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Reverse Gray Hair with These Natural Hair Dyes

grayhairOne thing is for sure: the majority of people do not like their greys and wish they could stop grey hair from ever coming in. Grey hair is due to a lack of catalase, among other factors, which cannot be changed with hair dyes. While it is possible to reverse grey hair, sometimes it can be fun to try different colors as you try and go away grey. But most hair dyes on the market today contain a number of chemicals. So how can you reverse grey hair without all the risk? The answer is to look to natural sources.

Blending Your Greys

If you only have a few greys that you want to get rid of on your brown hair, but you don’t want to have to dye all of the hair on your head to do it, then sage and rosemary may provide an answer. Just simmer ¼ cup of dried rosemary with a ½ cup of sage with 2 cups of water for half an hour.

Once the 30 minutes is up, allow the mixture to steep for 3 hours. Then, strain the liquid into a bowl large enough to fit your head. Dip your head into the bowl, and using a cup, pour over all of your hair, ensuring everything is being covered. Once completely covered, wring the hair and then clip if necessary. Wait until the mixture has dried, and then rise. This method requires repetition for best results.

Wake Up Your Locks

If you want to boost your brunette or dark blonde hair while you cover greys, then coffee is a good way to do it. Simply brew a strong pot, allowing it to cool, and then pour it into a head-sized bowl. Then, use a cup to distribute the mixture evenly over your hair. Then, wring the hair and clip if needed and let sit for no less than thirty minutes. The change in the color of your hair will be immediately noticeable, but several repetitions of this method will be needed for long-term coverage.

Get Wild about Saffron

At least one musician thinks saffron is something to sing about. But so do those with red or blonde hair. Saffron can definitely work to reverse greys when a half teaspoon is boiled in two cups of water. Once the mixture has steeped and is at room temperature, it can be strained and then applied by dipping the head into a bowl and evenly distributing the mixture using a cup. Then, wring out hair, clip it and allow to dry. Doing the above several times will allow for a nice and gradual color blend.

Henna Hype

This plant-based dye not only can provide rich deep red tones to the hair and cover greys, but it also contains nutrients that will improve the look of hair. This solution works well for those who want to cover all their greys in one easy step. Instructions for use will differ by brand and should be adhered to accordingly.

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Stop Gray Hair: Premature Graying and the Sun’s Rays

uv-2If you are currently dealing with grey hair, you are likely already aware that it not only looks, but behaves differently than the hair you used to have. You may find that you have far less luster and shine than you used to, or may have noticed that your grey hair’s pattern or texture differs from that of your other hair.

But could all that time in the sun this past summer have been the reason why you are struggling with grey hair now and make you want to stop gray hair? The answer may surprise you.

Studies Conducted On Grey Hair and the Sun

There have been several studies conducted which compared the physical properties of particular hair colors both before and after they were exposed to UV radiation. The results of these tests were particularly interesting in one experiment, which compared a number of properties including tensile strength, cuticle abrasion and wet combing forces. In addition to the above properties, the hair’s color when exposed to UVA and UVB rays. All told, the information gathered from this particular study was able to provide much information about how the structure of hair strands was affected.

The UV Study Results

Among the surprising information revealed in the study was that gray hair was much more vulnerable to damage when exposed to UV rays than brown hair. Other changes observed in gray hair following UV exposure included increased yellowing and a greater degree of damage to the hair cuticle.

But the most fascinating aspect of the study results was that gray hair exposed to UV rays became hydrophilic rather than hydrophobic. Simply put, it attracted rather than repelled water. Other observations included an increased likelihood of hair breakage, tangling and moisture loss.

CATC – The Possible UV Protection Solution

CATC, or cinnamidopropyltrimonium chloride, a UV absorber, was found to have protective properties when applied to gray hair samples as part of a shampoo solution and then rinsed away. These properties remained when CATC was included as part of leave-in sprays which were oil-based. In addition, the inclusion of CATC also resulted in more conditioning being applied to gray hair samples.

The above results offer very good news for those who are attempting to protect their gray hair from the sun. In fact, several products exist on today’s market which can offer adequate protection and conditioning for those with gray hair.

The Best Way to Prevent UV Damage to Hair

Get Away Grey, a natural product may offer the best solution to the increased vulnerability of gray hair to the sun’s rays. This is because Get Away Grey allows you to reverse grey hair using a special formulation of 100% natural and safe ingredients that replenish your body’s depleted stores. You may see measurable results in just six months.

