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All You Need to Know about Catalase

What is Catalase?

Catalase is one of the four most important enzymes that is naturally produced by our body to fight cell damage. The benefits of catalase include breaking down harmful by-products in our body into useful substances and saving us from a lot of harmful effects. While the natural production of Catalase can decrease with age, you can sustain it if you add necessary Catalase supplements, minerals and nutrients to your diet. So, here is all you need to know about this important and essential enzyme that keeps you away from a lot of trouble.

Catalase and Hydrogen Peroxide

Catalase enzyme acts as a protein and a fighting agent, found in the organelles of cells in our body. The most major function of Catalase enzyme in our body is to break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is a harmful chemical that acts as a bleaching agent and is one of the major causes of gray hair.

Importance of Catalase

Catalase plays a very important role in preventing gray hair. Hydrogen peroxide is mainly produced as a by-product of different biological functions in our body. This hydrogen peroxide is usually toxic for our body cells and usually causes premature grey hair. However, Catalase swiftly breaks it down into water and oxygen molecules that are harmless, before it can cause any damage. The rate of reaction of Catalase is quite fast, somewhere around 200,000 events/ second subunit, which is way faster than any damaging reaction that can be caused by hydrogen peroxide.

What Affects the Catalase Activity?

There are several factors that can affect the functioning of Catalase enzyme in our body, slowing it down and allowing hydrogen peroxide to cause damage. This is the reason why premature grey hair is caused eventually. Of all these factors, temperature is the most prominent. High temperature can slow down the reaction of this enzyme quite substantially. Secondly, there are several other inhibitors and activators in our system that can slow down the reaction by latching on to the Catalase molecules. The pH measure in our body is also another reason that can slow down the reaction of Catalase in our body. The good news is that Catalase deficiency can be stopped with a Catalase supplement.

How Can We Avoid Catalase Deficiency?

There are several ways in which you can revive the production of Catalase in your body. The right type of diet is very important to maintain the quantity of enzymes in your body. There are fruits, vegetables and other food items that are rich in Catalase and other minerals that help in its natural production. Moreover, there is the catalase supplement Get Away Grey. Get Away Grey is an all-natural multivitamin that includes the important Catalase enzyme. If you are looking to buy a catalase enzyme supplement for gray hair, order Get Away Grey today.

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Catalase and Premature Gray Hair

For many years now, premature graying of hair has been blamed on a lot of things; stress, sun, kids and what not! However, it seems like finally there is a real culprit to be blamed and science has finally found it. The stories of Catalase and gray hair are not very old, but everybody is now catching up to them. But beware that not everything you hear about the guilty Catalase is true; there are as many myths as facts out there!

What is Catalase?

Catalase and gray hair are increasingly being associated together by everyone, but the first thing to understand is what Catalase actually is. Catalase is one of the four fighting agents that are naturally produced by our body in order to protect our body against cell damage. This enzyme acts against hydrogen peroxide, breaking it down into simple water and hydrogen that are not harmful. If hydrogen peroxide is not broken down, it acts as a bleaching agent and causes the hair to lose their color becoming gray. With age, the production of Catalase in the body goes down and hydrogen peroxide starts affecting your hair faster.

Premature Gray Hair

Sometimes, Catalase production in our body stops at quite an early age causing premature gray hair. Hereditary factors and lifestyle choices such as smoking or stress are considered partially responsible for the decreased production of Catalase, resulting in gray hair at an early age.

Can Gray Hair Be Reversed?

A common question that many people speculate nowadays is whether there is a way to stop or reverse gray hair. Since it has been determined that the root cause of gray hair is the lack of Catalase, if it can be recovered in the body, graying hair can be stopped and even reversed. At any age, it is possible to control back the amount of Catalase that is being produced in your body by means of vitamin and supplement intakes.

How To Reverse Gray Hair

Zinc, copper and manganese are some minerals that the body uses in the production of Catalase. Supplements or foods rich with these minerals are often a good way to sustain your body’s Catalase level. Eating vegetable, fruits and meat, which usually contains these minerals in a heavy amount can be quite effective. These minerals are also quite commonly available in form of supplements in the market and can be used to stop graying hair.

