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Why the World is Going Back to Natural Hair Care Solutions

The importance of hair care cannot be undermined in today’s modern era. Both men and women are taking a sharp interest in care products nowadays. This is probably due to the fact that excessive advertising has made us more self conscious. But when it comes to hair care solutions, a lot of people are not sure about their choices. Some rely on natural hair care products while others prefer chemical solutions. But recently, a change has taken place as consumers have become more aware. People now realize that natural hair care solutions are the right answer. Given the harmful side effects of chemical solutions, it is best if you stick with herbs and vitamins. Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of natural hair solutions and how they are changing consumer preferences.

Simple and Effective

One primary reason why people across the world are switching to natural hair care solutions is that they are safer than chemical solutions. These herbal mixtures are also easy to apply and use on a daily basis. On the other hand you will have to read all the instructions and ingredients of a chemical solution to make sure that it is appropriate for you. A natural solution suits all hair types. Whether you want to nourish your hair or reverse grey hair, one solution will do it all.

Why the World is Going Back to Natural Hair Care SolutionsVitamins and Natural Ingredients

The  hair vitamins and natural ingredients packed in these natural hair care solutions are not only good for your hair but also improve your overall health. Kale and spinach produce sebum, the oil that keeps your hair from drying out. Vitamin B12 & biotin – this natural hair care is found in nuts, oatmeal and yogurt. It prevents hair breakage, increases elasticity of the hair and reverses grey hair.


According to experts, natural hair care solutions are always better. They are organic, long lasting and very efficient. You should definitely try GetAwayGrey, it has been developed to restore the catalase enzyme and reverse the grey hair process.

What is Catalase? Benefits and Supplements

What is catalase? This is a question that is on the minds of a lot of people. Well, catalase is a common enzyme that is present in most living organisms. The reactions in catalyses are important to life, for example: it helps the body to break down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, thus preventing the accumulation of carbon dioxide bubbles in the blood. It also oxidizes toxins in the body such as formaldehyde, alcohols, phenols and formic acid. Let’s take a detailed look at the use and benefits of catalase.

Works as a Anti-Aging Agent

Catalase is a powerful anti-aging agent. Currently, researchers are working on finding even more benefits of catalase with possible links to extending life span. It could work on de-generating our systems and making us feel younger.

Helps Reduce Fat

Experts believe that catalase could also play a role in reducing body fat. Lab rats were tested using this theory and reports indicated a 20% reduction in body fat. The study also revealed a link between catalase and muscle strength.

What is CatalaseGrey Hair Solution

High levels of catalase can help reverse grey hair. Experts believe that a lack of catalase in the system can cause grey hair.  When there is a drop in catalase levels, hydrogen peroxide cannot be decomposed. The accumulated hydrogen peroxide bleaches the hair inside out and causes it to turn grey.

Protects your DNA

Excessive stress and damaging oxides can damage your DNA. Catalase works as an anti-oxidant enzyme that can help protect your DNA.  Studies have indicated that catalase has long term health benefits as well.

Used in the Food Industry

Catalase is also used in the food industry. It removes hydrogen peroxide from milk and helps with cheese production. It also protects food from harmful oxides thus keeping it safe and healthy for us to consume.

Use GetAwayGrey as a grey hair reversal solution. It helps stop the appearance early grey hair from the inside out with healthy vitamins, herbs, and extracts, so that natural hair grows back through the roots.

How to Protect Your Hair During the Summer Heat

Summer is a time when most people visit the beaches to enjoy the outdoors with their families. However, it is also the time when most people end up with hair damage problems. We are so busy with our activities in the summer that we forget to take care of our hair. A lot of experts recommend taking precautions during the summer to ensure the health of your hair. Here are some useful tips to help you protect your hair this summer.

Avoid the Sun

Anything in excess can’t be good for you. Extreme exposure to the sun on a regular basis will damage your hair. So take measures to protect your head, you can get a UV protection spray that will keep the sun’s rays from damaging your hair.