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Reverse Premature Graying: Allergies and Your Gray Hair

Hair Dye

Hair dye only temporarily covers your greying hair.

Most people would never associate their gray hair with allergies. But that connection can be made glaringly apparent when dye is used to reverse gray hair. Although an allergic reaction is the result for only 5% of people who use permanent hair dye to go away gray, this doesn’t mean that you are necessarily immune. In some cases, a systemic reaction can occur when hair dye is used. If this happens, the entire body can be involved, including major organs. However, this is rare.

The Allergy Culprit – PPD

Almost 100% of all commercial hair dyes on the market today contain PPD. When you learn that its scientific name is 4-ParaPhenyleneDiamine, C6H8N2, the reason for the 3-letter acronym becomes clear. PPD also has other names, including Orsin, Ursol, Rodol and PPDA.

When dyeing the hair, peroxide is used in the beginning to strip the hair of color. What is actually happening at this stage is the breaking down of melanin. And the melanin is broken down by peroxide. The PPD is the ingredient used to replace the color that has been broken down.

But it is when the reaction occurs between PPD and peroxide that allergies can be triggered. This is because the PPD becomes partially oxidized when PPD reacts with the peroxide. But interestingly, an allergic reaction is not caused by the full oxidation of PPD.

Other Sources of PPD and Related Substances

In addition to being found in most commercial hair dyes, PPD can also be found in fur coats that have been dyed with the substance. As well, PPD is also present in many cosmetics which are dark in color, as well as in temporary tattoos.

Substances related to PPD can also cause allergic reactions, and many of them are contained in hair dye. Some of these are Isatin and 6-hydroxyindole.  However, they can be found in other items such as ballpoint pen ink, coloring agents used in food, anesthetics and sun block creams.

Types of Hair Dye Allergies

If one reacts to hair dye in minutes to an hour after being exposed to it, contact urticaria may be the diagnosis. Symptoms of contact urticaria include skin redness, red patches all over the body, and difficulty breathing and swallowing.

For those who color their hair often, a reaction occurring from 6 to 72 hours following exposure to hair dye may mean that allergic contact dermatitis, or ACD has occurred. The chances of developing an immunologic reaction like ACD actually increase with the frequency of hair coloring instances. However, this is usually the case with individuals who are genetically pre-disposed to developing ACD. Itching and burning in many areas of the body, including ears, neck and hairline are among the symptoms of ACD.

Get Away Gray Eliminates PPD Danger

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Understanding the Process of Gray Hair Can Lead To a Gray Hair Cure

If you’ve ever thought about buying dye because you thought it was a gray hair cure, or wondered why you seem to have gone gray all of a sudden, there are several possible answers.  Really, when you look at the gray hair process, some of the methods used to go away gray or reverse gray hair make no sense at all.

Hair Why You Turn Grey? - What Causes Grey HairHuman hair has two parts: the shaft and the root. A tube of tissue surrounds each hair strand. This tube of tissue is the follicle. Inside each follicle, there are a number of cells that are responsible for creating the pigment or color of the hair. In order to do this continuously, the cells must produce melanin.

Unfortunately, these pigment cells don’t last. Eventually, they die off gradually until a strand of hair grows with far less melanin in it than other hairs that have grown before it. This will cause the strand of hair to be more transparent, or silver or gray in color.

The Stress Link

It’s interesting that so many people think that stress is the main cause of gray hair. All one needs to do is consider that the color of hair cannot change once pigment cells have done their work in the hair follicle. And so if, say, one strand of hair grows in at a certain color, whether that be brown, blonde, red or black, that strand of hair will always be that color. Higher stress levels may cause new hair to grow in gray, however.

However, it is true that stress is a major cause of hair loss, another major issue for millions of people, many of which are also dealing with gray hair. This condition, called telogen effluvium causes the hair to be shed approximately 3 times faster than it normally may. The good news is that the hair loss isn’t permanent with this condition and actually grows back.

Get Away Gray

There are many products on the market, which promise to help sufferers to rid themselves of gray hair forever. But really, in order to achieve the complete reversal of gray hair, one must begin on the inside, and not the outside.

