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Long and Luscious Grey Hair: 4 Ways to Keep it Strong

Fool Your Friends with Natural Hair Color this April Fool’s DayWith all of the hype about covering your grey hair, what’s a person to do when they want to maintain that fabulous color of wisdom? Grey hair is no easy task to keep up with, and it requires some special attention. This attention can come in many forms, and can be done. Lifestyle changes may be ahead! So, take note and decide whether this choice is yours to keep.

1.       Find a Hairstylist That Wants to See your Grey Hair Beautiful!
Many salon specialists will try to convince you to keep coloring your hair. They will be more than happy to list all the negative facts about the upkeep of grey hair. Many of them are right! This decision is not to be made lightly. Grey hair is a completely different ball of wax, and needs special care. That said, it certainly can be done, and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise should be avoided. This first step is essential to maintaining a positive outlook on your decision to go grey.

2.       Hair Care Products
By allowing your grey hair to grow out, you will be completely changing the structure and feel of your hair! On a general basis, this type of hair is coarser, dryer, and completely unmanageable. You will need to choose shampoos that are tailored to your new hair’s needs. Violet shampoos do well in calming the wiry tendencies of grey hair, and can be a wise choice. Not only do they work to smooth out grey hair, but they also remove chemicals with their special ingredients, allowing your grey hair to show its shiny new color. Because grey hair is a dryer type, you will need to invest in a quality conditioner. This will also help to calm down the fly-aways that will become your new best friend. Styling gels and crèmes are also good products to consider.

3.       Hairstyle – More Important than You May Think
Choose a low-maintenance cut that will free you from the overload of hair care products you will ultimately need. Shorter styles, such as the ever-popular Jamie Lee Curtis’ locks, are becoming the young way to wear your grey proudly. Keep your grey hair strong by choosing to stand by your decision with an equal amount of strength.

4.       Vitamins
Vitamins are an essential part of keeping your strands strong. B12 has been shown to affect grey hair production, and should be added to your diet whenever possible. Many other vitamins and minerals can also assist in the strength of hair, contributing to cell production in the hair follicle. By maintaining a healthy diet, you will be ensuring healthy hair as well. Coat your hair with essential nutrients, and reap the rewards of strong, shiny hair.

GetAwayGrey’s dietary supplements will not only help you strengthen your hair, but also reverse the grey. By using ingredients that stimulate color production, it effectively reverses grey hair permanently. If you’re looking for a grey hair cure, then GetAwayGrey is the place for you.


Grey Hair Dye – The Best Option?

Grey hair is a never-ending problem among men and women of increasing age, and occasionally of young people who suffer from premature graying. This problem has been explained by a myriad of issues, and despite conflicting stories, can be shown with scientific studies! Whether you believe your grey hair to be the result of a smoking habit, or a genetic fault, the problem still remains. Grey hair dye is a popular choice to cure this problem, and has its pros and cons.

The Pros –

  • Hair dye is a quick and easy way to fix the wiry strands of silver proof of our age. By coating them in chemicals that permanently change the color of hair strands, your grey disappears in 40 minutes flat!
  • Another good thing about hair dye is the cost. It ranges between $3 and $10 for the box versions, which makes this choice inexpensive. With only a few dollars in spending, this is definitely an affordable option for your grey hair cure.
  • Using hair dye to cover grey gives you the option of switching it up! Feeling like a red-head? Then box dye is your solution for grey hair coverage. With the vast array of colors available, you will never get bored.

The Cons –

  • While quick and easy, consistent hair dye can cause permanent hair damage. And, since the problem is not actually being resolved, merely covered up, consistent damage will ensue.
  • Along with the consistent damage comes consistent cost. $3 isn’t much now, but how about 100 boxes from now? This isn’t going to be a long term grey hair cure, and could result in the destruction of your strands.
  • The problem will still exist. Your issue isn’t the color of the outside strands of hair; it starts much deeper – in the hair follicle. You certainly cannot dye your hair follicle!

