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Grey Defence vs. GetAwayGrey: Who Has a Better Money-Back Guarantee?

Unlike Grey Defence, GetAwayGrey’s Refund Policy Is Not a Hassle

Wouldn’t it be great to have beautiful hair without using dyes to cover grey?

GetAwayGrey is a revolutionary supplement that can literally reverse grey hair. Here’s how it works: GetAwayGrey is designed to replace levels of the enzyme Catalase, which decreases as people get older. Catalase is responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide in the body, and when there is less Catalase in the body, less hydrogen peroxide can be broken down. One result of Catalase depletion is that circulating hydrogen peroxide is able to actually bleach individual hairs before they grow. As Catalase levels decrease, grey hair increases. However, when Catalase levels are raised, more hydrogen peroxide is broken down before it can bleach hairs, and the result is hair that grows back in its original color. It’s a completely different way of dealing with grey hair than harsh chemical dyes.

How GetAwayGrey’s Money-Back Guarantee Works

GetAwayGrey is so confident that you will be satisfied with the results that we offer a no-hassle, money-back guarantee. It is important to keep in mind that GetAwayGrey is not an overnight grey hair cure. You’ll see results after 8 to 12 weeks, once new hair starts growing in. GetAwayGrey’s proprietary formula also contains natural ingredients that are necessary for healthy hair, like B vitamins, biotin, and folic acid. If you are not completely satisfied with GetAwayGrey advantages, we will give you a complete refund within 90 days of purchase, minus shipping costs.

We Don’t Think Returns Should Be a Hassle

At GetAwayGrey, we don’t think that returns should be a hassle. If you want to return the product within 90 days of purchase, we’ll refund your money with no questions and no hassles. Just call our toll-free number or email with your name and payment method within 90 days of purchase. Once we confirm yoru purchase, we return your funds, minus shipping, back to your debit, credit, or PayPal account. You don’t even have to mail back your empty or partially-empty bottles. It’s simple and straightforward, so you have nothing to lose by trying GetAwayGrey.

Bear in mind that not every Catalase supplement offers such a simple, straightforward money-back guarantee. But we’re confident you’ll be happy with the results; and if you’re not, we won’t make you go through a complicated return process to receive a refund.

How the Competitor’s Return Policy Works

Some return policies make you wonder if the company cares about customer service at all.

Our competitor, Grey Defence, has a more complicated return policy. If you want to return Grey Defence, you have to first go to the company’s help desk page. When you click on the “Feedback” button, you’re given a form to fill out with the option to request a refund. A ticket is submitted, and you will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Your response also tells you the address to mail the returned product to. You must include a copy of the original sales receipt and a copy of the email authorizing your return. Your RMA number must be clearly marked under your return address on the return package. Returns that are shipped to the wrong address or that don’t include the RMA number are returned to the sender at the sender’s expense. If your package is not received within 10 business days of when the RMA was issued, you won’t get your refund. Who has time for all that?

GetAwayGrey makes its money-back guarantee simple because we’re confident that you will love our product and be pleased with the results. Our numbers speak for themselves: only around 2% of customers take advantage of our money-back guarantee, which says something about how effective our product is. GetAwayGrey isn’t an overnight grey hair cure, but it is designed to turn your hair back to its original color over time. After 8 to 12 weeks, you should notice results, and you can finally get rid of those harsh chemical hair dyes.

At GetAwayGrey we value our customers and want to treat them right. Our money-back guarantee is our way of making sure you have an easy, hassle-free way to get a refund if you’re not satisfied. It’s really that simple.

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Grey Defence vs. GetAwayGrey: Is Enteric Coating Necessary?

Often It Is Unnecessary and Increases Cost, Like the Much More Expensive Grey Defence

The word “enteric” is derived from the Greek word for “intestine,” and enteric coating causes drugs to pass through the stomach to the small intestine before dissolving.

Enteric coated drugs don’t break down until they reach the small intestine.

