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The Rising Threat of Premature Graying

According to a research conducted by John Frieda, a hair care brand, more and more people are turning grey prematurely, with the percentage accelerating to 32% from 18% in a time frame of 20 years. Researchers have yet not been able to find the root cause behind this increase, where some still believe that the sole reason for premature graying is hereditary, others are concluding that stress plays a major role. Stress uses up Vitamin B, lack of which can lead to premature graying.

An experiment conducted on black rats proved that when they were deprived of B Vitamins, their hair started to go grey. Hence, it isn’t solely genetics that can be blamed for premature grey hair. Over 7 million people get grey hair treatment at home, a process they have to repeat every month to keep the look fresh and cover the grown grey roots.

The Grey Hair Effect

According to trichologist Philip Kingsley, grey hair is synonymous with ageing and people tend to delay appearing aged for as long as they can, and with the threats of problems caused by using hair dyes, people either give up and decide to live with the salt and pepper or give in to the desire to look beautiful and use harmful chemicals to cover the grey.

Premature grey hair come with a lot of social pressure, according to journalist Claire Coleman, from the society’s perspective grey hair mean the end of a woman’s reproductive life. Hence, it is difficult for a woman in her twenties with grey hair to deal with societal pressure and hence has to look for alternatives.

Grey Hair Reversal

Individuals suffering from premature graying are always on the lookout for natural ways to cure grey hair rather than having to cover them with chemical hair dyes. The good news is grey hair can be reversed if your body retains the level of melanin, the enzyme that gives color to the skin and hair. You can either do that by the proper intake of B Vitamins, Biotins and catalase supplements.  Thankfully there are all natural products like Get Away Grey that can reverse the process of grey hair by helping maintain the level of melanin in the body.

Precautionary Measures

If you haven’t turned grey yet but fear premature graying either because it’s hereditary or because you lead a stressful unhealthy life then it is about time that you started taking some precautionary measures for stopping gray hair. Make sure to include green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet and exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week.

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