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Is Grey Hair Dye Harmful?

As with all hair dyes, there is some level of risk involved with its use. What is this risk? In our society of quick fixes, the obscene number of chemical combinations to create hair care products has made us think that every problem has an easy solution. In this case, it does! But is it at the expense of your health?

Hair Dye: The Facts

Hair dye

Is hair dye the answer to grey hair?

There are risks involved in the use of any kind of manmade chemical combination, but what are they? Let’s start with the overall risk involved with hair dye in total.

  • Cancer-causing carcinogens have been identified in these products, and soaking your hair with them allows the carcinogens to seep in, making your body susceptible to the diseases caused by these organisms.
  • The darker the dye, the higher the risk. Studies have shown that darker hair dyes contain more dangerous amounts of cancer-causing chemicals, making your exposure to carcinogens even more intense.
  • Many hair dyes include the combination of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. While these two chemicals alone strip your hair of nutrients, they can also create further chemicals that could destroy the health of your hair. These chemicals are not present in each substance naturally, but are created by the combining of the substances.
  • Because the number of varied chemicals in hair dye solutions is high, allergic reaction is a very common issue among grey hair dye users. Many individuals do not have time to do the suggested 72-hour trial test, and pay for their mistake in hospital bills after having an unforeseen allergic reaction.
  • What about that smell? Smells can help, and they can hinder. The smell of gray hair dye substances is never a pleasant one, especially those combining ammonia with their solution. Breathing this solution in a small space, such as a bathroom, can cause permanent damage to the nose, hindering your ability to smell or taste!

Because these issues are fairly dangerous, other options should certainly be considered! The harmful effects of these seemingly perfect solutions should encourage you to seek other resolutions.

Enter: GetAwayGrey

Healthy Hair

Not only does GetAwayGrey eliminate grey hair, it also makes your hair healthier than ever!

There are no harmful chemicals with this product, only healthy, necessary vitamins for your body. Catalase, the organism responsible for keeping your hair’s color present, is joined together with many other nutrients to make this fantastic supplement. Other nutrients in this supplement include vitamins and minerals such as Saw Palmetto, Chlorophyll, and Vitamin B-6, ensuring that along with your natural color return, your hair comes in shiny, healthy, and stronger than ever. By taking these supplements, you are allowing your body to naturally reverse the grey hair production and train it to never produce gray hair again! Natural vitamins and minerals, an easy-to-take supplement, and a scientist-backed recipe are all great reasons to get a grey hair cure.

Contact Us Today

We have fantastic offers and a scientifically proven concoction to cure your grey hair issues without the dangers of harmful hair dyes. Don’t continuously subject your lovely locks to the poisons of dye, get a hold of our grey hair natural solutions and say goodbye to silver strands forever.

5 Ways to Stay Happy with Greying Hair

Despite the world’s addiction to the look of youthful bliss, growing old can be a wonderful experience. When discussing the uplifting qualities of graying hair, it is important to be real. What are some realistic reasons that people keep grey hair?

#1: Being Fake Never Feels Quite Natural

gray hair

Be yourself by choosing not to dye your graying hair.

Dyeing your grey hair often to avoid those silver strands that tell your real age can be a consistent commitment to artifice. In a world that craves reality, the continued façade that you are ageless gets old quickly (pun intended). Dare to be different, and dare to stay gray. Many celebrities, young and old, have made the choice to go or stay grey, so it can’t be all bad, right? GetAwayGrey has other ideas, but for now, check out how else you can stay happy with graying hair.

#2: Your Body Gets Enough Chemicals

Don’t give your body any more reasons to get knocked out by sickness or disease. Cancer is far more likely in individuals who consistently dye their hair, according to scientific studies. Oil- or cream-based topical solutions should also be in this category of “things to avoid.” With all of the preservatives and additives in our food these days, adding chemicals from a hair dye solution to maintain a specific hair color is overkill! Free yourself from the slavery of damage-causing chemical intake and choose to go natural.

#3: Pick a Fun New Hairstyle

Grey hair looks fantastic on individuals who choose short haircuts. Not only will this help you gracefully grey, it also will be much more manageable. Short hair is much easier to deal with and can be the best decision of your life! In addition, short hairstyles tend to look very flattering on older women, giving them a revitalized look that people will comment on for years. Meryl Streep is a fantastic example of a confident woman with grey hair. Her talented acting skills and classic look make her the perfect candidate for a woman who is aging gracefully.

