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Beware of Lead Acetate in Hair Coloring Products

Lead Acetate is a white chemical compound. It is made by mixing lead oxide and acetic acid. It is used as a main ingredient in progressive types of hair coloring dyes. Like all other lead compounds, this is also toxic. So think again before you dye your hair because the material used to make these dyes is lethal and can damage your hair badly. It is a major cause of graying hair as well. So you might wonder that given the harmful effects of this ingredient, why is it present in hair dyes? Let’s discuss in detail.

It Replaces Natural Pigmentation

Once your hair loses its natural pigmentation, it turns gray. So in order to reverse gray hair, these dyes are used. These dyes combine lead acetate with proteins in your hair to produce a chemical reaction that replaces the natural pigment and returns your hair to its original color.

The Risk Involved

Since lead acetate is toxic, it can penetrate your skin and enter the body. Once it enters your system it can damage your mind and body. Gray hair reversal will be the least of your concerns if lead gets into your body.  Regularly dyeing your hair increases the risk of being exposed to this dangerous toxin. All those who want to stop gray hair should choose a natural solution that doesn’t cause them harm.

What Studies Have Revealed

Recent studies carried out by experts reveal that the risk of disease is far greater when you use hair dyes. Lead Acetate has been linked to bladder cancer. So rather than being a grey hair cure, it does even more damage to your health.


Lead Acetate is a toxin which is best if you stay away from it. Stop using hair dyes and switch to getawaygrey. This is a natural solution with no side effects. In fact, it is a comprehensive way of reversing grey hair.

Grey Hair Causes and Natural Solutions to Help Stop Premature Graying

With time, all of us will end up getting grey hair one day but for now, grey hair is a worry for a lot of people. What causes gray hair, you might ask? Well there are a lot of reasons. Some of the most important ones will be discussed here. Gray hair causes are mostly down to our own doing. We are very careless and do not maintain our health which tends to affect hair. Let’s shed some light on this issue.

Hair Care Products

Hair care products are advertised in a manner that they seem irresistible. A lot of youngsters are easily convinced to spend money on hair care products. They don’t consider the downside of using such products.  Hydrogen peroxide isn’t just found in teeth-whitening products but is also present in your hair care products. Bleaches, dyes, conditioners and shampoos can damage your hair and are among the primary gray hair causes.


A polluted environment is harmful to the health of plants, animals and humans. It is also what causes gray hair. Pollutants can attach to healthy cells and sap them of valuable electrons. It causes cellular damage that can affect our melanin production. This is one of the key gray hair causes.

Bad Diet

A bad diet is also what causes gray hair. These days junk food is the preferred choice of most consumers. Not only can such food be detrimental to our health, it is also among the top gray hair causes. Experts recommend eating healthy so that you avoid getting grey hair.

From One Generation to Another

Experts believe that heredity is what causes gray hair. It is among the chief reasons. If someone in your family has grey hair, then chances are that you are likely to get premature grey hair as well. This mostly occurs at a young age to teens or people in their twenties.


Some of these causes of grey hair are under our control so it is imperative that we take care and do not damage our hair by our own hand. Using a natural solution for graying hair will work. Try using get away grey. It is a scientifically proven formula. It actually changes the chemical makeup of the hair follicle so that it reverts to its natural color.

Tips for Grey Hair Treatment

Grey hair is a menace for most people. It can be a source of discomfort on a personal level and also a cause of embarrassment socially. The simple solution would be to just color your hair. But if you really want to get rid of gray hair then you should consider gray hair treatment. There are many options available from home remedies to fully medicated solutions. Here are some tips to help you with gray hair reversal.


There are numerous shampoos available in the market. Some are specially made for gray hair treatment.  Shampoos that are rich in omega 3’s can help fight gray hair. These special shampoos are chemical free and also help restore your hair’s health.

Avoid Unhealthy Food and Drinks

If you want gray hair reversal then avoid foods that are damaging to your health. Some foods can devitalize your body; white flour and refined sugars fall in this category. Soft drinks, pastries and jams should also be avoided. These foods take away energy from your body and can cause grey hair.

Healthy Foods

Bananas, carrots and fish are rich in iodine. These eatables are excellent for controlling gray hair. Make them a part of your daily diet if you seek gray hair reversal.