In other words, enteric coating keeps a pill or capsule intact while it passes through the stomach. This coating is made from plastics, wax, plant fibers, certain fatty acids and certain types of shellac that don’t break down in an environment where the pH is below 5.5. Because the stomach is a low pH environment, enteric coated drugs don’t break down in the stomach. Once they reach the intestine, where pH is higher, the coating does break down and the product is digested.

Enteric coating is not the same as coating applied to make pills or capsules easier to swallow.

Benefits of Enteric Coating

Enteric coating is beneficial with drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen, which can cause stomach irritation — and even bleeding — in some people. By coating the tablets with enteric coating, drugs with the potential to cause stomach discomfort or bleeding remain intact until they reach the higher pH environment of the small intestine.

Drawbacks of Enteric Coating

You may be surprised when you see how much enteric coating can add to a drug or supplement’s price.

Enteric coating is often unnecessary and increases cost. Sometimes, people believe that enteric coating makes a product “safer,” although there is little research to back that up, even with potentially stomach-irritating compounds like aspirin. In fact, an older study done in Ireland found that enteric coating of low-dose aspirin reduced absorption and bioavailability of aspirin taken to prevent heart attacks. Furthermore, enteric coating can crack or chip off, or it may be too thin to be effective, causing consumers to pay more for something with no proven advantages.

Some supplements should be taken on a full stomach, both because this can reduce digestive upset and because the ingredients mix with food, so that they move more slowly through the digestive system, maximizing their effects. For drugs that are taken with food, enteric coating is usually not necessary and only adds to cost.

When Is Enteric Coating a Good Idea?

Enteric coating can be useful with drugs like aspirin for patients who experience stomach irritation or bleeding with uncoated aspirin. It is also often added to fish oil capsules to avoid unpleasant reflux that can occur when the capsules break down in the stomach. Some drugs that are meant to be taken on an empty stomach are enteric coated to prevent stomach irritation or nausea that could result from the product being broken down in the stomach.

Why GetAwayGrey Doesn’t Use Enteric Coating

Unlike our competitor, GreyDefence, GetAwayGrey does not use enteric coating. The reasons are simple: enteric coating is unnecessary when the product is taken as directed, and enteric coating would add needlessly to the cost. GetAwayGrey is taken with food, which causes the ingredients to be broken down gradually, so that they are absorbed steadily, safely increasing the levels of Catalase in the body and reversing grey hair.

At GetAwayGrey, our product’s effectiveness takes precedence over padding profits, so we don’t use enteric coating. Simply take two GetAwayGrey capsules once a day after a meal, and you will naturally reverse grey hair. And GetAwayGrey backs up that promise with a no-hassle money back guarantee. What do you have to lose?

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Grey Defence vs. GetAwayGrey: Why Sometimes Cheaper Is Better

Why Pay Much More for Grey Defence When You Can Get Real Results with GetAwayGrey?

Sometimes we get tricked into believing that we have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful hair. After all, we see celebrities with $500 haircuts endorsing expensive salon products all the time. But expensive isn’t always better. Sometimes expensive is just expensive.

Sometimes high prices have more to do with greed than product quality.

Consumer guides often find that less expensive products perform better, from appliances to electronics, and let consumers know what these “best buys” are so they don’t spend extra money needlessly. Brands will often mark up products for no other reason than to increase profit margins. GetAwayGrey doesn’t operate that way. We offer a proprietary supplement designed to replace the body’s Catalase levels so that excess circulating hydrogen peroxide can be broken down and hair can grow back in its natural color, rather than grey. We also charge a fair price for our product. Here are some reasons why GetAwayGrey can charge less.

We Don’t Use Enteric Coating

Enteric coating is sometimes necessary on medications and supplements that irritate the stomach or cause nausea when broken down in the stomach. Aspirin with enteric coating is a prime example. However, enteric coating — which is a coating made of plastic, wax, fatty acids, plant fibers, or types of shellac — is not necessary on GetAwayGrey when it is taken as directed, with meals. Our competitor, Grey Defence, touts its enteric coating as a benefit. For their price of $180 for a 3-month supply (vs. $69.95 for a 3-month supply of GetAwayGrey), it ought to be quite a benefit, but all it does is keep the supplement intact until it reaches the small intestine. There is no proof that the enteric coating improves performance at all. While enteric coating does add to the price of the products that use it, it in no way justifies the significantly higher price Grey Defence charges for their product.