A Cure is Needed

You may think grey hair dye is your only option for a gray hair cure, but you’re wrong. You need an option that will not destroy your hair, but strengthen it. Vitamins and minerals are your essential source for strengthening hair, and returning its color to a natural state. Start by taking B12, C and D vitamins. Your body requires a specific balance of nutrients, and you can maintain that balance with your diet. Choose foods high in vitamins. Avoid take-out or frozen dinners and stick to the fresh foods in your grocery store.

For those who already maintain a healthy diet, and find themselves needing more nutrient intake, GetAwayGrey has the solution! Our supplements contain a myriad of essential vitamins and minerals, and include nutrients such as Catalase. This specific ingredient is responsible for stimulating production of color cells. By stimulating the growth of these cells, you can effectively reverse your grey hair forever! Take these supplements twice a day, and see the results of your natural head of hair. No more unmanageable, drab grey, just strong, healthy colorful hair.

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Premature Grey Hair – Why Me?

With all the scientific evidence saying that grey hair is a standard consequence of aging, what’s the deal with premature grey hair? To whom does this affect and is there any way to cure it? There are millions of ideas in the digital world for why this problem exists and how to cure it. Here are just a few:

  1. De-Stress Your Life
    While stress is not a direct cause of grey hair, de-stressing your life can give you the time and flexibility you need to watch out for grey-hair causing problems. Take some time for exercise and healthy eating. By allowing a little wiggle room in your routine, you can work on taking care of yourself. You should also rid yourself of stress over your grey hair. Stressing alone won’t fix the problem, so accept it and move on to the solution.
  2. The Plague of Genetics
    This fact plays a role in grey hair, determining just when your color-producing cells will cease their work. By taking a look into your family tree, you can give yourself some comfort that you are not alone in the premature gray hair problem. Also, by gaining an idea of when your grey hair problem will occur, you can strike preemptively with the help of GetAwayGrey’s supplements.
  3. Lifestyle Repercussions
    The type of life you live may also play a part in the color issues your hair has. Smoking has been touted by many sources as a high cause of grey hair. Imagine the smoke you draw in and release coating your hair as it dissipates. After years of this habit, perhaps there IS a reason those sources hold so tightly to this theory. Give up that nasty habit, and you will not just be trying to cure your gray hair, you will be helping your body for years to come.Diet is another lifestyle area that can affect grey hair. Without the appropriate intake of vitamins, the cells responsible for producing melanin in your body cannot function properly. Vitamin B12, A, D, C – a veritable alphabet soup! – are all needed for correct and lasting production of your hair color. Take-out and frozen food options are your enemy, and contain virtually none of the nutritional value you need in order to maintain healthy, vibrant hair color.

Results You Need

Despite all the issues and causes of grey hair, the bottom line is that you need a cure! GetAwayGrey has your premature grey hair solution, with our daily supplements. Taken twice a day, these supplements contain the ingredient Catalase, which is responsible for stimulating the production of the color-producing cells in your body. By stimulating with nutrients, your body will be healthier and younger, and the visible signs will be in your hair color!

Our money-back guarantee shows our confidence in this product, and we can’t wait for you to try it out. See why everybody is talking about the newest in grey hair cures, and take advantage of our 3 bottles/3 month regime today!

Reverse Grey Hair: Fact or Fiction?

Old age, smoking, and stress, oh my! These are the classic reasons “experts” tout as the cause of grey hair. Along with those come all kinds of random information about how to cure and reverse grey hair. But are they true? Let’s try to separate the fact from the fiction when looking at reversing grey hair.

Old Age: Old age alone is not a reason for grey hair. While it IS part of the natural aging process, there is not one specific age at which it happens, and furthermore, many people in their 20s and 30s have grey hair!


Smoking in no way causes gray hair.

Smoking: This cause of grey hair is almost funny when you think about it. Smoke is incredibly unhealthy for a myriad of reasons, but turning your hair grey is not one of them. Smoke can certainly tinge hair after many years of meetings, but grey hair starts at the root. Grey hair does not just “appear,” but rather grows one strand at a time.