#4: Act Your Age

You heard me right – take advantage of your switch to naturally occurring grey hair and act your age! Make jokes that nobody but you finds hilarious. Why? Because you can. When you’re older, you can get away with a lot more. Take risks and pursue adventure. By letting the influx of natural hair color spill over into your actions, life will get a whole lot more interesting. If you want to purchase an RV and be that retired couple that travels the United States – do it! By letting your grey hair be visible, you will be letting your real self be visible. In a world of fakers, be the realistic one with the natural signs of aging.

#5: Happily Take Vitamins to Reverse Your Grey


Just two vitamins per day can help you keep the grey away.

While grey can be beautiful on men and women of all ages, there is an all-natural way to reverse grey hair growth and maintain your natural hair color once more. The solution involves a treatment that requires the intake of 2 vitamins daily. These vitamins contain catalase, the main ingredient that is missing when hair begins to grey, and many other minerals to keep your hair looking thicker and healthier as it grows out in color.

GetAwayGrey’s new supplement is the answer to all of your grey hair questions, visit us today!

Making the Decision: Growing Out Your Grey Hair

So you’ve decided to keep those silver strands and grow out your hair with its evolving grey color. What precautions, if any, should you take? Getawaygrey has some valuable words for you in your quest for the perfect color.

More than Just a Color

Short grey hair

Many women with gray hair opt for a shorter, more manageable style.

Grey hair is not simply a new color to try out on your head, but an entirely different type of hair. Because there are nutrients missing from the hair follicles, there will be other issues that come from leaving hair in its grey state. Melanin and catalase provide more than just the ability to produce color. Oils and naturally occurring moisturizers for your luscious locks will be missing once that grey takes over. Buildup of hydrogen peroxide, which allows bleaching of the hair, leaving it grey, dries out the strands. Because of this, your hair can become a bit unmanageable.

Flyaway hairs will be far more of an issue than ever before. Grey hair is very coarse, making it difficult to style. For this reason, many men and women choose shorter hairstyles to help with the unruly quality. This is why many grey hair cures encourage the production of catalase and melanin. Not only can the addition of these nutrients help reverse the graying process, but it will also assist in your hair’s overall quality.

For many of us, “get away gray!” is our first instinct. The work required to maintain a grey-haired style is just too time-consuming for the majority of us. In addition, the color doesn’t always look just right!

Coloring Advice for Your Coloring

For those of you wanting to go for that grey look, here are a few tips to avoid overdoing it.

  • Don’t dye your eyebrows grey. I know this can be very tempting, but you need that natural hair color to keep your face brightened up. Dyeing your eyebrows to match your grey hair will only enhance the not-so-young looking qualities of your face.
  • Highlights. Have a hairstylist bring the grey into your hair as naturally as possible with face-framing highlights. Honey up that look, blending the grey in as organically as possible.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Avoid coloring your entire head grey right off the bat. Let the grey come in slowly, so you can enjoy the process of showing off your wisdom. Bold moves, such as coloring every strand the same exact color of gray, can end up looking unnatural and in some cases even age your face before it’s ready.

George Clooney (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Celebrities Who Do Grey the Right Way

Diane Keaton (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

A good hairstyle is important in boldly showing your inner wisdom in those locks. Actors like Jamie Lee Curtis, Diane Keaton, and George Clooney are just a few examples of celebrities who have been able to pull off that grey-haired look well. With classic, short cuts that make it easy to manage – no muss, no fuss.

Some of these celebrities have let their grey show through, and then immediately turned to a grey hair cure. Getawaygray is the solution to keep your hair natural while reversing the grey color. Visit our website and purchase a Getawaygrey cure today!




Leading Causes of Premature Greying: Are You in The Loop?

Here’s what you need to know about premature greying.

What is Premature Greying?

Gray hair

Grey hair showing up earlier than expected? You’re not stuck with it!

Premature greying is happening to people everywhere, but why exactly does this happen, and at what age is grey hair considered premature? Grey hair occurs when the cells producing color cease their pigment production. So, grey is merely the absence of any color. This absence of color has been considered as a symbol of wisdom, but for most of us, it’s just another finger pointing at us and laughing. When this color deficiency appears sooner than we could have anticipated, it’s an extra disappointment.

How Soon Is too Soon?

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is a classic example of premature grey hair.

Thinking your grey hair is showing up a bit too early on in life? Studies show that grey hair makes its appearance much earlier than most of us want to believe. For Caucasians, graying typically occurs during the mid-30s, with premature graying labeled as before age 20. For Asians, the normal graying process starts in the late 30s, and for African-Americans, their 40s! Signs of grey earlier than age 30 for African-Americans is considered premature. Classic examples of premature grey hair include Anderson Cooper and Taylor Hicks.

