Two Pills A Day Keeps The Gray Away


Take two Get Away Grey Super Premium Vitamin capsules to cover grey hair once a day, after a meal, and watch over the weeks as your natural hair color begins growing back from the roots.

Then, to maintain your natural hair color, simply keep taking two of our all natural and healthy Get Away Grey Super Premium Vitamins once a day to keep looking as young as you feel.

How Long Will It Take To Work?

Our findings have shown that results vary depending on the individual—some start to see results as soon as 8 weeks while others may take up to 12 weeks. Your existing level of Catalase and the ability to absorb and build your Catalase count, coupled with how quickly your hair grows, will affect the time it takes for you to see results. Stick to it and you will be back to your natural color in no time.

We are so confident of the results that, if you do not reverse the grey and get your natural hair color back, we proudly back our product with a risk free 100% money-back guarantee. No questions. No hassles.

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