Wear a Swimming Cap

Whenever you go swimming in the summer, make sure you wear a swimming cap. It may not look glamorous, but remember that protecting your hair is important.  You can wear a cap or a scarf to protect your head when you are just walking around town.

How to Protect your Hair during the Summer HeatMoisturizing and Conditioning

During summer, the sun’s heat can strip your hair of its oils so it is vital that you condition your hair and keep it moisturized. Don’t let it get dry and brittle, use the appropriate hair care products to keep your hair smooth and flowing. A deep conditioner or moisturizer will also reduce hair breakage and help with grey hair reversal.

Avoid using Heated Styling Tools

A lot of people have made it a habit to use blow dryers and strengtheners. During summer, avoid any heated styling tools because the summer heat is already doing damage to your grey hair there is no need to add to it.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water during the summer. Your body’s requirement increases with the rising temperatures, so keep your roots and hair hydrated from the inside out. Water will also keep your skin soft and plump, so keep up your liquid intake during these months.

The summer heat can also cause graying of hair. So counter it with getawaygrey. This is an all-natural vitamin supplement that works to restore the color of the hair and there’s no cover-up required.

How to Protect Your Children from Hereditary Premature Graying

Children are very vulnerable to all sorts of diseases. Their immune systems are weak and easily affected. It is the responsibility of the parents to take precaution. One common problem that a lot of children are facing these days is the premature graying of hair. Parents are unaware of any solutions and can only look on in despair. However, there are ways you can counter this horrendous problem. Here is how to fight gray hair in children.


Some children naturally lack essential nutrients. They need to take additional medication to fix these deficiencies. Give your child a multivitamin. These include vitamins such as B6, B12, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet goes a long way to ensuring the development of your child. So give your children healthy food. Starvation diets can deprive the body of the nutrients it needs to maintain melanin production. In addition, diets high in processed foods might lack the nutritional value necessary to feed the hair follicles.

How to Protect Your Children from Hereditary Premature GrayingHerbal Solutions

Herbal solutions are natural and very effective as well. Experts recommend remedies to treat grey hair. For instance, they say that by using a Gooseberry tonic, you can help to maintain melanin balance in the hair. In addition, they recommend an amaranth vegetable massaged into the scalp to discourage premature graying.

Take a trip to the doctor

In extreme circumstances, a trip to the doctor’s office may be necessary. It will help you figure out the problem. It may be a medical condition you did not know about. Children whose hair become grey prematurely may be suffering from Werner’s syndrome, Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome or Books Syndrome. All of these conditions can be serious and sometimes life threatening. Furthermore, have the thyroid checked for correct functioning.


Take these measures and your child should be safe. Getawaygrey offers terrific natural hair solutions so do check them out.

Choosing the Right Hair Reversal Solution

Choosing the right grey hair reversal solution is no easy task. You need to have the right knowledge to make key decisions. Otherwise you will end up selecting the wrong products and suffer later on. It takes time to figure out the best solution and it is through trial and error that you will learn. Here are some top tips to help you select the right grey hair solution.

Diet and Nutrition

Before you go to the market looking for some high end hair product consider fixing your diet. Eating healthy will go a long way to restoring your hair color and will help prevent premature graying. Foods like eggs, dairy products and vegetables provide essential nutrition for your hair.

Shampoos with Natural Ingredients

Most grey hair reversing shampoos have dyes in them. This is likely to do more bad than good. So go for a shampoo that contains safe and natural ingredients. Amla, honey, sesame seeds and apple cedar are the ingredients that you should be looking for. These natural solutions have no side effects and when they are used regularly they will reverse grey hair.

Choosing the Right Hair Reversal SolutionVitamins

Vitamins are essential for the growth and development of your skin, hair and nails. If your body lacks these key vitamins then you should consider taking supplements. If you have folic and biotin deficiency in your body then you are likely to get grey hair. Experts recommend the intake of vitamin B12 and PABA acid to stop grey hair. These supplements make up for any deficiencies and give you back your natural hair color.

Avoid Ash Solutions

Ash color solutions are not a good idea. You should avoid them because when you apply ash colors to the hair it will result in the hair shaft picking up the underlying base color. It will also not absorb the intended color.