Stress: Stress has been shown to affect the grey hair issue for many years, but medically speaking, this cannot occur. Because stress does affect the hormones of the body, it is logical to think that stress may also be a factor in grey hair. But hormones are not responsible for the production of grey hair follicles. Because they do not play a part in the hair follicle production, they cannot assist in grey hair production.

Carrot Juice

While it is healthy, carrot juice will not reverse your gray hair.

Carrot Juice is Your Solution: Sure, vegetables are important, and I would definitely agree that adding more of them to your diet is a great idea. Vitamins and minerals found naturally in the food we eat are essential to the healthy growth and maintenance of your body. Though adding vitamins from carrots WILL assist in healthy cell production in your body, it will not assist your grey hair in producing color.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Now that we’ve covered some fiction, let’s take a look at the facts surrounding the possibility of reversing gray hair:

  • Old age DOES play a part in the grey hair issue, but is not solely responsible. If it were, reversal of your grey hair would not be possible. You can reverse your grey hair by learning more about what actually causes it.
  • Melanin is a color-producing nutrient that is responsible for allowing hair and skin to have a “color.” It breaks down the naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide in your body. Without these nutrients to break down the hydrogen peroxide, your hair follicles will be bleached of their color, leaving your hair grey. In order to reverse grey hair, you need to fix the problem at its root – pun intended!

Your solution for reversing gray hair is in GetAwayGrey’s supplements. These supplements contain vitamins and minerals that you aren’t getting from your regular diet. But there’s more! These daily supplements contain catalase, an enzyme that adds to the production of your cells. It aids in the breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide and helps melanin continue production.

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5 Hairstyles for Men with Grey Hair

When sizing up the competition among other men your age, you may find that your grey hair is holding you back. Is it really, though? Grey hair shows that you have reached an age that you may be trying to fend off, but it can also look distinguished – if done right. Check out these 5 men’s hairstyles that give off confidence and maturity without looking “old.”

  1. George Clooney (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

    The George Clooney look – Of course a list of classic grey hair looks would include this celebrity. His forever-grey hairstyle uses a salt-and-pepper look that, while manufactured, looks great. Not every strand needs to match the rest of your hair. Give it some depth to avoid the focus of your hair color. Pair it with a white beard and you’re in business.

  2. Short and to the point – Celebs like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon show the world that grey hair is perfectly fine, and lets you choose a short hairstyle that requires little to no care. This is a great style for the businessman who has little time to worry about applying hair gel or using a hair dryer (let alone where to find such products!). Clean, crisp, and perfect for the distinguished and professional man.
  3. John Slattery

    John Slattery (photo by Joe Seer courtesy of

    My favorite by far? The John Slattery hairstyle – while completely grey with no salt and pepper middle ground, this Mad Men star manages to make grey look smoldering. This style is all one color, and long on the top, giving you just a little bit of flair to work with. Gel it up or comb it down, either way, be bold about your grey hairstyle choice, and walk with the confidence and poise that your hairstyle embodies.

  4. Hair, hair, hair – Boldly wear that grey hairstyle, and show it off on your head and your face. The full beard and longish locks on top give a gruff but stunning look to the man adjusting to a new color. By embracing the color, nobody will notice that you might be older based on the color of your hair – they’ll only notice the fact that your grey hairstyle looks amazing.
  5. No list of grey hairstyles is complete without Cooper Anderson. The classic poster boy for premature grey hair has pulled off his style nicely. Clean-cut and not a hair out of place, his style looks tailored, which adds a distinguished and mature factor to his already well-known personality. Take a cue from the newsroom, and try out this classic look.

Tired of trying out these hairstyles, and wish there was a way to cure your grey hair for good? GetAwayGrey’s supplements are just the ticket. Containing essential nutrients to activate the color-producing cells in your body, grey hair will never be an inconvenience again.

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Is There a Permanent Cure for Grey Hair?