Did those numbers fall in line with your original thoughts? A grey hair cure is needed!

Why Does This Happen?

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can contribute to prematurely greying hair.

Some studies tout genetics and an individual’s environment as the reason for early grey, but that isn’t always the case. Scientific studies have shown that one reason for our body’s underproduction of color-producing enzyme is a possible B-12 vitamin deficiency. Other reasons include excess hydrogen peroxide, issues with the pituitary or thyroid glands, and smoking.

Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring element in the body, but when there is not enough catalase to break it down, the hair becomes bleached, making your hair grey. Getawaygrey has a way to naturally return your hair to its color-producing days.

What Can I Do?

As we age, those silver strands of wisdom are destined to show up. For those of us unfortunate enough to receive them early, there is hope, thanks to Getawaygrey! We understand the desires to find that grey hair cure, and have found the solution to this problem. Our grey hair vitamins were created with specific ingredients to target the underlying issues causing you strife. By combining vitamins and catalase, this product attacks the problems causing grey hair, returning your hair to its natural color.

This gray hair cure also contains Saw Palmetto and Zinc Oxide, two other ingredients that have been shown to assist in hair loss and thinning issues. The combination of ingredients in these grey hair vitamins is a proven tactic to naturally reverse grey hair. Take advantage of our Limited-Time Risk-Free offer and say goodbye to those unnecessary tresses.


Is Grey Hair Fashionable or Not? 5 Reasons to Get a Grey Hair Cure

Kelly Osbourne is one celebrity who chose to go grey. (photo from

It can be difficult to determine what is and isn’t fashionable these days. In fact, it would appear that just about anything goes – grey hair included. Stars from the “big screen” have even started dyeing their hair gray; adding to the idea that grey is just a color – not a definition. Kelly Osbourne is one of those stars who decided that grey was going to be the new blond.

Even the natural grey-headed members of the public are deciding to let those locks of silver come as they may. Still, many of you are looking for that grey hair vitamin to solve all your graying problems. Getawaygrey is here to help with 5 reasons to get a grey hair cure today!

#1: Look as young as you feel

We all know what it’s like to look in the mirror and see someone much older than you assumed you would see. Get that reflection out of the way and introduce your hair to our Get Away Grey Super Premium Vitamin capsules. These vitamins will sooth your hair back to its youthful days, making your appearance match that passionate fire of yours.

#2: Coloring Can Get Expensive

Whether you get your hair professionally colored or use at-home coloring kits, the cost can add up. When you add in the in-between grey coverage sessions, it’s clear that this grey hair solution is not the right answer. Your gray hair cure is in Getawaygrey. Our vitamin supplements are cost effective, helping you get the ingredients your body needs to naturally reverse grey and maintain your natural hair color worry-free.

#3: You Can Start Our Grey Hair Cure Before it Starts

Vitamin Supplements

Taking vitamin supplements helps keep you – and your hair – healthy.

Gray hair vitamins can only help you in your quest for natural hair color. Not only will they assist you in your pursuit of color, but they also are helpful for your whole body. Vitamins are a necessary part of life, and there are times you just cannot get all the vitamins you need from food. By taking the supplements before the gray starts to show up, you will be ensuring the health of your hair and your body.

#4: It’s Guaranteed

We are so confident in the success of our product that we’ve backed it with a 100% money-back guarantee. With just 2 vitamin supplements a day, results can be seen in just 8 to 12 weeks. There is no reason why you shouldn’t start reversing your grey hair today. If you don’t see results in the expected time frame, simply contact us for a full refund.

Be Yourself

Go back to feeling good about yourself after starting a grey hair cure.

#5: So You Can Be You

Don’t let grey hair hold you back from getting out there and accomplishing your dreams. By starting a grey hair cure, you can worry less about those silver strands and focus on your life without the self-image concern. We know feeling good about yourself is the start of success, and we want you to succeed. Start your path to your dreams with our gray hair vitamins today.

Are You A Victim of Premature Greying? 5 Ways to Tell

President Obama is one of many presidents whose hair turned gray over the course of his presidency, perpetuating the belief that stress causes grey hair.

Take one look at our presidents over the last 20 years, and one major difference in their look before and after serving in office is the color of their hair. Grey or white hair seems to be the natural course of serving as President of the United States. So a natural conclusion to the process of graying is the factor of stress, right? Wrong.

The Real Factors

Studies show that stress is more likely to result in hair loss than hair graying. For this reason, you can be assured that your premature graying problems will not be a result of your very stressful life. So what are the reasons for this premature graying, and is it in your future?