Our Product Is Made in the USA

GetAwayGrey is made in the United States, in a facility that is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our competitor’s product is made outside the United States (in Canada) and is imported. Though the US did away with most tariffs on products imported from Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement, importing goods still requires an importer of record to file entry documents at the port of entry and US Customs and Border Protection to release the shipment for delivery within the USA. The logistics of getting products across international borders for consumption in the US are simply not a concern with GetAwayGrey, so our overhead costs are lower. We believe that a product you consume every day should be made right here, where we can be absolutely sure of product quality and production methods. And since we don’t have to deal with importation logistics, we can charge a lower price for our product.

We Want More People to Enjoy Freedom From Hair Dyes

Dyeing hair is a hassle. GetAwayGrey offers beautiful hair without the time investment and mess of hair dye.

GetAwayGrey is enthusiastic about our product, and we want people to be able to enjoy its benefits without having to pay inflated prices. We don’t think that markups for the sake of markups are a good business strategy. Instead, we charge a fair price and offer a simple money back guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with GetAwayGrey, you can return it within 90 days for a refund.

GetAwayGrey is a natural, long term solution to grey hair, freeing you from the hassle of expensive salon visits and the mess of home hair coloring. More expensive doesn’t always equal better, and our product is the perfect example of better value for the money.

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Grey Defence vs. GetAwayGrey: Real Customers Tell Real Stories

Why Seeing Is Believing, Unlike Grey Defence

Scientists now know how aging causes grey hair.

Since 2009, scientists have made amazing breakthroughs in understanding how hair turns grey. The underlying cause is decreasing levels of an enzyme called Catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide in the body. As Catalase levels fall with increasing age, more hydrogen peroxide circulates, and this hydrogen peroxide bleaches hair before it grows. The result is hair that grows in grey or white.

GetAwayGrey is a proprietary, natural supplement that replaces Catalase and provides many other nutrients that promote healthier hair. GetAwayGrey is not sold as an overnight cure for grey, because it takes time for hair to grow in. However, after taking GetAwayGrey for an average of 8 to 12 weeks, most users notice hair growing in with its original color.

Many happy users of GetAwayGrey have told us how pleased they are with the results. Here are three.

Cormac Walsh, Dublin Ireland

Cormac Walsh had been using hair dye, and didn’t like it, particularly the fact that it was chemically based. So he decided to try GetAwayGrey, which offers a money-back guarantee for customers who aren’t satisfied. “I’ve been using GetAwayGrey now for a little over a year, and the results have been very good, and I’ve actually felt very confident in using it.” Walsh started seeing a change after about six weeks, and after one year, he estimated that 90% of his hair was back to its original color. He also noticed an added bonus: the hair that grew in was healthier. “I would absolutely recommend GetAwayGrey to my friends,” he concluded.

Kris Horning, Sparta, Wisconsin

Kris Horning came from a family that was prone to premature greying, and she was not happy about it. “I didn’t want to get grey hair at all,” she said. Though she acknowledged the pitfalls of researching products on the web (“You never know what you’ll get”), she said that the information about GetAwayGrey made sense. “It made sense as to why some people get grey and some people don’t,” she said. About the product, Horning said, “I was so, so pleased.” At one point she ran out of GetAwayGrey, and “it definitely recessed.” After resuming GetAwayGrey she said, “I’m starting to notice a change again, and I’m really, really pleased.” Within six months, she estimated that the amount of grey hair she had decreased by 50%.

John Walker, Franklin, North Carolina

John Walker is another satisfied user of GetAwayGrey. “Within about three months I noticed a change in the texture and luster of my hair,” he said, noting that the new hair did not experience a lot of breakage. But the hair on his head wasn’t the only change he noticed. “About six months into the routine, I started noticing a difference in my beard. It became darker — I had a lot of grey in my mustache and chin area, and that seemed to be the first place it started affecting.” After three to six months he noticed “a rapid clearing of the grey.” Walker says that he has recommended GetAwayGrey to several individuals after being so happy with his results.