Try using Getawaygrey. It restores hair to its natural color. You will have beautiful hair in a matter of weeks. You’ll positively glow when you see your hair shine.

The Link Between Thyroid Disease and Grey Hair

Graying of hair is natural in most cases and happens over time as we get older. However, in certain circumstances disease can lead to premature graying as well. If you are a victim of grey hair at a young age then you might be suffering from thyroid disease. Let’s discuss the link between grey hair and thyroid disease in more detail.

What is the function of the Thyroid Gland

A thyroid gland regulates the hormones produced by your body. Basically, it decides how your body will use the energy you gain from the food you consume. The primary function of the thyroid gland is to maintain the functionalities of our body.

What is Thyroid Imbalance

Thyroid is divided up into two parts Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid whereas hyperthyroidism is an overactive thyroid. In both cases the patient ends up suffering. The underactive thyroid is easily treatable through medication but the overactive thyroid is much more difficult to control. Some of the symptoms of the overactive thyroid hyperthyroidism include sweating, rapidness in your heart beat and loss in weight. On the other hand, the symptoms of hypothyroidism include: depression, unusual heart rate and gray hair.

The Link between Thyroid Disease and Grey HairHow is Grey Hair Connected?

It can be put down to genetic history. A lot of diseases are carried through generations from parent to child.  You should definitely consult a doctor if you seek grey hair reversal while suffering from thyroid disease.  Grey hair is not only down to old age. It can also occur because of a bad diet, smoking and exposure to harmful chemicals such as those found in hair dyes. Thyroid is linked with stress which is known to cause grey hair. This is how the entire process works.


Visit a doctor and have tests done so that you know exactly what the problem is. Also try getawaygrey for natural grey hair reversal.

Home Remedies for Covering Grey Hair

Grey hair is a reality of life that most people have to face at some point or another. It happens naturally over time for most people, while some get premature graying hair. In both cases, people would prefer to cover grey hair.  Nowadays, grey hair is a major problem for both men and women and they are actively seeking solutions. Some of the best grey hair remedies lie at home. What could be simpler than a home solution that brings your hair back to its original color? Let’s look at the top home remedies for covering grey hair.

Amla and Henna Pack

This is one of the best home remedies for reversing grey hair. It can help you cover grey hair instantly. Not only will your hair revert to its natural color, it will also become soft and shiny. Wash regularly after applying this mixture and you will see positive results.

Black Tea

Black tea has numerous benefits and one of those is stopping premature graying of hair. The tea has special ingredients that combat graying and give your hair a more natural feel and look.

Curry Leaves

You have all probably heard of curry leaves and their benefits. Well, one of those benefits is stopping gray hair at a young age. The procedure is fairly simple as well. Just boil the leaves in coconut oil and strain. Then let the oil cool down before massaging onto hair.

Home Remedies for Covering Grey HairSage Water

Sage water treatment is an ancient method for treating grey hair. It restores the natural color of the hair and prevents the growth of grey hair. The results will be visible within weeks and you will feel young again.

Ribbed Gourd

This home remedy helps restore pigmentation in your hair. Soak these vegetables in coconut oil for three days, then boil the mixture and apply its residue on your scalp. Soon your hair will be back to its full health.

For all your grey hair problems, try using getawaygrey. It is a complete and comprehensive solution for dealing with grey hair.

Fool Your Friends with Natural Hair Color this April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is one of the most entertaining days of the year. It brings with it a lot of joyous pranks. This year, it will be no different. Expect the unexpected and be ready for a fun ride. Your friends might have been making fun of your grey hair but now you can surprise them by reversing grey hair. Natural solutions are out there that can help you reverse grey hair instantly, so go out and get your hair color back this April Fool’s Day.

Curd and Black Pepper

Try using this natural remedy for a couple of weeks and by April Fool’s Day, you will have a beautiful natural hair color. The application procedure is fairly simple as well, just mix the curd and pepper and spread evenly over gray areas. Then rinse off with shampoo. This will darken the greys and is a suitable solution for people with brown and black hair.