This is another proven home remedy that will help with gray hair reversal. Applying the juices of the leaves of this vegetable enables the hair to retain its black color and also keeps it soft and shiny.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have certain properties that make them an excellent tool for gray hair treatment. These leaves provide vitality and strength to the hair roots. When the leaves are boiled in coconut oil and mixed together, they form an excellent hair tonic.


Butter that is freshly made from cow’s milk is another method of gray hair treatment. It can also stop premature graying. A small quantity should be massaged into the hair roots twice every week for best results.


Try using get away grey. It is a scientifically proven formula against graying. It actually changes the chemical makeup of the hair follicle so that it reverts to its natural color.

How to Prevent Getting Grey Hair

Grey hair has tormented adults and youths alike in recent times. A lot of people switch to home remedies for preventing grey hair while others just can’t seem to stop gray hair. In order to counter the process of graying hair you need to take certain measures. Listed below are some helpful tips for preventing grey hair.


Food has essential nutrients that help keep our body healthy. Copper is one such nutrient that our body needs to stop gray hair. According to research, people with copper deficiencies are known to have more chance of getting gray hair. Foods that contain copper include chocolates, beef liver, seeds, oysters, mushrooms, almonds and peanut butter.


Vitamins play a very important role in the development and growth of our body. These vitamins also stop gray hair. Vitamin B-2 assists in hormone production and balance systems that affect grey hair. Foods rich in vitamin B include dairy products, cereal, pastas, meat and eggs.

Another way of preventing grey hair is to maintain a diet rich in antioxidants. Vitamin A, C and E are considered as strong antioxidants. Vegetables, dairy products and fruits are full of these vitamins.


Selenium plays an active role in the development of hormones in your body which in turn stop gray hair.  According to reports, selenium is frequently used to battle the problem of grey hair. It is also believed to slow down the ageing process. Foods that contain selenium include tuna, salmon, walnuts, mackerel and raisins.

Kill Stress

Stress is a major reason for hair turning grey. Experts believe that the solution is to turn to spiritual exercise such as yoga and meditation. You must stay calm under pressure and learn to relax.


Scalp massages are known for preventing grey hair. A massage can increase blood flow and thus improve your overall health. Use coconut oil and massage daily for 10-15 minutes. This will keep your cells healthy and reduce the risk of grey hair.


A natural solution for preventing grey hair is get away grey. It works stop early grey hair from the inside out with healthy vitamins, herbs, and extracts, so your natural hair grows back through your roots.

How to Cover Gray Hair: Use a Scientifically Proven Natural Method

A lot of people are conscious about their image in society and make every effort to look the part. Gray hair can have a negative effect on your personal and social life. This can be troublesome especially when it happens at a young age. It is hard to get by without being noticed by others. However, there are ways you can cover gray hair. It is not that difficult if you make an effort, listed below are some excellent tips for covering gray hair.

Temporary Root Coverage

The first thing you can do to cover gray hair is get root coverage. These products are fundamentally makeup for your hair. You can get a huge variety of products in the market if you know where to look. These are basically color pigments blended with either wax or oil that help in covering gray hair. They are temporary and only last till you wash your hair again. These products are also safe and won’t damage your hair at all.

Permanent Root Coverage

This is permanent hair color, but you can apply it just when it is needed. It is very cheap and easy to use. It is a long term fix as compared to temporary coverage. So if you are short of time and want a long term solution for covering gray hair then choose this option.


You can visit your local saloon and ask them to highlight your hair. Tell them to focus on covering gray hair. It will only take a short amount of time and you will be looking like your old self instantly.


Henna is a natural hair dye. It helps cover gray hair instantly and to great effect. This is also semi-permanent and leaves your hair refreshed.  Henna is a plant-based natural dye that has vitamins and nutrients that strengthen and soften your hair.


Gray hair will be dealt within a matter of days if you follow these tips. You will feel more confident and assured once you manage to cover gray hair. Try using the scientifically proven solution for graying get away grey. It is an amazing grey hair solution. It, has been developed to restore the catalase enzyme and reverse the grey hair process.

Growing Out Gray Hair

At some point in life people come to the realization that they must grow out gray hair and stop coloring to look young. It is a time of reflection when you know that gray is what suits you best. At this age it may have a lot to do with your personality rather than just your image. Here are a few tips that will help with growing out gray hair naturally.

