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Stay Naturally Beautiful: 4 Grey Hairstyles that Will Suit You

Health Problems and Grey HairAdd Some Color

Gray hair sufferers try many ways to cure the gray, including hair dyes. But, rather than just coating your entire head in the chemical dyes, try a few highlights to blend in the color with your new grey. This will not only help hide the actual grey look, but will also give you a more toned down look. This can also help your hair health, since the chemical dyes will applied less often and to fewer hairs. Brighten up your hair with blond highlights, maintaining a natural grey look in the process.

Try It Short

We certainly can’t leave out the option of a pixie cut mirroring Jamie Lee Curtis, or short and fluffy like Meryl Streep. Either way, you will be conforming to a great style that allows you to show your grey roots. Since gray hair is dry and brittle, it can be difficult to manage. Avoid styling woes and keep your morning routine short and sweet – literally! Don’t forget a gray hair shampoo to help keep those grey hairs bright and silvery.

Moisturize the Length

If you have naturally grey hair that is long in length, you need to keep it moisturized. This can be accomplished with a myriad of grey shampoos and conditioners. Since grey hair is more brittle than colored hair, you need to take special care of it, allowing smooth ingredients to coat your head. Additionally, with long grey hair, the strands can tend to fade and yellow, leaving your hair looking dingy. Grey hair shampoos not only moisturize, but can also add blue/gray coloring to your hair, allowing it to brighten and maintain a beautiful silvery color.


No matter what solution you try out for your grey hairstyle, make sure you are choosing products that utilize natural ingredients. Adding harsh chemicals will only destroy your hair. Grey hairs are already weaker than natural colored hair. With this in mind, make sure you are taking better care of your hair now than ever before! You can definitely accomplish that with GetAwayGrey, and never worry about the health of your hair again.

Remember, you will never have to worry about gray hair again if you act now and get your all-natural cure against premature graying: act now to save up to $20 on your first three months of treatment!

If you’re looking for the best way to stay naturally beautiful, GetAwayGrey has the solution you need! With a host of natural vitamins and minerals, our supplements are the natural way to reverse grey hair. The inclusion of Catalase in our ingredients list stimulates your body’s color-producing cells to maintain their production levels, assisting your follicles in naturally-colored hair growth.

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Gray Hair Supplements: Why Going Grey Could Be the Best Thing for You

Grey hair is inevitable; whether it shows up early or right on time, this bane of existence can certainly be the most unwanted nuisance in life. These hairs pop up unannounced and at random, never doing quite what you want despite hair products and curling irons. Even with all of the new and improved grey hair strengthening shampoos, these hairs can wriggle their way right into the spotlight. It’s the worst part of getting old, right? Wrong!


Did you know that sparse gray hair growth is the first step in a happier, healthier you? Well, it is! GetAwayGrey’s supplements are all natural pills that contain vitamins and minerals your body needs. B12 isn’t just good for assisting in the growth of melanin-producing cells in your head; it’s good for your whole body!

  • Energy – since B12 assists in the conversion of carbs to glucose, your body’s ability to produce energy and decrease fatigue will skyrocket!
  • Nerves – Regulate your nervous system with this vitamin, and enjoy a decrease in signs of depression, brain shrinkage and stress.
  • Digestion – Peppermints aren’t the only way to aid in digestion; B12 helps in the breakdown of unhealthy cholesterol levels, also helping your heart!
  • Cancer – this vitamin is a vital component in combating this increasingly common disease.

Get on track to a healthier lifestyle, and at the first sign of grey hair, turn to GetAwayGrey supplements. They will not only reverse your grey hair, but help you lead a longer, healthier life. 2 for 1!


Strength is an excellent quality to maintain, and your hair is no exception. You want strong, thick, healthy hair, and GetAwayGrey has your solution. Grey hair is not just something that happens to you; it happens as a result of your body’s inability to keep producing adequate levels of melanin. This allows hydrogen peroxide to naturally build up, literally bleaching your beautiful tendrils! It doesn’t, of course, bleach it a pristine blonde color, but sucks any color right out of the follicle. This elimination of color shows up grey. Grey hair isn’t just about some color missing; it also means that your hair is weaker, lacking the natural strength that your body’s vitamins and minerals have given it for your entire life. Now that you cannot naturally produce these minerals, you need to supplement your diet with them. GetAwayGrey gives you back your color and your strength, allowing your locks to return to their former glory. Strong, thick hair is two pills a day away.

Don’t waste time on harsh chemicals that will only further weaken your head of hair; turn to natural supplements that will not only reverse the natural process of graying, but will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Reverse the Grey: Use the Best Shampoos for Gray Hair

We all know that those who choose to maintain those brilliant silver locks of hair need to take special care of it. There are many different issues that take place with grey hair that your naturally-colored hair doesn’t have. For this reason, choosing the perfect gray hair shampoo can be a bit of a mystery!

