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Natural Remedies for Gray Hair Prevention and Reduction

Hair Advice For Spring and SummerThere are many rumors surrounding the cause for graying of the hair. Some say it’s an unavoidable fact of life. Others think it’s because gray hair is an inescapable family trait. But is there such a thing as a natural cure for gray hair?

Forgetting the Pharmaceuticals

There is much evidence out there to suggest that grey hair may be able to be cured naturally. Of course, just as with anything else, it’s important to take any advice about grey hair with a grain of salt. Sometimes, the success or failure of a natural remedy is based on the experiences that others have had. But this doesn’t mean this will be an experience that you have.

Oxidative Stress

Researchers may have identified the cause of gray hair: oxidative stress. This happens when hydrogen peroxide builds up on the hair. The peroxide bleaches the melanin in the hair, which grays it from inside the hair follicle out.

Where oxidative stress is the cause, gray hair may be able to be reversed by consuming supplements and foods that are known to contain antioxidants. This could mean taking antioxidant supplements, or eating foods like oregano leaf and drinking green tea. Blackstrap molasses has also been noted as a helpful way for many to prevent gray hair.

Amla Powder

Amla powder, also referred to by the name of “Indian Gooseberry”, has been used by those in India for centuries as a method for preventing gray hair. Amla powder contains incredibly high concentrations of Vitamin C. The powder can be mixed into any number of oils, including coconut and essential oils like lavender, rosemary and ginger to place on the hair as an overnight conditioner.


Reflexology is another ancient remedy that may work to cure gray hair. The idea behind reflexology is that our bodies contain the medicine needed to overcome any ailment, and that medicine can be accessed by applying pressure to certain “points” on the body.

For those with graying hair who want to get rid of it, one way is to rub the fingernails against one another. To do this, simply bend the fingers of each hand as if you were going to scratch an itch. Then, turn the bent fingers of each hand toward each other, and rub them together for a few minutes.

Another way to get rid of existing gray hair is to stimulate the follicles with a wire brush. All that’s needed here is to gently tap the head all over with the wire brush once per day. Another reflexology remedy that may help to get rid of gray hair is to pull the hair all over the head, just as you would tap with the wire brush.

While not all natural remedies may work for gray hair prevention, the best part about them is that they don’t require you to ingest any chemicals. Instead, they can help contribute to your long-term health and well-being as well as possibly help you to eliminate gray hair forever.

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