Let the Roots Grow

If you have been coloring your hair in the past you will know the process of touchups every couple of weeks. Once you stop using dye, your roots will grow out gray hair. Wait till 50 percent of your hair has turned gray before letting it grow out, then grow the roots out at least an inch or longer. In the meantime you can use a hat or bandana to hide your hair.


Knowing how to trim your hair also plays a key role when growing out gray hair naturally. It is recommended that you cut to a certain length for re-growth to speed up the process. This allows you to slowly ease into gray without getting two different color shades.


In order to grow out gray hair you must protect your roots from damaging colors. Gray roots do not absorb coloring the same way as colored hair. So a better option would be low lighting. If you are growing out gray hair naturally, start by having your hairdresser lowlight your hair. You can even perform this activity at home by painting strands of hair with color.


As you grow older your hair is likely to lose its silkiness and smoothness of the younger years. It is always a good idea to condition your hair. You can get a deep conditioning treatment at your local saloon that will help you grow out gray hair.


Growing out gray hair naturally is a fairly simple process. With the right knowledge and application you should be able to achieve it in no time at all. Try using get away grey to solve your problem. It doesn’t cover gray hair. It is in fact a cure for gray hair. These all-natural vitamin supplements work to restore the color of the hair and there’s no cover-up required.

The 5 Quickest and Easiest Anti-Aging Options

Many people worry about looking older. But there’s one thing that’s far more unattractive than natural aging: an older person trying too hard to look 25 again.

Sure, looks change with the years. But just because you are middle aged or older doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money or time to look good. In fact, many of the things that make mature adults look great have to do with minimizing beauty routines. Here are 5 of the quickest and easiest anti-aging options.

Real beauty has no expiration date.

1. With Make-Up, Less Is More

Don’t think that just because you’re 40 you need more makeup to look good. Usually, the opposite is true. Taking care of your skin is the most important thing you can do to have a beautiful face. As you get older, makeup doesn’t blend in as well, and can actually make you look older. Try paring back your makeup to just a few basics, like mascara and lip color in a soft shade. You might be surprised at how naturally beautiful you are.

2. A Little Bronzer Goes a Long Way

Tanning damages skin, and who has time to either lie out in the sun or visit a tanning bed regularly? A little bronzer on your cheeks can give you an effortless glow. Just be sure to use a shade that’s at most a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Trying to look really tan with a bronzer almost always turns you orange, and that’s not a good look for any age.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Pare down your make-up routine in the morning and spend those extra few minutes in bed. A good night’s sleep does wonders for your looks. Sure, everyone’s going to stay up occasionally, but regularly getting eight hours sleep is one of the best gifts you can give your body and face. If it’s time for a new mattress, invest in a high quality one, because the concept of “beauty sleep” has its basis in reality.

4. Visit Your Dentist

A great smile can take a person from “attractive” to “stunning.”

Have dental problems fixed and inquire about simple cosmetic dental procedures that can transform your smile. You can have chipped or worn-down teeth made beautiful again with veneers, and if your teeth are dull or yellow, a cosmetic dentist can brighten your teeth by several shades in just one visit. A terrific smile is the best “makeup” anyone can have, regardless of age.

5. Be Kind to Your Hair

Daily use of a flat iron or hair dryer can make hair crunchy and brittle, as can harsh chemicals in hair dye. If you want to get rid of grey, you don’t necessarily have to use dye to do so. Whether you have premature grey hair, or are of an age when grey hair is natural, you can now take a daily supplement called GetAwayGrey that helps your hair grow back in its natural color. GetAwayGrey helps your body make Catalase, a substance that breaks down hydrogen peroxide. As we age, we make less Catalase, meaning that circulating hydrogen peroxide bleaches hair before it emerges from the scalp. GetAwayGrey is the natural solution to grey hair .

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5 Beauty and Anti Aging Secrets You Probably Don’t Know About

Concerned about the signs of aging appearing on your skin and in your hair? From wrinkles to greying hair, many people battle a slew of aging signs as they grow older. What many don’t realize, though, is that little-known beauty secrets can help you reduce — and even reverse — those aging signs. Check out these five beauty secrets to start looking younger today.

Could your dirty makeup gear be causing your skin to look older?