Get Away Gray is one product that understands this. Its formulation is 100% natural and contains ingredients that have been identified by extensive research as being vital to the continuing production of strong, health and color-rich hair. In fact, many clients have sung the praises of this product, noticing a vast improvement in the look and feel of their hair in addition to a return to their original hair color.

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Why Now Is the Best Time to Get More Catalase in Your Body

What is Catalase

Although there are several ways to reverse gray hair and stop gray in its tracks, there is one important thing to note about the most common cause of gray hair: Lack of Catalase. Catalase is an enzyme that is naturally present in our bodies. It is responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide in the body. However, as we age, the amount of available Catalase diminishes, meaning that peroxide levels increase, causing our hair to turn gray. This is why so many pills for gray hair contain this ingredient. But Catalase also has another property: it is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet.

Health Benefits of Catalase

Independent research has also confirmed that Catalase is one of the biggest anti-aging breakthroughs to date. Scientists have discovered that Catalase can be found in just about every living organism which endures oxygen exposure in one form or another. And not only does Catalase keep hydrogen peroxide levels under control, but it also protects the cells, neutralizing damaging free radicals.

In fact, scientists have observed that an increase in Catalase genes could be associated with an increased resistance to oxidative stress as well as an extended lifespan.

Oxidative Stress and Aging

The link between oxidative stress and aging is significant. This is because the more oxidative stress there is, the faster we age. This theory is not new, having been suggested back in 1956. However, it wasn’t until 1972 that protective mechanisms like antioxidants which acted against oxidative stress were responsible for the control of the life spans and aging rates in several different species.

As far as Catalase is concerned, this particular enzyme was found to increase lifespan in two ways; by increasing the number of living years, and providing a much higher chance of reaching maximum average age for a species. In fact, scientists were able to increase the life span of rats by 20%, or 25 human years simply by supplementing with an increased amount of Catalase.

Reduced DNA damage was another result of Catalase supplementation. Where Catalase was present, more protein accumulation in the cells and a reversal of existing DNA damage was also noted.

Catalase can actually be found in a number of foods, including carrots, beef liver and potatoes. However, if you are dealing with gray hair and want to go away gray completely, there is another way to remedy the situation.

Get Away Gray Contains Catalase

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Does Colder Weather Make Your Hair Turn Gray?

hairgreyIn many parts of the world, winter is well on its way. And with the cold weather comes many complaints about our hair. Some suffer from flyaways when the weather gets chilly, while others may find their hair is lifeless during this season. But still others wonder whether it’s Old Man Winter that has cursed them with gray hair.

It is definitely true that winter is the worst season for hair-related issues like hair loss. This is because hair becomes drier and more brittle in the cold weather. This means it is more brittle and therefore more susceptible to breakage. Not only that, but the scalp suffers as well, becoming dry and forming dandruff as a result. The hair’s follicles also tend to be weaker this time of year. And this weakness may very well contribute to the formation of gray hair as well.

Not only do we have to put up with the cold temperatures in winter, but the wind can also do a lot of damage. Windy days can mean tangles, which if not dealt with properly, can do even more damage to the hair. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid all of the stress on your tresses.

Solutions for Winter Hair Loss

Using warm coconut oil and massaging the scalp can help to restore moisture as well as provide nourishment to the scalp. This is also known as one of the more popular solutions for winter hair loss. Other oils that can be used for this purpose include jaborandi and olive.

Abstaining from coloring the hair is another way to increase its strength. This is because chemicals which are present in hair dye can cause even further damage to hair in the winter season. Unfortunately, this can mean gray roots if you are also dealing with gray hair.

Even a comforting hot shower can dry out the hair and scalp, causing flaking and scaling as well as itchiness. And so experts recommend that people, women especially, refrain from shampooing their hair too frequently during this time of the year. Lukewarm water is best for winter hair washing. Hand in hand with washing is conditioning. A moisture-rich conditioner can make it less likely that hair will be lost. One conditioning solution is coconut milk, which offers a natural alternative if you wish to avoid chemicals. Another way of moisturizing the scalp is to use Aloe Vera juice.

Never Worry about Roots with Get Away Grey

If the thought of having to stop coloring your hair has you wishing you never had to go outside, there’s good news: Get Away Grey can actually help you reverse your gray hair naturally, and without dangerous dyes or harsh chemicals. The product has been met with rave reviews by many across the nation and around the world. Right now, anyone who visits the site can save on their three month special offer of 3 bottles. Gray hair is gradually replaced by the shiny, healthy-looking and stronger hair that you used to have.