Moreover, there are now simple Catalase supplements such as Get Away Grey that are also available in the market. Since these supplements are natural and reliable, these supplements can also revive the production of Catalase in your body reversing your gray hair back to original color.

Catalase for Gray Hair

The hair that have already grown cannot change their color in any case except when they are dyed. The reversing process of gray hair actually means that the new hair that will grow on your head after your Catalase production is back to normal will be your natural color. These growing hairs will soon replace the gray hair and since the body is producing Catalase normally, these new hairs will not be affected by hydrogen peroxide, staying the same color.

So, can gray hair be reversed? Yes! Gray hair can be reversed while being careful of your mineral intake. Catalase and gray hair are closely related to each other; if you don’t want gray hair, start using Get Away Grey! Get Away Grey offers a 100% money back guarantee within 12 weeks if you are unsatisfied for any reason, so take advantage of the gray hair cure today!

Understanding the Grey Hair Reversal Process

Most people start getting grey hair at quite an early age due to the lack of an important protein, catalase, in our body. Catalase, which is responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide into simpler elements, can start getting depleted at any age. As a result, hydrogen peroxide damages the cells in our hair and makes them go grey. However, it is still possible to get rid of grey hair is still possible by sustaining catalase levels in your body by means of proper diet and supplements.

Catalase supplement, Get Away Grey, triggers a grey hair reversal process building back catalase supply in your body and making your hair go back to its original color. However, they are not some magic pills that will make your hair go back to original overnight. Grey hair reversal is a slowly occurring process that takes time, but in the end you will surely have your original hair color back.

The Initial Step

After you start taking Get Away Grey, your body will start building up its catalase level. Once the body has a sufficient protein source, it will start working to break the hydrogen peroxide and preventing your hair from any further damage. Since the grey hair you have is already damaged, they cannot be revived. Hence, the hair already grown will remain grey. Catalase supplements affect the new growing hairs, protecting their cells from getting damaged.

That way, the new hair that will grow out on your head will be your natural color. New hair growth can take up to 12 weeks therefore you need to be patient initially to see a positive change. The good part is that if you still feel that you have not noticed any effective change in your hair after 12 weeks, you can claim 100% money back guarantee on Get Away Grey.

Moving Ahead

Once you start noticing that new hair in its original color is growing back, you should continue with the supplements to keep up the catalase supply in your body. Eventually, all of the grey hair on your head will be replaced by new hair while you keep cutting off the grey parts. If you give up the supplements at this stage, the hairs will once again start getting grey because your body will no longer have sufficient catalase.

Maintain Your Hair

After getting rid of grey hair completely, you should still continue with your Get Away Grey supplements to maintain your original color over time. Once you stop the supplements, your body will eventually start losing catalase, the grey hair reversal process will stop and the new hair that will grow out will once again be grey. The good thing is that Get Away Grey is made from natural vitamins and nutrients, and its regular use is not at all harmful.

You can easily get Get Away Grey by visiting their website at and placing your order; it is a perfect way for getting rid of grey hair.

How Get Away Grey Works – Understand Your Catalase Supplements

Catalase is an enzyme responsible for preventing grey hair produced naturally in our body to fight against cell damage. In case of depletion of this essential protein at any age, your hair starts going grey fast. Get Away Grey is a naturally made and quite effective catalase supplement that can reverse grey hair and get them back to their original color. Get Away Grey combines together all the essential vitamins and proteins that overcome the deficiency of catalase in your body.

How Does It Work

As a by-product of several reactions in our body, hydrogen peroxide which acts as a natural bleaching agent is produced. Catalase, an enzyme produced in our bodies, breaks down this hydrogen peroxide into water and molecular oxygen before it can cause any damage to our hair. If the catalase fails to break it down, it has the tendency to bleach our hairs to grey color. Usually with age and sometimes due to other reason, the production of catalase in our body starts depleting and grey hair starts appearing fast.