Whatever the cause, grey hair is a nuisance. It pops up at the most inopportune times, ruining a 30th birthday, or reminding you of your ever-increasing age as you enter your 50s.

What Can Be Done?

Hair Dye

Hair dye only temporarily covers your greying hair.

Hair dyes are a quick fix and give you the option to evenly cover your grey locks. While this solution is cheap and easy, it isn’t permanent. It can become quite expensive as the boxes of hair dye purchases stack up. Additionally, your hair will damage very quickly with continued chemical use.

Hair masks that strengthen the hair and stimulate the follicle could be a great, natural solution to your grey hair cure problem. The natural ingredients in masks are meant to help your hair grow strong and shiny.

These two efforts are simple solutions, but will ultimately not serve as a cure for grey hair. They are merely coating the real problem.

What’s The Real Issue?

Inside your hair follicles are color-producing cells of melanin. These cells naturally produce color to your skin and hair, and deplete over time. As you age, these cells produce less often, causing your hair to become colorless – or grey. Because the problem is on the inside of your hair, dyes and hair masks cannot be the answer. You need to maintain the right vitamins and minerals to keep your cells producing that beautiful color.

How Can I Get These Nutrients?

  • Diet – By paying attention to what you eat, and choosing foods high in vitamins such as B-12, you can help your hair maintain natural color without damaging your strands. What you choose to eat and drink could be the difference between grey, unruly hair and luxurious brown hair.
  • Vitamin Supplements

    Taking vitamin supplements helps keep you – and your hair – healthy.

    Multi-vitamins – Choosing a great multivitamin is a great solution to your Melanin deficiencies. You can never go wrong supplementing your diet with additional vitamins. But is it enough?

  • GetAwayGrey – Your cure for grey hair is a supplement like no other. Not only does this supplement add vitamins and minerals needed by your body, but it also contains a substantial amount of catalase, an enzyme that encourages melanin production. You’ll be adding health AND color to your life with these daily supplements.

Is GetAwayGrey Really a Cure for Grey Hair?

Yes! By changing the chemical structure of your cells, color will not only be produced, but the grey hair problem can be changed permanently from the inside out! These supplements change the amount of color-producing cells that are present in your body, and therefore the grey issue cannot possibly continue!

Since grey is a result of no color present, adding color cells to your chemical makeup will eliminate your grey hair – forever. Act now, learn more about GetAwayGrey today!

What Causes Grey Hair? The Real Truth!

There are too many “experts” on the Internet and television these days. How is one supposed to know the accuracy of anything? GetAwayGrey is here to tell you the truth about grey hair. We will define what is and isn’t the cause of grey hair – and how to fix it!

It’s Not Work


Stress alone cannot be the cause of your grey hair.

What causes grey hair has nothing to do with your stress levels. While certain chemical reactions take place in your body as a result of stress, causing the occasional health issue, it cannot possibly be the lone cause of grey hair. The chemicals affected by stress are not responsible for color production. If your job is stressing you out, certainly consider another career path! But, don’t attribute it to the cause of your grey hair.

It’s Not the Air

While smog and smoke might seem a logical conclusion, there is no way that these elements can “dye” your hair grey. Why? Hair grows out from the inside, deep down in a follicle. Smoke and smog cannot reach the beginning point of hair growth. And, because grey hair is produced from the inside out, these factors are clearly not relevant. Moving away from the well-known smog of Los Angeles may be a smart move for your breathing ability, but has no bearing on the color of your hair.

It Could Be Food

Vitamin B-12

Consuming more foods rich in Vitamin B-12 can help you combat gray hair.

Because food is meant as the body’s fuel, what you put in is what you’ll get out! If the diet you choose is not high in vitamins and minerals, the body will reduce its production of necessary nutrients! One of the nutrients your body needs is melanin. Responsible for skin color, freckles, and hair color, this nutrient is produced in large amounts. However, as we age, this nutrient naturally decreases, and hair color is the victim! Choose foods that are rich in B-12 to start with. This vitamin specifically helps in the production of Melanin, and is a smart choice for overall health, not just an attempt at getting rid of grey hair.