Heredity is one determinant of when hair starts to go grey.

Our competitor, Grey Defence, doesn’t include testimonials on its website. In fact, it doesn’t appear to want to interact with customers much at all. You can check in on their website during regular business hours with questions only to find that their instant chat is offline and you have to leave a message.

That’s not the case with GetAwayGrey. Log on any time and click on the live help button to chat or talk. Sure, our customer testimonials aren’t exactly Hollywood productions, but they’re made by real people just like you who have taken GetAwayGrey and are thrilled with the results. And that is what means the most to us: real people and real results.

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Where and How Is the GetAwayGrey Super Premium Vitamin Product Made?

Today’s consumers want to know as much as possible about the products they consume, including the nutritional and health supplements they take.

Do you know where the supplements you take daily were manufactured?

Savvy consumers aren’t content with manufacturers that don’t provide important details about their products, like manufacturing processes and where the product is actually made. With the media spotlight shining on overseas manufacturers of health supplements and counterfeit drugs, people are wary of buying and consuming products when they know little about where they come from and under what conditions they’re made.

At GetAwayGrey we applaud consumers who do research to ensure the products they consume are safe and effective, and we aim to educate our customers thoroughly about our product.

Fact #1: GetAwayGrey Is Made in the United States

Vitamins and supplements sold in the United States are not required to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Super Premium Vitamin product GetAwayGrey falls into this category of products. However, GetAwayGrey is manufactured in the United States at a manufacturing facility that is regulated by the FDA.

Fact #2: We Are Completely Open About Ingredients in GetAwayGrey

At GetAwayGrey, we believe you should know the names of the products in the supplements you take. GetAwayGrey’s most important ingredient is Catalase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down the hydrogen peroxide that bleaches hair before it grows. It also contains other nutrients that contribute to overall health of the hair. These ingredients include Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Horsetail, Saw Palmetto, PABA, Tyrosine, Plant sterols, Nettle Root Extract, Chlorophyll, Fo Ti, and Barley Grass.

Fact #3: Competing Products Are Not Made in the USA

GetAwayGrey’s primary competitor, Grey Defence, is not made in the United States, and therefore is not made in a facility regulated by the FDA. Though supplements are not regulated by the FDA, it is important that consumers know where the supplements they take daily are manufactured. The truth is, with products that are made outside the USA, there is no way to definitively determine if manufacturing facilities meet the requirements they would have to meet if they were made in FDA-regulated facilities in the United States.

Make Informed Choices About the Products You Use

For best results and maximum safety, read labels and ask questions before taking dietary supplements.

For consumers in the internet age, knowledge is power. You can order just about any product you can imagine from anywhere on the globe, but that doesn’t mean that a product lives up to its advertisements. If you take dietary supplements, don’t you owe it to yourself to find out where they are made and who regulates the manufacturing plant? When you take GetAwayGrey to reverse grey hair, you can rest assured that it is manufactured in the United States at a facility that’s regulated by the FDA, and you simply can’t get that reassurance from products manufactured in other countries.

The Choice is Clear: GetAwayGrey

Unlike our competitor, GetAwayGrey is made in the United States at an FDA-regulated facility. It is also priced significantly lower than Grey Defence. GetAwayGrey’s money-back guarantee is simple and straightforward: if you’re unhappy with the product, we’ll give you your money back. With our competitor, the return process requires multiple steps, and refunds must adhere to strict product return rules.

GetAwayGrey provides the Catalase your body needs to reverse the greying process, and it’s made here in the USA. When it comes to reversing grey hair, GetAwayGrey is clearly the smarter choice.

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The 5 Things GetAwayGrey Did to Earn an A- BBB Rating, Unlike Grey Defence

For decades, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been a primary resource that consumers turn to when learning about businesses they buy from or are considering buying from. The goals of the BBB include:

  • Building trust in the marketplace
  • Ensuring businesses adhere to established advertised and selling standards
  • Ensuring businesses honestly represent their products and services
  • Promoting transparency in business operations
  • Ensuring businesses honor promises
  • Responding to marketplace disputes in good faith
  • Protecting consumer personal information
  • Embodying integrity in business

The BBB believes that customers should get what they pay for, and so does GetAwayGrey.

