.

Expert Advice on Covering Your Graying Hair

hair coloring man agains grey hairFor men and women who are concerned about their looks, gray hairs are the root of all evil. Apart from the fact that they are the symbol of seniority, grays are also very unattractive and hard to tame.

Because they are drier than pigmented hairs, silvery strands often require special conditioners and shampoos to become disciplined. Moreover, people affected by premature graying already know how difficult it really is to cover de-pigmented hairs. Gray hairs are stiff and dry, so they repel color molecules and turn the hair coloring process into a real hassle, especially for novices.

In this case, are DIY hair coloring options worth considering? Or should graying men and women focus on finding the best salon treatments instead? Let’s find out.

Salon Hair Coloring Services Versus the DIY Approach

Should you go to the nearest salon and schedule an appointment with a stylist specializing in hair coloring techniques or should you put your own skills to the test? It all depends on how much gray hair you actually have. If you only display a few gray hairs, you could try to dye your hair at home. In this case, you should use two different shades of permanent hair dye: a darker tone for your roots and the first one or two inches. In this area, the shade of gray is very difficult to color, since bleached hairs are incredibly translucent.

A lighter tone is recommended for the rest of your hair. If you have numerous silvery strands, it may be a good idea to opt for professional hair coloring services. A competent stylist will pre-treat your gray hair, by applying a peroxide solution, utilized to stimulate your grays to absorb color molecules in a more effective manner. Moreover, a specialist will help you take pride in a bright, vivid, glossy ensuring a stylish, consistent look. In this case, you wouldn’t have to worry about picking the wrong color or obtaining horrifying contrasts.

Learn to Protect Your New Color

No matter which coloring option you choose to embrace, keep in mind that you will still need to use specially formulated products to prevent your new color from losing its shine. Moisture loss and harsh shampoos, conditioners and styling products are your worst enemy that accelerate fading and force you to visit your stylist sooner than expected.

Get Your Hair Pigment Back with Get Away Grey

Don’t want to dye your grays? If you miss your natural color, but hate the idea of using hair camouflaging techniques, choose to discover the advantages of a remarkable grey defense based on catalase. Get Away Grey is a magnificent scientifically proven catalase supplement designed to stop, prevent and reverse gray hair in a matter of a few weeks. Test this great anti graying hair solution today and spread the word about its tempting benefits.

For Men: Things to Consider Before Coloring Gray Hair

hairNot all men look good with gray hair. Apart from the fact that grays can be pretty unappealing, they are also considered a symbol of old age. Most individuals who discover the first gray hairs are worried about the potential impact of this sudden change on their carrier and their social status.

Is there life after the appearance of those terrifying silvery hairs? Pragmatic men think that the answer to this question is affirmative. They immediately turn to hair dyes or gray hair remedies to solve their aesthetic problem in a timely fashion. If you are also flirting with the idea of using hair coloring products to camouflage the signs of premature graying, take a closer look at the info provided below before making a final decision.

1)      DIY Hair Coloring Treatments are Seldom a Good Idea

Of course, men who usually conduct their basic beautification rituals in the comfort of their own home would be thrilled to give those DIY hair coloring treatments a try. Always think twice before going down this road. Apart from the fact that you could end up staining the entire house, you could also deteriorate your hair structure or obtain an odd-looking color and/or undesirable contrasts (especially if your grays are mixed with fully pigmented hairs). For risk-free applications and professional results, choose to invest a bit more in a salon treatment and rely on the services of an experienced stylist who is specialized in hair coloring techniques.

2)      Salon Treatments Don’t Come Cheap

Most men spend a reasonable amount of money on hair care treatments. But once they are forced to deal with the unwanted effects of premature graying, they have to cope with considerable supplementary expenses. A professional hair coloring treatment can cost you up to 30 dollars per month (excluding the cut itself and the hairstylist’s tip).

3)      Natural Hues are Difficult to Obtain

Yes, there are numerous professional hair dye kits for men with graying hair. Just for Men and Clairol Instincts for Men are only two of the most appealing options at hand. Always remember that you have to go for a shade that is actually a bit lighter than your original color.  Unfortunately, even if you buy the right coloring product or you decide to visit the trendiest stylist in town, there are no real guarantees that your dyed hair will look like a million bucks.

Let’s face it: more than a few aging celebrities, including Tom Jones and Alec Baldwin have horrified their fans by displaying an artificial color that did them no favors. Sometimes, even the hottest celebrities have to learn how to age gracefully.  Numerous people think that a face with wrinkles looks absolutely ridiculous if it is not complemented by at least a few gray hairs. Note that a color that comes from a tube will seldom match your natural shade. If you are looking for 100% natural results, hair coloring products may not be the best choice for you.

Restore Your Youthful Appearance with Get Away Grey

If hair dyes aren’t your best friends, then who could you trust when it comes to banishing those awful grays? Why not try a scientifically-proven anti gray hair product? Instead of masking the effects of premature graying, choose to reverse gray hair from the inside out with Get Away Grey, your revolutionary gray hair cure based on catalase. It is entirely risk-free, affordable and far more effective than any other kind of homemade remedies that you may feel tempted to try. Order your grey defense today and get your natural color back the easy way.

Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2014

Long-Hairstyles-2014-5Sometimes you just crave for a change that enables you to look and feel much younger. This improvement can come in the form of a new wardrobe, a new haircut or a new hair color. If you are striving to find the best method to camouflage those ugly grays and reinvent yourself with minimal effort, start by analyzing the trendiest 2014 colors that will help you display a fresh, celebrity-inspired image.

1)      Ombré  Styles are Hotter Than Ever

If you are one of the biggest fans of powerful contrasts that add warmth to your face and help you profit from the best of both worlds- the one governed by alluring brunets and the kingdom ruled by seductive blondes- you’ll most likely be glad to find out that the ombré color is still in fashion. This alternative is just perfect for brunettes who are tired of dark hues and want to brighten up their locks a bit. You don’t have to overdo it to obtain an extraordinary end result. You may want to go for a subtle ombré effect matching your lifestyle, complexion and personality. The discrete hues rocked by Jessica Biel or Khloe Kardashian could be considered an excellent source of inspiration.

2)      Platinum Blonde Is in Again

We’ve got good news for men and women who have a light complexion and are currently impacted by premature graying: platinum blonde is considered a safe bet once again. Apart from the fact that those icy shades look gorgeous and accentuate the wearer’s best facial features, they are can also become a great method to camouflage grays. A platinum blonde base associated with light highlights will blend in with your silvery hairs, minimizing their unpleasant aesthetic effect.

3)      Brown Blonde- the Perfect Option for the Indecisive

Don’t know if you are ready to cross the bridge between dark colors and blonde shades? In this case, get ready to embrace the perfect hair color for you: brown blonde. This option was taken to the next level in 2007 by the famous supermodel Gisele Bundchen. It can represent the perfect transition from brunette hair to golden locks and it will definitely be one of the hottest 2014 hair colors.

4)      All You Need Is a Touch of Red

Red is an excellent choice, especially now when glamorous Hollywood red carpet events let us contemplate the natural beauty of sensual, fragile and yet incredibly inspiring redheads like Christina Rene Hendricks, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross or Nicole Kidman.  From rose red from golden variations, a plentitude of appealing options is waiting for you just around the corner. If you want to stop gray hair from lowering your self-esteem, opt for a new cut and an alluring shade of red. Reinventing yourself has never been easier.

Reverse Gray Hair with a Last-Generation Vitamin Complex

Unfortunately, gray is not on the list of the hottest 2014 hair colors. If you are impacted by premature graying, you should know that hair dyes are not the best solution to your problem. Choose to reverse gray hair with a magnificent catalase supplement based on science. Get Away Grey is your key to fully pigmented hair that is visibly healthier and much stronger. Get your first bottles today and learn how to use this powerful gray hair remedy to go back to your natural color that will always be in fashion.

Does Stress Make Your Hair Go Gray?

Stressed Man Working On LaptopThe appearance of the first gray hairs is usually associated with genetic factors. If your parents or your grandparents discovered their first bleached hairs in their early 20s or 30s, you will most likely be forced to deal with the same problem at a similar age.

Nonetheless, respectable researchers have reached the conclusion that certain important elements, like lifestyle choices or stress can speed up the graying process. Can stress really be considered one of the main causes of premature graying? Should overly stressed people count on scientifically proven supplements to prevent, stop or restore grays? Let’s find out.

How Does Natural Pigment Land on Your Hairs?

The controversial story of premature gray hair starts in the scalp cavities called follicles. Every single follicle has its own small factory where hairs are grown. Epidermal cells, called keratinocytes “build” our hairs, while their neighbors, the melanocytes, produce the melanin, an essential pigment ensuring the natural color of our hairs. Melanin is delivered to the epidermal cells, in the form of melanosomes, which are basically small-scale structures looking like tiny packages.

Does Stress Accelerate the Hair Oxidation Process?

Hair with reduced amounts of melanin is gray and hair without pigment is completely white. Keratinocytes live longer than melanocytes. As a matter of fact, the depletion of melanocytes is the reason why millions of people are forced to live with gray hair. So the question is this: could stress actually affect the melanocytes population to some extent?

David Fisher, a respectable professor from the Harvard Medical School indicates that although scientists are yet to find a clear connection between premature graying and elevated stress levels, stress may have a considerable impact on the activity and the survival rate of melanocytes.

Numerous patients who are exposed to sky-high stress levels for 2 or 3 years in a row report an accelerated hair whitening process. This statement is backed by Tyler Cymet, the head of family medicine from the Baltimore-based Sinai Hospital. Cymet sheds some light on this matter, revealing that even if grays are genetically outlined, lifestyle choices and stress exposure can lead to notable variations ranging from 5 to 10 years.

Based on this affirmation, people who learn how to keep stress levels under control, while exercising regularly and eating clean have a better chance of preserving their natural pigment for a longer period of time. While stress is not the main cause of gray hair, it can definitely be considered a real threat by men and women who want to put their hair oxidation process on hold.