It Could Be Your Choice

Grey hair, caused by a decrease in melanin production, is a choice that you can make. If you love your new silvery locks, then rock them! But, if you find yourself a bit wistful about your new hair care requirements, choose to reverse the grey and end the hassle. GetAwayGrey is your solution for what causes gray hair. These supplements, taken daily, will increase production of color-producing cells, transforming your hair from the inside out.

Take advantage of our gray hair solution now! Start living a healthy, all natural life!

Anti Graying Solution: Why Does Premature Grey Hair Happen?

The silver strands have begun their descent down your lovely mane; but why so soon? Grey hair is considered premature when it occurs before the age of 30 for most individuals. You should be worrying about what restaurant to eat at with your new boyfriend, or how to catch a quick snooze while the baby slumbers next to you, not rushing to the nearest store to buy hair dye. With so many myths and facts, it can be difficult to understand how premature grey hair happens, and what you can do to stop it from progressing.

Contributing Factors

  • Stress is the first factor that experts seem to point at when giving advice about grey hair. While the evidence seems to point in that direction (take a look at our Presidents; no-grey pre-office, grey post-office. The conclusions seem clear!), stress itself cannot scientifically be a factor in the turning of hair color. Keep reading and we’ll get to the “why” of that question.
  • Smoking is another recently spun factor that supposedly contributes to premature gray hair. Cigarette smoke is unhealthy for you on so many levels, but the quality of your hair color isn’t one of them. At least, not for a very, very long time. After years of living in smog-laden cities, and surrounded by smokers, there are still many individuals who are left with their natural color. Definitely give up this nasty habit, but not in hopes that your premature grey hair will cease its existence.
  • Deficiency in specific vitamins and minerals that your body needs has been the factor most widely-accepted by experts and the public alike. B-12 assists in the production of your body’s melanin levels. Low melanin levels mean that fewer color-producing cells are reaching your hair follicles, and are instead focused on only the skin.
  • Genes: the classic nothing-you-can-do-about-it answer given to most of you with premature gray hair. Genes can definitely be a contributing factor, and you cannot change the chemical makeup of your body…or can you?

The Real Deal

Certainly the above factors can contribute to your premature grey hair problem, but if you have lowered your stress levels, stopped smoking, and begun a multi-vitamin regiment to no avail, then clearly these factors are not the actual issue. The only way to effectively reverse grey hair problems is to induce production of color-producing cells. GetAwayGrey has your solution for premature grey hair. With many vitamins and minerals included, this supplement is a one-of-a-kind cure for grey hair, allowing you to reverse premature gray hair forever! The main ingredient, Catalase, is an enzyme that significantly contributes to the production of melanin in the body. With the melanin production in your body continually increased by these daily supplements, your grey hair will not only diminish, but disappear, never again to return.

Check out GetAwayGrey and see what people are saying about this revolutionary supplement that can reverse grey hair, instead of just painting over the situation.

Cure for Grey Hair and Vitiligo Found


Catalase can do more than help gray hair. It’s also good treatment for vitiligo.

Grey hair has been such a curse for many years, indicative of the classic signs of aging, and showing everyone that you are, indeed, growing older. Vitiligo, a disease affecting the pigmentation of skin, is a similar issue plaguing humans. Both of these issues involve the inability of cells to continue producing melanin, or color. They cause sensitivities that must be cared for. Though one is in hair follicles and the other is a skin issue, they are derived from the same problem, and in some cases, can be cured by the same methods.

What Is It?

Melanin is the nutrient needed by cells in the human body to produce color. African-Americans produce this in bulk! Whether in skin or hair, this nutrient is necessary for the production of color. Catalase is another nutrient that assists in this lack-of-color issue. It is responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide in our systems. Hydrogen peroxide is produced naturally in fairly large amounts. Catalase breaks it down, making it more manageable. Because of hydrogen peroxide’s natural bleaching tendencies, lack of catalase will serve as a showstopper, causing color production to cease. The bleaching effect shows up as grey hair. Additionally, skin cells can have this same reaction in a small number of people, causing patches of their skin to appear white.