Get Away Grey is a supplement that is rich with catalase enzyme, derived from completely natural sources. With the consumption of these supplements, you can sustain the level of catalase in your body that starts fighting the hydrogen peroxide and reverse grey hair back to their original color.

How Long Will It Take

The basic thing to understand is that the hair already grown on your scalp cannot be changed to your original color in any way except a hair dye. Get Away Grey works on the new hair growth, ensuring that they grow in your natural color. So, the length of time it can take to reverse grey hair depends on how long it takes to build back your catalase count and the natural rate of growth of your hair.

When the catalase enters your body, it starts breaking hydrogen peroxide preventing it from causing any more damage to your hair cells. However, it cannot revive the cells that are already damaged. It may take you 8 to 12 weeks to see new hair growth in your natural hair color. This new growth can eventually replace your grey hair if you continue taking the supplements regularly.

Even when all your grey hairs have been replaced, you still have to keep up with the supplements in order to maintain your natural color. If you stop the supplements, your catalase sources will once again start to deplete and grey hair will appear once more.

Where to Get It

You can get this catalase supplement quite conveniently by ordering it online. You can visit and place your order. If you are not sure whether it will work or not, you will be relieved to know that you can get a 100% money back guarantee for the first 12 weeks.

Natural Remedies for Grey Hair

Grey hair, usually associated with increasing age, can actually be caused at an age as young as 5 years old. It is a natural process that is triggered due to a lot of factors and can start at any age. Catalase, an enzyme produced naturally by our body, prevents hydrogen peroxide from causing damage to our hair color. If your body stops producing Catalase, your hair starts going grey rapidly. This is precisely why you should consider natural remedies for grey hair.

There are several ways in which you can prevent the depletion of Catalase in your body. Healthy diet, proper care of your hair and scalp and keeping a check on your nutritional intake with the help of Catalase supplements can go a long way in preventing grey hair. Here are some natural remedies that you can use to stop or prevent grey hair from making an early appearance:

Eat Healthy

One of the best ways to keep up your Catalase supply is to eat foods that are rich in protein. These foods include grains, soy, lean meat, cereals and eggs that have a substantial amount of protein in them. These catalase-rich foods can help you keep away grey hair for a longer time.

Apart from that, you should also add foods that are rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc and copper. These minerals help our body to produce catalase naturally. Leafy vegetables, cauliflower, bananas and tomatoes are some food items that should be added to your meals more frequently if you want to prevent grey hair.

Massage Your Hair

There are several natural products that you can use to massage your hair and scalp with if you want to stop grey hair. Using simple coconut oil after warming it up a bit is quite beneficial. However, adding a few natural herbs to it can work wonders for your hair. You can add hibiscus, methi powder and a bit of almond oil to warmed up coconut oil and massage your scalp with it a couple times a week to prevent grey hair.

Another remedy that is often used for getting rid of grey hair is the use of Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry. It can be mixed with coconut oil to be applied on your scalp, which is quite an effective way to stop or prevent grey hair.

Use of dried sage boiled in water is also used for getting rid of grey hair. Massaging your scalp with sage water mixed with a few drops of glycerin can not only make your hair reverse back to its natural color but will also nourish it greatly.

Apart from that, there are several natural Catalase supplements that can be used to prevent grey hair from occurring. Get Away Grey is a completely natural supplement that can reverse greying hairs quite effectively. You can get this supplement at , and if you do not find it useful, you can claim your money back within 12 weeks. However, it is up to you to decide how you want to keep your hair from getting grey at an early age.

Catalase Sources – What to Eat?

Catalase is among one of the most important proteins produced naturally by our bodies. It helps our body break down hydrogen peroxide, which acts as a bleaching element causing grey hair, into water and oxygen. With age, the production of this important protein in our body can go down which results in graying hair at an old age. In some cases however, sources of Catalase in your body can deplete much faster which is the reason of premature greying of hair.