Yes, your family history is going to play a part in the age your gray hair shows up. The issue of graying itself is not the only reason this could happen. A natural tendency to under produce catalase, the element responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide, can carry over from one generation to the next. Because your body could be predetermined for early signs of grey, get a handle on it now by finding a premature graying solution. Getawaygray’s solution to the natural process of graying is a natural process of vitamin intake, which allows you to bring your hair back to its natural color without harsh chemicals or inorganic compounds.


Smoking is one habit that can contribute to premature graying.

Certain activities and habits can also contribute to premature greying. Smoking is a factor that studies prove encourages your hair to grey, making it a terrible habit for more than your lungs. Being around those who smoke is just as bad; secondhand smoke that consistently attacks your hair can lead to greying.


Daily washing can even affect the way your hair grows. Shampoos with harsh chemicals in them can cause the roots of your hair to become weak. By weakening this part of your hair, you are opening it up to the possibility of graying. Make efforts to choose natural shampoos and maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to look its best. Supplements like our Get Away Grey Super Premium Vitamin capsules can also contribute to your premature greying solution!


While stress is not a reason that your hair turns grey, it can be a secondary contributor. Stress leads to hair loss and hair weakness, which can contribute to your graying tresses. Weakness of the hair doesn’t allow for the oxygen-rich red blood cells to circulate the follicles as they should. With the decrease in oxygen-producing red blood cells, your hair is more susceptible to hydrogen peroxide overload, depleting the strands of their color.



The harsh chemicals in professional hair dyes can lead to premature grey hair.

We all love to play with new colors and styles, but that consistent application of harsh chemicals can easily lead to premature gray hair. The chemicals used in professional hair dye and perm-setting techniques weaken the hair at its root, and strip strands of its color and nutrients.

Your Premature Greying Solution

Getawaygrey is your premature graying solution! No harsh chemicals come with these capsules, just healthy vitamins and minerals essential for strong and colorful hair results. Call us today and save $20 on three bottles of these essential supplements.


5 Ways to Fix the Grey with Grey Hair Vitamins

Grey hair getting you down? Give it a lift…to the nearest waste receptacle, that is! Despite the fact that grey hair can be a sign of wisdom, look distinguished, or give you a classic look, many of us just don’t like the look. Here are 5 grand ways to eliminate that grey once and for all, leaving you with all the distinguished wisdom and none of the grey.

#5: Watch What You Eat


Eating carrots is one way to combat gray hair.

Though it may seem that food has nothing to do with the color of your hair, it’s related. Vitamins and minerals help your body accomplish its tasks correctly and efficiently. Without the proper nutrients, your body cannot maintain vital functions. One of the functions affected by vitamin deficiencies is hair color. Grey hair vitamins such as catalase are needed, and can be attained by incorporating potatoes, carrots, and wheat sprouts.

#4: Take Vitamins as Supplements

We could all use more health in our diet, but quite often we just can’t spare the time to take another food break. Get into a regular habit of taking vitamin supplements in the morning or at night. Stocking up on these important elements will help your body produce the content it needs for the processes it undertakes. Take these gray hair vitamins, and feel great that you are helping your body strengthen itself.

#3: Eat Fish

Cooked Fish

Fish is packed with Vitamin B-12, which is essential in combating grey hair.

Fish is a fantastic way to get B12 into your diet. Because Vitamin B12 can play such a crucial role in the underproduction of color-producing cells, you need to take notice! This vitamin is significant in the strength of your hair; weak hair can lead to the furtherance of those silver locks. Cook up some fresh salmon and get those gray hair vitamins in your body ASAP.

#2: Ensure You Are Helping out Your Red Blood Cell Count

Healthy red blood cells are the basis of many body processes, including the processes that involve your hair. Strength and color quality are the two main areas that these blood cells contribute to. How can you ensure that you are providing your body with the right nutrients? Obviously your food intake will be a factor, and along with that, iron. An iron-rich diet will help you ensure that your blood cells are carrying the amount of oxygen you need to keep your hair feeling strong and looking great.

#1: Getawaygrey


Say good-bye to gray hair by adding Getawaygray to your nutritional supplements.

Here it is – the number one way to fix the grey with grey hair vitamins. Take these vitamin supplements that have been studied, tested, and proven to reverse your gray hair naturally. No strange chemicals or long process involved with this treatment plan. Simply take 2 capsules a day after a meal and watch those grey hair vitamins whip your hair back into shape. Within 8 to 12 weeks, the results will prove that your organic approach to fixing the grey is undeniable.

With our 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t contact us today to help with your grey hair treatment needs.