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What Kind of Natural TLC Does Your Gray Hair Actually Need?

portrait mature woman blonde holding her long hairYour gray hair is exposed to numerous stressors, including heat, chlorine-rich water and aggressive styling products and techniques, on a daily basis. No wonder your gray strands are coarse and very difficult to tame in the morning! Nonetheless, any reliable stylist will tell you that depigmented hairs can actually become very manageable, as long as you give them the right kind of TLC that they expect from you. To witness the best results, choose to beautify and fortify your strands from the inside out by taking catalase supplements, while also exploring a number of homemade topical treatments that could do wonders for your gray mane.

  1. Good Natural Shampoos and Conditioners. Instead of using gray hair products that come in a bottle, choose to wash and nourish your hair using natural, extremely accessible ingredients. For instance, according to eHow, you can prepare a DIY clarifying shampoo in your own kitchen by mixing a few tablespoons of baking soda, vinegar, honey and water. This paste should be applied on your scalp and left there for 5 minutes to eliminate product buildup and unpleasant yellowish tints.
  2. A Relaxing Massage. You massage your limbs when they feel numb, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your hair? By simulating your scalp with the tip of your fingers you stimulate blood circulation and keep your hair follicles active. This means that regular massage sessions can help you promote a natural hair growth.
  3. Essential Oils. Need a good mask that could coat every single strand, nourishing and protecting it for the longest period of time? Try different options that go well together, like thyme and sage oils for instance.
  4. A Better Diet. According to the Fat Free Kitchen, what you eat can also help you battle the effects of premature graying. A clean diet based mostly on iron-rich foods, vitamin B and A, and minerals may allow you to delay the appearance of other gray hairs.
  5. Catalase Supplements. Pills for hair based on catalase act on the inside, by tackling the real cause of premature graying: excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide. By neutralizing the agent that is responsible for your gray strands, these products may give you the chance to hold on to your natural pigment for a longer period of time. For more info on the action, ingredients and benefits of catalase supplements supported by real scientific breakthroughs, check out the getawaygrey website and find the details that could change your perspective on hair health and beauty once and for all.