Until 2008, the BBB only awarded businesses “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” designations. Now, the BBB issues letter grades, with A+ being the highest and F being the lowest. These grades represent the BBB’s confidence that a business is trustworthy and operates in good faith. GetAwayGrey has earned an A- grade from the BBB with the 5 following sound business practices.

1. Providing Sufficient Background Information to the BBB

The BBB relies on background information from businesses in order to make an informed opinion about its trustworthiness. While background information is provided by the businesses themselves, the BBB verifies any background information it believes could be inaccurate.

2. Having a Low Complaint Volume

The lower a business’s complaint volume, the more points it is awarded in the BBB’s grading technique, with a maximum of 20 (for businesses with the lowest complaint volumes) and a minimum of 2 (for businesses with the highest complaint volumes). GetAwayGrey also had to demonstrate that it acknowledges and addresses any complaints against it.

3. Offering a Money Back Guarantee

Transparency in business practice is critical to having a high grade from the BBB, and GetAwayGrey offers a straightforward money back guarantee, with information on the guarantee displayed throughout its website. By contrast, competitor Grey Defence has a six-step process for returns that starts with obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization and requires customers to follow a complicated process to get their money back.

4. Meeting BBB Advertising Guidelines

The BBB reviews advertising carefully and expects all businesses to adhere to honesty in advertising. Businesses that fall short of BBB advertising standards lose points in the BBB grading algorithm. If the BBB discovers problems with a business’s advertising after it has gone through the grading algorithm, it will adjust that business’s score downward.

5. Being Trustworthy and Making a Good Faith Effort to Satisfy Customers

This is what good BBB ratings are all about: businesses that do what they say and make a good faith effort to keep customers happy. At GetAwayGrey, we’re committed to providing our valued customers with products that work as advertised at the best possible price. And we make it easy for customers to return products if they’re not satisfied.

At GetAwayGrey, we know that sound business practices are essential for satisfying customers.

GetAwayGrey is the all-natural new way to reverse grey hair. It replaces Catalase, an enzyme that decreases in quantity with age. Unlike competitor Grey Defence, GetAwayGrey provides a fair-priced, effective product with reasonable shipping costs and a straightforward, no-questions-asked return policy.

At GetAwayGrey, we’re proud that our sound business practices have earned us an A- grade from the BBB, and we’re determined to continue providing customers with the best product at the best price, with superior customer service.

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Why GetAwayGrey Is the Best Long-Term Solution for Greying Hair, Unlike Grey Defence

In recent years, scientists at respected institutions, including the University of Bradford in the UK, have made major discoveries concerning exactly why hair turns grey as people get older.

Recent scientific advances have uncovered underlying causes of grey hair.

In younger individuals, levels of an enzyme called Catalase circulate throughout the body in higher concentrations. Catalase is an enzyme that breaks down hydrogen peroxide. As people age, production of Catalase drops. The result is that less of the hydrogen peroxide that circulates throughout the body is broken down. When there is more hydrogen peroxide circulating, it can actually bleach individual hairs that have not yet emerged from the scalp. The result is hair that grows in grey rather than its normal color. In short, less Catalase means more grey hair.

When More Isn’t Necessarily Better

While it may make intuitive sense to ensure your body has enough Catalase to break down hydrogen peroxide in order to prevent grey hair from the roots, more Catalase isn’t necessarily better. In fact, the human body can only use so much Catalase, and flushes the excess from the body. Therefore, after Catalase reaches a certain level in the body, the body has no use for the excess and gets rid of it. A grey hair cure doesn’t come down to ingesting as much Catalase as possible. What the body needs is a carefully-calculated amount of Catalase steadily over a long period of time.