Milk and Butter

Another simple yet effective remedy is the use of milk and butter. It increases melanin production while protecting your hair from damage. Make sure that the butter is softened so that it is easier to apply.

Fool Your Friends with Natural Hair Color this April Fool’s DayAmaranth

This is another natural flawless home remedy for grey hair. Amaranth is an herb from which you can squeeze out the juice and then apply it onto your scalp. It will help you naturally get back your hair color.

Gooseberry and Mango Seeds

Natural herbs and medications are always very effective. They are also safe to use and are recommended by experts as well. This mixture does not take much time and effort to make. Just mix the gooseberries and the mango seeds to form a paste. Then apply this paste for a week or so and get the desired results.


April Fool’s Day is a great day to have fun with friends and family. A change in hair color will be a very positive change that will take everyone by surprise.

Getawaygrey is the ideal solution to your grey hair problems. Start using this naturally formulated product today and get the desired results.

Spring Hair Care and How to Get Rid of Graying

Spring is a wonderful season. It brings with it a feeling of freshness but like with every other season of the year, it has its thrills and spills. Hair care is very important during spring because the change in weather can take its toll on your hair. So you need to rejuvenate your hair and keep it healthy or else it could get damaged. Here are a few tips to help you with spring hair care.

Use Conditioner Regularly

Use conditioner regularly during the spring season. Lack of moisture can make your hair frizzy. Don’t let your hair get dry, nourish it properly with moisturizer.

Avoid Breakages ad Split Ends

Hair breakage and split ends are common hair problems in the spring season. The changes in weather can adversely affect your hair so it is a wise idea to use a scarf and cover your hair. Direct exposure to sunlight can be detrimental to your hair’s health. It may even cause grey hair.

Get a Haircut

Get a haircut this season. It will get your hair back into shape and give you a new look. It will also remove some of the dead hair. Short haircuts are considered very fashionable in warm weather.

Humidity and Hair Loss

Humidity is linked with hair loss. In spring, the weather is such that sweat can accumulate inside your hair which loosens the hair roots. A solution would be to wash your hair on a daily basis to keep the roots strong.

 Get a Massage

Take a hot oil massage to revitalize your hair. The winter cold can make your hair brittle and dry. Oil brings back the hair to its full strength and makes it silky and smooth.


Spring is a beautiful season that you should enjoy without worrying about your hair problems. So follow these tips and also try getawaygrey to get rid of grey hair naturally. It will not only reverse grey hair but also give you thicker and stronger hair.

Buying the Right Natural Grey Hair Solution Products

We all eventually get grey hair. Some naturally while others through disease. But the main thing is that we need to stop grey hair because it can be the source of social embarrassment and distress. A lot of people have limited knowledge when it comes to selecting grey hair reversal products. These people often end up selecting the wrong products that do more bad than good. So here are a few tips to guide you with regards to selecting natural grey hair solution products.

Do Some Research

To start off you need to do some research and find out information related to all the available products. There are many solutions for grey hair reversal from natural home remedies to branded products. But you will find that natural solutions work a lot better. They are safe, reliable and effective which is why experts also recommend choosing natural hair solutions.

Consider Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are healthy and can reverse grey hair without damaging your roots. Natural supplements focus on hair growth and thickness as well. Once you start using these supplements, you will notice that not only will your hair return to its original color it will also be stronger and healthier.

Check the Ingredients of the Hair Solution

There are certain ingredients that these hair products contain that are beneficial for your hair. You must know about them so that when you go the market you can get the best product.  Folic acid promotes healthy hair, skin and nails, a lack of folic acid leads to premature graying of hair. Copper is another ingredient that counters grey hair. It is needed for giving the hair its natural color. Lastly the ingredient you need to check is manganese. It is a compound that is responsible for enzyme activation which in turns stops hair loss and gives hair its natural color.

Getawaygrey is one of the finest natural grey hair solutions available in the market. It will make you feel young again by naturally reversing grey hair.