Brighten the Grey

Many shampoos out there give you the option of adding a silvery-blue enhancement in your hair. This specific tinting inclusion is meant to coat your dull tarnished color into the bright silver you’ve been striving for. With such great spokespersons as Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep, and the ever-seductive George Clooney, many individuals attempting to try a grey hairstyle may become frustrated with the dull color they seem to have. Try Biosilk’s Silver Lights Shampoo, and  reverse the grey, turning it into a vivid color!

Moisturize Those Wiry Strands

A shampoo that works for your hair will include a strong moisturizer to help you manage your hairstyle. Since grey hair is a coarser and much dryer hair type, you need to keep the nutrients coming with every shampoo. Don’t let the strands be devoid of color AND health! Many regular shampoos can give you this extra boost of moisture, but keep in mind this hair type is completely different than a normal dry strand of colored hair. Since the pigment is actually missing, there are protective nutrients missing as well, leaving your hair in a much more dire state than you might think. Check out Abba Pure Moisture Shampoo, and keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

Soothe the Fly-Aways

With drier hair comes a tendency for those fly-aways to ruin every picture, stick to every passing balloon and resist every smoothing hair care product. Try a shampoo with lavender or chamomile in the ingredients list; they will help smooth your tendrils naturally, giving you the joy of a hairstyle without the frizz. Rusk has created just such a product, named Bright Chamomile & Lavender brightening shampoo. Try it out for your smooth trip down perfect grey hairstyle lane.

Color for Your Color

Many shampoo options include a silver color toning. This not only helps with the dull look of grey hair, but also helps maintain a solid grey color without the dingy yellow look that sometimes occurs with longer locks of hair. Nexxus Simply Silver color toning shampoo is just your ticket.

Supplement with Supplements!

No matter how well you take care of those glorious bright locks of grey hair, you might still find yourself wishing for that grey hair cure. Grey hair shampoo is not the answer! GetAwayGrey has your solution, and it comes in the form of two vitamins a day. These supplements contain all the vitamins a body needs to stay healthy, and keep producing those color-producing cells. But, in addition to these, Catalase is added. Catalase is responsible for stimulating the production of the cells responsible for your hair color. With this stimulation, your cells will again start creating hair color, and literally reverse the grey! Check out how you can try GetAwayGrey risk free!

Try a Gray Hairstyle and Find Out What Works Best for Your Hair’s Health

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis

Many of our favorite big screen stars, and even newscasters, have been making a change, embracing the grey hair look. As we age, grey hair is inevitable, and there are many ways to combat this. However, one solution could be to let it ride. With stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Anderson Cooper, and Meryl Streep showing just how classic a grey hairstyle can look, this consideration should be made!

Color Counts

Grey hair isn’t just that silvery goodness that some people have discovered. Gray hair can yellow as it grows, causing your luscious locks to look dingy and discolored. So, while having silver color does mean letting your hair grow however it wants, you should certainly care for your hair the same way you always do. Choosing a grey hair shampoo is a brilliant option, allowing the shine and shimmer of bright grey hair to break out.

Also, be sure to condition your hair often. Because grey hair is naturally dry and tends to be brittle, you will want to moisturize it consistently to keep a healthy glow.

Style Sings!

Choose a hairstyle that fits your new color. Your hairstyle will look completely different when your hair’s grey tones have completely grown out. For this reason, you need to choose a new style that fits the new you. Shorter hairstyles tend to work best on women and men alike. However, women can also easily pull off long locks of grey with a little work. Special care needs to be given to your grey hair, as it will be unruly and stubborn. Choose a style that is easy to maintain, lest you tire of the work and abandon your goal of luxurious gray hair. Not maintaining a specifically chosen style will only result in the continued dingy look of basic grey hair. With that in mind, ask a hairstylist their opinion on a hairstyle that will work with both your face and your life.

Confidence Captures

By walking the streets with confidence, people won’t notice the color of your hair, but that you are a strong person with nothing to hide. Choosing to keep your gray hair is a brave choice – so walk around as though you have just slain an army of disbelievers. Don’t silently stand in the corner of the elevator as you rise to your floor; take center stage and let those around you know that you are the same successful, confident, funny, and young person you have always been. By relaxing in your natural state, you will be on your way to grey hair success.

Just in case ….

you have decided that grey hair is not for you, GetAwayGrey has your solution. Our daily supplement is the only proven way to reverse the effects of grey hair permanently. Two vitamins twice a day is your key to natural hair color production, without the worry of errant grey hairs.

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