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Hair Loss – An Unfortunate Companion to Grey Hair

gray-hair-Those looking to get away grey often have another issue: hair loss. Getting gray hair can be a frustrating experience, but when it’s combined with hair loss, insult can be added to injury. But there’s good news: you can do something about your hair loss as well as get away grey. There are a number of remedies, as well as treatment and therapy types that may help you keep your hair for the rest of your life without the worry of losing it.

Hair Loss and Gray Hair – The Vitamin Connection

What’s interesting about the cause of hair loss is that it can be treated with vitamin supplements. And many of these supplements are the same ones which can work to reverse gray hair. One example is biotin, part of the B complex of vitamins; biotin’s job is to help the body more efficiently use the fatty acids that enter the body.

Biotin can be had by eating eggs, drinking milk. It also occurs in yeast and organ meats such as liver. But because biotin can be difficult to get enough of from diet alone, experts recommend that those wishing to prevent hair loss take 2mg per day in supplement form, and that those who have already experienced loss of hair take 3mg per day.

Treatments for Hair Loss

There are several treatments for hair loss. Modification of the diet to include mineral-rich foods like iron, calcium and silica can help. In women, hair loss can be treated with the addition of protein and zinc to the diet.

Aromatherapy using natural oils is not only beneficial for the stress level, but also for the loss of hair. A mixture of oils which include grapefruit, lavender, lemon, and cedar wood is massaged into the scalp. At the same time, the aroma of the mixture is diffused into the air during massage. It is thought that this combination of inhalation and absorption can stop hair loss from occurring.

Detoxification is another way to stop hair loss. It can also be beneficial for overall health. There are many ways for an individual to detoxify. However, much caution should be exercised, as some detoxification methods can be intensive and cause stress on the body.

Reclaim Stronger, Younger Hair

Get Away Grey offers a 100% natural way to address both the issue of gray hair and of hair loss. Its powerhouse of vitamins is getting rave reviews from customers everywhere. Many report not only a reversal of gray hair, but a significant reduction in hair loss, as well as improved thickness and luster in their hair. Currently, a 3 month special is being offered which can net customers three bottles of Get Away Grey.

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hair scalp

Can Scalp Folliculitis Cause Gray Hair?

hair scalpMany wonder what caused their gray hair to occur. Some think stress plays a role, while others may be absorbing high amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which can contribute to gray hair. But what about your hot tub? The truth is, if you love to sit in your hot tub, but have noticed that your scalp has become itchy and sore, you may have Follilculitis.

Folliculitis is a medical term which means that the hair follicles have become inflamed and infected. When this happens, hair loss is the eventual result.

Causes of Scalp Folliculitis

This condition is caused by moisture-loving bacteria which most commonly can be found in humid places like hot tubs and saunas. Yeast and mites can also cause the condition to occur. Those with oily scalps tend to be more prone to the development of folliculitis. This is because in those with oily scalps, sebum production is higher. The more sebum that is produced, the higher the likelihood that bacterial infection will occur.

The bacteria usually responsible for the development of folliculitis are Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus aureus. There are other causes of folliculitis. These include lack of hygiene, exposure to chemicals, existing skin conditions and immune-system diseases like HIV.

Types of Folliculitis

Deep folliculitis occurs in the deeper layers of skin and can affect the entire hair follicle. Some symptoms include red and swollen pustules and inflammation and scarring of the scalp. Should large pustules harden, they can result in scarring and ultimately in the loss of hair.

Superficial folliculitis occurs higher up in the hair follicle. Symptoms of superficial folliculitis include reddened skin, blisters on the skin and small itchy bumps surrounding the hair follicle.

Managing Folliculitis

The management of folliculitis can be completed at home if the case is mild. Cleaning the scalp regularly with mild shampoo often works for mild cases. Those with oily scalps may wish to try a shampoo that is zinc-based, as this will help to control sebum production. Mild folliculitis can also be treated with the application of anti-fungal products, such as anti-dandruff shampoo.

Those with severe folliculitis may require the application of prescription medication as well as regular cleaning. Should topical medications not suffice, the consumption of oral antibiotics may be necessary.