Long Term, Steady Dosing Is Better

Think about it: if you take a drug that your doctor has prescribed to lower your cholesterol levels, doubling the dose won’t benefit you. If you have perfect eyesight, you can’t wear glasses to give yourself even better eyesight. Your body needs a certain amount of Catalase to be able to break down hydrogen peroxide and prevent grey hair, and if the body has more than it needs, it can’t store it, so it flushes it out. If you take massive quantities of Catalase, much of it will pass through the body unused. It makes much more sense to take a carefully-evaluated dosage of Catalase and to continue taking it over the long term, since there is no overnight grey hair cure (other than hair dye).

GetAwayGrey Vs. Grey Defence

Excess Catalase helps the seller’s bank account, not your grey hair.

GetAwayGrey is a proprietary formula with carefully-calculated levels of Catalase that give the body the Catalase it needs without overloading the body and requiring it to flush out the excess. Grey Defence touts its high Catalase levels as somehow being better for reversing grey hair, but the truth is, the body can only make use of a certain amount of Catalase. Why pay more for a product that your body is going to flush out anyway? With supplements, excess amounts of certain enzymes, including Catalase, do no good and only serve to inflate costs.

Why GetAwayGrey Is the Clear Choice

GetAwayGrey is the clear choice over Grey Defence. It is an all-natural, proprietary supplement that, when taken as directed, maximizes usable Catalase without overloading your body with Catalase it can’t even use. It also includes herbal, plant, and mineral additives that improve overall hair quality. Furthermore, since GetAwayGrey doesn’t add unnecessary Catalase, it is available at a much more reasonable price than competing products.

Science tells us that more is not always better, and that is the case with Catalase. GetAwayGrey provides the body with the Catalase it needs to break down hydrogen peroxide and reverse grey hair. Why pay extra for excess ingredients that don’t do you any good?

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Choosing the Right Hair Reversal Solution

Choosing the right grey hair reversal solution is no easy task. You need to have the right knowledge to make key decisions. Otherwise you will end up selecting the wrong products and suffer later on. It takes time to figure out the best solution and it is through trial and error that you will learn. Here are some top tips to help you select the right grey hair solution.

Diet and Nutrition

Before you go to the market looking for some high end hair product consider fixing your diet. Eating healthy will go a long way to restoring your hair color and will help prevent premature graying. Foods like eggs, dairy products and vegetables provide essential nutrition for your hair.

Shampoos with Natural Ingredients

Most grey hair reversing shampoos have dyes in them. This is likely to do more bad than good. So go for a shampoo that contains safe and natural ingredients. Amla, honey, sesame seeds and apple cedar are the ingredients that you should be looking for. These natural solutions have no side effects and when they are used regularly they will reverse grey hair.


Vitamins are essential for the growth and development of your skin, hair and nails. If your body lacks these key vitamins then you should consider taking supplements. If you have folic and biotin deficiency in your body then you are likely to get grey hair. Experts recommend the intake of vitamin B12 and PABA acid to stop grey hair. These supplements make up for any deficiencies and give you back your natural hair color.

Avoid Ash Solutions

Ash color solutions are not a good idea. You should avoid them because when you apply ash colors to the hair it will result in the hair shaft picking up the underlying base color. It will also not absorb the intended color.

Try using Getawaygrey. It restores hair to its natural color. You will have beautiful hair in a matter of weeks. You’ll positively glow when you see your hair shine.

Competition Increases In Emerging Anti-Gray Hair Vitamin Pill Sector

Market leader shares seven key reasons why it beats the competition

GetAwayGrey in Charleston, SC sells a natural supplement designed to combat gray hair, offering people a safe healthy alternative to chemical dyes. By providing the highest-quality product at a fair price, GetAwayGrey lets people naturally and easily reverse gray hair with a vitamin.

Many competitors now sell a similar product, with one in particular at a much higher price. The higher priced competitor suggests customer testimonials on GetAwayGrey’s website are not real and the product does not work. In fact, the testimonials are from real customers with real results, unlike the competitor, who does not have testimonials.

