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Grey Hair Solutions and How to Get Rid of Chemicals as Alternatives for Graying

Hair Why You Turn Grey? - What Causes Grey HairWith all of the grey hair solutions on the market today, how is a person to know which one is the best? Which one is the safest? Which one is the most effective? There is only one way to be certain: read on.

Hair Dye

Hair dye is the obvious first choice for an article like this. With all of the harmful elements that exist in hair dyes, it’s clear that this option for curing gray hair is not the best. While it does a great job of coating your silver hairs to the color of your choice, it also helps break down your already weakened hair follicles. With the appearance of grey hair comes a weakening hair structure, allowing your hair to break easier, dry out and be hard to manage. Hair dye only enhances those issues, causing more harm than good.


There are many grey hair supplements out there. They can assist with hair growth, hair strength and even claim to convert grey hair into your natural color once again. There are several that can do just what they claim! However, they tend to contain unheard of ingredients that are both suspicious and dangerous. Supplements with manufactured ingredients in their lists are not the right sources of grey hair reversal. There are many ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, let alone understand. This solution might actually contribute further to your problem, leaving your hair – and health – in a more precarious situation.


Grey hair shampoos are possibly the most often cited “healthy” way to keep your grey hair healthy and strong. While this bottle of goodness may help in moisturizing and brightening your grey hair, it also helps in causing overproduction of oils. The moisturizing abilities contained in the plastic tube give your hair a false sense of security. Once it starts drying out again, your body goes crazy trying to mimic the moisture level that was once there. This can make your hair begin to look a bit greasy – not a good look for those with grey hair. Additionally, the brighteners in these shampoos work much like hair dye, adding damage your luscious locks of grey. These chemicals will only succeed in pushing your hair further and further down the path of destruction.

Vitamins and Minerals

Well, these aren’t chemicals! Exactly our point. None of the chemicals involved in a grey hair cure are going to be safe or effective enough to be considered worth the risk. Your only solution is a correct intake of specific vitamins and minerals, including Catalase. This special element sparks production of the cells in your body that are responsible for hair and skin color. This means that color production can once again resume – and assist in the health of your whole body system!

Reverse your grey the natural way, and try GetAwayGrey’s twice a day solution. Don’t go through your list of chemically-filled alternatives, start the grey hair cure that not only works,