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3 Easy Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Appearance of the First Gray Hairs

Woman Receiving Gift From Man At HomeThose who think that gray hair is ugly and unflattering by definition are terribly wrong. On the other hand, it’s only fair to say that silvery strands require constant maintenance and a strong desire to defy beauty clichés and display a unique signature style. Let’s face it: unruly gray hair correlated with a pale complexion can make you look one or two decades older than you really are. While old age can be associated with wisdom and experience, you clearly wouldn’t want to look 60 when you’re barely in your 30s. So how could you welcome your first white hairs in style? The answer is simple: start by prepping your face for this transition. Here are some guidelines that should simplify this process.

  1. Make Your Eyes Pop Out. You should start by learning new makeup techniques. Consider the run-off-the-mill smokey eyes a thing of the past and apply linen-colored quality eyeshadow on your lids. Next, accentuate your lashline by using a premium black liner, curl your lashes and add at least two coats of mascara.
  2. Take Care of Sparse Brows. Spars brows can make you look older than you really are. Correlated with gray strands, they can become the main ingredients of an imminent disaster impacting your image after 40. Therefore, use an eyebrow pencil in a soft shade matching your complexion (tones ranging from medium to light taupe can be considered a safe choice at any age) and don’t hesitate to extend the fading tail of your brows, while creating a natural look that goes hand in hand with your haircut and makeup style. According to O Magazine, women who flaunt salt and pepper locks should highlight their brows using a gray-blue pencil that can complement the shade of their tresses without creating an unpleasant, artificial-looking contrast.
  3. Keep Your Lips Properly Lined. Here is another unpleasant fact that you will have to learn to accept: as we grow older, the natural contour of our lips will start to fade. Fortunately, you can correct this minor flaw by using a nude liner before applying your clear gloss and/or lipstick.

These three easy tips will enable you to prep your skin for the appearance of your first grays. However, if you don’t feel ready to cope with premature graying and its endless list of changes, choose to give catalase supplements a try. Based on catalase and natural hair extracts, these pills for gray hair can interfere with the oxidation process undergone by your locks.

6 Things That No Woman over 50 Should Ever Wear

make-up-for-gray-hairAre you concerned about the fact that the aging process could change who you are by forcing you to adopt a more rigid dress code on a daily basis? To eliminate these worries, you would just have to turn on the TV on or buy yourself a bunch of fashion magazines.

You’ll notice that numerous well-known celebrities who are in their 60s, 70s and 80s are still drop-dead gorgeous and manage to dress well onany occasion. Let divas like Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone and Jane Fonda become your primary sources of inspiration and start implementing the right lifestyle changes. The most radical transformations start inside your closet. If you have already been impacted by premature grayingand can count more than a few subtle wrinkles on your face, keep reading to discover 6 elements that you should avoid from now on, simply because they affect your looks and personal style.

1. Leggings Paired with Crop Tops. This sporty combo is suitable for an energetic 6-year old or for an extra skinny supermodel. If it definitely not flattering on a 50 something year old; and no amount of time spent at the gym could ever change that.

2. Minis and Cleavage-Baring Glittery Dresses. Lovely ladies like Jennifer Lopez or Kyle Minogue who are in their 40s can still pull off the glamorous cut out glittery dress look. They also look great in minis and shorts. Nonetheless, these clothing items are not exactly age-appropriate for ladies over 50. Even if you have fabulous toned arms and legs, choose to highlight your assets in a more subtle manner, by wearing a full-length dress, preferably with long sleeves or a shawl.

3. Fleeces and Jogging Bottoms. Jogging bottoms and fleeces are only suitable for a quick run in the park. No matter how active your lifestyle really is, keep this kind of apparel in your gym locker.

4. Hysterical Prints. Floral prints are a good choiceat any age. However, combing them with stripes (especially horizontal ones that add a few inches in all the wrong places), polka dots and tribal prints is never a good idea. Choose your motifs wisely and don’t try to mix and match different prints that don’t make sense together.

5. Brightly Colored Eye Shadow. Bright shades of blue, pink or silver won’t do you any favors after turning 50. On the contrary, shimmery metallic colors will only accentuate the fine wrinkles around your eyes and make you look pale and tired.

6. Odd Hair Colors. We totally get it: you rely on dye to camouflage those nasty gray hairs. But premature graying shouldn’t be considered a good excuse to experiment with your aging locks. Opt for a simple, low-maintenance, extremely versatile cut, like a long or medium bob for instance, and dye your hair in a lighter color to help your grays blend in. if you don’t want to color your tresses, remember that you could always decide to take vitamins for gray hair based on catalase to get one step closer to a smoother younger-looking mane.



What Can You Do If You Have Just a Few Gray Hairs?

bigstock-Young-woman-washing-head-by-s-37586176Assuming that you are fully aware of the fact that your genetic heritage will force you to deal with premature graying while you’re still in your late 20s, how do you plan to cope with the first white strands? Naturally, an impeccable silvery mane like the one displayed by John Slattery or Emmylou Harris is a real blessing, but unfortunately hair doesn’t go gray overnight. In most cases, the transition from dark to white can be lengthy and tiresome. So how could you actually survive this intermediary phase and preserve your attractiveness and youthful appearance? Here are three hypothetical situations that you may experience while handling the rocky relationship with your first grays.

  1. If 5 to 10% of Your Hair Is Gray You Won’t Even Notice the Change. If less than 10% of your overall number of hairs are gray, you may not even realize that you’re about to get hit hard by premature graying. Especially during summer, hair tends to get lighter and it can be pretty difficult to distinguish a depigmented strand that has been sitting too much in direct sunlight from a white one.
  2. If 20 to 30% of Your Hair Is Gray You Could Dye It. According to Allure, if 30% or more of your hair is gray, you could start thinking about coloring options. At first, you may want to try a semi-permanent dye that is close to your natural shade. Permanent dyes last for a longer period of time and offer a more intense hue, but aren’t exactly suitable for your first DIY coloring attempt.
  3. If Your First Grays Are Concentrated in One Stop, Camouflage Only the Problematic Area. Grays can turn your world upside down, especially when they set camp in just one area. Wondering how you could deal with a raven mane that displays contrasting white temples? In this particular case, you could rely on a good root concealer to mask the problematic spot. A concealer will guarantee a uniform color in between washing cycles.

If you hate the idea of coloring your grays, opt for a smooth darkening effect ensured by catalase supplements. These pills for hair will restore your pigment in just a few weeks and let you forget about all the threats posed by premature graying.Vitamins for gray hair based on science are the key to obtaining suppler, silkier, glossy dark hair.