Get Away Grey

While it has yet to be proven that folliculitis causes hair to turn gray, it’s important not to take chances. Eating right and improving blood circulation to the scalp are two ways to keep your scalp healthy. Another way is by using an all-natural product to rid yourself of unwanted gray hair before it gets out of control. Get Away Grey is 100% natural, and is getting rave reviews from many satisfied customers. And right now, you can get in on a 3 month, 3 bottle special that will net you big discounts.

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Senior woman in her seventies

Natural Anti-Graying Solutions: Can Gray Hair Protect You From This Frightening Disease?

Senior woman in her seventiesIf you wish you could find a way to get away grey for the rest of your days, you may want to read more about what scientists have found out about gray hair. According to their research, your silver strands may actually be working hard to protect you from cancer.

It was found that when mice were exposed to the same radiation used in cancer treatment, their coats turned gray prematurely. The reason for this is that the radiation actually forced the maturation and blocking of stem cells located in the hair follicles. This meant a dramatic reduction in melanin, which caused the gray fur to appear.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are what essentially provide the body’s life source, as they are forever copying themselves. This can also cause differentiation, where stem cells actually end up producing other cell types. In the mice mentioned above, a complete depletion of pigmentation cells was observed when the stem cells in their hair follicles ceased to replicate. Scientists viewed the mice’s fur under a microscope, and observed that when stem cells became other types of cells, this change could be associated with the graying of their fur.

Interestingly, scientists also found that it was this same blocking of mature stem cells that could prevent cancer, which essentially is a group of damaged cells that reproduce unchecked. Therefore, the graying process’s removal of the damaged stem cells in gray hair may actually prevent cancer from occurring.

Other Proof

Additional research into how other stem cell groups responded to early maturation and blocking indicates that more than one type of cancer may be prevented with this process.

Scientists have speculated that this body’s way of protecting itself is due to tissue trying to eliminate those populations of stem cells that it considers to be highly damaged and therefore risky. Of course, more research will be needed in order to confirm gray hair’s cancer prevention properties.

The Solution Could Be Get Away Grey

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Could the Cause of Your Gray Hair Could Be In Your Bathroom?

White Teeth Gray HairYou may not think that your gray hair was caused by anything other than stress or age. But it’s been scientifically proven that gray hair’s root cause – pardon the pun – is actually due to a surplus of hydrogen peroxide in the body. When too much H202 is present, the excess usually ends up accumulating in the hair follicles.

An accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles affects the store of catalase – the enzyme responsible for coloring the hair – by depleting it. Peroxide also affects the store of other enzymes which are key to hair color maintenance including MSRA and Tyrosinase. Following the depletion of these enzyme stores, the hair follicles are left unprotected, and the peroxide is free to bleach the hair follicles.

Your Toothpaste

If you use whitening toothpaste, it may be the culprit of your graying hair. Most people don’t understand how this can be, given that most whitening toothpastes contain very little peroxide. Surely such a small amount can’t be causing their gray hair! But the truth is that it only takes 0.04 grams of hydrogen peroxide to start the enzyme destruction process. When you consider that some products contain a whopping six percent concentration of peroxide, it’s no wonder many consumers are experiencing early grays!

Whitening Your Teeth

The same is true for those systems that can be purchased for whitening teeth at home. These may be especially harmful to hair enzymes, as they usually contain a very high amount of hydrogen peroxide. Some of the products that claim to provide fast whitening often contain the highest amounts.

Stress and Peroxide – A Dangerous Combination

Stress has been identified as a definite cause of gray hair. So those who are already leading high-stress lives are already dealing with high hydrogen peroxide levels in their systems. Adding whitening toothpaste or home tooth whitening systems to their personal routines can definitely spell disaster.

Despite this fact, teeth whitening, whether with toothpaste or home whitening continues its rise in popularity. These days, there are more whitening products on the market than ever. As well, recent studies revealed that many consumers spoke of whitening as something that was essential to a better quality of life.

Get Away Grey May Help the Problem

One can certainly improve their gray hair situation by limiting the amount of peroxide that enters the body via the use of teeth whitening products. But another way to reverse gray hair is Get Away Grey, a natural and safe product. Just a few months of use could see noticeable results that last for the long term. Their web site currently has a special that offers 3 bottles, or a 3-month supply at a discounted price, costing you less than you expected to try this breakthrough product.