GetAwayGrey surpasses the competition for seven main reasons:

  1. GetAwayGrey has earned a BBB rating of “A-,” and in October 2012 earned an “Excellent” rating by Stella Service, a leading third party e-commerce customer excellence rating service. The company’s customer support is available by phone or live chat from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, unlike the competitor, which is often “unavailable” during the week, and closed during the weekend with a support number hard to find on their website.
  2. GetAwayGrey, unlike the competitor, is made in the United States in a manufacturing facility that is regulated by the FDA.
  3. GetAwayGrey does not add enteric coating; when taken as directed on a full stomach, it is not needed and adds unnecessarily to cost.
  4. The company allows real customers to tell their real stories, unlike the competitor.
  5. GetAwayGrey understands that higher levels of catalase does not mean better or faster results, as the body naturally rids itself of excess catalase; rather, it must be taken consistently.
  6. The competition charges $179 for three bottles of vitamins, while GetAwayGrey charges a much more reasonable and fair price of $69.95 for a three-bottle regimen program.
  7. GetAwayGrey provides a clear and easy “no hassle” risk-free money back guarantee, unlike the competitor. GetAwayGrey beats the competition because it offers customers a superior customer support experience, fair and better price and a smarter formulation; all these reasons add up to why GetAwayGrey is the market leader in helping customers reverse and prevent gray hair.

To Dye Your Hair or Not When Greying

To Dye Your Hair or Not When GreyingWe all get to a certain age where we ask ourselves, should we or should we not? Let’s just make something clear here; we’re talking about dyeing our grey hair and nothing else. Well let’s face it; we’re all getting there eventually, where a few strands of grey hair turn into a forest of salt and pepper only to drive us crazy to the extent of plucking each strand causing us to go bald, and we don’t want that now, do we? So, we decide to join the hair dye world.

Why Dye?

Why do we do it? Well, coloring is fun. However, once you color your hair, you can’t go back. You know, otherwise your roots will show and then your friends and family are going to ask you if you’re “tired” or “sick”, which is basically code for, “Hey! You’re looking old”.

Think about all those women you admire and who have gracefully tipped over the 40 mark. You have Madonna, Oprah, and even Judge Judy, neither one of them has sported their natural hair color. Although, there are some women who flaunt their grey hair in style and one such person that comes to mind is none other than Barbara Bush. She was bold enough to sport her grey hair along with being overweight, a combination more women would fear.

The Problems with Dyeing

The only problem with dyeing your hair is that it becomes a long term commitment, especially for those who want to maintain their youth. Sure, it seems easy when you’re 40, or perhaps even if you’re 50, but when you turn 60 it becomes ridiculous and tiring and eventually you stop.

Imagine for second a woman who has red hair and decides to maintain it till she turns 70. What may have seemed natural at the age of 50 would seem unnatural when she turns 70, especially if she continues to dye her hair red.  Why does she do that? Well, she still sees herself as being vibrant, fun and young, so how could she stop dyeing her hair and become a grey haired woman?

Most women can relate to this situation, so for them, dyeing their hair is the only way to preserve their youth. But, what most people will never understand is the true process of why your hair turns grey. We have cells in the hair follicles which are called “Melanocytes”; these cells produce pigments known as Melanin which gives the hair its dark color. As we age, an enzyme known as catalase begins to diminish, leaving an excess of hydrogen peroxide in the hair which decreases the level of melanin in the hair and bleaches it out. In general, the more melanin produced the darker the hair will be, and if there’s a decrease in melanin, the color of your hair will begin to lighten.

When Melanocytes stop producing these pigments, the result is transparent hair. It’s this transparent hair which, when aligned with your dark colored roots, makes the hair look grey. However, in reality, that hair isn’t grey or white, it’s basically transparent.

So, if you’re worried about your grey hair and find that dyeing your hair isn’t doing it for you any more, then why not try a formula that actually works. Why not try …

Get Away Grey

No longer will you have to use hair dyes or special coloring shampoos to cover your grey hair. GetAwayGrey is a natural formula that reverses that process of grey hair by breaking down the level of Hydrogen Peroxide, through an enzyme called Catalase, which returns melanin back to your hair color and thus covers up the greys, giving it a dark color.