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Gray Hair Trends: Rihanna Stuns as a Silver Fox in Hot Pictures for Tush Magazine

rihanna-tush-magazine-white-hair-pic-3Can you picture Rihanna as an old and boring lady? We will draw the line at old. Riri’s latest photo shoot has revealed a new side of the eccentric singer. The gorgeous yet unusual photos taken in the Nevada Desert let us discover a very relaxed Rihanna with sublime, almost surreal gray hair and grayish, thick eyebrows. And we’re not talking about the dull, predictable grandma look. Rihanna steals the show in a black leather ensemble and black over-the-knee-boots that match her fierce, iconic style.

Rihanna’s New Image Reflects the Mysterious Beauty of Silver Foxes

Would you really expect Rihanna to display the same problems that women affected by premature graying usually complain about? Well, in this case there’s no sign of split ends, coarse strands that are prone to breakage and a dry scalp that is sending SOS signals.

rihanna-tush-magazine-white-hair-pic-10Aside from the fact that her metallic toneis absolutely faultless, her gray hairs seem healthier and more luscious than ever. Rihanna is the perfect silvery fox, reminding us that graying hair shouldn’t be perceived as a major tragedy. Also, the end result of this unexpected photo shoot suggests that unconventional metallic accessories can also compliment graying hair and contribute to a personalized, edgy and sophisticated style that cannot be ignored.

Gray Hair Alert: What Should You Do with Your Eyebrows?

Last but not least, this extreme makeover addresses one more pressing problem: eyebrow color! Your graying hair won’t always match the tone of your eyebrows. So assuming that you want to replicate Meryl Streep’s signature cut and silver color from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, what exactly should you do with your eyebrows? Should you bleach them to avoid an upsetting contrast or should you just let them be? Instead of getting them tattooed, you may want to go for tints and professional shaping. According to Daily Mail, having your eyebrows tinted could lift years off your face.

However, a contrast between eyebrow color and hair tone could individualize your look. If you don’t believe us, just take a closer look at CaraDelevingne’s distinctive features. You’ll definitely notice her fair locks and considerably darker eyebrows that have contributed to her tremendous success in the fashion industry.

Are you too shy for bold, bright silvery hair? In this case, you may want to stick to semi or demi-permanent hair dyes ensuring a very subtle, natural-looking touch of color. Or better yet, you could ditch dyes and just take scientifically proven catalase supplements to rejuvenate your tresses and restore their natural beauty and brilliance from within.