Why is it a Big Deal?

Colorless portions of skin and hair are far more sensitive to damage, as the nutrients making them strong and resistant have stopped being involved. When catalase and melanin stop contributing to the color of skin and hair, there is a weakening of the structural balance. Skin will burn far more easily in the sun when affected by Vitiligo. Additionally, grey hair is more likely to break and frizz, not only causing damaged hair, but also making it impossible to tame. Assistance of hair products will need to be used in order to gain control of this coarse and resistant hair type. While these hair products may work quite well, they are not a healthy solution for control of flyaway hair. Coating the hair with even more chemicals will weaken it in higher levels. With grey hair contributing to weakness already, you don’t want to chance causing irreversible damage with such chemicals.

Is There a Solution?


Vitamin supplements containing catalase, such as GetAwayGrey, can help reverse greying hair while also treating vitiligo.

GetAwayGrey is your solution! By reintroducing catalase and other necessary nutrients into the body, you will be strengthening your hair and your body as a whole. Our supplements are the natural way to reverse hair and skin issues like Vitiligo by giving your body the minerals it needs! Instead of covering up grey, or dyeing it with harmful chemicals, GetAwayGrey’s supplements give concentrated levels of vitamins in an easy-to-use method – swallow and done! Resist the urge to damage hair with dyes and shampoos, and go all-natural. With just two pills a day, you can begin your journey toward young and healthy skin and hair.

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Why Does Hair Turn Grey: 4 Essential Reasons

When that first grey hair pops up, you are left wondering why this hair must show up now. Is it stress? Is it my diet? Many are left wondering if there is a solution to this grey hair, or if cover-ups are the only option. GetAwayGrey knows there is a great option that can reverse your grey hair forever. Look at some of the reasons that grey hair occurs, first.



Yes, it’s true – stress can cause more gray hair.

Stress is a horrible creature, intervening at the most inopportune times. It can cause you and your body to do things you never thought you would. With depression and anxiety becoming more common, along with its association to stress, it’s not too much to consider that grey hair may also be a result of stress. The human body reacts to stress in many different ways, and not all of them are visible. Grey hair, however, is a visible sign that you may be just a little too tense in your daily routine. Constricted blood vessels due to tension can inhibit your hair follicles from being able to produce their oxygenated color. Take some time for relaxation, and let your blood cells flow peacefully through your system.


It is human nature to grow older, whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, there isn’t a reverse aging machine. There are, however, ways to alter the look of aging. Facelifts, wrinkle-free creams, and hair dye are consistently advertised and shown to reduce the signs of aging in many men and women. As we age, the physical signs of wrinkles and grey hair are coupled with forgetfulness and slower movements. Nutritional diets are an excellent way to stop the aging process from drastic changes in your life. Take vitamins to increase bone density and red blood cell production. Drink water to flush out toxins and increase the flow of nutrients to your body.



Increasing your iron intake might help you battle grey hair.

While this may sound strange, low red blood cell count can contribute to grey hair production. Because oxygenated red blood cells are responsible for the production of color-producing hair cells, a decrease in them would lower the ability of cells to create your beautifully tinted locks of hair. Solution? Get more iron in your diet! Eat fish and drink plenty of water. Contribute to your body’s mineral makeup by adding nutrients wherever possible. Your body will react to non-nutritious living; and it won’t be pretty!


Catalase is the chemical that your body uses in color-producing cells. Without catalase, these cells will not produce color, and therefore, your hair will be colorless – or grey. Gray hair is a sign that your hair follicles have stopped producing color and you need a cure! GetAwayGrey has a solution for you: supplements that contain the exact ingredients your body needs. By taking 2 of these vitamins/supplements every day, you will be well on your way to not only stopping grey hair, but reversing it completely. Get the vitamin everyone is talking about, and start reversing your gray hair today!