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5 Gray Hair Rules That You Can Break from Now On

0809p32-gray-mRemember what you mother always tells you: always wash your hair and blow-dry it to perfection before leaving the house. But wait a minute! Should the wet look really be considered a styling error? Is it really recommended to shampoo your hair every single day? Perhaps some of the oldest hair care rules are just meant to be broken. Are you curious to find out what you may have been doing wrong for quite some time now? Here are a few examples showing you that beauty standards revolving around gray hair and its maintenance truly change periodically.

  1. Grays Need to Be Hidden. This is one of the most common stereotypes that you can safely ignore from now on. After all, if first-class celebs of all ages like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adam Lambert, Meryl Streep and George Clooney have decided to say yes to graying hair and look amazing with silvery locks, chances are that the semi-washed out image could do wonders for you too.
  2. Bangs Should Never Be Wavy. Getting wavy bags is a faux pas in 2014? We’re not so sure about that. You just have to check out Beyonce’s most recent music videos and analyze Britney’s new bob with sleek bangs to realize that this hairstyling change can contribute to an elegant and romantic look.
  3. Turning Down The Heat Is the Key to Healthier Strands. This is perhaps one of the most shocking myth busters that you would never expect to read or hear about. Well, apparently turning down the heat isn’t the best idea when it comes to utilizing a flatiron to style your graying hair. According to Instyle, people manage to weaken the exterior protective layer of their strands exactly when they choose to drag the flatiron on the same portion of hair over and over again.
  4. Wet Hair Is 100% Inappropriate. As a matter of fact, hairstylists will tell you that the versatile wet look is actually gorgeous and suitable for various occasions. Sure, you shouldn’t appear at the office leaving the impression that you’ve just got out of the shower (unless you work for a fashion magazine and your job is to be glamorous 24/7). However, wet hair looks shiny, healthy and requires minimal styling products to stay in place and attract compliments, so it may become an option worth considering under certain circumstances.
  5. Frizzy Hair Is a Horrible Nightmare! You tell everybody that you hate your grays because they’re so frizzy. But instead of struggling to eliminate this drawback, couldn’t you just try to see it from a different angle? In the 1930’s celebrities used to brush out their beautiful curls to make their locks become frizzy and fabulous. A simple wide-tooth comb can enable you to add volume and definition to your curls and recreate a wild, seductive look that will not pass unnoticed.

At the end of the day, there is one gray hair rule that will always remain valid: beautiful grays are the ones that are being fed and protected from the inside out. To improve the color, glow and texture of your hairs, just start taking catalase supplements on a daily basis.