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Grey Hair Remedies: Oils That Can Help You Get Rid of Graying Hair Naturally

beautiful-hair-style051People don’t dream about having long, silvery hair when they’re in their 20’s or 30’s. On the contrary, as time goes by, they become more and more terrified of the first signs of premature aging, including those nasty-looking gray roots. Are you also looking for some of the most effective grey hair remedies? If so, follow one simple rule to avoid unwanted side effects: go in favor of all-natural products that couldn’t damage your hair and put your health on the line.

Homemade Oils That Make Your Hair Seem Healthier and Younger

Mother Nature doesn’t allow you to preserve the natural color of your hair for an entire lifetime. However, it does lend you a helping hand, by offering you all the ingredients that you need to restore grey hair in a completely non-invasive, risk-free manner.

Oils Made From Curry Leaves

Curry leaves can help you win the battle with premature grey hair. You can prepare your own homemade oil in no time, in your own kitchen. Just collect a few leaves, let them dry and then grind them until you obtain a fine powder.

Take 4 teaspoons of powder and mix it with coconut oil or olive oil (approximately 200 ml). Let the mix boil for a couple of minutes; then filer it and store it properly in a clean, airtight container. Apply it on your scalp and gently massage the area twice on a weekly basis.

Oils Made from amla Fruits

Cut some fresh amla fruits into tiny pieces. Add rose water and prepare and mix these two ingredients, until you obtain a paste; afterwards add the product to your regular hair oil. After a week, filter the amla-based grey hair remedy and store it in a different container. This is an overnight treatment well-liked for its proven effectiveness. If you want to witness radical improvements, it is advisable to use this homemade product on a daily basis, for at least a few weeks.

Potato Peel Mix

Want to restore grey hair fast and easy? Peel a few potatoes, boil them and strain the water. Add sandalwood oil drops and use the liquid to rinse your grey hair, after every single wash. This routine will help you take pride in pigmented hair once again.

Discover the Fastest, Safest Method to Get Rid of Grey Hair

Do you want to ditch grey hair fast and effortlessly, without having to turn your kitchen into a secret green laboratory? In this case, forget about traditional grey hair remedies and choose to discover the benefits provided by Get Away Grey.

Order this highly beneficial, risk-free vitamin complex designed to help you get rid of grey hair naturally  and get your youth back in record time.

Are Unnatural Hair Dyes Safe to Use? Use Natural Remedies for Grey Hair

Hair coloring dates back to pre-dated civilizations by using natural remedies for grey hair like birch bark, metallic compounds, walnut leaves, saffron, turmeric, henna etc. Today hair coloring is a trillion dollar industry with more than one-third of the women around the globe using hair dyes for either beautification purposes or for getting rid of grey hair. But are hair dyes safe to use? Do they propose any potential damage to your hair or your health in general?

Hair Damaging Chemicals

There have been many controversies surrounding unnatural hair dyes as well as natural hair colorants like henna. Most experts believe that any chemical applied to hair can damage it and generally more than 5,000 different chemicals are used in commercial preparations of grey hair products. And permanent hair dyes weaken the shaft and make hair dry and brittle. And regular use of hair colors (which become essential in order to touch up the growing grey hair every few weeks) can make hair lifeless and without shine.

 Health Issues

Hair dyes also propose a number of threats to the health of the applicant, including risks of cancer, arthritis,allergic reactions and can affect the kidneys, stomach and the bladder, according to a research conducted by the European Union watchdog. Following are some of the chemicals that are generally used in hair dyes and the threats they propose to the human health:


PPD is generally found in dark hair dyes, and is easily absorbed by the scalp and skin. Research shows that individuals who dye their hair every four to six weeks using dark hair dyes are twice as likely to have bladder cancer.


Natural hair dye like henna too proposes health threats according to the European Unions scientific committee’s research on cosmetic products. Henna consists of a chemical called Lawsone which even though is in small concentrations but is toxic and can affect the blood supply and kidneys.

Other Chemicals

Hair dyes also consist of other hard chemicals which can cause irritations or skin problems. Many individuals are allergic to specific chemicals which in turn can cause reactions. These chemicals include ammoniated mercury, peroxide, ammonium tholactate, stearic acid and metallic chemicals.

It is safe to say that hair dyes are not safe, neither for your hair nor for your health. However, looking beautiful is every human’s birth right, regardless of their age. And thanks to supplements like Get Away Grey, that use all-natural products to reverse grey hair process, it is easily attainable by all and that even without any risks.

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