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What Should a Premium Supplement for Gray Hair Actually Contain?

iStock_000020371903_SmallIt’s not always easy to adjust your daily diet based on the needs and demands of your body. Most days you have to settle for greasy takeout simply because you don’t have enough time on your hands to prepare a decent well-balanced meal at home. We’ve all been in this situation. The problem is that your dietary habits inevitably influence the condition of your hair and skin. Gray hair is particularly demanding, taking into consideration that its loss of pigment and natural oils leads to an accentuated frizziness and increased vulnerability. So the question is this: can you perfect your hair from the inside out and prevent potential deficiencies by taking pills especially formulated for your aging mane? If so, what kind of compounds should the ideal formula actually contain?

Folic Acid. Folic acid or vitamin B9 represents a prominent ingredient that is essential for your organism, simply because it keeps your tresses strong and shiny. According to recent studies cited by Livestrong, a folic acid deficiency could be responsible for the premature appearance of your gray strands. Moreover, vitamin B9 serves other important purposes: it boosts cellular function and supports normal tissue growth.

Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 is water-soluble and offers your aging hair the nutrients that it requires to preserve its pigment for a longer while. Known as an important ally in the battle with premature graying, vitamin B-6 can be found in a wide range of foods, including brown rice and chicken.

Antioxidant Agents. A complete formula designed to enhance the beauty of gray hair while also protecting it against internal and external risk factors should also contain some of the most effective antioxidant agents. Antioxidant vitamins protect your locks against damage caused by free radicals. You should know that free radicals could impact the looks and feel of your strands, by making them become thinner and considerable drier. Vitamin C and E are recognized for their amazing antioxidant properties and can do wonders for hair that is dry, lifeless and prone to breakage.

Catalase. Last but definitely not least, some of the best pills for gray hair contain catalase. This agent is a powerful enzyme that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide molecules, by turning them into oxygen and water. By decomposing hydrogen peroxide, an ideal concentration of catalase could help you recover your hair pigment and prevent the appearance of other grayish strands. Getawaygrey is a promising gray hair solution based on catalase. Based on a complex formula including various plant extracts and minerals, this product  may give your grays all they require to stay healthy and achieve a subtle, 100% natural darkening effect in less than 12 weeks.