There are anti graying supplements like Get Away Grey that can be quite effective in sustaining Catalase in your body. You can easily order these supplements online at . Moreover, by taking the right diet you can ensure that you are taking in the right amount of required minerals and proteins to sustain sources of Catalase in your body. Here is a list of things you should add to your meals more often if you don’t want to welcome grey hair for a long time:

Barley, Wheat and Sprouts

Barley grass, wheat, green sprouts, alfalfa and Brussels sprouts contain significant amounts of Catalase and other beneficial antioxidants. The sprouts that are younger and raw are much richer with Catalase. Moreover, all these grains should be organically grown since food processing and high temperatures can diminish the presence of Catalase in these food sources. To stop grey hair, adding them to your meals can be quite beneficial.


Some vegetables are also quite high on the amount of Catalase they contain. Avocado has the largest amount of Catalase in them but since they are also high in fat, they should not be consumed in abundance. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are two very nutritious and affordable sources to get protein, and can be incorporated with your meals easily. Other vegetables that contain substantial amount of Catalase enzymes include onions, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, celery, parsnip, radishes, carrots, kale, red cabbage, red pepper, turnips and leeks. Most of these vegetables can be easily made a part of your daily diet in form of salads or sidelines to stop grey hair.


Among fruits that have the richest sources of Catalase, pineapple, banana, watermelon, apricots, cherries, peaches and kiwi stand at the top. Apples and grapes also contain substantial amount of Catalase in them, while almost all other fruits contain Catalase to some extent. To stop grey hair, the best thing to do is to eat these fruits raw, since cooking them on high temperature can damage the enzymes in them.


If you want something that belongs to the meat category, beef liver is the richest source that contains Catalase enzymes. It also contains several other minerals that aid the body in the natural production of Catalase. However, it is also rich in fats and too much consumption of it to stop grey hair can lead to other health issues.

9 Tips on How to Prevent Grey Hair

For some people, grey hair is like their worst nightmare coming true, especially for those who face it at an early age. While you should remember that greying of hair is a natural phenomenon that will eventually happen at some point in time, there are still measures you can take to prevent grey hair from appearing too soon. Although genetic causes of premature greying of hair are something that cannot be prevented, the grey hair that appears as a result of a protein deficiency can be controlled by maintaining a careful and healthy lifestyle. So, if you want to learn how to prevent grey hair, here are 10 tips for you to follow:

  1. You should add foods to your meals that contain a substantial amount of mono-saturated fats in them. These foods help you get the necessary nutrients that your body needs so that it can producing fighting agents to prevent cell damage. These foods include nuts, canola and olive oil.
  2. You should also start consuming fish oil supplements that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These supplements should be taken regularly, around 3,000 milligrams daily, to meet your body’s nutritional requirements.
  3. You should also start keeping check on your alcohol consumption since high alcohol consumption is often a reason for premature grey hair.
  4. Getting adequate sleep every day is also very important. If you sleep less than 7 or 8 hours on a regular basis, it can eventually cause stress, which is considered to be major factor of causing grey hair.
  5. You should also take part in stress relieving activities on a regular basis to stay away from stress. Activities such as yoga or meditation not only keep you healthy but also prevent your hair from going grey.
  6. Keep a balance in your life between work and enjoyment, Take time to indulge in activities that you personally enjoy so since they can make you unwind and stay away from stress.
  7. Try to give up smoking completely if you can or avoid it. Smoking causes melanocytes, pigmenting agents, to deplete faster, causing grey hair earlier.
  8. Add foods that are rich in a protein called catalase to your diet. Catalase, an enzyme, protects your hair from going grey and its supply in the body should be maintained. Foods such as leafy green vegetables, sprouts, wheat, fruits, and beef liver are rich in catalase and should be added to your diet adequately.
  9. Most importantly, add a few catalase supplements to your diet daily. These catalase supplements are one of the best ways to keep catalase levels in your body sufficient enough to prevent grey hair.

Get Away Grey is a completely natural and effective anti graying supplement that helps maintain catalase levels in your body. These supplements can also trigger grey hair reversal process for those who already have grey hair. You can get these supplements at by placing your order online. So, if you were wondering how to prevent grey hair, here is your answer!