1. Beauty Labels Lie

Have you tried every anti-aging cream on the store shelves with little or no results? The labels on mainstream beauty products are often intentionally misleading, luring in consumers with claims of looking 20 years younger. Rather than basing your beauty product purchase decisions on company slogans alone, do your research on the ingredients included in those products.

Natural skincare products enriched with vitamins and minerals are more likely to produce the results you desire than chemical-rich and processed alternatives. A little research goes a long way in helping you avoid being the next victim of misleading beauty product labels.

2. Change Your Beauty Routine

Different seasons call for different skincare and hair-care products. For example, the winter months tend to dry out skin and hair, increasing the need for rich creams and moisturizing conditioners. When summer rolls around, reach for SPF-enriched skincare products and protect your hair by wearing hats often.

3. Use Oil on Oily Skin

Won’t oil-based products cause oily skin to become even oilier? That’s the long-standing myth, but it certainly isn’t true. Rather, natural oil-based products can help restore the balance of skin, causing your tone to even out rather than becoming oilier. Of course, use care when selecting an oil-based skin product and only reach for natural versions.

4. Clean Makeup Gear

Are you suffering from patchy skin dryness, redness or eczema? Your makeup gear could be the culprit. Over time, gunk can build up on blush brushes, eyelash wands and other makeup gear, leading to problems such as breakouts and redness.

Avoid the problems by regularly cleaning and replacing your makeup gear with soap and water. Many makeup gear cleansers are also available, but read the labels carefully to avoid selecting a chemical-rich version.

5. Reverse Grey Hair

While wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin are all telltale aging signs, grey hair is typically the most frustrating. However, many people don’t realize that grey hair is one of the simplest things to reverse.

According to recent research, low levels of the catalase enzyme, which is naturally produced in human cells, may play a significant role in the hair greying process. Since hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by the body and catalase naturally breaks that hydrogen peroxide down, if catalase levels decline, hydrogen peroxide accumulates and bleaches hair from the inside out, thus causing grey hair.

GetAwayGrey is a vitamin that is specially formulated to boost catalase levels and reverse grey hair. This grey hair treatment is all-natural and is quickly becoming the go-to treatment for grey hair, replacing the need for harmful hair dyes.

Don’t be the only grey monkey on the lot. Discover how to reverse that grey hair and get your natural locks back!

From age spots to grey hair, growing old brings a range of skin and hair frustrations. Luckily, you needn’t give in to the problems. Rather, by discovering and utilizing these five little-known beauty secrets, you can reverse the signs of aging while embracing your older years with grace.

5 Scary Facts About Hair Dye

Did you know that about half of women in the United States over age 25 dye their hair? A large percentage of them do it to cover premature grey hair.

But in order to adhere to the hair, dyes must be made from powerful chemicals, and some of these chemicals may be dangerous. Here are 5 scary facts about the hair dye used in salons and home bathrooms everywhere.

Scary Fact 1: Hair Dye Can Seriously Damage Hair

Hair dye can seriously damage hair itself. While this is not necessarily a health risk, chemical hair damage can cause breakage and generally make hair look dull and dried out. People who use other chemicals on their hair in addition to hair dye — such as straighteners — and those who use heat tools like hair dryers, curling irons, and straightening irons have an even higher risk of damaged, broken hair.

Dye takes a toll on hair, eventually making it stiff and brittle, like doll hair.

Scary Fact 2: Hair Dye Could Be Dangerous During Pregnancy

Doris J. Day, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at New York University Medical Center, told, “No one can tell you with 100 percent certainty that it’s completely safe, so try to minimize it; that’s what I did when I was pregnant.” Further, she advises, “Wait until your second trimester, and then extend the time between coloring. If you usually color every six weeks, go eight.” Some stylists recommend that pregnant women only get highlights to minimize the contact of dye with the scalp, or that they use less harsh, semi-permanent dyes during pregnancy.

Scary Fact 3: Hair Dye Has Been Linked to Bladder Cancer

A few years ago, a European Commission watchdog group banned 22 chemicals in hair dye sold in the EU and warned that there is “not enough evidence” to prove that hair dyes don’t increase risk of bladder cancer. According to Dr. Ian White, Consultant Dermatologist at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, “They have not provided ample information that the dye is safe. Isn’t it amazing that a product should have such wide gaps in its toxicological requirements but be on sale?” The riskiest hair dye products are dark-colored, permanent dyes used every six weeks or so to maintain color.