Recover Your Pigment with the Very Best Catalase Supplements

Worried that stress could make you go gray sooner than expected? If so, eliminate all your fears and concerns by relying on a remarkable gray hair cure based on science. Get Away Grey is a revolutionary catalase supplement, designed to stop the bleaching process and reverse gray hair in a timely fashion. Its natural ingredients also enhance the strength and the glow of your hairs, making them look healthier and younger from the inside out. Order this last-generation gray hair remedy today and restore your beautiful, pigmented locks in record time.

3 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Applying Henna on Your Graying Hair

gray-hair-color-6It’s never easy to care for gray hair that is always frizzy, dry and severely deteriorated. Men and women who are currently dealing with this pressing issue are usually advised to stay far away from chemical-rich hair dyes that could only accentuate their problem. In this context, henna appears to be an excellent substitute for artificial, potentially dangerous hair coloring products.

As a matter of fact, henna is one of most popular natural products for hair, used for centuries by self-conscious beauty icons. Henna is much-appreciated for its incontestable benefits. It manages to cover those nasty grays in an effective manner. At the same time, it enhances the glow of graying hair and it also maximizes its strength. However, more than a few people are disappointed by this natural anti gray hair solution. Why? Keep reading to discover 3 pertinent reasons why you should think twice before relying on henna to stop gray hair from changing your entire life.

1)      Henna Does Not Ensure a 100% Natural-Looking Color

If what you really want is to go back to your natural color, henna may not be the best option for you, unless you were actually born with red hair. Unfortunately, people who use henna to mask grays will always obtain a reddish hue that may not be to their liking. Henna does not guarantee a consistent look, especially if your grays are mixed with fully pigmented hairs. Obviously, the bleached hairs treated with henna will display lighter shades of red than the rest of your hairs. If you don’t appreciate this type of contrasts and can’t stand reddish tones, it is recommended to opt for a different kind of gray hair remedy.

2)      Preparing a Henna Mix Is Always a Messy Job

Preparing and applying your henna mix is not as simple as it may seem. In most cases, you have to combine henna with oil or vinegar to obtain a paste. All these ingredients should be later on added to a certain amount of boiling water.  Note that this product does not contain any chemicals leading to a homogeneous mixture. As a result, henna can be difficult to apply. Inexperienced users can stain their household items or their clothes while trying to dye their hair with henna. The bad news is that such stains are virtually impossible to remove.

3)      Henna Applications Require Lots of Time and Patience

Most hair coloring products take about 60 minutes to provide the end results. On the other hand, you may have to wait up to five hours to obtain your favorite shade of red while utilizing henna. This means that you’d have to be willing to invest a lot of time and patience in your hair coloring process.

Stop Gray Hair with a Revolutionary Catalase Supplement

If you dislike red hair and don’t want to use henna to mask your grays, choose to test a remarkable catalase supplement based on science. Get Away Grey was designed to help you reverse gray hair from the inside out, rapidly and safely. Put it to the test today and discover the positive effects of a last-generation anti graying hair solution.

3 Common Graying Hair Styling Mistakes That Add Years to Your Face

0809p32-gray-mThe appearance of the first gray hairs shouldn’t be considered a tragic event. On the contrary, bleached hairs can be a real blessing, once you learn how to boost their attractiveness and how to go gray in style. Unfortunately, most men and women aren’t fully aware of the fact that an old-fashioned cut or the usage of certain styling products can make them look older and less interesting. Below you will find a list of some of the most common graying hair styling mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

#1 Opting for a One-Length Cut

We can’t remember that last time when one-length cuts were considered popular. Apart from the fact that they are outdated, they also accentuate the lines of your face in an unflattering manner. Can you even imagine how the horrible bowl cut could compromise the image of a graying man? On the other hand, layers add warmth to your facial features. A trendy layered haircut can do wonders for men and women who are already impacted by premature graying. Not to mention the fact that layers add volume and make your hairs look thicker.

#2 Using Too Many Styling Products

Here’s some shocking news: tons of styling products utilized simultaneously to obtain smooth, healthy-looking, obedient hairs that shine brighter than the sun will actually work against you. Why? The answer is quite predictable: despite the fact that styling products like gel or mousse can keep your hairs in an ideal position and make any kind of hairstyle look awesome for a short period of time, they can also lead to an aging combination.

After a few hours, hairs covered in more or less aggressive chemical-rich products will inevitably become dull, frizzy and stiff. To avoid this worst case scenario, use only a little bit of silicon serum to enhance the luster of your grays and a tiny drop of high-quality lightweight mousse to come up with a gorgeous, natural-looking hairstyle.

#3 You Still Take Pride in the Lightest Shade of Blonde

Your fair locks made you insanely popular in high school. They were considered your best accessory, because they always managed to attract compliments like a magnet. But all of these things happened decades ago. Truth be told, the brightest shades of blonde do not complement an aging face. This is because as we age, our complexion loses its natural color. Light blond hair drains what’s left of the delicate, warm tones of our face. This doesn’t mean that you have to dye your hair black. On the contrary, radical changes should be avoided.

If you have more than a few gray hairs, you should enable them to blend in with your natural color, by adding a few discrete highlights. Opt for intense shades of blonde, like butter or honey, which will not lead to that dreadful washed-out look.

Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

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