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"I have been taking GetAwayGrey for the last three months. I am delighted to say it is working... The new hair is my natural color."


"A Simple, but powerful enzyme, catalase, has been found to be the culprit for causing gray hair."


We are so confident that GetAwayGrey can help treat gray hair that we back our product with a risk free 100% money back guarantee.

A Pill for Grey Hair

Decades of inadequate grey hair coverage has led people to a few possible grey hair management options: deal with the grey hair showing, cover it up with a hat or a head scarf, or dye it—which is essentially the same as covering it up, except that the hair is quickly damaged and dried out, too. It's time for you to reject these common options, say "No More Grey Hair!" and opt for GetAwayGrey, the grey hair pill. Call 1-800-991-3122, email us or start an online chat now and be on your way to banishing grey. Don't forget about our money back guarantee!

The Pill for Gray Hair

GetAwayGrey is an all-natural supplement that uses vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to reverse the grey hair process. Scientific research into the process of hair losing its color has revealed the culprit: we can blame the dwindling production of the enzyme catalase for loss of color in a hair follicle. That's why catalase is the bulk of the GetAwayGrey hair pills. However, it's not the only ingredient.

We fill our all-natural supplement with vitamins, minerals and plants such as biotin, folic acid, nettle root extract and barely grass. What do these materials have in common? They're all able to improve the luster, the health and the thickness of hair. In addition to restoring the hair's color, GetAwayGrey improves the overall look and feel of the hair—quite the opposite of the typical hair dye job.

How Grey Hair Pills Work

It's hard for many people to get over the fact that we offer a pill for gray hair—and yes, that it works, too. Why not try it for yourself? Gray hair management means taking just two pills a day after a meal is all you need to start seeing your hair restored to its natural color within weeks.

How do our gray hair pills work? It starts with the catalase boost. Our pills contain 5000 IU. of catalase enzyme in each pill. The pills supplement your body with the catalase it's begun to lose as you age. Over a period of a few weeks, this catalase works to kick start color production in the hair follicle once more. The other ingredients in GetAwayGrey work to restore natural moisture and shine in each follicle. Although the process takes several weeks, you'll soon look younger than you have in years—and without any chemical cover—ups. Best of all, this hair color lasts, so long as you keep taking just two pills a day.

Get All-Natural Gray Hair Pills

No more grey hair! It's time to get back a younger-looking, more vibrant you. We're so confident in GetAwayGrey (and from our glowing customer testimonials, you'll see why) that we offer your money back within one hundred and twenty days if you don't like the product. Give our all-natural supplement a try; you have nothing to lose. Like what you see? We also have reselling opportunities available.

Get in touch with us now online or at 1-800-991-3122. Start taking the GetAwayGrey hair pill today—and enjoy more of your natural hair color in a little as eight to twelve weeks!