Scary Fact 4: Hair Dye May be Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis

The same European Commission group raised concerns that hair dyes may damage the immune system and trigger serious autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers in Sweden have done studies that raise questions about the chemicals in hair dye damaging the immune system. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by a damaged immune system, and the EC group believes that there is not sufficient evidence to prove that chemicals in hair dye are safe for the immune system.

Scary Fact 5: Hair Dye Can Cause Serious Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions can be mild to life-threatening. All hair dye products instruct users to test the chemicals on a small patch of skin 48 hours before use on hair to determine if it will cause an allergic reaction. But here’s the problem: the same product that was used safely for years can suddenly cause a serious allergic reaction. Some allergic reactions result in swelling of the respiratory tract and difficulty breathing and are considered medical emergencies.

There Is a Safe Alternative

Un-dyed hair is healthier and can be most beautiful of all.

One of the main grey hair causes is circulating hydrogen peroxide that is not broken down by the body, bleaching hair before it emerges from the head. GetAwayGrey is a proprietary supplement that helps the body replace an enzyme called Catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide. With more Catalase circulating, levels of hydrogen peroxide drop, and hair can grow back in its natural color. People who have used GetAwayGrey report seeing results in about eight weeks. GetAwayGrey is a safe alternative to hair dyes, giving you back your natural hair color without the risks associated with the harsh chemicals in hair dye.

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The 5 All-Natural Beauty Products Creating the Biggest Buzz

Tired of the many chemical-rich beauty products lining the supermarket shelves? With unreadable ingredient lists and hidden side effects, mainstream beauty products are leaving many consumers frustrated and in search of natural alternatives. Check out these five all-natural beauty products creating the biggest buzz in the natural skin and hair-care industries.

Worried what those processed beauty products may be doing to your skin? Make the switch to natural alternatives!

1. Josie Maran

These days, it’s difficult to find a makeup that’s free of artificial ingredients and fillers. This has many turning to the argan oil-based makeup and skin care lines by Josie Maran. This company is making a splash in the beauty industry by proving that, despite the long-standing belief, oil-based makeup really can be good for your skin, if it’s natural.

2. Saffron James

Worried about the hidden ingredients in mainstream fragrances? Join the many consumers who are making the switch to paraben- and preservative-free fragrances, such as those from Saffron James. These fragrances have a tropical allure and are inspired by the plants and flowers of Hawaii.

3. Tata Harper

Prefer to know where the ingredients in your beauty products come from? Turn to Tata Harper. She grows all of her beauty line products on her personal 1,200-acre farm in Vermont, a feature that is nearly non-existent in today’s processed world. However, moisturizers by Tata Harper aren’t getting all this buzz just for their local ingredient qualities.

Rather, the company’s anti-aging face and body products are frequently praised for their noticeable and lasting results. From regenerating cleansers to rejuvenating serums, Tata Harper offers many all-natural products for your beauty care needs.

4. Dr. Hauschka

Offering a great line of moisturizers and creams since 1967, Dr. Hauschka is no stranger to the world of natural beauty products. This beauty line is regularly praised by natural health experts as an innovator in the moisturizing industry, especially since the company’s moisturizers have been all-natural from the beginning. As a side benefit, the company’s ingredients are sourced from biodynamic farms and agricultural co-ops.

Not sure which product by Dr. Hauschka to try? The regenerating eye cream always gets rave reviews.

5. GetAwayGrey

Have premature grey hair, but worried about the negative effects of harmful dyes? Put the processed hair care products aside and turn to GetAwayGrey instead. This innovative, all-natural vitamin is getting a lot of media buzz and is proven to reverse grey hair with its main ingredient, catalase. Catalase is naturally produced in human cells and, as the main component of Getaway Grey, effectively combats grey hair without the harmful effects of processed hair products.

As a side benefit, other natural vitamins in Getaway Grey restore hair’s natural luster and thickness. If you’ve struggled with grey hair, this is the natural treatment for you.

Never worry about the harmful effects of hair dye again. Experience the benefits of Getaway Grey.

As more people learn of the negative effects associated with chemical-rich beauty products, many are making the switch to natural alternatives. From reversing grey hair with Getaway Grey to moisturizing skin naturally with Tata Harper products, great options are waiting to help you care for your body the natural way.