Does Stress Cause Grey Hair?

The process of graying depends on a number of reason, and varies from person to person. Just like each individual reacts to different emotions, scenarios and life on a whole differently, so do their bodies. Grey hair due to stress is as yet a debatable subject, with researchers claiming that it can play a minor factor in some cases, but cannot be taken as a generalized diagnosis in every case.

Does Stress Lead to Grey Hair?

In order to understand the effects stress has on our hair follicles or pigmentation, we first need to understand how different individuals react to stress. Not everyone reacts to stress the same way, some may start loosing weight when under a lot of stress whereas others tend to eat more in such cases. Similarly, researchers do believe that taking a lot of stress can have an affect on our hair too, where some may suffer from hair loss others might end up getting premature grey hair.

Stress and Grey Hair

Increased level of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol during stress cause unstable molecules to start attacking and damaging the body. So when and if these unstable molecules or free radicals attack melanin, the hair starts to lose its color. However unlike what some believe, hair does not lose color overnight or within a week. Continuous stress for a period of two to three years can result in premature grey hair. Stress also causes imbalances in our body, so if an individual under stress starts eating unhealthily or does not follow a proper diet, then it will invariably decrease the level of zinc, vitamin and catalase in our body, which can affect hair follicles and reduce melanin levels.

The fact that most presidents start going grey only after a year or two in office is proof enough that stress does cause grey hair. According to Michael Roizen of Cleveland Clinic, Presidents age two years for each year in the office, so keeping that in mind it can be hypothesized that although grey due to prolonged stress cannot be generalized due to stress, but it can and does play a factor in premature graying.

Can the Grey Hair Process be Reversed?

People generally opt for natural or manufactured hair dyes in order to cover grey hair, but the process can be reversed with the help of vitamin supplements like Get Away Grey. These supplements contain high levels of catalase which are instrumental in reversing the process of grey hair.

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Grey Hair Products You Should Use Regularly

Occurrence of grey hair is a natural phenomenon that can happen due to aging, nutritional deficiencies, hereditary factors or other lifestyle elements. Whether you start getting grey hair at an early age or at an older age, grey hair is not something that is very much liked by people. They not only make you look older but are also quite hard, brittle, dull and frizzy, and can be quite hard to maintain without causing breakage. In order to maintain, improve or cover your grey hair, here are some grey hair products that you can use on a regular basis:

Moisturizing Shampoos

For grey hair, there is especially formulated clarifying or moisturizing shampoo that can be used. These shampoos clean away any residual chemical from your scalp and make your grey hair look soft, smooth and shiny. Some of these shampoos also have pigmentation or tinting particles that are useful in preventing grey hair from looking yellowish.


Since grey hair gets hard and brittle, conditioners should be used to keep them moisturized so that they can be kept soft. There is a specialized range of grey hair products that include several conditioners that can be helpful. If you have dyed your hair to cover the grey, using some intense conditioners is even more advisable since coloring can further damage your hair.

Permanent Hair Color

The most commonly used solution by people for grey hair is hair dye. There are several dyes that are formulated specifically for grey hair. Hair colors that are permanent can last for several months. However, grey roots can start showing as soon as within 6 weeks, so the dye should be used after every month or so in order to keep the roots covered.

Temporary Color

Temporary hair colors used for grey hair last usually for a few weeks and keep fading away every time they are washed. However, these dyes are far gentler on hair than permanent dyes and can be used more regularly in order to keep the grey roots covered all the time.

Touch-Up Kit

Among the range of grey hair products, the root touch-up kit is quite useful. They often contain additional color matching to the color you have used to dye your hair, special brushes or hair mascaras that can be used conveniently to cover only the grey roots without having to dye your complete hair.

Catalase Supplements

Catalase supplements are used to overcome the deficiency of protein in your body that results in causing grey hair. These supplements can prevent further growth of grey hair and the new hair that grows in your natural color. Get Away Grey is one of the best catalase supplements that you can get simply by placing your order at .